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Sneaky Links: Dating After Dark
This one-of-a-kind social experiment brings together a group of not-quite-so-single daters who must determine whether their sneaky link is really "the one" or just getting in the way of finding their forever partner.
Fantasy Sports
“Fantasy Sports” focuses on Wiz a young female teenager explorer and her musclebound Mug friend who go on treasure hunting and on their journeys they get in the wackiest magical games based on popular sports.
Knock Off
Chimp Crazy
Former nurse-turned-exotic animal broker Tonia Haddix, who refers to herself as the “Dolly Parton of chimps,” spends her days caring for animals in captivity. However, her limitless love for one chimpanzee in particular spins into a wild cat-and-mouse game with authorities and an animal rights group
Worst Ex Ever
From chilling betrayals to murder plots, this true-crime docuseries dissects the dark side of love through eyewitness testimonies.
Something Very Bad Is Going to Happen
An atmospheric horror series set at a wedding, following a bride and groom in the week leading up to their ill-fated nuptials.
The Black Widower: The Six Wives of Thomas Randolph
Over eight years, the infamous Black Widower Thomas Randolph stands trial for the murder of his wife and her handyman; the victims' families are ready to see justice served, but a surprise ruling from the Nevada Supreme Court threatens everything.
The Jetty
Beneath the tranquillity of her home town, a detective uncovers dark secrets that threaten everything she thought she knew about consent – and her own life.
Contraband: Seized at Sea
Crews are embedded with U.S. Customs agents uncover the hidden world of smuggling — from well-established cartel operations to wild party boats returning from the Caribbean.
Docuseries following the top paramedics, doctors, nurses, and surgeons from across London.
No Way Out : The Roulette
When a rare felon is released from prison, a "public murder appeal" with a reward of 20 billion won takes place, and a confrontation between the "person who wants to kill" and the "person who wants to survive" begins.
Olympic Highlights with Kevin Hart & Kenan Thompson
Comedians Kevin Hart and Kenan Thompson bring their signature hilarious insights to recap the 2024 Olympics' best and most unexpected moments throughout the Games. Hart and Thompson serve as one-of-a-kind guides through the Paris Olympics, covering a mix of Olympic-themed in-studio competitions, conversations, and interviews.
The Greatest
The Greatest intimately explores the incomparable life of Muhammad Ali. The amazing victories and defeats that made Ali a legend, both in and out of the ring, have been well documented and while those landmark events will live in The Greatest, the heartbeat of the story is fueled by all the moments that took place outside of the spotlight. The world remembers an icon, but The Greatest is about a man, a husband, a father, a brother, and a son.
Disney Junior Ariel
Follow 8-year-old Ariel as she and her friends embark on fun-filled, action-packed underwater adventures throughout their Caribbean-inspired fairytale kingdom and beyond.
Social Studies
A character-driven documentary series that delves into the lives of the first generation raised on social media.
English Teacher
A high school teacher in Austin is trying to balance the competing demands of the students and their parents in a world where the rules seem to change every day.
Custodia repartida
Charlie Hustle & the Matter of Pete Rose
A retrospective journey, spanning more than 60 years, to tell the story of Pete Rose, baseball's all-time hits leader whose on-field achievements and off-field transgressions have made him one of the most polarizing figures in all of sports.
Hard Knocks: Offseason with the New York Giants
Chronicles the New York Giants' preparations for the 2024 NFL season.
After Baywatch: Moment in the Sun
A nostalgic and insightful exploration of "Baywatch," the cultural phenomenon that defined an era, and an unprecedented look into the stars who brought the world’s most famous lifeguards to life. Through dozens of new cast interviews and never-before-seen footage, this docuseries unpacks how the show captured the mythology of California's beach culture, set physical beauty standards for an entire generation, and capitalized on the adage 'sex sells.
La Isla de las Tentaciones Argentina & Chile
Blue Ribbon Baking Championship
Blue ribbon-winning bakers from state fairs across the US face off for the first time in an epic baking showdown to win top honors and $100,000.
Three characters lives become intertwined when they meet on the Atlantic side of the Amazon — Janalice, a victim of human trafficking; Preá, who must make peace with his fate as the leader of a local criminal organization known as the "water rats"; and Mariangel, who is seeking to avenge the deaths of her family. All three of them must try to break the curse, or "pssica," that they believe has been cast on them.
Double Life
Yun Shang, who has suffered from torment since childhood, became a killer of the Rain Pavilion to protect her sister. During the execution of missions, she was touched by the pure and kind Duke Wu Luan and subsequently fell in love with him. When her new assassination target became Wu Luan, Yun Shang chose to put down her butcher’s knife for love, confronting her lover and family directly.
Dream City
"Dream City" is an urban drama co-directed by Dong Fulai and Bo Lin, starring Yang Shuo and Jiang Xin, and starring Cheng Taishen, Li Yixiao, Zhou Fang, Wu Qijiang, Xu Xiaohan, Ling Zhuo, Song Meier, Steve, and Lin Xuepiao.
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