Season 4
Madagascar: A Little Wild
6 EPISODES • 2021
Season 4 of Madagascar: A Little Wild was released on August 6 and consists of 6 episodes.

Season 3


1: The First Lost Tooth
Aug 6, 2021
When Melman loses his first tooth, he fears he won't be Kate's baby any more and goes on a city-wide chase to recover his tooth before Kate can replace him with a younger, cuter animal.
2: The Lone Park Ranger
Aug 6, 2021
When Ranger Hoof invites Marty on a Junior Ranger night trot in Central Park, Marty is determined to prove he's got what it takes to do the job - but when Alex tags along for the ride, Marty learns that "what it takes' is a whole lot of teamwork.
3: The Year of the Lion
Aug 6, 2021
During the Lunar New Year festival, Alex is disappointed to learn that there's no Year of the Lion. Determined to be somebody important, he sets out to become the star of the festival by taking on the role of the Dragon - but he eventually learns that every role has importance and realises the costume that fits him best is his own fur.
4: A Frog-let Tale
Aug 6, 2021
Lala, who's grown into a froglet, is ready to finally join the gang on a big adventure in the city! But she relies on her water bowl to get around, and Gloria goes overboard in trying to protect her tiny friend in the big world… Only to realise that she underestimated all Lala is capable of doing.
5: Snow Day
Aug 6, 2021
When a snowstorm blocks Kate from accessing the zoo, Melman decides to become "substitute Kate" and make sure the animals are cared for. But when the animals go wild in the snow, Melman's future-paramedic skills are put to the test during an outbreak of stubbed toes and boo-boos. A series of stumbles makes Melman question whether he's cut out to be a paramedic - until he learns that mastering a goal takes grit!
6: Hermit Fab
Aug 6, 2021
When Gloria meets a shy hermit crab, named Starlene, with a secret talent of tap dancing, Gloria plans a flashy production for Starlene’s debut so she can share her talent with the world!
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