Season 14
260 EPISODES • 2018
Season 14 of Binnelanders was released on June 11 and consists of 260 episodes.

Season 13


1: Episode 1
Jun 11, 2018
Ronel and Annelize are shocked by the day’s event, and Liebenberg decides that the time has come for him to move out. Conrad tries to be a better support for Karli, while Tertius tries to take a friendship one step further.
2: Episode 2
Jun 12, 2018
At gets dependant on Monique, while Pippa is feeling unsure about friendships. Boeta makes contact with Okkie, while Annelize is unsure about her motive for her deed. Tertius talks to Naomi about Monique, and a telephone list could be the key to a new life for a doctor.
3: Episode 3
Jun 13, 2018
Trudie receives bad news, while Conrad isn’t sure how to work alongside Pippa. Unexpectedly, Boeta lands up at the Ferreira’s, and Tertius tries to make Pippa see the light. Monique is nervous about a visitor, while Karli tries to stay optimistic about Jana.
4: Episode 4
Jun 14, 2018
Conrad doesn’t like what he sees – and confronts Pippa. It is clear that Boeta and Renate have no idea about each other’s comings and goings, while Monique is suspicious about a friendship between two doctors. School fees have an influence on a class tour, and Liebenberg is confronted about Pippa. Okkie is at wit’s end after a confrontation with Boeta.
5: Episode 5
Jun 15, 2018
Quinton has it in for the Kosters about Karli, while Naomi and her brother are not seeing eye to eye. Monique loses it over a selfie, and Trudie gets an idea on how to make money. Pippa is invited to dinner, while a father and son try to share their communal pain. Okkie realises what is going on – and makes a confession to Ilse.
6: Episode 6
Jun 18, 2018
Karli contacts Lika in regards to Jana, and Monique has Tertius in her cross hairs. Boeta’s problems causes tension in the Ferreira household, while a semi-hysterical Trudi accidently meets Zac. Monique’s meeting with Nina is not a smooth one, and Liebenberg must take Celeste’s bests interests into consideration.
7: Episode 7
Jun 19, 2018
Pippa comes clean to Tertius, and Zac’s intentions aren’t pure. Karli’s deeds leaves At speechless – and embarrassed – while Naomi unburdens herself onto Louis after a quarrel with her brother. Things are put into place for Celeste’s return, and the Ferreira’s receives news about Trudie.
8: Episode 8
Jun 20, 2018
Zac makes Trudie an offer, and Monique is forced to look after Nina. Celeste has a heart to heart with her father, while the emotions are running high in the Ferreira household. It is very clear that there are cracks in Boeta and Renate’s relationship. Tertius is caught off guard by a woman that wants to rectify the past, while Floyd comes to Trudie’s rescue.
9: Episode 9
Jun 21, 2018
Tertius starts feeling uneasy about Monique, and Conrad’s decision leaves Lika in the lurch. Monique will have to think a lot faster than she talks, while Liebenberg and Celeste quarrel about Thomas. Louis asks At for assistance, and Quinton loses his head for a moment. A search is on the way for Trudie, and Lika visits At.
10: Episode 10
Jun 22, 2018
Renate insists on speaking to Zac, while Celeste tries to encourage Liebenberg to go on with his own life. Tertius sees how Lika is with Nina, while Lika makes more than one observation of her own. Monique invites Annelize to dinner, and Celeste has questions about her father’s relationship. Okkie is shocked in Renate and Boeta’s behaviours.
11: Episode 11
Jun 25, 2018
Tertius knows what he must do, and Pippa and Liebenberg discuss the previous night’s event. A phone conversation causes Lika to become even more suspicious, while Liebenberg reacts on his instincts when Celeste doesn’t answer her phone. Trudie is depressed because of Floyd, and then Monique’s behaviour is the exact opposite of the expected.
12: Episode 12
Jun 26, 2018
Liebenberg’s quick action doesn’t just prevent a tragedy – it also uncovers bigger ambitions. Renate plays father and son off against each other, while Noami has her doubts about Okkie’s plans with a family. Monique is looking for a reason to hang out in the ER, and Pippa discusses an idea with At. Celeste is slowly becoming aware of the developments in her father’s private life. Naomi is unhappy with the initiative that Louis took.
13: Episode 13
Jun 27, 2018
Rhinos are the topic of a conversation, and Okkie’s suggestion causes friction between Noami and Boeta. Monique’s initial vague explanation confuses Lika even more, while Boeta tries to get information from Louis by feigning a friendship. At shares his decision with Liebenberg, and a DNA test could be the only way to uncover the truth. Celeste tries influencing her father’s plans.
14: Episode 14
Jun 28, 2018
Okkie is not planning on making life easy for Boeta, and Ilse tries to encourage Renate. Celeste has an honest conversation with Pippa – also about Thomas. Monique asks for Lika’s assistance, while a personal crisis influences a romantic evening. Boeta realises his father doesn’t want to leave him alone with the business, and the sweetest words normally takes the longest to say.
15: Episode 15
Jun 29, 2018
Liebenberg feels powerless where Celeste is concerned, and Naomi sees Boeta’s desperation. Lika saves the day with Nina, while Monique rubs Annelize up the wrong way. Boeta tells Louis why he wants to visit At’s farm, and, after a fight with Annelize, Monique makes her true feelings known to Lika. Pippa discusses Dian with Celeste, while At’s behaviour towards Louis makes Louis even more suspicious.
16: Episode 16
Jul 2, 2018
A rhino horn, a white lie, and retail therapy could cause major problems. Pippa’s disdain of Thomas has consequences for Celeste, while Boeta discusses his relationship with Naomi with Louis. Annelize asks Tertius to talk to Monique about her interference, while Trudie is worried about Renate.
17: Episode 17
Jul 3, 2018
Boeta establishes a connection between his loot, At, Louis, and Piet, while an impulsive kiss has far reaching consequences. Renate makes a decision about her future, and the bad news that Celeste receives causes her to ask Pippa for a favour. At is livid with Piet, while Liebenberg’s pent-up aggression leads to an eruption.
18: Episode 18
Jul 4, 2018
Boeta tries to warn Naomi about Louis, and Liebenberg forces Celeste to make a decision between him and Thomas. Renate is paranoid about a secret, while Boeta is scared to involve the police. Monique puts Lika at ease about a relationship, and Herman shares his discovery with At. Someone is watching Boeta and Renate, while Monique is building up the courage to share her news.
19: Episode 19
Jul 5, 2018
Lika shares details of a situation with Monique, which influences her decision to talk to Annelize. Okkie asks Liebenberg for assistance with the horn, and Pippa and Liebenberg discuss their fears openly. Louis is uncomfortable in Naomi’s presence, while peace is brokered in a household – although one of the participants isn’t in a good place. Boeta realises Renate is missing.
20: Episode 20
Jul 6, 2018
Lika tackles the elephant in the room, and Renate’s disappearance leads to more unanswered questions. Liebenberg is secretive about At and Okkie’s ongoing drama, while Celeste reaches breaking point. Trudie is kept in the dark about her mother, while At is livid with Louis about his line of questioning. Monique is angered by At’s behaviour towards Annelize, and the short list for the oncology position is tampered with.
21: Episode 21
Jul 9, 2018
Monique receives a job offer, while a vehicle doesn’t solve a riddle. Pippa fears that Liebenberg is going to place himself in the cross hairs, and a vet strengthens suspicion of At. Naomi and Boeta discuss the absence of their mother in their lives, while Naomi and Louis have a huge fight. Boeta receives orders – and a warning!
22: Episode 22
Jul 10, 2018
Annelize is confronted about the short list, while Pippa realises Liebenberg is involved in a secretive drama. Okkie and Ilse discuss their next move, and Monique shares her disappointment with Conrad. Okkie and At make a mean team, while Annelize is put in her place. While shots are fired, a knight appears.
23: Episode 23
Jul 11, 2018
The tongues are wagging about a resignation, and Steve struggles with his current situation. Conrad struggles to believe Annelize’s pleas, while Boeta wants to punch Okkie. Liebenberg realises he will have to work hard to gain Pippa’s trust again, and Lika tries to talk sense into Monique. While Boeta is touched by Louis’ confession, Naomi sees him in a different light.
24: Episode 24
Jul 12, 2018
Lika shares a secret with Tertius, while Okkie gives Boeta a new lead. Liebenberg receives advice from an unexpected source, and Renate questions Okkie’s motives. Liebenberg is ready to resign, while Annelize gets a chance to speak to Monique. At makes sure an important link in a secret disappears.
25: Episode 25
Jul 13, 2018
Naomi feels insulted by Okkie’s decision, and Steve thinks he can still save his marriage. Annelize gets a note from Monique, while Tertius explains why he doesn’t believe in secrets. At piques Elana’s interest when he mentions a field hospital in the Congo. Quinton doesn’t understand the problem with Tertius and his new girlfriend, while Annelize is demanding answers. Lexi asks Steve not to go to court.
26: Episode 26
Jul 16, 2018
Lika is angry with Tertius’s decision, and Elana’s news surprises Conrad. Family is an obsession for a doctor, while Lexi makes a confession towards Pippa. Annelize asks Tertius for a very big favour, while Okkie has a plan to give himself peace of mind. Pippa asks Conrad for advice on Steve, and Esmé’s answer is not satisfying.
27: Episode 27
Jul 17, 2018
Steve feels everyone is overreacting, while Lexi receives regular calls from a strange number. Elana is unhappy with Steve’s decision, and Tertius admits that he might have made a mistake with Annelize. Naomi tears into Louis, while Tertius wants to make peace with Lika. Pippa asks Karli to keep an eye on the new nurse.
28: Episode 28
Jul 18, 2018
Tertius makes a decision about Lika, and the dangers of the Congo makes Lexi regret what she said. Steve and Elana find themselves in the middle of chaos, while Tertius receives a message about Nina. Liebenberg shares his investigation about the pharmacy with Pippa, and Chanel is looking for Steve – but meets Ruben instead. Quinton is witness to a breakdown, while the danger in the Congo is bigger than two doctors initially expected.
29: Episode 29
Jul 19, 2018
Louis stand his ground with Naomi, and Lika tries to find out more about Daleen. Tension is rife over Jax, and Ruben’s message for Tertius makes Quinton suspicious. Karli is unsure about what to do with Chanel, while Steve offers to go look for Jax. Liebenberg suspects something is amiss with the old medicine’s certificates, and rebels charge the Congo hospital. Quinton makes contact with Sarah, while Elana is full of bravado when the rebel leader is looking for Jax.
30: Episode 30
Jul 20, 2018
Elana senses a connection between Jax and Odyn, while Annelize’s trauma leads to Quinton keeping Tertius in the dark. Conrad doesn’t pay Liebenberg’s theory any attention, and Louis takes Chanel under his wing. Karli realises that Quinton is hiding something, while Jax suspects that Steve’s life is in danger. Quinton is sure that he made the right decision. While shots are fired, Jax forbids Elana to search for Steve.
31: Episode 31
Jul 23, 2018
Naomi is livid about the manner in which Louis makes his decisions, and Jax stops Elana from contacting Binneland Clinic. Ruben comforts Lexi when she accidently hears about her father, while At is shocked in Annelize’s ability to impress. Jax will have to jump into action immediately to save a life, and Conrad believes that Ivan will be able to keep Annelize in check.
32: Episode 32
Jul 24, 2018
Tertius realises what is going on, and Pippa takes care of Lexi in this difficult time. Chanel doesn’t understand why Noami doesn’t like her, while Sarah causes a big problem between Tertius and Quinton. Elana realises exactly in what kind of life threatening situation they are in.
33: Episode 33
Jul 25, 2018
Tertius’s obsessive behaviour makes Lika uncomfortable, while a cabinet causes friction between Jax and Elana. Mutual insults are not going to broker the peace, and Charles seems to be the right person to ask for more information about Jax. Chanel struggles to control her emotions, while Karli is worried about Quinton’s living arrangement.
34: Episode 34
Jul 26, 2018
Karli feels At could have more empathy with Quinton, while Liebenberg and Conrad realise that someone in ER could be involved with the false certificates. Elana makes a discovery in the locked cabinet, and Chanel isn’t handling death too well. A punch is someone’s way of coping in ER, while Tertius is surprised by a doctor’s behaviour. Elana and Charles build on their friendship, and Liebenberg’s investigation is upsetting a prominent person.
35: Episode 35
Jul 27, 2018
Conrad is testing Tertius – and then Elana makes him come to a shocking realisation. Celeste and Pippa discuss Liebenberg’s future, while Quinton and Karli are awkward in each other’s company. Chanel and Trudie plan something for Naomi and Louis, and Jax ropes Ruben into her plans. A familiar person is held hostage by the rebels.
36: Episode 36
Jul 30, 2018
Liebenberg’s theory causes tension between him and Pippa, while someone else picks up the vibes between Jax and Odyn. Floyd calls Trudie, and Liebenberg’s confession towards Celeste is met with a surprising rebuke. Ruben gets panicky when Conrad starts asking questions, while Chanel might have somewhere to live. Liebenberg catches Pippa completely off guard with a surprise.
37: Episode 37
Jul 31, 2018
Conrad is forced to share information with Elana, and Floyd arrives at ER. Ruben takes his frustrations out on Lexi, while Liebenberg and Pippa are both still shocked at what happened. Charles is getting restless about Jax’s behaviour, and Annelize gets suspicious about Ruben. Quinton has mixed feelings about Alan, while Charles decides to confront Jax.
38: Episode 38
Aug 1, 2018
Celeste tries to convince Liebenberg to tell Pippa of his true feelings, while more than one person is concerned about Floyd. The complex relationship between Jax, Odyn, and Deon is under the magnifying glass. Quinton doesn’t succeed in his goal, while Annelize is shocked by her discovery.
39: Episode 39
Aug 2, 2018
Celeste is worried about the wedding, and Karli’s action is born from not understanding a man. Pippa finds out more about Floyd, while Conrad receives news that the impossible has finally happened. People don’t always know what they promise when they make a promise, and Deon wants answers from Odyn.
40: Episode 40
Aug 3, 2018
Everyone is waiting in anticipation for news after the airstrike, and Quinton is gutted by Karli and Alan. Communication in the Congo is problematic, while Pippa potentially has a solution for Floyd’s problem. Deon has plans to escape, and Tertius warns Quinton against his plan of action. One of the doctors in the Congo is missing.
41: Episode 41
Aug 6, 2018
Conrad wants to go to the Congo, and Karli thinks Quinton is manipulating her. Pearl’s condition worsens, while many hands make light work of the wedding. Steve is livid at Odyn, and when the truth is revealed is always hurts. Annelize tries to convince someone to tell the truth, while cries for help gives direction. At and Conrad is more than willing to help and Jax asks Odyn for a favour.
42: Episode 42
Aug 7, 2018
Floyd begins to conceptualise a wedding gift, and Jax is ready to admit the truth. Lexi makes it clear that she wants nothing to do with Ruben. Karli is shocked in a choice of dress, and Liebenberg and Celeste have their doubts about Floyd. Tension leads to a huge fight, and Charles has a secret of his own to keep. Mbo and Odyn discuss Deon’s future.
43: Episode 43
Aug 8, 2018
Floyd tries to word his insecurities, while Tertius and Lika are not sure about Quinton’s choice of a date for the wedding. Conrad makes Odyn an offer for information, and a weddingdress and a bachelor’s party could lead to many a headache. Celeste stops Pippa’s plans in their tracks, and Mbo and the rebels’ discovery leads to immense pain for their prisoner.
44: Episode 44
Aug 9, 2018
Décor similarities could cause a problem, and Karli chooses a date for the wedding. The doctors in the Congo realises that they will have to come up with an alternative plan, and Dirk is completely unaware of Floyd. Quinton confronts Ruben about the roster, while Dirk and Liebenberg make uncomfortable discoveries. Charles’s demons are starting to chase him, and Liebenberg is concerned about Pippa’s emotions. A little crisis concerning glasses breaks out, and Steve and Jax land up in big trouble. Dirk doesn’t sugarcoat his concerns when he confronts Pippa. Steve is struggling with the new information, while Odyn’s requests falls on deaf ears.
45: Episode 45
Aug 10, 2018
Steve shocks Elana with the news about Deon, and Floyd is nowhere to be found. Jax presents her side of the story, while Lexi can’t seem to control her tongue – and Ruben makes a decision. Quinton feels like a fool at the wedding, and the wedding day takes its toll on Pippa.
46: Episode 46
Aug 13, 2018
Celeste is weary of Floyd, and Jax pleads with Steve not to make things worse. Odyn decides to be the hero, while Lexi threatens to let the cat out of the bag. The two newest lovers think they are being very subtle, but for everyone else it is a bit embarrassing. Louis doesn’t understand how Conrad is handling the situation – and then shocking news about Jessica is revealed.
47: Episode 47
Aug 14, 2018
Steve is ready to save a man’s life, but Odyn has other plans for him. Books could be the key to a new friendship, but a lamp post could be the end of it. Karli’s reaction doesn’t make things easier for Quinton, and Elana struggles to keep her tongue in check. Annelize and Noami are ordered around in ER, while Jax’s unwavering faith in Odyn is tested. There is a huge arrest made in Nagskof.
48: Episode 48
Aug 15, 2018
Conrad informs At about the ransom, and Charles has advice for Elana and Jax. Pippa realises something is wrong between Ami and Celeste, while Quinton is afraid that he has lost Karli for ever. Pippa hides bad news, and a priceless piece of art is damaged with a kiss. It becomes clear that Odyn is one step ahead.
49: Episode 49
Aug 16, 2018
Karli and Quinton makes Louis nervous, and Pippa receives an SMS about a very important meeting. Jax keeps watch over Deon, and Steve comes up with a plan for when the Bukalala arrives. Pippa is taken aback when Celeste encourages her, while the irony of the situation doesn’t escape Jax. Conrad is completely oblivious to what is happening.
50: Episode 50
Aug 17, 2018
Louis gets it from all sides about the video – and he is unsure about what to tell Conrad. The Bukalala’s camp traps Odyn and the doctors, and Floyd’s father wants to meet Pippa. At lets Jonas understand very quickly who is in control, while Karli and Conrad have a bonding conversation over a glass or two. Richard hears what Mbo and Jonas are planning – and At gets manages to get a message to Elana.
51: Episode 51
Aug 20, 2018
Liebenberg thinks it is time for him to return to work, while Tertius and Naomi try to convince Karli about the truth of the matter. At discovers what Jonas is up to, and Liebenberg is unconvinced about Pippa’s ‘good news’. Charles makes a decision when Jonas returns with more Bukalala patients, while Pippa’s emotional outburst catches Annelize offguard. News about an airplane doesn’t make Conrad happy.
52: Episode 52
Aug 21, 2018
Liebenberg and Pippa’s good news isn’t received without tears, and AT and Odyn realise the inconvenient truth of their current situation. Pippa is surprised by who saves the day, and Louis delivers shocking news to the rest of the Binnelanders. At realises what the consequences of his deeds could entail, while the Liebenberg household is shocked by some surprising news.
53: Episode 53
Aug 22, 2018
An emergency meeting needs to be held about the Congo incident, while funds and trust are also under the microscope. Lexi is encouraged to forgive Ruben, and Delia’s dealings at Eikehof is a matter of concern. There is upsetting news about Jana’s health, while Adler has advice for Delia about property.
54: Episode 54
Aug 23, 2018
Property and Pippa re on At’s agenda, and Steve apologises to Chanel. News concerning Pippa is spreading like wild fire, while Adler and Delia realise what At is up to. Steve comes up with a plan to empower himself on the board, and there is general frustration concerning Deon’s condition. Tertius feels a little lost after the day is done, and Pippa makes a final decision.
55: Episode 55
Aug 24, 2018
Deon wakes up – but it is clear that something is wrong. Steve tries to talk sense into Ruben, and Karli’s news doesn’t improve At’s day. Jax is not scared easily – especially not by someone like Annelize. Steve and At have a huge fight about At’s stubbornness. Quinton consoles Karli, and Steve tries to get Conrad on his side. Ruben doesn’t realise what he is doing to Lexi, while Jax makes one last desperate attempt in ICU with Deon.
56: Episode 56
Aug 27, 2018
Chanel wants to help Lexi with Ruben, and Okkie and Ilse have two very different opinions about Jax. Herman is shocked in his mother’s condition – while there is even a bigger shock waiting on Karli. Steve makes Delia a bit worried, and Quinton doesn’t know how to support Karli. It seems that sometimes love just isn’t enough, and Quinton has news for At and Conrad concerning Jana’s will.
57: Episode 57
Aug 28, 2018
Deon’s imagination is running away with him, and a very hurt At takes stock of his life. Steve tests At by pressuring him over a business plan, while Delia unearths a piece of usefull information by accident. Elana is disappointed about her brother’s reaction on Jana’s will, and Delia has a plan how to use the current situation at Binneland Clinic to Southern Hope’s advantage.
58: Episode 58
Aug 29, 2018
Steve’s worries about Lexi is not coming to an end, and Jax and Deon is surprised by the change in their situation. The potential loss of clients is discussed in At’s office, while Louis realises what exactly is going on between Deon and Jax. Warrick is back in the corridors of Binneland Clinic, and Annelize realises with a shock what is going on in the Oncology’s accounts.
59: Episode 59
Aug 30, 2018
Annelize is convinced that At wants to get rid of her, while Karli is convinced that Warrick will cause separation and tension between her and At. Chanel tries to convince Lexi to have an honest conversation with her father, while the board realises their money problems are worsening. Okkie tries to support Deon, and Jax meets Danny. Annelize confronts Delia.
60: Episode 60
Aug 31, 2018
Deon tries to find out how Jax’s evening in Nagskof was, and Lexi has an honest conversation with Chanel about her future plans. Jax is unsure about how to handle the situation with Deon, while a seed of panic is planted with the staff of Binneland Clinic. Steve and Warrick have a serious meeting about the hospital.
61: Episode 61
Sep 3, 2018
Jax draws a line in the sand, while Lexi gives Ruben a harsh wake-up call. Delia and Conrad’s disagreement doesn’t end in the ER - they also pay At’s office a visit. Warrick asks Steve about his plans for the future, and Conrad is shocked in At’s sacrifices. Lika is not the only one that has plans with Jax.
62: Episode 62
Sep 4, 2018
Salaries cause unhappiness, while Lexi says farewell to Okkie and Ilse. Louis witnesses who Jax is talking to, and Warrick shares his radical idea with Steve. Annelize’s detailed observation leads her to Southern Hope, while Deon’s jealousy knows no bounds. Delia mocks At with her offer, while Mbo gives Deon the fright of his life.
63: Episode 63
Sep 5, 2018
Lexi realises Steve is under a lot of pressure, and Deon gets rid of his medication. Warrick is encouraged to go ahead with his court application, while Lika defends Jax to Naomi and Louis. A clean conscience costs a white flag, and it is clear that Delia isn’t working on her own. At realises what Warrick is up to - and also that he potentially could lose Binneland Clinic.
64: Episode 64
Sep 6, 2018
At accuses Steve of exploitation, and Okkie warns Jax about medication. Steve’s conscience forces him to explain his actions to Elana, while Jax looks to Lika for comfort after a particularly nasty fight. Steve tries to do the right thing, and Trudie witnesses Deon’s latest episode. Delia infuriates Annelize to no end.
65: Episode 65
Sep 7, 2018
Annelize wants to save herself, while At is faced with difficult choices – and Conrad isn’t making it any easier for him. Chanel realises Lexi was right about Steve, while Quinton is building castles in the sky for Karli to live in. Steve sees Delia with someone that upsets him, and Okkie is injured in the Ferreira house. Annelize gives Delia a warning, and Chanel and Naomi do their best to support their seniors.
66: Episode 66
Sep 10, 2018
Deon is extremely emotional, while Ruben has advice for Chanel on Steve. Everyone is unsure about the future. Delia and Adler discuss Annelize, while Deon surprises Jax with an announcement of his own. Annelize is definitely up to old tricks.
67: Episode 67
Sep 11, 2018
Chanel realises she can help Steve with a flat, while Trudie further upsets Jax. Annelize’s plan is discussed, and At and Warrick argue over Jana’s travel plans. Quinton has a big surprise for Karli, while Danny isn’t the only distraction in Jax’s life. Steve’s acting abilities are put to the test, and Warrick needs to be kept away from Delia.
68: Episode 68
Sep 12, 2018
Steve enjoys Chanel’s attention, while Karli is evasive about Naomi’s theories. It is not just Okkie and Ilse that are worried about their future, and Binneland Stereo is a buzz about Jax – while Danny is getting worried. Lika asks Tertius for a favour, and Delia gets impatient. At wants to speak to Annelize in private.
69: Episode 69
Sep 13, 2018
Elana has a lot to say about Chanel, and Karli almost lets Ilse in on a secret. Jax is in two minds over Deon, and Binneland Clinic has an unexpected crisis concerning patients. Steve takes Danny on about Jax, and Annelize struggles to complete her mission. Conrad has to make a difficult decision concerning two patients, while Elana puts two and two together.
70: Episode 70
Sep 14, 2018
Louis is worried about Karli, while Elana confronts Conrad and Annelize. Karli demands that At greets Jana, and Jax is taken to task about her behaviour. A heart is broken, while Naomi’s news gives Okkie new insight into Jax. Steve tries to count his words, but Chanel gets the wrong message. Delia plays her trump card.
71: Episode 71
Sep 17, 2018
Trudie shows no interest in the school’s talent night, and Elana knows exactly how to rub Annelize the wrong way. Adler realises Steve and Warrick’s stories don’t come from the same book, and Naomi is worried about Quinton – while Jax is touched by Okkie’s concern. Steve is making Chanel uncomfortable, and an interesting conversation gives someone the upper hand.
72: Episode 72
Sep 18, 2018
Okkie tries to persuade Trudie about the school’s talent night, while Elana doesn’t mince her words during a conversation with Conrad. There are a variety of reactions on hospital news, and Tertius is caught off guard by patients. At is unsure about Conrad’s suggestion, while Annelize gets an unexpected warning – which later proves to have been right. Tertius makes an appointment, and Carina asks Trudie for help.
73: Episode 73
Sep 19, 2018
Louis thinks Tertius made a mistake, and Okkie and Ilse are curious about Trudie’s new friend. Elana is stunned by At’s ultimatum, while Ruben realises that Jax is already bored. Annelize is on the war path – and At hits the road!
74: Episode 74
Sep 20, 2018
Steve realises Elana is worried about Charles, and Gaynor is looking for answers that no one is willing to give her. Annelize’s observation makes her wonder about the finer details of a relationship, while Tertius warns Conrad about an upset widow. Trudie’s interest in the talent night is piqued by her new friend.
75: Episode 75
Sep 21, 2018
Okkie is disappointed in Trudie’s decision, and Annelize wants to repair the Oncology unit’s reputation. Tertius is left to extinguish a few fires when Gaynor shows up with resentful questions. Louis thinks Naomi is being unfair towards Ilse, and Annelize suspects Delia has something to do with the new drama. Louis wants to have a serious conversation with Naomi, and Elana catches a frisky couple.
76: Episode 76
Sep 24, 2018
Trudie shares her plan with Louis, while Jax has had enough of Steve’s interference. Gaynor is obsessive about answers, and Annelize makes it very clear that she doesn’t want Elana’s assistance. A wound leads to an honest talk, while Trudie and Quinton’s friendship develops. Elana corrects Steve about Charles.
77: Episode 77
Sep 25, 2018
Quinton has suggestions for Trudie’s assignment – but it is not the reason for Trudie’s sudden popularity. The Oncology experiments cause huge friction between Elana and Annelize, while Gaynor is not just a danger to herself – but also to the staff of Binneland Clinic.
78: Episode 78
Sep 26, 2018
Elana admits to Steve that she has a hidden agenda with Dr. Brian Els. Louis can’t stop thinking about Gaynor, and Annelize reads Elana the riot act. A note leads Louis on a search of his own, and Quinton doesn’t know what is really going on with Karli. Conrad and Steve make a decision about Elana’s involvement, and the ground begins to shake at the wrong time…
79: Episode 79
Sep 27, 2018
Trudie finds it very difficult to be honest with Okkie, and Annelize has to hide her irritation when Brian shows up. Naomi asks Conrad’s assistance in finding Louis, while Brian announces his plan (and protocol). Elana is aware of Steve’s jealousy, and Gaynor realises she needs to keep Louis busy.
80: Episode 80
Sep 28, 2018
Quinton hides his true feelings, and Elana wants to discuss her operation with Brian. Chanel’s memory doesn’t evade her, while Naomi and Conrad are nervously looking for clues. Wimpie is eager to be part of the clinical trials, and it becomes evidently clear that Elana’s career will always be her first priority. Lika tries to save Quinton from himself, while Louis and Gaynor’s hope is slowly but surely disappearing.
81: Episode 81
Oct 1, 2018
Naomi’s discovery leads to a confession, while Elana’s conscience leads her to make an appointment. It is very clear that a letter is more than just a few written words. Elana realises that Chanel might have made a mistake, while Quinton’s head is filled with cricket. Conrad realises something is very wrong with his patient.
82: Episode 82
Oct 2, 2018
Brian reminds Elana about the confidentiality of information, and Louis is in grave danger. Chanel gives Quinton something to think about, while Annelize thinks she knows why Elana is so nosey. An emergency operation has one specific person’s nerves in tatters, while Steve has a good reason for wanting to replace Chanel on the project.
83: Episode 83
Oct 3, 2018
Brian confronts Elana about her interference – and commands her to stay away from his clinical trials. Matters of the heart livens up Binneland Stereo, and Quinton talks to Tertius about Karli. Noami visits Gaynor, and Mercia is nowhere to be found.
84: Episode 84
Oct 4, 2018
Jax has an uncomfortable run-in with Quinton, and a password is not the only problem a doctor is confronted with. Trudie speaks her mind about Quinton’s coaching technique. Okkie is looking forward to his first meeting. Brian Els is definitely up to something.
85: Episode 85
Oct 5, 2018
Wimpie urges Ilse to have her check-up done by the new doctor. Chanel is caught off guard by a task, and Quinton becomes a potential problem for housemates. Elana laments about Brian to Steve, while Conrad shares his troubles with Elana.
86: Episode 86
Oct 8, 2018
Mercia wants to know more about a relationship, and news about Ilse spreads like a wild fire. An injury leads to a falling out between Quinton and Jax, while Tertius asks Lika for advice. Mercia quickly makes a new friend at her new home, and a death makes Annelize very suspicious.
87: Episode 87
Oct 9, 2018
Ilse is not happy about the prescribed treatment, and Mercia shares more than one bit of good news. Quinton tries more than one tactic to ensure a situation goes in his favour. Mercia encounters more than what she expects at the house, and Okkie discusses his concerns about a new relationship.
88: Episode 88
Oct 10, 2018
Breakfast at the Koster Mansion becomes an interesting experience, and Quinton wonders about Tertius and Jax’s friendship – and shares his concerns with Lika. Brian takes Elana to task about her operation, while Mercia’s confession towards Naomi upsets Louis.
89: Episode 89
Oct 11, 2018
Annelize tries to not make Brian suspicious, while Louis struggles with forgiveness. Lika’s jealousy catches Tertius off guard, while Okkie is worried about Ilse’s treatment. Naomi is suspicious about Mercia’s silence concerning her time overseas. It becomes very clear that Mercia and At won’t be reconciling any day soon.
90: Episode 90
Oct 12, 2018
There is a huge problem with Ilse, and Jax is surprised by an apology. Elana has no plans to throw in the towel, while Mercia’s invite to Naomi is not free from an agenda. Jax might have a solution to the room problem, and Annelize tries to keep Brian away from Ilse.
91: Episode 91
Oct 15, 2018
Mercia tries to explain to Naomi what motivates her behaviour, and Tertius is not impressed with Jax and Quinton’s quarrel. Okkie is stunned when it is explained to him what is expected of him. Trudie might be the solution to Jax and Quinton’s problem.
92: Episode 92
Oct 16, 2018
At and Mercia’s behaviour towards each other leads to more questions than answers, while Okkie tells Naomi the truth. At wants to handle the accusations against Brian discreetly. Lika has romantic plans – that don’t necessarily include Tertius. Annelize and Elana do what they think is necessary to resolve the current crisis.
93: Episode 93
Oct 17, 2018
Brian is surprised to hear that Ilse is in the hospital, while At is stunned when Louis confronts him about Mercia. Okkie is out for blood when he lands up at the gala, while At needs to be think quick on his feet. When gambling is not the answer, Nina’s SingStar is inaugurated.
94: Episode 94
Oct 18, 2018
At is not impressed with Annelize and Elana, but even less so with Annetjie. Mercia asks Ruben about job opportunities. Conrad’s conversation with Annetjie leads to him confronting Annelize about Delia and Adler. Mercia gives Louis unwanted advice. Quinton ropes Tertius into Jax’s challenge.
95: Episode 95
Oct 19, 2018
Okkie’s curiousity takes over when Mercia is cooking, while Esra does his best with inflicting an injury. Piet’s newest assignment has to do with Delia, and Jax gives Quinton a deadline. Steve considers a patient’s very good business proposal.
96: Episode 96
Oct 22, 2018
Wimpie undertakes to sell Mercia’s concoction at Eikehof. The finest details of a plan are discussed, while Steve discusses his business idea with Elana. Lika is caught off guard when Tertius has a hefty reaction about news from Rustenburg, and At puts his plan in motion – but he will need Annelize’s assistance.
97: Episode 97
Oct 23, 2018
Conrad convinces At to be present at a meeting, while Ruben puts his foot in it. Breggie is curious about Wimpie’s new lease on life, and a ghost from the past upsets Quinton. Annelize needs to calm At down when Annetjie recognises someone, and Louis feels left out at his own party.
98: Episode 98
Oct 24, 2018
Louis stuns Mercia with his insecurity, and Tertius wants to put a drastic plan in motion that concerns Nina. Quinton is ready to have a serious conversation with his best friend, while Piet’s behaviour motivates At to go to a business meeting. Wimpie causes trouble for Mercia.
99: Episode 99
Oct 25, 2018
Mercia’s luck is short lived, and Esra is left in Piet’s capable hands. Steve is very impressed with himself after the meeting, while Trudie gives her honest opinion about the song. Louis is frank with Naomi about his childhood, while Conrad and At discuss their current problem in depth.
100: Episode 100
Oct 26, 2018
Binneland Clinic is looking for a new assistant matron. At hatches a plan just in case there is an audit, and Cronjé experiences a crisis – which quickly becomes the hospital’s problem. After a few ordeals the song is audience ready, while Mercia is waiting to hear what is going to happen to her.
101: Episode 101
Oct 29, 2018
Mercia shares her news with Louis, and Jax is not sure if Cronjé is telling the truth. Nina’s homecoming isn’t a completely happy affair, and the mention of an amount is just a bit too coincidental to Conrad. At makes a shocking discovery, and Conrad has his doubts about an application for the job.
102: Episode 102
Oct 30, 2018
At tells the board exactly who Cronjé is. Trudie wants to make Nina a costume, and Noami seeks advice from Annelize. Tertius’s discovery makes him concerned for his child, and Steve and Annelize put two and two together. At is threatened with documents, while Louis is livid with his mother.
103: Episode 103
Oct 31, 2018
Mercia talks openly to Ilse about Louis, and At is honest about his connection with Prof. Snyman to Conrad. Jax shares the news about the results, and At asks the board to break the law. Tertius warns people about Nina’s outing, while Esra is commanded to switch to Plan B.
104: Episode 104
Nov 1, 2018
Nina causes Jax to move to the hospital, and Mercia shares her big news with Naomi. The public at large is put in danger by Jonas and Esra, while Piet shares information with At. Lika tries to calm an upset Tertius, and Conrad explains to Annelize exactly what is at stake. Steve tries to defend Elana to Jax.
105: Episode 105
Nov 2, 2018
At realises what Jonas has in his possession, and Conrad endorses his candidate for the job. At tries to convince Elana not to involve the NICD, while Lika wants to talk to Tertius about children. Mercia asks Naomi for advice, and Annelize gives Conrad an ultimatum – and then Elana needs to convey bad news.
106: Episode 106
Nov 5, 2018
Naomi asks Okkie to keep her secret, while Conrad has questions about Mercia’s CV. Jonas is put under pressure about the weapon. Chanel has advice for Lika, while a joke turns into a bad omen. A new patient causes more questions than answers, and Piet gets a new assignment.
107: Episode 107
Nov 6, 2018
Chanel’s allegations confuse Naomi, and At tells Conrad about the plan. Jonas and Esra are preparing to take the next step in their plan. A few phone calls could bring peace, and Steve confronts Elana about her behaviour. A pullover has the potential to cause a lot of trouble in the future.
108: Episode 108
Nov 7, 2018
Elana’s actions have consequences, and Louis shares shocking news with Naomi. Elana can’t believe what she has gotten involved with, and Lika explains her decision about Tertius. Elana regrets her personal question, and Jonas makes sure that At is being carefully watched – for good reason.
109: Episode 109
Nov 8, 2018
Louis shares his dilemma with Okkie and Ilse, while Elana avoids personal conversations with Steve. Conrad realises where At is going, and Annelize and Conrad’s problems don’t stop with a new surveillance officer. Mercia’s confession shocks Louis to the core, and a pleasant evening is interrupted by a cough…
110: Episode 110
Nov 9, 2018
Louis’s mood is not bettered by another confession. At’s assignment to Tertius upsets Elana, and Chanel tries to do the right thing. At has more than one crisis on hand, and Letitia is not impressed with the new plan. Nina and Mercia’s futures hang in the balance.
111: Episode 111
Nov 12, 2018
The pathogen is discussed in secret, while Mercia has a very open and honest conversation with Louis. Elana’s reaction on Steve’s worry can clearly be noticed, and At refuses to think any further about forgiveness. Quinton and Jax has no idea how to help their friends.
112: Episode 112
Nov 13, 2018
Louis asks the Ferreiras a huge favour, and Elana questions Steve’s motives. A birth could be the answer to a nurse’s prayers, while Jonas asks Tertius about the pathogen. Letitia wasn’t born under a rock, and a message contains a vital clue.
113: Episode 113
Nov 14, 2018
Annelize asks Steve’s assistance with a patient, while an unexpected visitor shows up at the Koster Mansion – and receives bad news immediately. Tertius has a heart to heart with Lika, and the cracks are showing clearly in Jonas and Esra’s relationship. At’s optimism is overshadowed by Letitia’s reality.
114: Episode 114
Nov 15, 2018
Steve tries to console Elana after her rough start to the day. Kallie quickly becomes aware of the many problems in the Koster Mansion, while At’s bully tactics has the opposite effect on his target. Quinton makes a shocking discovery, and Annelize proposes a new plan of action.
115: Episode 115
Nov 16, 2018
Kallie moves his focus from At to Louis, and Lika’s condition makes Tertius desperate. Elana puts her foot in her mouth again, while Jonas uses desperation to his advantage. Wimpie is rubbed up the wrong way during a first meeting, and Quinton comes to his own conclusions after observing behaviour.
116: Episode 116
Nov 19, 2018
Kallie begins to work on Quinton’s nerves, while Steve tries to clear up yesterday’s misunderstandings. The tension is starting to take its toll on Tertius, and Esra is clearly not the same person as his brother. Nina is kidnapped, and Steve tries to take Annelize’s mind of the crisis.
117: Episode 117
Nov 20, 2018
Elana is stunned by Steve’s activities, and At tries to explain his motives to Tertius. Quinton realises he will have to keep an eye on Kallie, while Jax is not impressed with Conrad’s explanation. Chanel discusses doctors with Ruben, and Letitia’s work requires a guinea pig.
118: Episode 118
Nov 21, 2018
There is a confrontation in the isolation ward, while Conrad’s worries are getting the better of him. At is not impressed with Letitia’s offer, and Louis is sceptical about Naomi’s suggestion. Jax will have to do everything in her power to save a patient. Annelize is not afraid to ask the right questions.
119: Episode 119
Nov 22, 2018
Kallie’s excitement doesn’t last long, while Annelize is not planning on keeping her mouth shut. Esra has big problems, and Lika’s condition doesn’t improve. Tertius warns At about Jax, and wise words fall on deaf ears. Elana feels uncomfortable about a compliment, and Letitia is deriving a plan of her own.
120: Episode 120
Nov 23, 2018
The Kosters are unaware of the warning signs, and Steve’s admission is greeted with an insult. Letitia’s plead is actually a lifeline, while surrogacy is not a part of Elana’s plan. Okkie’s patience with Kallie is running out, and At’s focus is on Letitia and Jonas. At’s bad news shocks Conrad.
121: Episode 121
Nov 26, 2018
Lika feels alone in her relationship, while Annelize gets a very unexpected opportunity. Elana’s words cut deep – but not as deep as Steve’s conviction. Conrad and Quinton fear that Kallie is the next victim of the pathogen. Ruben has a plan with Trudie’s exam stress – which leads to an idea for her project.
122: Episode 122
Nov 27, 2018
At refuses to talk about Mercia, and Okkie and Ilse need to manage Trudie’s expectations. Tonik is revamped into something completely new, and Eben is a difficult subject in a conversation. Kallie’s new friendship deepens, while Lika realises she isn’t the only woman in Tertius’s life. Eben makes a new friend.
123: Episode 123
Nov 28, 2018
Priorities in the Ferreira household differ, while Kallie interferes with love. Danny has an opinion on Steve’s success, and Annelize has had it with everyone. Bronwyn’s name comes up in a serious conversation, and Quinton and Conrad are extremely worried about someone’s behaviour.
124: Episode 124
Nov 29, 2018
Conrad tells Kallie to follow his own advice, and Zac’s plan is met with opposition. Elana has advice for Steve about his ex, while there is huge trouble at Tonik. Annelize rubs salt in Elana’s wounds, while Lika has a heartfelt conversation with her new friend.
125: Episode 125
Nov 30, 2018
News from Rustenburg upsets Tertius tremendously, while Lexi’s safety becomes a priority. Kallie’s plan is focusing on restoring peace, and Elana’s uncertainty is addressed. Christmas decorations emphasizes an idea, and Zac has a plan of his own.
126: Episode 126
Dec 3, 2018
Quinton’s observation leads to an uncomfortable situation for Chanel. Steve can only divulge his heart’s secrets to one person, and Kallie’s words shatters At. Zac and Eben are becoming very close. Kallie asks Lika to stay quiet. Court hearings make life more interesting.
127: Episode 127
Dec 4, 2018
Trudie’s project is taking over her life, while Tertius and Lika concentrate on different things. Chanel is secretly excited about an activity and news about Eben spreads like wild fire. Conrad realises what Annelize’s heart’s desire is, while At observes strange behaviour in the Koster Mansion.
128: Episode 128
Dec 5, 2018
Quinton’s suggestion doesn’t get Ruben excited. Lika fears her hopes and dreams are not aligned with those of Tertius, and Okkie tries to cheer up Trudie. Steve is caught between the two women in his life. Zac is not going to let Steve out of his cross hairs, and a patient agrees to invasive tests.
129: Episode 129
Dec 6, 2018
Elana and Conrad have a fight over Steve, while Kallie’s choice shocks Lika. Naomi shares her suspicions with Louis. Zac and Eben share the plan with Tracy, while Conrad is left uneasy about the test results. Okkie and Trudie want to involve Binneland Clinic with their project.
130: Episode 130
Dec 7, 2018
Conrad asks Lika a favour, and Chanel’s imagination runs away with her. Tracy steals something of Annelize’s, while Elana is unhappy about information regarding Steve. There is nothing like an incidental meeting, and Kallie reprimands Conrad about the tests.
131: Episode 131
Dec 10, 2018
Kallie doesn’t want to let go of his plan. Jax talks to Elana about Steve – but Danny has information that stuns her. Elana shows up uninvited at Steve’s hotel room, and Okkie and Ilse are putting their plan to work. Steve is desperate for information, while Lika’s day takes her to Kallie.
132: Episode 132
Dec 11, 2018
Trudie and Chanel each have something to look forward to, and Quinton tries to convince Tertius about the status quo. An ambulance is requested at the Koster Mansion, and the results of a blood test create more questions. Footage leads to conflict, and Lika doesn’t handle information too well.
133: Episode 133
Dec 12, 2018
Conrad shares news with Kallie, and At is surprised about the person that shows up for the meeting. Steve gets a nasty surprise, while Naomi is in cahoots with Quinton for a good reason. The puzzle pieces begin to fall into place for a doctor, and Kallie makes a request towards Lika. Ruben shares his shocking news.
134: Episode 134
Dec 13, 2018
Lika confesses a huge fear to Kallie, and compliments aren’t always easy to utter. Steve realises what Elana thinks of Tracy, while Conrad has advice for At about Kallie. No news leads to aggression, while Kallie’s plan is laid bare.
135: Episode 135
Dec 14, 2018
A resignation is handed in, while Kallie shares a secret with Lika. Steve informs Conrad about what is going on, while Binneland Clinic is coining it through Steve’s situation. Threats on Social Media are not something that one can prepare for, and Chanel chastises herself.
136: Episode 136
Dec 17, 2018
Ruben and Chanel are equally uncomfortable with each other and a MRI could be the only solution to get to the bottom of a problem. Lexi is a problem for Steve, while Louis invites the Ferreira’s to a Christmas feast. Conrad asks Steve to buy some time, but Zac has already implemented a safeguard.
137: Episode 137
Dec 18, 2018
Jax gives Ruben advice, and Elana recognises a patient. Conrad realises what could be the root of all evil, while Danny and Lexi both discover a piece of the puzzle. Medication could be a significant factor, and then Steve has a bigger crisis on hand than to tell Lexi the truth.
138: Episode 138
Dec 19, 2018
Naomi is unsure if Chanel and Ruben can only be friends, while At is livid about the newest crisis. Eben realises what Zac has done, while Binneland Stereo is buzzing about the footage. Quinton teases Lika relentlessly, and Conrad will have to think on his feet during the press conference.
139: Episode 139
Dec 20, 2018
Chanel hears a conversation out of context, while At and Kallie have a huge falling out. Eben is caught off guard by Zac’s reaction on news of Tracy, and Elana realises that people will believe the worst. Conrad is stunned by news about Lika and Tertius.
140: Episode 140
Dec 21, 2018
At doesn’t listen to Kallie’s request, and Chanel doesn’t want to see reason. Eben divulges his fears and suspicions to a visitor. Conrad and At have advice for Elana regarding Steve, while Eben tries to figure out where Zac is getting his money. Naomi’s warning becomes a reality.
141: Episode 141
Dec 24, 2018
Steve is at wits end regarding his future, and Tim does his best to drive Steve and Lexi apart. Conrad blames himself for an aneurism, while Tracy’s condition is important to someone. Guilty feelings hang over the inhabitants of Koster Mansion, and Lexi devises a plan.
142: Episode 142
Dec 25, 2018
Chanel blows off steam – and targets Naomi. A secret meeting could easily not be so secret anymore, while Tertius observes an interaction that makes him think. Elana is aware of how guarded Lexi is about Eben, and At, once again, comes to a big realization in his life.
143: Episode 143
Dec 26, 2018
Chanel is honest with Lexi, and the reading of a will has its own share of shocks. Louis refuses to concentrate on anything but his family, while Tim is greeted by a guest in Steve’s hotel room. Lexi and Danny knows what the right thing is to do, and a life is celebrated in the Koster Mansion.
144: Episode 144
Dec 27, 2018
The Kosters struggle to deal with the shocks of the will. Steve tells Elana about his complicated relationship with Tim, and Danny questions Tim about a building that he owns. There is a development in Tracy’s condition, while Johan makes At suspicious. Chanel does her best to save the party at Nagskof.
145: Episode 145
Dec 28, 2018
Conrad doesn’t share At’s theory, and a trap might just deliver the results. Chanel explains why the party is so important to her. A doctor becomes a patient, while Danny tests Tim. Allegations leave Lika stunned, and Danny shares his suspicions with Steve.
146: Episode 146
Dec 31, 2018
Tertius is depressed about his situation. All hope is placed on Tracy, while Elana takes her brother into her confidence. At submits an application that could change Lika’s future, and Eben fears for his life. There is a huge confrontation that takes place in Steve’s consulting room, and Snotkop pays Tertius a visit.
147: Episode 147
Jan 1, 2019
The Ferreiras receive a surprise on New Year’s morning. Steve wants to help Eben, while Annelize confronts Tim. Emotions almost take over in a situation, and Tertius asks Quinton’s advice regarding matters of the heart. Conrad confronts At about his deeds, and Danny takes a patient under his wing.
148: Episode 148
Jan 2, 2019
At tries to explain his side of the story, while Steve is determined to take charge of his career once again. At makes an important announcement, and Steve and Lexi have a heartfelt conversation about her future. Annelize warns Danny about Tracy. Annelize receives shocking news!
149: Episode 149
Jan 3, 2019
Conrad makes Louis a promise, and At doesn’t want Steve involved in the new project. Jax tries to persuade Tertius about a new appointment, while Steve tries to warn his daughter against a man. Tertius realises that Annelize is not herself.
150: Episode 150
Jan 4, 2019
René is not at all like she was described, while Annelize is forced to tell At the truth. Monique feels she owes someone an apology, and Adler blames Delia for everything that has gone wrong. Quinton can’t help himself: he makes his assumptions about someone known.
151: Episode 151
Jan 7, 2019
Lika makes a decision, and Annelize shares news about MedFirst with At. Delia thinks she knows what is going on with MedFirst, and At mocks Adler with his new project. Tertius and Jax thinks Quinton has the wrong end of the stick. Adler demands Delia’s resignation.
152: Episode 152
Jan 8, 2019
Louis makes a confession to Naomi, and Annelize introduces her sister to people. Delia gets an upsetting phone call, while Conrad has advice for At regarding Louis. Conrad is encouraged to call a board meeting. Jax gives René some advice, while Quinton plants a seed about NAGSKOF. Delia realises that Adler has it in for her.
153: Episode 153
Jan 9, 2019
Louis gets the cold shoulder in At’s office, and Annelize is stressed before the memorial. Al reads the builder the riot act, and Okkie admits his fears to Ilse. Jax asks Quinton to be a bit more tolerant towards René, while Delia blurts out her concerns to the most unlikely person.
154: Episode 154
Jan 10, 2019
Naomi gets an unexpected phone call, while At is under the impression that Conrad is humiliating him. Monique tries to make sense of the strange car and the flowers, and Louis is not impressed with Naomi. Annelize tries to stay in At’s good books, while Delia realises what Adler is busy with.
155: Episode 155
Jan 11, 2019
Conrad and At have a falling out because of Delia, and Quinton is caught off guard. Okkie discusses Louis with Ilse, while Conrad tries to confront Annelize. Love letters makes two sisters suspicious, and Ilse has advice for a girl about Quinton. Adler has a plan with Stan, and Conrad is seeking answers from Delia.
156: Episode 156
Jan 14, 2019
Louis eventually realises what is going on, and Tertius is worried about Quinton. Annelize and Monique are at loggerheads, while At makes it very clear that he doesn’t trust Conrad. Delia declares war against Adler, and Karli’s emotions get the best of her in At’s office.
157: Episode 157
Jan 15, 2019
Annelize convinces Monique to go see At, while things are a bit uncomfortable between Delia and Conrad. At is sceptical about Louis’s plan, and Quinton is not impressed with Karli’s behaviour. Conrad words his struggles with At, while Stan shares strange news with Adler.
158: Episode 158
Jan 16, 2019
Tertius thinks he knows what Quinton’s plan is, and Monique collapses. Karli discusses Quinton with Ilse, while Tertius gets Annelize fired up about hereditary diseases. Louis’s night didn’t go as he explained. Naomi is uncomfortable in At’s presence, while Annelize makes a shocking discovery.
159: Episode 159
Jan 17, 2019
Tertius realises what Quinton’s behavior is doing to Karli, and Annelize wants to know everything regarding a DNA test. Adler explains his plan to Stan, while the past properly haunts Annelize. A dinner at Amoret gets very uncomfortable, and René saves Quinton from a situation.
160: Episode 160
Jan 18, 2019
Okkie is not impressed with Naomi's inferiority complex – and At doesn’t give her peace of mind. Breggie suddenly gets very sick. Stan tries to give the board members peace of mind, and Karli makes fun of Naomi because of At’s request. Annelize plays open cards with Monique.
161: Episode 161
Jan 21, 2019
Karli’s birthday is around the corner – and she asks Louis to organise something for her. At blatantly lies to Elana. Naomi unknowingly gives Karli advice regarding Quinton. Monique tells Annelize what she heard. Monique thinks there must be a connection between ‘B’ and ‘Juffrou Hiemstra’.
162: Episode 162
Jan 22, 2019
Jax and Tertius make a discovery, and Elana is unsure about At’s explanation. Adler can’t get hold of Stan, while Monique manages to get a number. Annelize confronts At about what he is hiding, while Tertius thinks he recognises a number plate. A short fused At is an experience that no one can forget quickly.
163: Episode 163
Jan 23, 2019
Karli blames René for Quinton’s absence, and Naomi makes a confession about the Kosters to the Ferreiras. Elana’s conversation with Delia leaves her even more unsure, and Annelize finds out who Hiemstra is. Louis defends At to Naomi, while Karli and René gets involved in a catfight.
164: Episode 164
Jan 24, 2019
Conrad wants to know what happened with Stan, Adler and the construction. Louis realises Naomi lied to him, and Delia realises that Adler knows about her personal life. René wants nothing to do with Karli or Quinton. Monique meets Delia, while Louis’s attempt at peace leads to a misunderstanding.
165: Episode 165
Jan 25, 2019
Karli attempts a desperate, but honest, effort to reach out to René, and Delia realises who Monique is. At rips Conrad a new one because of Delia, while peace is a very easy target to miss. Annelize wants to confront Adler, and Quinton has a strange way of trying to repair a friendship.
166: Episode 166
Jan 28, 2019
Delia hears about the medical waste. René is stressed about the competition, and At encourages Louis to focus on NAGSKOF. Monique realises that Annelize might have the answers to their questions, while At dishes out a task to Naomi at dinner. Conrad’s suspicions makes Delia livid.
167: Episode 167
Jan 29, 2019
Adler’s visit to Annelize delivers another surprise. Delia sees Annelize with Adler – and Annelize delivers a stern warning to Adler. Conrad confronts At about the medical waste, and Naomi realises she might be dealing with a bigger mess than what she anticipated. Quinton is witness to a very strange situation.
168: Episode 168
Jan 30, 2019
Danny tries to persuade Jax to go away with him, and the nurses’s unhappiness might not be unreasonable. Conrad wants to know what Annelize was doing with Adler, while Louis has advice for Naomi regarding At. Karli realises that something is weird regarding the financial luck of René.
169: Episode 169
Jan 31, 2019
Louis changes his mind about Naomi and At, and Conrad wants to know how At feels about Annelize. Adler has nothing to lose – while Annelize thinks it comes with a hidden agenda. Karli tries to keep the cat in the bag, and Adler’s attempt to rectify the past seems to be an honest one.
170: Episode 170
Feb 1, 2019
Karli talks to Quinton about René, while Monique and Annelize are equally confused about Adler. Naomi makes it very clear that she will only accept any position based on merit. Delia realises that Adler is once again trying to destroy her, while René’s words sends Karli in a direction.
171: Episode 171
Feb 4, 2019
Tertius wants to organise an activity to improve team moral in ER, and Delia realises Conrad is experiencing a dilemma with her problems. Conrad gives Annelize a warning about Adler. Annelize is nervous about Adler and At’s motives. A photo could be more valuable than the thief realises.
172: Episode 172
Feb 5, 2019
Tertius confronts Jax about Danny, while Annelize and Monique have a falling out about their parents. Ilse gives René advice about a wedding dress, and Delia is aware of the fact that Adler is using Monique. Annelize seeks approval – but is torn about who it should come from.
173: Episode 173
Feb 6, 2019
Jax gives Quinton all the credit for René’s new behaviour. Steve has advice for Danny regarding Jax. Annelize tries to find Stan, and Ilse is worried about Bea. Delia wants to know what Adler is hiding. Tertius shares Jax’s theory with Quinton, while Annelize asks Adler questions about her past.
174: Episode 174
Feb 7, 2019
Conrad is concerned about Delia’s safety, while the teambuilding exercise takes place. Steve is impressed with Danny’s strategy, and At’s reaction on Annelize’s questions worries Conrad. At gives Adler a stern warning. Delia hears a damning message – and then tries to warn Annelize.
175: Episode 175
Feb 8, 2019
Jax takes Tertius into her confidence about Danny, and Okkie and Ilse talk about the divorce. Karli hears something about René that worries her, while Conrad pushes Delia to act. Stan is becoming a concern for everyone. Karli shares her knowledge with Quinton. Naomi keeps the seriousness of her injury a secret.
176: Episode 176
Feb 11, 2019
Delia is attacked in the underground parking lot, while Jax suspects that she is being followed. Quinton catches Karli completely off guard, and At’s bleakness shocks Monique. Things escalate quickly between Quinton and René, while Trudie is touched by Louis’s behaviour.
177: Episode 177
Feb 12, 2019
Jax recognizes a voice – and receives a threatening message. Conrad wants to punch Adler. Naomi’s birthday is a topic of conversation in the Ferreira household. At has news about Stan. Annelize wants answers from Delia, while Danny finds something strange in his bag.
178: Episode 178
Feb 13, 2019
Delia can’t give Conrad a straight answer regarding Adler. Steve’s credit card is used with good intentions – but leads to a misunderstanding. Trudie is not excited about Chanel’s new living arrangements. Annelize needs to make a final decision between Adler and At, while Louis does something special for Naomi.
179: Episode 179
Feb 14, 2019
Trudie tries to make friends with René, while Steve reprimands Lexi about the misunderstanding. Jax is not the only one that pays Delia a visit. Okkie is irritated by Morné’s plans for the future, while Elana wonders how Lexi feels about her dad’s new relationship.
180: Episode 180
Feb 15, 2019
Trudie’s social media activity causes Okkie to be concerned about René. Annelize makes a worrisome promise to Delia, while Morné gets more egg on his face. Conrad realises Delia played her trump card, and Lexi gives Elana a subtle warning. Annelize pours her heart out towards Monique.
181: Episode 181
Feb 18, 2019
Lexi realises why Steve is frustrated with Elana’s answer, and Morné suddenly gets more attention than he expected. Franz Basson is looking for advice, and Conrad stumbles upon a gruesome scene – and everyone is instinctively a suspect.
182: Episode 182
Feb 19, 2019
Liebenberg knows exactly who he wants to question first, while René’s photos don't exactly blow her hair back – but Chanel has an idea how to fix it. Steve realises why Elana is a bit stumped, and At and Conrad have a huge falling out about Delia. Okkie shares his concerns about Trudie with Ilse.
183: Episode 183
Feb 20, 2019
Jax wants answers from Danny, while Elana shares bad news with Steve. Liebenberg begins to put some pieces of the puzzle together, and Okkie asks Morné’s assistance in creating a social media profile. Louis offers to help René with her page, while At is on the war path regarding Delia’s father.
184: Episode 184
Feb 21, 2019
Naomi finds Okkie’s interest in social media strange. Liebenberg questions Annelize again – and she realises why. Conrad is shocked in the findings of his own investigation, and Franz is back in Pretoria. Trudie is not impressed that she wasn’t invited to the festivities.
185: Episode 185
Feb 22, 2019
Elana clearly doesn’t want to answer Steve’s questions, while Danny lies to Liebenberg during his questioning. Okkie gets weird messages on social media. Franz confronts Elana about Steve. Okkie asks Naomi and Louis to help him in teaching someone a lesson, while someone is arrested for murder.
186: Episode 186
Feb 25, 2019
Elana is worried about Conrad, while Jax is aware of the tension that the arrest has caused. Steve asks Franz for assistance with one of his patients, and Conrad discusses Delia with his sister. Franz pours his heart out to Elana – and Trudie looks to them for advice about messages on social media.
187: Episode 187
Feb 26, 2019
Danny asks Jax to keep something in her locker. At doesn’t like Delia’s presence in Binneland Clinic. Annelize and Delia both begin to wonder if they are victims, and a phone call causes Jax to worry. Steve encourages Elana to work with Franz, while Delia starts preparing herself for the worst.
188: Episode 188
Feb 27, 2019
Elana makes her own assumptions about Steve and the piano, while Trudie is definitely brighter than she looks. Jax can’t keep her mouth shut any longer, and Elana is extremely excited about the operation. Delia accuses Danny. Naomi decides to turn the tables…
189: Episode 189
Feb 28, 2019
Morné’s news worries Okkie, and Annelize’s opinion is starting to get to Steve. Danny is not impressed with Jax’s behaviour, while Delia wonders if Conrad doubts her. Trudie is not afraid of bending the rules a bit, and Fourie questions Delia’s mental health.
190: Episode 190
Mar 1, 2019
René and Chanel hatch plans that Trudie isn’t exactly comfortable with, and Monique shares her suspicions about At with Annelize. Steve confronts Elana regarding Franz, while Delia isn’t impressed with Conrad’s strategy. Annelize makes Conrad doubt At, and the lies in the Ferreira household are taking its toll.
191: Episode 191
Mar 4, 2019
At is livid with Conrad, while Monique has to handle the consequences of her suspicions. René convinces Trudie to escalate the situation, while Annelize realises that she might have fallen out of favour with At. Lexi tells Steve to talk to Elana if they are having problems.
192: Episode 192
Mar 5, 2019
George strikes up a very quick and unique friendship with Elana – and then Franz makes a decision about his treatment. Fourie questions At and Conrad. Okkie and Morné’s outing leaves them with more questions than answers, while everyone suddenly seems like a suspect to Conrad.
193: Episode 193
Mar 6, 2019
The truth shall set you free – especially in the Ferreira household, where Ilse wants to get to the bottom of things. Elana tries to explain her actions to Steve, and Annelize starts to wonder after At says something to her. Trust and boundaries are the topics of more than one discussion, and Elana is lead into temptation.
194: Episode 194
Mar 7, 2019
Franz causes Elana to not think clearly, and then she delivers a low blow to Steve. Okkie and Trudie have an honest conversation. The murderer is unmasked, and Tertius can’t believe his ears.
195: Episode 195
Mar 8, 2019
At and Conrad are both shocked to the core, and Morné doesn’t give up that easily. Franz operates on George, and Jax thinks Elana should go to Canada. Delia is very aware of the fact that her life won’t change overnight, while everyone says their farewells to Morné.
196: Episode 196
Mar 11, 2019
Lexi is disappointed when she finds out about Elana’s new idea, while At has plans for Southern Hope. Delia expects the worst when she is summoned to Southern Hope, and Quinton gives Louis an idea. Conrad meets Dr Roland – and fails to inform At about Delia.
197: Episode 197
Mar 12, 2019
Louis asks At’s assistance, and Franz is stunned to hear that Elana doesn’t want to be a part of the procedure. Dr Roland explains to Delia why the decision was made, while Steve encourages Elana. Conrad shares his idea with Tertius, and Karli has an engagement ring on the brain.
198: Episode 198
Mar 13, 2019
Elana takes charge of the theatre and begins with the procedure. Annelize moves pawns against Delia, and Naomi explains her reaction to Louis. Delia’s night is off to a rocky start. At’s opinion on stem cell research is used as a sly trap that Delia can’t help stepping into.
199: Episode 199
Mar 14, 2019
Elana’s day begins weird, and Southern Hope makes headlines for the wrong reasons. George departs with wise words for Elana. Conrad and Annelize argue about loyalty, and Karli encourages Louis to spend money. Delia blames Conrad for everything that is going wrong in her life.
200: Episode 200
Mar 15, 2019
Steve confronts Elana head on, and Conrad is more determined than ever to broker peace between Binneland Clinic and Southern Hope. Annelize catches wind of Conrad’s business plans, while Franz’s plans for the future are overwhelming.
201: Episode 201
Mar 18, 2019
At puts Conrad under pressure to make a decision and Jax tells Elana to do some introspection. Naomi is worried that Karli is hoping for too much, and Conrad is not going to let anyone tell him what to do.
202: Episode 202
Mar 19, 2019
Roland warns Delia not to bring so much attention to his work, and Elana and Steve are worried about Conrad and At. René is trying to figure out what Quinton’s plans are with Karli, while At gives Tertius an important task. Conrad tells Delia about his plans, and the tension is beginning to get to At.
203: Episode 203
Mar 20, 2019
Frozen embryos lead to a fight, while someone is forced to make a huge promise. Quinton asks Tertius to cover his shift. Roland has advice for Delia on how to deal with the new drama. Tertius asks Annelize for advice on the investor, and Delia fails to tell Conrad about what is going on at Southern Hope.
204: Episode 204
Mar 21, 2019
Delia gets a bit of good news – although it doesn’t seem like Linda is pleased. Tertius finds out exactly why At gave him the task, and Conrad has plans for Steve and Southern Hope. Danny and Tertius are at loggerheads about a patient, and Delia witnesses something that puts her mind into overdrive.
205: Episode 205
Mar 22, 2019
Chanel hurts herself, and At is livid when he hears that Annelize stood in for Tertius. Delia realises what is going on – but also realises what she can’t do. Naomi and Karli have a huge fight – and then someone starts shooting at them! A fire breaks out at Southern Hope.
206: Episode 206
Mar 25, 2019
Conrad finds out about the fire at Southern Hope – and that Delia is missing. Quinton and Louis want to surprize the girls, while Tertius and Danny catch Jax off guard. A very big question, albeit unexpected, is asked, and At is not impressed with Elana’s plans regarding Corrie. Annelize tries to support Conrad.
207: Episode 207
Mar 26, 2019
Karli has a heart to heart with Naomi, and At has his suspicions about the events at Southern Hope. Chanel tries to explain her fears, while Roland insists on working with Steve. Louis is unsure about what to do next, and Conrad gets the shock of his life. It seems like there has been a burglary at Tertius and Jax’s flat.
208: Episode 208
Mar 27, 2019
Roland encourages Conrad to take the next step, while René and Chanel discover a lost child. At isn’t planning on treating Corrie at Binneland Clinic, and Karli thinks Louis should find out from Ilse what Okkie’s state of mind is. A photo shakes Tertius to his core, while Louis’s plans generates a lot of excitement.
209: Episode 209
Mar 28, 2019
Tertius does his best to communicate with the child – but René thinks the child might be deaf. At takes drastic measures regarding Conrad on the day of Corrie’s operation at Binneland Clinic. Okkie realises that his future includes At Koster.
210: Episode 210
Mar 29, 2019
Conrad insists on a press conference. Louis’s plans are ruined, while Tertius’ breakthrough is short lived. Hope is a painful dream to cling on to, and Chanel is shocked in the reason why Gabriella is admitted to ER.
211: Episode 211
Apr 1, 2019
Louis’ secret is almost unravelled, while At has to handle the consequences of his announcement. Conrad asks Roland about Linda, while Steve realises that his patient isn’t exactly honest with him. There is an engagement in Amoret, and Roland’s priorities make Steve uncomfortable.
212: Episode 212
Apr 2, 2019
Wimpie’s advice is unasked for, and At finds out about Louis’s plans. Steve gets increasingly worried about Roland’s work ethic. Conrad is suspicious about Roland, while Tertius is forced to take Luc to work. Steve’s sleuthing gets dangerous, and Conrad makes a discovery.
213: Episode 213
Apr 3, 2019
Elana warns Conrad against his suspicions, while Jax discusses Luc with Danny. Karli is afraid that Louis’s ego might take a knock, and Conrad makes an appointment with At and Annelize. Annelize’s news doesn’t ease Conrad’s tension.
214: Episode 214
Apr 4, 2019
Steve’s curiosity has the opposite effect, and Jax begins to put two and two together. Roland wants to take Corrie back to Southern Hope, while At’s words makes Okkie livid. Luis is upset about the quarrels between the Kosters, and Annelize has yet to lose her charm.
215: Episode 215
Apr 5, 2019
Tertius’s friends don’t have the nerve to talk to him about Luc. Karli tries to convince Quinton to talk to his best friend, and Conrad is going to have to perform a miracle to get Roland to relax. Roland shares his plans with Annelize, while Ilse reprimands Okkie about a new recurring theme.
216: Episode 216
Apr 8, 2019
Liebenberg shares the findings of his preliminary investigation with Conrad. Quinton shares confusing news with Naomi, while Luc upsets someone’s plans. Expectations about the future are definitely the subject of the conversation, and photos could confirm the worst suspicions.
217: Episode 217
Apr 9, 2019
Liebenberg takes the wind out of Conrad’s sails, and Roland explains his vision for his research to At. Annelize takes At into her confidence – but doesn’t tell him everything. Trudie wants to find out more about autism, and Naomi realises that more than one man in her life is stressed about the future.
218: Episode 218
Apr 10, 2019
Louis insists that At and Conrad bury the hatchet – even if it is just for one night – while embryos become a crisis for more than one person. Tertius is determined to take care of his son. Jax makes a big decision, and Karli words her fears about Tertius’s situation. Elana has to share shocking news with Conrad.
219: Episode 219
Apr 11, 2019
Annelize struggles to stay professional in the current circumstances, while Conrad is angered by Tertius’s timing. Tertius doesn’t recognise Sarah. Everyone is worried about what will happen next – but there is one doctor that thinks he can save the day.
220: Episode 220
Apr 12, 2019
Okkie and Trudie have a tiff about Seb. Roland explains his plan to Annelize and Conrad. Conrad explains to Steve and Elana what is going on – and that it is vital that it remains a secret. Annelize has a potential solution that shocks Conrad and Elana to their cores.
221: Episode 221
Apr 15, 2019
Conrad has a plan regarding the embryos. Trudie realises where her plan could fail. Steve is worried about the emotional repercussions that the task at hand could have, while Quinton forbids Karli to share her theory with Tertius. Annelize brokers a sensitive subject with Roland.
222: Episode 222
Apr 16, 2019
Ilse is very pleased with Trudie’s request. Adam rocks up at Binneland Clinic – and jumps to the wrong conclusion. Tertius is hurt by an invitation, and Danny recognises Roland. Roland explains what the next step in his plan is, and sensitive information is stolen from Steve’s office.
223: Episode 223
Apr 17, 2019
Okkie’s bad timing upsets Wimpie, while Jax and Tertius are surprised by Luc. Liebenberg asks Conrad for his assistance with Delia. Trudie realises that charity isn’t easy work, but then makes a discovery that immediately piques her interest. Tertius tries out different treatments on Luc.
224: Episode 224
Apr 18, 2019
Wimpie unwittingly jeopardises Adam’s plans. A hysterical Tertius resents himself for Luc. Wimpie is upset about Trudie’s discovery. Liebenberg believes that someone is working against him, and Sarah is shaken to her core when she sees Adam. Louis finds a safe haven with the Ferreira’s.
225: Episode 225
Apr 19, 2019
Trudie explains her theory to a sceptical Wimpie, and At is a very bad patient. A kidnapping takes place, while Annelize and Conrad need to deal with a new crisis involving Roland. Liebenberg gets suspicious when the pieces of the puzzle almost want to fit together.
226: Episode 226
Apr 22, 2019
There is a clue to who the mysterious letter writer could be, while Liebenberg confronts Annelize and Conrad. Tertius’s unexpected visitor places him in a difficult position, and Annelize will have to think on her feet to makes sure that everything goes according to plan. Wimpie’s wife’s jacket becomes a headache.
227: Episode 227
Apr 23, 2019
Liebenberg applies pressure on Annelize regarding Roland, and Tertius is forced to make a difficult promise. Quinton reminds Karli about her promise, and Ilse has an idea how to keep a patient busy. Conrad pleads with Roland, while Wimpie’s memory leads Liebenberg in a new direction.
228: Episode 228
Apr 24, 2019
Sarah realises what Adam is looking for, and Liebenberg shares news regarding Roland with Annelize and Conrad. Trudie asks Louis’s assistance with the letter. An emergency meeting takes Conrad away from Binneland Clinic – and Annelize realises how fragile her relationship with At is.
229: Episode 229
Apr 25, 2019
Tertius misses a message, and it seems the end is in sight for Sarah. The pressure on Conrad isn’t eased by a visit from Linda. Rene’s book is becoming a headache, and Elana’s advice is not so easy to hear. Louis realises At is very private person when it comes to his private life.
230: Episode 230
Apr 26, 2019
Sarah doesn’t share Tertius’s views. At’s focus is not on his health, while Luc wants nothing to do with Tertius. Wimpie’s words get Tertius thinking – and then he makes a shocking announcement – while Annelize tries her best to get Conrad to change his mind.
231: Episode 231
Apr 29, 2019
Annelize realises why Conrad is stalling, and Tertius is going to have to think fast to ensure his loved ones’ safety. René’s interview is not as private as she thought, and At’s mood dictates Conrad’s actions – while At has something that he wants to give to Conrad. A drawing brings peace.
232: Episode 232
Apr 30, 2019
Karli struggles to handle At’s condition, and Elana needs a temporary place to stay. Annelize realises a few things about relationships and support, and Naomi feels unwell. Karli is behaving strangely – and it isn’t just about the internet friend she is talking to – and Conrad admonishes Naomi. Trudie is missing.
233: Episode 233
May 1, 2019
The ER is a hive of activity after the tragedy, while a patient’s death is exceptionally hard for Karli. Okkie is worried about Trudie. Steve tries to make Elana’s new arrangement as seductive as possible, while more than one person is concerned about Conrad.
234: Episode 234
May 2, 2019
Not all the cards are put on the table after an operation is completed, while Karli is very unsure about herself. Lexi’s advice forces Steve to think twice about his past, and Quinton is suspicious about secretive behaviour. A patient hears a confession, and the true nature of a situation needs to be addressed.
235: Episode 235
May 3, 2019
Annelize is practical during a crisis while Jax’s conscience punishes her. Annelize makes sure a patient knows their rights, while Quinton turns into an amateur sleuth. Elana opens up towards Jax, while Annelize is a fully observant witness to an interaction.
236: Episode 236
May 6, 2019
Elana draws her own conclusions about her new situation, and Tertius has a very strong opinion on Karli’s behaviour. Jax discusses Naomi with Annelize, and Annelize makes a confession towards Tertius. Elana needs Jax’s help, while Naomi finds Annelize at the gynaecologist.
237: Episode 237
May 7, 2019
Dr Butler and Naomi have an honest discussion, while Karli’s courage waivers when Quinton confronts her. Annelize is ready to work on her own future, and Steve and Elana have their first huge fight. Danny struggles to get through to Steve, while Karli makes contact with Ben.
238: Episode 238
May 8, 2019
Quinton makes a decision, and it seems like Elana and Steve are in a better place. Lexi pleads with Elana, while pregnancy is the subject of conversation in the doctor’s resting room. The laboratory results are not Conrad’s only headache.
239: Episode 239
May 9, 2019
Jax’s words cause Elana to panic about the future, and Annelize encourages Naomi to speak to her family. Quinton wonders if he is overreacting, while Ilse listens carefully to Naomi’s true emotions. Lexi needs relationship advice, and Conrad is feeling down and out.
240: Episode 240
May 10, 2019
A severe reaction strengthens Tertius’s suspicions, while Louis is completely against Naomi’s idea. Elana’s feat must stay a secret, and Conrad has to lay it all out for a couple. Jax witnesses a deep remorse, while At is a spectator of a showdown.
241: Episode 241
May 13, 2019
Quinton is uneasy after catching Karli with Tertius, and Steve is suspicious about Lexi and Elana’s secrecy. A livid At wants to take charge of Conrad’s situation, while Elana defends her brother. Naomi’s growing resentment is rearing its ugly head. Okkie realises for the first time what is really going on.
242: Episode 242
May 14, 2019
Conrad chooses a side in a fight, and Karli feels guilty when she realises that Naomi has bigger problems than her. Louis gives Conrad a warning. Annelize tries to find out how serious the allegations are, and At pays the Ferreiras a visit.
243: Episode 243
May 15, 2019
At makes Ben a job offer. Lexi gives Steve a warning about his expectations. Things are getting complicated for Naomi and Louis. Conrad’s confession forces Naomi to have a serious conversation with her father. Steve sweeps Elana completely off her feet with a romantic gesture.
244: Episode 244
May 16, 2019
An invite to Italy might just be what two doctors need, and Karli decides to have an honest conversation with Quinton. Trudie is worried about Louis and Naomi’s relationship, while Ilse berates Okkie for his behaviour. Chanel and Wimpie are both a bit forlorn, while a doctor suddenly doesn’t feel too well…
245: Episode 245
May 17, 2019
Ilse explains Naomi’s behaviour to Okkie, while Steve has a solution for Chanel’s problem. Wimpie has a plan with Ferdi’s money, and Naomi reaches out to Louis. At is devastated by Conrad’s news, and Naomi doesn’t buy the new relationship. Quinton’s presence doesn’t put Ben off.
246: Episode 246
May 20, 2019
Wimpie makes an important announcement, and Ben’s new adventure starts with a meeting. Elana’s suspicions cause her concern, and Naomi confronts Karli. Feelings of guilt are shared in confidence, and Lexi changes Steve’s mind. Jax is worried about a colleague.
247: Episode 247
May 21, 2019
Secrecy leads to curiousity, while a message upsets Karli. Annushka’s admittance to ER leads to many questions for Trudie, and Wimpie’s presence comes at a price. Okkie is on the war path again.
248: Episode 248
May 22, 2019
Ilse is concerned about drugs, and Annelize tells At about what she observed in Tonik. Jacques tries to console Trudie, while a secretive phone call upsets Wimpie tremendously. Jax confirms Jacques suspicions. Quinton tries to reach out to Karli.
249: Episode 249
May 23, 2019
At feels guilty about Karli, and Trudie devises a plan – and Jax is a part of it. Quinton is not impressed with Tertius, while Trudie has a strange experience with Magnus. Wimpie’s new independence is placed under a microscope. Chanel becomes the hero in someone else’s story. A resignation is handed in unexpectedly.
250: Episode 250
May 24, 2019
Jacques asks Okkie for work, and Chanel puts her foot down. At tries to get a resignation rescinded, and Magnus begins to focus on Trudie. Annelize shares bad news, while Wimpie and Chanel’s friendship grows deeper.
251: Episode 251
May 27, 2019
Ben is going to have to think on his feet really quickly, and Wimpie’s behaviour is suspicious. Trudie’s headmaster wants to talk to Okkie and Ilse, while a new picture of Karli is sketched to her friends. Wimpie tells Breggie the truth, and Trudie is caught off guard when Magnus appears at Tonik.
252: Episode 252
May 28, 2019
The Kosters are questioned by Liebenberg, while Okkie tries to figure out how Magnus fits into the picture. Chanel uses Wimpie’s phone to organise a surprise, and Jacques makes fun of Trudie regarding Magnus: digital flirtation and the Winter Ball are discussed. A letter confirms the reality – and the finality – of an end.
253: Episode 253
May 29, 2019
Quinton and At don’t share the same emotions, and Okkie is unsure about a sudden friendship. Wimpie devises a plan to make Chanel’s life easier, while Magnus could jump to the wrong conclusion about what he observes. A discussion between Mr Huysamen and Magnus reveals more than the content of a story.
254: Episode 254
May 30, 2019
At reprimands Quinton for his behaviour, and Ilse is concerned about Trudie. Wimpie refuses to talk to Okkie about the money, and academic progress is a good excuse for a house visit. At has to rely on Ilse, while India leads Quinton to a new train of thought.
255: Episode 255
May 31, 2019
Trudie discusses Magnus with Jacques, while Wimpie questions his life choices. Quinton tries to get Liebenberg to see a different side to the story, and Magnus discusses Okkie’s behaviour with Mr Huysamen. Jacques injures himself, while a farewell is marred by a disruption.
256: Episode 256
Jun 3, 2019
Quinton doesn’t hold back when he confronts Ben, while Okkie wants to find out more about Magnus Swart – but also has to do his best to calm Wimpie’s fears. Steve and Elana are back, and a stolen phone brings new facts to light. Magnus is very interested in what happens after the Winter Ball.
257: Episode 257
Jun 4, 2019
Bianca’s interview with Steve doesn’t initially go well, and At reprimands Quinton for his behaviour – while Quinton asks Liebenberg for a favour. Magnus’s question causes a crack in a friendship, while Okkie’s cross examination causes trouble in the Ferreira household. Quinton’s friends think he is busy losing the plot – and then he makes another shocking discovery.
258: Episode 258
Jun 5, 2019
Steve realises Bianca is going to be a handful, while Quinton realises that all their questions can only be answered by one person – or place. Trudie finds out more about Magnus’s family, and Jacques isn’t forthcoming in a discussion with Magnus. Both Okkie and Quinton receive uncomfortable answers.
259: Episode 259
Jun 6, 2019
Okkie and Trudie are not sitting around the same fire, and Inspector Fourie discovers more oil which can be poured on the fire. Trudie thinks Jacques is jealous, and Steve’s behaviour towards Bianca doesn’t bode well. Magnus gets what he wants – but not from whom he wants it – and Ilse reprimands Trudie.
260: Episode 260
Jun 7, 2019
René and Chanel have a lot of catching up to do, while Jacques tries to understand Trudie’s heart. Bianca goes to a lot of trouble – but not necessarily with her work – and Tertius scolds a nurse. Trudie is concerned about Magnus, and Elana’s attention to detail misses nothing. Karli’s friends take time to say their final goodbyes.
Season 15
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