Season 3
Madagascar: A Little Wild
7 EPISODES • 2021
Season 3 of Madagascar: A Little Wild was released on May 27 and consists of 7 episodes.

Season 2


1: Alex and Behemoth
May 27, 2021
When Alex realizes he’s too small to climb onto his new habitat “stage”, he feels too small for his dreams- until he hears of a big, new roller coaster at Coney Island and figures if he can ride the big coaster, that’ll prove that he’s a BIG deal!
2: I Love Lucia
May 27, 2021
The habitat is celebrating “Sloth Day” in honor of its newest arrival: cool, chill, Lucia the sloth, who just arrived from Costa Rica!
3: Happy Snooze Year
May 27, 2021
When Melman learns that his friends stay up late every New Year’s Eve to watch the ball drop in Times Square, he’s determined to stay up with the big kids and join the fun.
4: A Tadpole Tale
May 27, 2021
When fun-loving, water-dwelling tadpole LALA shows up in Gloria’s tank, the two become underwater besties!
5: Groundhog Day
May 27, 2021
Gloria wants spring to come! She’s SICK of winter and is counting down the days until the Central Park pond melts so she can retrieve a toy she lost in the water before it froze!
6: Whatever Floats Your Float
May 27, 2021
Marty relishes his role as producer/organizer of the annual Animal Pride Parade. So when an unusual striped animal arrives, Marty tries to figure out which animal float ODEE ELIOT belongs on.
7: A Roar Is Born
May 27, 2021
Alex lands a role in a big Hollywood movie, but his part is threatened by a diva-like bull. Alex nearly gives up, but with the help of his friends, learns that no one can bully him out of what he loves to do.
Season 4
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