Season 5
Madagascar: A Little Wild
6 EPISODES • 2021
Season 5 of Madagascar: A Little Wild was released on November 11 and consists of 6 episodes.

Season 4


1: A Frog Tale
Nov 11, 2021
When Lala announces she's moving out of the habitat, Gloria feels sad. But instead of admitting it, she puts all her energy into throwing the "happiest" goodbye party for her tank mate's last day in the habitat.
2: A Little Too Wild
Nov 11, 2021
When the gang goes camping in vacant part of the zoo, Melman is nervous for his first ever sleepover away from the habitat and relies on his friends to scare-proof the experience for him.
3: Journey to the Secret Playground
Nov 11, 2021
When the gang gets bored of their old toys, a mysterious treasure map appears to be the answer to their problems. But when the treasure isn't what they expected, the gang learns that you can make your own fun.
4: The Losing Game
Nov 11, 2021
When the gang plans a habitat-wide, friendly basketball tournament, Gloria becomes overly competitive in her quest to win. After she resorts to cheating, Gloria realises that real winners are good sports, and everyone has more fun when they play fair and square.
5: Pizza Pigeon
Nov 11, 2021
Alex prepares an acrobatic performance which he wants to perform on Mary Sue and Todd's new live talk show! But when Ant'ney unexpectedly goes viral and is invited on the show instead, Alex is determined to outshine his friend and learns that a friend's success doesn't diminish his own.
6: Library Lockout
Nov 11, 2021
When the gang asks him to read aloud their new favourite mystery book, Marty is too embarrassed to admit that he hasn't yet mastered reading. Marty obsesses so hard on his reading practice that he gets locked inside the library overnight with one of the library's therapy dogs, leaving the pair to team up and bust out before sunrise.
Season 6
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