Season 13
260 EPISODES • 2017
Season 13 of Binnelanders was released on June 12 and consists of 260 episodes.

Season 12


1: Episode 1
Jun 12, 2017
Honesty doesn’t always compliment the first cup of coffee of the day, while Justin George is bad news for Bronwyn. Deon realises a patient is very dangerous, and it is Pippa’s turn to serve some truth to Eric. It is very clear that Tertius and Eric have different ideas about what friendship entails, and Bronwyn shares her suspicions with Steve.
2: Episode 2
Jun 13, 2017
Tertius defends his life choices, while Deon expects the worst when Minette arrives. Bronwyn must decide whether or not to share her knowledge, and Pippa tries to explain the past to Eric. Justin tries to convince At to allow him to proceed, while Bronwyn is unsure about trusting Tim. Minette warns Deon against Lindie’s father, and Karli can’t help wondering about what Eric said.
3: Episode 3
Jun 14, 2017
Eric makes himself very vulnerable, while Justin and Bronwyn have a lot to talk about. Minette tries to get Lindie under control, and Pippa is worried about Karli. Deon is caught in the middle of a family’s delicate dynamics, while Steve doesn’t beat around the bush when he talks to Justin. Playing detective could help to resolve an issue, and Tertius realises that Pippa knows everything.
4: Episode 4
Jun 15, 2017
Bronwyn is not going to let Justin boss her around, while broken trust leads to a dismissal. Steve reprimanding Deon about the specialist is the least of the young doctor’s problems. A text message is read by the wrong person, and Lindie lets the bough break. Justin has a surprise for Bronwyn – as does Annelize for At! Body language leads to drastic actions, and Noami shares very bad news with Steve.
5: Episode 5
Jun 16, 2017
Louis makes Deon see the truth of the matter, while Steve doesn’t waste time confronting the guilty party. Karli doesn’t want to see Tertius, and Minette’s priority is her marriage. The truth always hurts – and a doctor can’t hide his pain. A law suit makes the day interesting, while At is headstrong in his search for the truth. Tim shares bad news with Justin.
6: Episode 6
Jun 19, 2017
Eric tries to salvage what he can, while a father and daughter are tense with each other. Naomi has a solution for Deon’s problems, and Jana confronts Tertius. Tim asks for help from the most unlikely person, while Minette turns into a monster. A ring could be the beginning of something special, and Jacques’s information prompts At to shift gears.
7: Episode 7
Jun 20, 2017
Lexi realises something is wrong between Bronwyn and Tim, and Karli doesn’t hold back with her words. Two giants clash again, while there is a very uncomfortable chance meeting in Nagskof. Bronwyn cuts all family ties, and Jana has no idea how to support her child. Deon is not in the mood for Minette, and Justin pleads with Tim to change his ways. Steve’s news makes his wife anxious.
8: Episode 8
Jun 21, 2017
Karli is not sure what the truth is anymore, while Bronwyn jumps to a series of serious conclusions. Deon asks Jana’s advice on his current situation, and poor Naomi is met with disdain when she tries to offer her support. The darkness threatens to engulf the Abrahams while Karli wants to shed more light on the subject.
9: Episode 9
Jun 22, 2017
The hearing takes place, and Bronwyn gets the shock of her life. Jana and At are at war over Justin, while Naomi wants to make sure of Pippa’s view on a matter. Steve and Deon try to iron out the kinks in their relationship, and Karli makes it clear that she is not interested in Naomi’s opinion. A difficult conversation about fallen heroes takes place, while Lexi begins to ask uncomfortable questions. Jacques has something for At that will definitely give him the upper hand.
10: Episode 10
Jun 23, 2017
Karli has made up her mind, while the Abrahams have to make peace with the sins of the fathers. Deon is unhappy with Steve’s comments, and Tertius shares his suspicions about Pippa with his beloved. Louis is shocked by Deon’s confession, and Sam wants to take revenge. Once again, At shows exactly why no one should ever underestimate him.
11: Episode 11
Jun 26, 2017
Bronwyn explains to Lexi exactly what is going on, and Karli defends her decision. Naomi has had enough of Deon not being honest with her, while an upset Jana shares her news with At. Pippa can’t remember what she did, and a doctor makes a drastic decision. The police’s involvement means that time is running out.
12: Episode 12
Jun 27, 2017
Steve and Bronwyn quarrel about a family member, while Pippa struggles to find a day mother for Dian. Jana expresses her disappointment, and Okkie is unsure about Ilse’s suggestion. Justin gives Bronwyn an ultimatum, while Deon’s excitement doesn’t last long. Tertius confronts Pippa about the call, and Justin makes a decision about his future.
13: Episode 13
Jun 28, 2017
Steve confronts Bronwyn about her lie, while Jana makes it clear who she sides with. Pippa’s first day is filled with difficulties, and Okkie tries to give Deon a bit of perspective. Bronwyn and Justin are worried about Jana’s demand, while Ilse refuses to admit that she might have been a bit hasty. Bronwyn’s decision forces At to have an in-depth conversation with Steve.
14: Episode 14
Jun 29, 2017
An arrest and a wine glass could derail the day, while Naomi is not impressed with the consequences of Okkie’s advice. Tertius tries to give Ilse peace of mind, and Steve plants a poisonous seed with Bronwyn. An unexpected confession is the last thing a couple want to deal with.
15: Episode 15
Jun 30, 2017
Justin gives Bronwyn a brilliant idea on how to get the photos, while anxiety medication causes a lot of uneasiness. Steve is attacked in his consulting room, and Deon knows exactly how to manipulate Jana. No one is going to pull the wool over At Koster’s eyes, while Tertius confronts Pippa about her drinking problem.
16: Episode 16
Jul 3, 2017
A resignation shocks Jana, and an uncomfortable confrontation takes place in the Ferreira’s house. Justin has Bronwyn in his cross hairs, while Deon says goodbye to Pretoria and his friends. Pippa feels overwhelmed, and Tim tries to protect his family in his own way. Steve asks At for the photos, while denial of a problem also has its consequences.
17: Episode 17
Jul 4, 2017
Photos remain a headache in the Abrahams household, and Joe’s murderer makes contact. Justin tries to sway Bronwyn from her plans, while Steve tries to keep his father-in-law in check. A blood test leads to a conversation between Karli and Noami, and Benny gives Bronwyn an ultimatum.
18: Episode 18
Jul 5, 2017
Jana has more than one good reason to feel stressed, while Pippa needs to give At and Conrad an explanation. Tim is not happy with Bronwyn’s actions, and Steve gives Justin a warning. Tertius has run out of patience with a friend, and Bronwyn’s parents are fresh new targets…
19: Episode 19
Jul 6, 2017
Pippa is livid with Ilse, and suddenly Jana realises that the party is creating more expectations than what she is prepared for. Time is running out for Bronwyn, while Conrad goes the extra mile to save someone from themselves. Annelize grabs an opportunity with both hands, and scheming runs in Bronwyn’s blood.
20: Episode 20
Jul 7, 2017
Pippa and Tertius have an honest conversation in her flat, and it is difficult for Bronwyn not to be herself. Benny is put under pressure, while Steve shares good news with Tim. Jana puts her foot in it, and At has a problem with his wife’s guest list. Dian sparks a little war, and Ilse tries to console and support Jana.
21: Episode 21
Jul 10, 2017
Jana is more stressed out about talk of a wedding than the party, and Annelize doesn’t let an opportunity go by to push the dagger in someone’s back a bit deeper. Tertius’s actions in the ER has far reaching consequences, especially when At gets involved. Steve can’t get hold of Bronwyn, and Benny is untouchable as he thought.
22: Episode 22
Jul 11, 2017
At is on the war path, while Karli wants to speak for Tertius. Bronwyn’s life is in danger, while Jana’s plea falls on deaf ears. Annelize and Tertius are not equally excited about the night’s party, and not all power plays have a happy ending. The Koster party starts off on the wrong foot because of foul moods - and then Jana shares bad news with At.
23: Episode 23
Jul 12, 2017
At takes his frustrations about the Nagskof staff out on Louis, and Steve and Tim are worried about Bronwyn. At finds out more about the complaint that was lodged, while Annelize tries to squeeze Tertius for information. A man’s day changes because of a first meeting with Tracy, and Bronwyn needs to face her demons. Vanessa stuns At and Jana.
24: Episode 24
Jul 13, 2017
Bronwyn struggles to reassure Lexi, while Louis is encouraged to make that important phone call. A piece of information regarding Vanessa’s case piques At’s interest, and Tim proves that family always comes first. Bronwyn informs Pippa about Tertius, while Ross is more than what meets the eye. Harsh words are flung between Tertius and At, and a date doesn’t go according to plan.
25: Episode 25
Jul 14, 2017
Louis realises with a shock who Tracy is, while Annelize is asked to give her professional opinion on an HPCSA case. At is frustrated with Jana’s berating, and Conrad finds out what the fuss is about when Pippa and Naomi discuss a case. Karli tries her best to support Tertius, while Steve turns into an overprotective father. Louis opens up his heart to Naomi.
26: Episode 26
Jul 17, 2017
A shortage of information could have a negative impact on a doctor’s case, while Binnelanders shares and university admission are the subjects of discussion in the Abrahams household. Louis’s guilty conscience is making his life difficult, while Karli thinks Tertius should meet with Vanessa. House rules cause a problem for two love birds, and Alice is a sensitive subject for Tracy.
27: Episode 27
Jul 18, 2017
Dinner is ruined by a confession, and Tertius’s divided attention causes problems in the ER. Annelize’s good advice is ignored, while objectivity and agendas are becoming a problem in the Koster’s relationship. Naomi warns Louis about Tracy, while Alice can easily manipulate her sister.
28: Episode 28
Jul 19, 2017
Pain medication is a reason for manipulation, while Lexi plays open cards about Ross. Tertius might eventually have a fair chance to state his case – but first he will have to endure a board meeting. Conrad is sure he has an idea that At won’t be able to ignore, and Steve and Lexi talk about her future. Alice’s temper tantrums are really scary.
29: Episode 29
Jul 20, 2017
A conversation about love leaves Louis with a lot of hope, while Jana tries to get At to change his mind. Lexi’s relationship is under the spotlight – as is her plans for her future. Tracy knows how to get her way with a man, and an official shareholder becomes a fly in the ointment. Promises need to be kept, while loyalty and Binneland Clinic’s needs cause a rift in a relationship.
30: Episode 30
Jul 21, 2017
Steve is worried about Lexi, while Karli threatens to quit. Alice’s pain pills are a big concern, and a phone call upsets Naomi. At and Jana are at loggerheads over Annelize, and Ross refuses to change his future plans. Tracy causes problems between Louis and his friends, while Annelize doesn’t mince her words when she bumps into At.
31: Episode 31
Jul 24, 2017
Tertius’s guest shocks a visitor, while Tracy’s money problems come up in a conversation with Louis. Jana tries to make peace with At, and Louis and Naomi’s fight attracts attention in Tonik. Conrad tries to determine a doctor’s loyalty, while Lexi’s health is becoming a concern. Annelize convinces Vanessa to take a stand, and a kiss and a knife could both spell trouble.
32: Episode 32
Jul 25, 2017
Annelize is spinning her web, while Alice is not impressed with Tracy’s praises. Louis’s happiness doesn’t last long, while Tracy isn’t sure which version of a story to believe. Lexi’s news catches her parents off guard, and a number of a lawyer comes in very handy.
33: Episode 33
Jul 26, 2017
At gives in to Louis’s requests, and Herman has his work cut out for him when he arrives in Pretoria. Conrad realises what is going on when Binneland Clinic is also sued, while Tracy’s mother is the key to the truth. Annelize is warned about At, and Lexi is determined to stick with her decision. Tracy takes the wind out of Louis’s sails, while Alice knows exactly how to prevent cold feet…
34: Episode 34
Jul 27, 2017
Tertius and his gang decide to take on a problem academically, and Steve and Bronwyn tries to persuade Lexi of her plans. Tracy, at the request of Alice, can be very convincing, while Jana tries her best to keep her family together. A barbeque is the backdrop for a battle cry, and Jana’s bracelet lands up in the wrong hands.
35: Episode 35
Jul 28, 2017
Tertius realises someone has it in for him, and At is worried about the master plan. Louis surprises Tracy with a gift, while a call angers Steve tremendously. Annelize is not ready to let go, and Lexi tries her best to defend herself. Alice’s plans are getting more and more dangerous, while Karli has no idea how to be more supportive.
36: Episode 36
Jul 31, 2017
Lexi tries to clear the air, and it is the biggest day in Tertius’s career. At reprimands Louis over Friday night’s debacle while Karli is frank about her fears. Alice accuses Tracy of becoming a liability. A misunderstanding could have a happy (and lasting!) effect, while co-habiting is a topic of discussion elsewhere.
37: Episode 37
Aug 1, 2017
Lexi is hiding something from her parents, and Conrad realises what Annelize did. Naomi and Karli share their theories with the rest of the group, while At wants to settle the civil case as quickly as possible. Alice struggles to cope on her own, and not everyone is impressed with the big announcement.
38: Episode 38
Aug 2, 2017
A ring and a pregnancy test makes the day a lot more complicated for some of the Binnelanders. Jana’s news will impact on Tertius’s case, while Louis and Naomi don’t see eye to eye about matters of the heart. Tertius’s frustrations grow by the second, while Jana has big plans for an engagement dinner. At makes sure that everyone is on the same page when it comes to Vanessa, and Tracy plans her next assault on Louis.
39: Episode 39
Aug 3, 2017
At and Tertius’s conversation leads to an outburst, while Tracy tries to encourage her sister about the night that awaits her. Jana is not prepared for what happens in the board room, while Lexi experiences a roller coaster day of emotions during this tumultuous day. Tertius feels betrayed by Pippa, and Louis gets a strange surprise in the cottage.
40: Episode 40
Aug 4, 2017
Tertius wants to prove a point, and Ross unexpectedly drops in at the Abrahams' before school. Tracy tries to calm Alice, but Alice threatens to tell Louis everything. At wants to use Jana to get through to Vanessa, while Lexi asks Annelize’s help. A huge family brawl leads to an injury, and Quinton’s vague breakthrough provides Tertius with new courage.
41: Episode 41
Aug 7, 2017
Alice’s plan takes on form, and Annelize gives Lexi the hard facts. Tertius’s accusation and Karli’s honesty could jeopardize their relationship. At decides on a more aggressive approach with Vanessa, and chocolate won’t necessarily lead to a good night’s rest.
42: Episode 42
Aug 8, 2017
Tertius’s newest obstacle leads to a huge fight with Karli, and Alice will have to think on her feet to get out of her bloody mess. Ross tries his best to convince Lexi not to share her secret, while Jana tries to impart wise advise to Karli. Quinton is hurriedly summoned to Johannesburg, and Louis’s awakening is not where the nightmare ends…
43: Episode 43
Aug 9, 2017
Clues and blood tests make the Kosters uncomfortable. Jana’s news leads Tertius to the edge of an abyss – only Karli will be able to give him some hope. Naomi thinks she knows exactly what is going on with Louis, and At will do everything in his power to keep it all under wraps. A very normal night in Nagskof turns into a curious night of contemplation for more than one Binnelander when Die Heuwels Fantasties performs.
44: Episode 44
Aug 10, 2017
Tertius is ready to confront Vanessa, while Conrad and At don’t agree on what the results of the blood test means. Alice is livid because there is no news about Tracy – and she decides to pay a visit to Nagskof. Ross realises there is no stopping Lexi, while Louis starts to doubt his own innocence.
45: Episode 45
Aug 11, 2017
Jana informs At about the settlement documents, while Louis finds a new place to stay. Bronwyn is not impressed with Steve – and then Steve worsens the situation at home with Ross. Naomi tries to support an emotional Louis, while Annelize is scolded in a corridor about a secret. Both Lexi and Louis’s worlds start to crumble.
46: Episode 46
Aug 14, 2017
Something is wrong with Quinton in Tertius’s flat, and Annelize realises that Jana is handling Vanessa’s case further. Alice is not done with Louis yet, while Conrad needs to put Annelize on a leash because of Tertius. Bronwyn pleads with Steve to stay calm during his meeting, and Lexi thinks she has a solution for her problem. Louis’s friends are very concerned about him.
47: Episode 47
Aug 15, 2017
A delivery note in At’s boot leads to David being questioned, and Tertius offers Quinton a job at Binneland Clinic. Okkie owes SARS a lot of money, while Steve is forced to pay a medical bill. Alice’s mother starts enquiring about Tracy, and Conrad needs At’s help when blackmail is on the table. The Abrahams have an uncomfortable vision of their future, while Ross is destitute.
48: Episode 48
Aug 16, 2017
Ross’s talk with Steve doesn’t go as he planned it, and Binneland’s security cameras harbour the answer that At is seeking. A worried Ilse upsets Okkie even further, while a message gives Louis the biggest fright of his life. Wimpie introduces Ferdi to Okkie, and Lexi and Ross have a falling out about their plans for the future.
49: Episode 49
Aug 17, 2017
Naomi is worried about her father and Ferdi’s relationship, and Tracy’s mother makes contact with Louis. Bronwyn realises that Steve is enquiring about Damien, while Annelize organises a date with Conrad. Louis tries to catch Alice, and Bronwyn opens her heart – and her mouth! – towards Pippa. Jacques is making good progress in his investigation.
50: Episode 50
Aug 18, 2017
Bronwyn is harsh with Lexi, while she also confronts Steve about his regrets. Naomi observes how Ferdi’s behaviour is influencing Okkie, and Conrad makes his plans for the future very clear. Louis can’t believe what he sees, while Lexi can’t believe what she hears.
51: Episode 51
Aug 21, 2017
Lexi isn’t sure what to feel, and Conrad reminds At that the police can’t get involved with the case. Wimpie thinks Okkie should retire, while the truth about the lies is revealed. Naomi talks to Ferdi about his insensitivity, while Jacques’s plans don’t sit well with Louis. Conrad moves in with Annelize, and Louis does something that he might regret later on.
52: Episode 52
Aug 22, 2017
Breggie and Wimpie give Okkie and Ilse something to think about. Bronwyn confronts Steve about Damien, and Ferdi goes to a lot of trouble to put Okkie at ease. Conrad tries to convince Louis about the reality, while Jacques shares news about Alice with Louis and At.
53: Episode 53
Aug 23, 2017
Steve tries to approach the situation with honesty and sincerity, but things are uncomfortable between father and daughter. Annelize feels that Conrad is hiding something from her, while Elana makes an impression on Quinton. Karli’s frustration leads to her speaking her mind, and Annelize is not impressed with the uninvited houseguest.
54: Episode 54
Aug 24, 2017
Louis doesn’t want to talk about his emotions, and decides to plough all his energy into a project. Annelize realises Conrad wants Elana near him, while At isn’t going to allow it in his hospital. Okkie moves his business to Ferdi, and Steve has a stalker. Once again, Annelize is up to no good – and Quinton benefits from it!
55: Episode 55
Aug 25, 2017
The cottage at the Ferreira’s causes a problem, and Steve is not being truthful with Bronwyn. Elana takes the gloves off when it comes to Annelize, while a Louis’s project causes Conrad concern. Elana and Conrad have a falling out about their private lives, and Damien seeks answers from Steve. Naomi hears why Ferdi came to Pretoria, while Conrad gives Annelize a friendly warning. Quinton thinks he knows what is wrong with Rebecca, while Elana recognizes someone from her past.
56: Episode 56
Aug 28, 2017
Conrad is worried about Elana’s mood, while Bronwyn shares her new frustrations with Pippa. Naomi and Quinton are not seeing eye to eye, and Jana tries to defend Elana to At. An injured Damien asks Steve for help, while At reprimands Louis about his behavior. Rebecca is warned about Kenneth, and Ferdi moves in with the Ferreira’s.
57: Episode 57
Aug 29, 2017
Bronwyn thinks Damien is a troublemaker, while the first meeting between Quinton and Ferdi doesn’t go well. Annelize is surprised about news concerning Elana – and she asks Steve to warn Tertius about her. There is an uncomfortable atmosphere in the Abrahams household, and Elana wraps Quinton around her little finger. Ilse cross examines Ferdi, while Conrad is not impressed with Elana’s good deed.
58: Episode 58
Aug 30, 2017
Naomi defends Ferdi with Quinton, and Karli has an idea how to cheer Louis up. Annelize tries to manipulate Tertius, while Tertius gets a very good business idea. Lexi tries to find out more about Damien, and Quinton tries to make peace with Elana – but she has another idea on how to broker the peace. Louis is not thrilled about Naomi’s idea, while Elana has to explain herself to Quinton.
59: Episode 59
Aug 31, 2017
Naomi asks Ferdi’s help with Louis, and a conversation with Rebecca leaves Elana cold. The identity of a patient in ER shocks Quinton, while Steve is caught in the middle of a fight between Damien and Lexi. Kenneth is fervently looking for Elana.
60: Episode 60
Sep 1, 2017
Rebecca’s presence causes tension, while Steve and Bronwyn argue about Damien. Delia’s research leads to an interview, and both Ferdi and Damien receive upsetting news. Kenneth sets a trap, while Conrad is unaware about what Elana took from him.
61: Episode 61
Sep 4, 2017
The ER could be the answer that a power hungry couple are looking for, while Bronwyn takes responsibility for her share in the current drama in the Abrahams household. Naomi wonders about Ferdi’s schedule, and Annelize’s actions awaken Delia’s curiosity. A tense Elana asks Quinton not to share her secret, while a patient struggles to share a warning.
62: Episode 62
Sep 5, 2017
Quinton scolds Elana, while the outcome of a competition in Nagskof surprises some of the participants. Tension is still rife in the Abrahams household, and it is clear that Elana has been underestimated. A visit to the ICU leads makes Conrad very distrustful of a situation, and Ferdi’s comment makes Louis see the light. In Annelize’s flat, the night ends with a bang.
63: Episode 63
Sep 6, 2017
Conrad’s answers upset Annelize, while Wimpie’s birthday could be a lot more interesting this year. Naomi thinks Ferdi is a perfectionist, and Jana is caught off guard by Conrad’s raw emotion. Steve is worried about Damien’s future, while At’s cross examination leads to a challenge. Annelize plants a seed in Steve’s thoughts.
64: Episode 64
Sep 7, 2017
Louis is suspicious of his friend’s love life, and a secret worries Conrad. Bronwyn’s words cut deeper than she thinks, while cake decorating is a stressful activity. Conrad tries to speak to At’s humanity, and Lexi tries to get through to Damien. Delia gives Elana the answer that she didn’t know she was looking for.
65: Episode 65
Sep 8, 2017
Conrad confronts Annelize after his talk with Elana, while Bronwyn makes a decision that makes Lexi feel left out. Okkie pretends that he forgot about Wimpie’s birthday, and Ferdi is a smooth talker when an opportunity presents itself. Questions surrounding the details of a plan stun Annelize.
66: Episode 66
Sep 11, 2017
Ferdi receives an upsetting business call, and a request by Steve frustrates Damien. Elana might have a solution for Conrad - but it comes with a condition. Ilse tries to contain Okkie’s excitement about Naomi, and Lexi is upset about something that happened at school. It is very clear that Elana doesn’t like Annelize, while Quinton’s happiness is short lived. Conrad and Delia’s meeting is a stiff affair.
67: Episode 67
Sep 12, 2017
Ferdi tries to get Naomi to do things that he likes, and Steve is frustrated with Damien’s attitude. Elana and Annelize are not sitting around the same fire, while Breggie shares her concerns regarding Ferdi with Ilse. Bronwyn tries to find out more about Damien’s past, and Tertius shares love advice with Quinton. Elana plays open cards with Bronwyn, while Annelize is going to have to work hard to gain Conrad’s trust again.
68: Episode 68
Sep 13, 2017
Ferdi is secretive about a call, while Wimpie faints in Tonik. Diamonds aren’t always a girl’s best friend, and Conrad confronts Bronwyn about Elana. Annelize and Karli’s altercation in the hospital makes Annelize suspicious, and Steve is unsure about his wife’s observation. At has had enough of Conrad’s attitude, while Breggie keeps her eye on Ferdi.
69: Episode 69
Sep 14, 2017
Conrad’s plan has high stakes, and a brand new car gets tongues wagging. Lexi is worried about Damien, and Annelize doesn’t let Karli out of her sight. Tertius tries to make peace with a colleague, while Elana makes a mistake in the execution of an important task. Naomi is furious about a gossip story, and illiteracy is mistaken for something else.
70: Episode 70
Sep 15, 2017
While Annelize is extremely excited about the plan, Elana is unsure about her share in it. Steve tries to find out more about Damien’s problem, and Annelize forces Elana to handle Quinton. Naomi is rewarded for her actions, while Elana has to think on her feet to avoid getting into trouble.
71: Episode 71
Sep 18, 2017
Annelize identifies another opportunity to further their plan, while Elana starts to feel guilty. Ferdi is not making life easy for Breggie, and Okkie’s bike ride ends in disaster. A patient becomes unruly in ER, while Lexi’s solution for the matric dance differs from Steve’s idea. Conrad is not planning on being told what to do, and Ilse gives Naomi advice.
72: Episode 72
Sep 19, 2017
At doesn’t want Conrad at the family dinner, while Ferdi is a demanding patient. Bronwyn’s work problems don’t give her a free pass from family responsibilities. Taste differs - but a kiss is a kiss! Annelize asks for Jana’s assistance in brokering the peace, and compliments could lead to dangerous territory.
73: Episode 73
Sep 20, 2017
Damien’s actions are not as innocent as they seem, while Conrad has a condition for Annelize’s newest plan. Louis talks to Naomi about matters of the heart, and Steve’s behaviour aggravates Conrad. Elana doesn’t walk away from a fight, while her brother’s obligations skewers his father’s heart. Naomi makes a decision - and acts on it!
74: Episode 74
Sep 21, 2017
The incident in ER has far-reaching consequences: Okkie voices his concern about the bad security, At is suspicious of Elana’s involvement, and Tertius tries to contain the damage to a minimum. Damien’s hidden talents are unearthed, while he also finds a reason to spend more time with Bronwyn. Elana is furious when she eventually finds out what is really going on. Naomi is not the only one pursuing love.
75: Episode 75
Sep 22, 2017
Ferdi plays open cards with Okkie, while At and Conrad are at loggerheads early in the day. Elana tries to defend herself, and Bronwyn’s present leaves her cold. Pippa and Tertius are in trouble with At, while Karli gives Naomi advice before her date. DNA and a misunderstanding could seriously derail the night.
76: Episode 76
Sep 25, 2017
Damien realises that Bronwyn is avoiding him on purpose, while a stressed Annelize is playing against time to create her patient’s file. Louis has a surprise for Naomi, and Pippa has advice for Bronwyn about Damien. Ferdi doesn’t just feel threatened by Rikus Nel, and Steve is also on the case. Karli’s message would leave any man cold!
77: Episode 77
Sep 26, 2017
Love comes at a price, and the matric dance is a bigger event than someone has prepared for. Jana’s tears makes At realise the severity of the situation, while support is not conveyed by a kiss. Elana is messing with Conrad’s head, and Ilse notices the manner in which Naomi is spoken to. Steve’s confrontation and Damien’s antics stresses Bronwyn out, and Conrad is crystal clear in his threats towards Annelize.
78: Episode 78
Sep 27, 2017
Conrad experiences At’s anger first hand, and Steve’s surprise is not the reason for Damien’s disappearance. Louis doesn’t realize he is making a nuisance of himself. Conrad is ready to throw in the towel in exchange for Nina, and Elana realises how much Quinton cares. Annelize is distraught when reality sinks in, and Ferdi makes sure Naomi know exactly why he is worried.
79: Episode 79
Sep 28, 2017
Tension is at breaking point in the Abrahams household, while Ferdi makes it very clear that Louis is a thorn in his side. Tertius is not ready to forgive, and Chloe’s visit gives Bronwyn an idea. Louis’s joke freaks Naomi out, while Conrad and Annelize reach a cross roads.
80: Episode 80
Sep 29, 2017
Jana is worried about At and Karli’s relationship, and Conrad’s behaviour upsets Annelize. Wedding plans are the last thing that Tertius wants to think about, while an art project could redirect Damien’s attention. Annelize realises that At isn’t letting go of the crime situation, and Ilse is not sure about the new boarder. Conrad and Delia discuss a strategy, and Damien’s behavior doesn’t sit well with Steve and Lexi.
81: Episode 81
Oct 2, 2017
Delia uses her position to help Conrad, while an honest discussion in the Abrahams household leads to loads of conflict. Ferdi is not impressed with Karli, especially when he and Naomi began to talk about their future. Elana’s warning leads to a confidential conversation between Conrad and Quinton, which upsets Annelize tremendously.
82: Episode 82
Oct 3, 2017
An article leads to At asking uncomfortable questions, while Annelize is eager to throw Elana under the bus. Conrad begins his campaign, and it becomes very clear that Karli and Naomi’s tastes differ. The tension in the Abrahams household causes someone to pack their bags, while At is enraged by talks of privatization. Annelize gets suspicious of Conrad and Delia.
83: Episode 83
Oct 4, 2017
Steve feels powerless when it comes to Damien, and Ferdi confronts Karli. Delia explains the next step in the plan to everyone involved, while a journalist gets more than a crime story in At’s office. Karli puts up a front with Jana about Tertius after a conversation with Naomi. Peter and Noami get unexpected news, while Chloe’s news forces Lexi to take action. Quinton discovers a big problem in the ER.
84: Episode 84
Oct 5, 2017
Lexi makes plans to meet up with Damien, while Elana suspects she is being followed. Tension rises between the board members, and it becomes clear that At can’t count on anyone in his corner. A confrontation between Naomi and Karli leads to an honest acknowledgement, and Conrad requests a board meeting. Total chaos reigns in the ER, and Quinton’s chatter makes Elana anxious.
85: Episode 85
Oct 6, 2017
Steve and Damien try to find a midway, while Ferdi gives Naomi advice about her friends. Tertius is angered by the state of the ER, and Karli takes the wind out of Naomi’s sails. Quinton tries to bring his friend to new insights, while a proposal gives the board something to think about. Tertius keeps silent about his doubts, and Ferdi has an important announcement. Tertius crosses swords with Annelize.
86: Episode 86
Oct 9, 2017
Conrad and Annelize’s priorities differ, while medical aids cause a new headache for Binneland Clinic. Naomi and Karli try to clear the air, and Bronwyn decides to confront Elana. In an unguarded moment Tertius says exactly what he feels, while Conrad and Elana’s ideas on what is in the best interest of the hospital differ. Wimpie needs Ferdi’s assistance, and Robbie threatens Annelize. Pippa’s vote comes at a price.
87: Episode 87
Oct 10, 2017
Everyone is waiting in anticipation to hear the outcome of the board meeting concerning the ER – and it influences everyone’s day in different ways. Naomi is caught off guard by Ferdi’s question, and Tertius tries his best to give Karli - and himself! - peace of mind about their future.
88: Episode 88
Oct 11, 2017
Ferdi receives a call about Wimpie’s investments, and Robbie’s presence makes a doctor nervous. Louis is worried about the tension in the family, while the situation with the medical aids are used to teach someone a lesson. Okkie’s question makes Naomi uncomfortable, while the Abrahams are worried about their standing with At. Promises need to be kept, and an injured Robbie is the last thing that Annelize needs.
89: Episode 89
Oct 12, 2017
Robbie’s presence in the ER causes more than one person to become nervous, and Conrad defends his choices with politics. Okkie warns Breggie about her gossiping, while Elana is no longer interested in her brother’s plans. Tertius struggles to keep his emotions in check, and Delia pays Binneland Clinic a visit. Steve starts to doubt his decision, and Wimpie is in dire straits about his future.
90: Episode 90
Oct 13, 2017
At places all his trust in the awakening of a criminal, and Naomi is worried about dinner at Ferdi’s place. Elana gives her brother a parting warning, and Robbie’s setback places Tertius in a difficult situation. A squabble with Conrad lead Louis to new insights, and Bronwyn’s news makes Quinton even more suspicious.
91: Episode 91
Oct 16, 2017
Jana is not impressed with Tertius when he takes his frustrations out on Karli, and Conrad confronts Annelize about Robbie. Tertius makes a confession to Quinton, while Bronwyn asks Steve to talk to At. Wimpie wants to move in with Ferdi, while Ferdi asks Okkie for a favor. Conrad is looking to Annelize for comfort when he and his father have a huge falling out, and Karli gives Tertius an ultimatum.
92: Episode 92
Oct 17, 2017
Naomi’s brother contacts her unexpectedly, and Robbie’s wife causes diverse reactions with the doctors of the ER. Conrad thinks At is trying to make a statement with his newest plans, while a deposit causes Karli great concern. Lexi warns Okkie about Wimpie, and the Ferreiras speculate about Renate’s possible medical problem. Karli’s decision is a hard one, and Naomi is worried about what Ferdi will think about her family.
93: Episode 93
Oct 18, 2017
Conrad is not just fighting with his dad, and Renate arrives in all her glory at the Ferreira’s. The Tonik trolley leads to a conversation about responsibility between Wimpie and Okkie, while everyone has something to say about a broken heart. Louis’ story about his mother inspires Karli, and Annelize comes to Tertius’ rescue.
94: Episode 94
Oct 19, 2017
At reaches out to Karli, and Renate meets Quinton. Naomi and Tertius receive the shocking news concerning Karli, and Wimpie makes a decision about his job. Naomi wonders about the reasons behind Boeta and Renate’s fight, and Steve is going to have his job cut out for him with his new patient. There is a ‘Santa Shoebox’ party at the Koster Mansion, while Tertius shares his plans for the future with Pippa. Louis doesn’t shy away from saying what he needs to, while Noami’s heart melts over Ferdi’s contribution to the party.
95: Episode 95
Oct 20, 2017
Naomi wonders what Renate’s agenda is with Quinton, and Steve instructs Louis to solve one of his problems. Karli doesn’t wake up in paradise, while Steve feels guilty about the surgery of one of his patients. Ferdi is irritated by Naomi’s praises, and news about investments makes an impression on Wimpie.
96: Episode 96
Oct 23, 2017
Naomi and Ferdi argue about priorities, while a nest egg gives Wimpie new perspective on his current situation. Questions about Karli directed at Tertius are done with an agenda, and Naomi confronts Renate about her proposed operation. An outburst of anger causes someone to flee.
97: Episode 97
Oct 24, 2017
A missing Simon disrupts breakfast plans, and Naomi and Ferdi discuss plastic surgery. Karli is very depressed, while Wimpie asks Louis advice on flirting. Naomi finds out Renate made contact with Louis, and Anton befriends Tertius. Renate shares upsetting news with Naomi, while Karli has a plan to make contact.
98: Episode 98
Oct 25, 2017
Wimpie blames Louis for his falling out with Breggie, while a pair of scissors comes in handy in a difficult situation. Ferdi and Noami argue about Boeta, and Pippa is suspicious of a patient’s behaviour. Ilse is shocked by Naomi’s news, and Tertius’ discovery compels him to send a message to Karli.
99: Episode 99
Oct 26, 2017
Renate apologizes to Naomi for her behaviour, and Anton’s weirdness is discussed. Karli begins with a new strategy, while Ferdi confronts Wimpie about his agenda. Sleeping tablets could be the right medicine, and Okkie is curious about Naomi’s behavior towards her sister-in-law. Conrad is frustrated with Steve, and Teleza is admitted to Binneland. Ferdi realises he will have to take a backseat.
100: Episode 100
Oct 27, 2017
Quinton’s remark doesn’t sit well with Ferdi, and Pippa tries to get information from Teleza. A telephonic conversation causes concern for Okkie, and Karli wonders whether her planned worked. Renate is evasive when she is asked about marital problems, while a passport is discovered in a bag. Ferdi is keeping a close watch on Renate.
101: Episode 101
Oct 30, 2017
Conrad tells Pippa not to bother with Teleza, while Tertius has his doubts about a discharge. Karli explains her reasons for her actions, and Pippa gets more suspicious of Teleza and her baby. Renate gets a stern warning concerning Naomi, while Wimpie thinks he is clinching the deal. Fire doesn’t just mean life on SURVIVOR, and Okkie realises Naomi is not sleeping at home.
102: Episode 102
Oct 31, 2017
A fire breaks out in the hospital, and Naomi can’t believe her luck. Karli realises too late that she might have dug her own grave, while Breggie is worried that Wimpie might be getting the wrong idea. Renate makes a nuisance of herself, and Pippa and Conrad think they know who the arsonist might be.
103: Episode 103
Nov 1, 2017
A series of secrets are revealed, and not everyone is happy with what they hear. A voice makes Karli very emotional, and Breggie is out for revenge after the betrayal. Renate’s request is denied, while Anton offers to repair the damages. Annelize asks Conrad and Pippa not to get involved with Teleza, and there is a confrontation after a suitcase is discovered.
104: Episode 104
Nov 2, 2017
Piet informs Conrad about Teleza’s baby, while Naomi tests Okkie with Renate’s story. At returns unexpectedly - and he isn’t impressed with the status quo at Binneland Clinic. Renate and Ferdi are at loggerheads, and Jana is met with a chilly reception. Anton’s behaviour makes Pippa suspicious, while Teleza is not impressed with Pippa.
105: Episode 105
Nov 3, 2017
Pippa becomes a problem for more than one person, and Renate says goodbye with an accusation. Bronwyn summons Conrad and Steve on At’s behalf, while Okkie is shocked in more than just Naomi’s packed bags. Ilse is very concerned when it comes to Pippa - and Conrad thinks the syndicate is to blame. At’s reasons don’t calm Jana down.
106: Episode 106
Nov 6, 2017
At has devised a plan to stay in control of Binneland Clinic, and Okkie decides to lay it all out on the table for Ilse. Conrad confronts Teleza about Pippa, while Bronwyn warns Steve about At. Ferdi is not impressed with a house guest, and Karli’s new strategy could potentially save lives.
107: Episode 107
Nov 7, 2017
Louis wants to inform Conrad about At’s situation, but Conrad has too many crises to handle. Naomi and Okkie’s conversation could lead to a very big decision, while everyone is worried about Pippa. At doesn’t want anyone to see how he is struggling, and Anton doesn’t trust the current situation. An injury could cause new problems, while Ferdi and Naomi are at loggerheads about Okkie.
108: Episode 108
Nov 8, 2017
Conrad contacts Dirk about Pippa, while Ilse reaches out to Okkie. A severe burn wound could lead to a nasty conclusion, and At makes it very clear that he doesn’t want Jana’s help. Naomi realizes that Ilse is struggling with Dian, and Jana is worried about Karli. Bronwyn realizes what she needs to do, and Naomi’s life changes overnight. Karli will have to give the performance of her life in order to survive, while Louis doesn’t have the guts to share his findings with Jana.
109: Episode 109
Nov 9, 2017
Conrad asks Piet’s assistance to find Karli, and Noami has a lot of explaining to do. Okkie is unhappy with Ferdi’s way of doing things, while Bronwyn meets At’s needs halfway. Louis talks to his brother about Jana, and Wimpie scolds his nephew. A nervous Anton has a plan to get medication, while Okkie voices his concern regarding Dian and Ilse
110: Episode 110
Nov 10, 2017
A squabble with Ilse makes Naomi re-think her position, while Bronwyn wants to show At that he can still be independent. Ferdi thinks Naomi is unsure, and Louis realizes what At’s biggest fear is. A thief caught in the act doesn’t resolve the problem, while security cameras don’t provide the necessary answers.
111: Episode 111
Nov 13, 2017
A dismissal is going to have a negative effect, while Ilse gives Okkie a stern warning after Naomi’s shock announcement. Jana takes her frustrations out on Tertius, and Noami’s attention is still occupied by other people. At realizes something is wrong with his wife, while the penny drops for Conrad. Anton has concocted a deadly plan…
112: Episode 112
Nov 14, 2017
The main suspect in Karli’s disappearance is investigated thoroughly, while Ilse asks Louis for help with Dian. Naomi’s plans lead to a fight with Ferdi, and eventually At finds out what exactly is going on. Conrad is not impressed to see Anton in the hospital, while pent-up frustrations lead to a possible solution for the prisoners.
113: Episode 113
Nov 15, 2017
Okkie tries to get his head around the cold hard facts, and At is enraged by Jana. Naomi gets a lesson in how to pack a fridge, while Annelize confronts Conrad about Pippa. Ferdi is a shrewd observer, while Naomi has more than enough reason to want to host a party. Okkie’s discovery almost gives him a heart attack.
114: Episode 114
Nov 16, 2017
Jana and At’s absence angers Conrad, while honesty in the ICU clearly doesn’t mean the same thing for a doctor and nurse. The Oncology Unit is the next target in the cross hairs, and Jana confides in Louis about At. Pippa wants to escape the city, and it becomes a matter of urgency for Binneland to get an IT guy. Jana is suspicious about a meeting, and Ivanka shares huge news with the Ferreiras.
115: Episode 115
Nov 17, 2017
A ring makes Ferdi feel inadequate, and Quinton asks Louis’s assistance at Ongevalle. Jana tries to put Conrad in his place with a warning, and Ilse and Okkie conspire to keep the truth from Ivanka. Annelize scrutinizes Louis, while Ferdi is not impressed with what he observes. The Ferreiras meet a fiancé, and Conrad and Annelize are in agreement about Jana.
116: Episode 116
Nov 20, 2017
Louis is struggling to make his big decision, while Naomi is unsure how to appease Ferdi. Ivanka realizes what Ilse is thinking, and Conrad and Annelize have a fierce debate about Louis. Karli tries to give Naomi reassurance, and Louis is left speechless when he finds out who Ivanka is. Graham wants to discuss Christmas Eve plans with Ilse and Okkie, while Ivanka’s number causes a storm for the lovebirds.
117: Episode 117
Nov 21, 2017
Naomi thinks she knows what to do with Tertius, while Ivanka needs to make a decision about At. Annelize voices her concern about Louis to Conrad, and Jana asks Bronwyn to sort out Ivan Jones. At’s silence upsets Jana, while Delia and Conrad make a date. Ferdi is worried about Noami, and Louis is still shocked by his discovery.
118: Episode 118
Nov 22, 2017
According to Naomi men make pathetic patients, and Jana makes sure that At knows exactly why Ivanka is in Pretoria. Louis tries to befriend Annelize, while Ivanka confides in Ilse about Driesie. Tertius’s house call is not met with enthusiasm, and a fight between At and Conrad is witnessed accidentally. A huge fight takes place in the Koster Mansion concerning a wedding, and Naomi is accused of not making time for Ferdi.
119: Episode 119
Nov 23, 2017
Ivanka tries to find out more about At and Conrad’s relationship, and Karli moans about Tertius in Naomi’s ear. Louis’s outburst causes him to be nervous, while Conrad realizes why At summoned Piet. Conrad tries to get more information on At and Ivanka’s past, and harsh words could cure a depression. Ferdi praises Naomi when she doesn’t accept a call, while Jana is suspicious of At’s behavior
120: Episode 120
Nov 24, 2017
An accidental meeting is not a comfortable one, and Naomi feels guilty about Karli. Conrad has his suspicion about the reason At is back in the saddle, while Jana hears of Conrad’s plans. Louis realizes he needs to pay attention to Binneland protocol, and At is ready to put his plan in motion. Naomi’s news upsets Ferdi.
121: Episode 121
Nov 27, 2017
A tablecloth leads to an honest conversation, while Conrad receives bad news. Louis and Annelize argue about his work, and Pippa realizes they have a problematic staff shortage. Louis gets a different impression of Ivanka in Nagskof, while Naomi’s invitation places Ferdi in an uncomfortable situation. Conrad confronts At about the voting process, and Naomi is caught in deep conversation…
122: Episode 122
Nov 28, 2017
Louis is struggling to say no to work, and Ferdi has an opinion on Naomi’s job. A present makes Jana visibly uncomfortable, while a fib has to cover for the truth. Tertius thinks Louis is not serious about his position, and Conrad tests the waters to gage Steve’s loyalty. Conrad meets Graham, and a wedding date needs to be amended in a hurry. Conrad and Annelize find the solution to their problem, and jealousy is a beast.
123: Episode 123
Nov 29, 2017
A wedding date has Annelize thinking on her feet, and Louis is not sure he wants to live out his dream. Tertius wants to clear the air with Ferdi, while a fridge is a sign of commitment. Charné makes a call, and Ruben comes to the rescue in ER. Ferdi confronts Louis with facts.
124: Episode 124
Nov 30, 2017
Pippa is worried about Dirk, while Ferdi plants an idealistic idea in Naomi’s head. Annelize defends her plan to Conrad, and Ivanka looks to Okkie and Ilse for support. Naomi is sceptical about Tertius’s intended appointment, while Graham professes his innocence. Jana confronts At about his private investigator, and Ferdi doesn’t have a calming effect on his beloved.
125: Episode 125
Dec 1, 2017
Graham Jenkins lands up in the newspaper for the wrong reasons, and Ivanka thinks she knows exactly who is responsible for it. Naomi is not impressed with an interview - and even less with Quinton’s encouragement. Dirk pitches up at Pippa’s - and she finds out more about his injury. Piet has news for At about Graham, and someone’s conscience is starting to bother them. A nurse will need to roll up her sleeves if she doesn’t want blood in Binneland Clinic’s corridors.
126: Episode 126
Dec 4, 2017
Cat and mouse games can be dangerous - especially when a seed of hope is planted. Annelize encourages Conrad to also play his cards, while the price for safety is a bit much for a man that doesn’t have a lot. Stubbornness is the reason for a temper tantrum, and Ivanka confronts Graham about Charné. Dirk is not planning on taking it easy, while a hug unsettles someone a lot more than a confrontation in the Koster Mansion.
127: Episode 127
Dec 5, 2017
Naomi bemoans her fate towards Karli, while Okkie shares news about Trudie with Naomi. Pippa is worried about her father’s finances. Graham doesn’t hold back in a conversation with Jana, while it sounds like Naomi is talking with Ferdi’s tongue. Conrad’s heart can get him into trouble, and At needs to make a decision about evidence. Ruben’s offer gives offence, and Christmas is a sensitive subject for a couple.
128: Episode 128
Dec 6, 2017
Naomi wants to make an effort with her appearance, and Pippa feels sorry for a bored Dirk. A special delivery leads to a serious discussion in the Ferreira-household. Naomi urgently needs Karli’s help, and doubt comes to visit at the wrong time. A decision could change the future a lot, while Conrad finds out more about DJ’s sickness.
129: Episode 129
Dec 7, 2017
Pippa asks Dirk to babysit Dian, and a new appointment is not welcomed by everyone. At becomes the scapegoat, while Pippa discusses the family farm with Bronwyn. Louis gets a cold shoulder, and Ferdi fuels Naomi’s frustration. Annelize tests Conrad’s feelings, while a stain leads to a roller coaster of emotions.
130: Episode 130
Dec 8, 2017
Ferdi realises Naomi’s family is taking over again, and Ilse is skeptical about Conrad’s offer. Karli unsettles Jana, while Tertius humiliates a nurse yet again. DJ is admitted to ER, and Okkie is worried about Trudie. Dirk is very aware of Tertius, while there could be a light at the end of a very dark tunnel for At.
131: Episode 131
Dec 11, 2017
Conrad discusses the road ahead with Ivanka and Dries, while Jana decides to fight back. Ruben should learn not to poke a bear with a stick, and Louis has plans for a Christmas concert. Ivanka needs to make a decision about Graham, while Naomi discusses Trudie’s request with Ferdi. At struggles with distance, while Dirk has an opinion on Tertius and Pippa. Jealousy and doubt are parts of a recurring theme in the corridors of Binneland Clinic.
132: Episode 132
Dec 12, 2017
Annelize formulates plans to take advantage of situation with DJ, while Pippa talks to Bronwyn about Dirk’s opinions. Ilse gives At a stern warning, while At defends his actions towards Jana. Conrad’s discovery could derail his plans, and Dirk confronts Pippa about her working hours. Ferdi is yet again upset with Naomi, and Jana makes another unsettling discovery.
133: Episode 133
Dec 13, 2017
Ferdi has a new way of getting information, and Pippa and Dirk have a falling out before breakfast. Conrad is hopeful about potentially good news, while Karli and Naomi’s quarrel brings new information to light for Louis. Ivanka confronts Conrad about his attitude, while a sudden coyness doesn’t impress Ferdi. Jana gives Ivanka a very stern warning, and then there is news about DJ and the transplant.
134: Episode 134
Dec 14, 2017
Dirk has a very good reason why he doesn’t want to sell the farm, while Ferdi realises someone was at the flat. Conrad puts all his cards on the table with Steve and Pippa, and Trudie is becoming a thorn in someone’s side. Ivanka is touched deeply by Graham’s deed, while At’s recommendation is met with mixed reactions.
135: Episode 135
Dec 15, 2017
Karli warns Jana about At, and Louis thinks they should involve Okkie in their Christmas plans. Okkie gives Dirk his perspective, and Ivanka is not impressed with Graham. Okkie grabs the opportunity to do something with Trudie, while Jana makes an unsettling discovery. Dirk makes a final decision, and Ferdi sees something else that Naomi is hiding from him. Jana knows how to keep an eye on her problematic situation.
136: Episode 136
Dec 18, 2017
DJ is taken to theatre, and Pippa and Dirk voice their fears to each other. Trudie and her grandfather try very hard to find a common interest, while Jana is trying to find out more about her options. An intimate conversation in a corridor could lead to a lot of heartache, and Ferdi’s temper leaves Naomi gasping for air. Jana feels divided about At’s gesture.
137: Episode 137
Dec 19, 2017
Naomi’s behaviour makes Ferdi unhappy, while At speaks from the heart. A glass of water and a silly joke leaves two Binnelanders with red faces, and Bronwyn listens to a heart that is broken. While a lot of people are making plans for Christmas, someone is cancelling theirs. Conrad realises he is going to have to do something about the board meeting, while Ruben needs to sink or swim. Louis pleads for a plan to materialize.
138: Episode 138
Dec 20, 2017
A necklace is the reason for a torn heart, and Tertius receives bad news. Ruben feels he messed up his chances with Steve, and a board meeting stands in the way of love. Trudie opens her heart towards Okkie, while Pippa comes up with a plan to unite the shareholders. Steve pleads with Bronwyn to not get involved in other people’s private lives, and Jana decides to fight for her marriage.
139: Episode 139
Dec 21, 2017
A driver’s licence is going to ruin someone’s plans, while Jana is trying her best to keep herself in check. Conrad and Annelize make peace with their fate, and Naomi tests the water with Ferdi about a party. Ruben meets Damien, while elsewhere a lot of thought needs to go in to where a tick will land up. Naomi tries to avoid the truth with Trudie, and Karli’s words are not too far from the truth.
140: Episode 140
Dec 22, 2017
Ivanka feels guilty about Jana, while Conrad confronts Annelize about her attitude. Naomi is tense about Okkie’s request, and Ilse gets a lovely surprize just before Christmas. Ruben tries to convince Lexi about his proposal, while Jana is a nervous wreck. Pippa is worried about her Christmas plans, and Ferdi feels excluded from the festivities at the Ferreira’s. At’s anger is boiling over, while insurance always comes in handy.
141: Episode 141
Dec 25, 2017
Karli confronts Ivanka about Jana, while Conrad realises At is going to be alone on Christmas Day. There is more than one guest at the Abrahams’s Christmas table, and Louis ends of Christmas Day on a high note. Ferdie feels he has no one, while Annelize can’t contain herself from being Annelize. Naomi is unsure about her Christmas gift to Ferdi.
142: Episode 142
Dec 26, 2017
Ilse explains what Trudie is busy with to her surprise guest, while Steve and Damien kind of feel the same about Ruben. Ivanka tells Conrad exactly what is going on in her heart. Ferdi doesn’t like Morné, and a very private discussion in the Koster Mansion leads to a public humiliation. Ferdi feels lost between the medici, while Conrad tries to convince At to attend the shareholders-dinner.
143: Episode 143
Dec 27, 2017
Ferdi’s obsessive behaviour worsens - and leads to a very nasty falling out with Naomi. Bronwyn is sure that a friendship is slowly but surely blossoming into something else. Karli blames At for Jana’s condition, and a visit to the Koster Mansion makes a nurse nervous. Apparently Quinton is the only person who is looking forward to the New Year’s party, and Trudie is the reason why emotions need to be kept under control.
144: Episode 144
Dec 28, 2017
Ferdi suddenly gets sick, and Lexi gives vague answers to Bronwyn’s questions. Ilse admits she is disappointed in Ivanka, while At shares news about Jana. Naomi realises what is going on with her betrothed, and Steve is not happy with his daughter’s eagerness. Quinton and Naomi have a fight, and Ivanka’s words cut deep.
145: Episode 145
Dec 29, 2017
Naomi avoids Ferdi like the plague, and an emotional farewell awaits Karli. Trudie receives a very big present, and Steve knows exactly how to intimidate a guy. Okkie talks to Naomi about her engagement, while Ilse doesn’t take Morné serious. Ruben asks Quinton for love advice, and At feels utterly guilty about Jana.
146: Episode 146
Jan 1, 2018
Privacy, permission, and a shirt could become hurdles in a relationship. New Year’s celebrations at the Koster Mansion are dire, while Tertius tries to sway Karli’s decision. Ferdi presents a new business venture to Okkie, and At can’t keep himself in check. Ruben and Lexi make a decision about what they are to each other, while the Ferreira’s say their farewells to Ivanka.
147: Episode 147
Jan 2, 2018
Naomi’s night ends in a nightmare, while Conrad receives good news. Damien is worried about Ruben’s motives, and Karli is disillusioned when she pays a visit to Jana. Ferdi makes sure Naomi understands what is at risk. Morné wasn’t born yesterday, while the future looks bright for Okkie.
148: Episode 148
Jan 3, 2018
Naomi is both anxious about Trudie and worried about Okkie’s excitement concerning the coffee shop. At offers Jana an apology, while Karli is looking for distraction. Ruben ignores Lexi, and Annelize can’t contain her excitement when Conrad shares his news. Karli tries her best with At, while Naomi feels like her world is crumbling around her.
149: Episode 149
Jan 4, 2018
Ferdi’s behaviour makes Naomi confused and paranoid, while Louis encourages Karli to visit her mother. Conrad offers At an olive branch, and Lexi decides that no one will ever mess with her again. Ilse asks Okkie to think carefully about the proposed plans, while Steve is livid when he finds out what is wrong with Lexi. Jana’s secret lands up in the wrong ears, and it is the end of an heirloom…
150: Episode 150
Jan 5, 2018
Louis is worried about Naomi, and At warns Karli about Annelize. Ruben doesn’t get a chance to defend himself, while Okkie makes a final decision about the coffee shop. An abused woman lands up in ER, and Karli and Louis are unsure about At’s idea. Ruben tries to explain what is going on to Lexi, while Marike is threatened. The Abrahams have a reason to celebrate!
151: Episode 151
Jan 8, 2018
At makes Lika an offer, while Bronwyn feels bad about the Ruben and Lexi situation. Morné’s furious reaction stuns Naomi. While one relationship continues in secret, a web browser’s history upsets a visitor. A lover’s ex is being sought for clarity, and the detail of a public humiliation leads to renewed anguish.
152: Episode 152
Jan 9, 2018
Ilse is shocked by plans for the future, and Louis and Karli’s behavior is making someone nervous. Ferdi’s actions leave Morné shocked at Ilse’s reaction, while Louis is very impressed with Lika. Karli shares her worries with Tertius, and Pippa knows exactly how to bamboozle someone. Ferdi remains the prime example of what a lover should be, while Morné doesn’t hold back in a confrontation with Naomi.
153: Episode 153
Jan 10, 2018
Jana admits her fears to Louis while the Ferreiras get an unpleasant surprise during breakfast. Lexi wants to try and get her driver’s license, and Ferdi receives an unexpected call from an old colleague. Ilse tries her best to be a supportive friend; the same can’t be said about Naomi.
154: Episode 154
Jan 11, 2018
At asks Lika’s advice about the party, while Naomi’s obedience is tested. Wild accusations are made in the Koster Mansion, and Lexi is the reason for Bronwyn’s nostalgic behaviour. Ilse has many unanswered questions; while Conrad and Annelize hope At has answers about Jana. Naomi has a strange reaction towards an unconscious patient, and the guests at the Koster Mansion get more than they bargained for.
155: Episode 155
Jan 12, 2018
At gives Jana an answer, and Ruben officially asks Lexi on a date. Ferdi gives Naomi the reassurance that she has has nothing to worry about, while Jana’s honest conversation with Karli leads to more than one shocking announcement. Naomi’s honesty drives Okkie around the bend.
156: Episode 156
Jan 15, 2018
Pippa is caught off guard by a ‘guest’, and Bronwyn gives Steve advice about Lexi. Okkie needs to bite his tongue during a visit, while Naomi’s whole life falls apart. Quinton’s loneliness drives him to seek out companionship, and Ferdi doesn’t hold back when Wimpie pays him a visit. Dirk tries to make the best of a bad situation, and Wimpie is looking for answers at the Ferreira house.
157: Episode 157
Jan 16, 2018
Quinton causes further havoc in the Ferreira house, while Ferdi plays on Wimpie’s feelings. Naomi grabs the bull by the horns in ER, and heirlooms are a headache for Pippa. Karli tries to encourage a friend, while Okkie will have to deal with the consequences of his words. Dirk has a heart to heart with his daughter, and Wimpie wants to speak to Naomi.
158: Episode 158
Jan 17, 2018
Tertius is not given a choice about his new squatter, and Pippa takes Dirk to task. Ilse warns Okkie about Naomi’s feelings, while Dirk has a revelation about Pretoria. Guilty feelings make a serious conversation difficult, and Quinton makes plans on behalf of his friend. Ferdi needs Karli’s help.
159: Episode 159
Jan 18, 2018
Ilse suspects that Ferdi is reaching out to Naomi, and Louis realises what Karli is up to. Dirk is not impressed with Wimpie’s idea, while Tertius eventually realises that Quinton might be right. Second chances and a temper are under the spotlight, and a game of bridge might just be what the newcomer needs. Tertius doesn’t let himself get bullied easily, while Okkie’s humiliation leads to a new threat.
160: Episode 160
Jan 19, 2018
Okkie wants to take the case further, while Dirk is in seventh heaven about Dian. Pippa’s wise words could help Tertius with his position, and there are various reactions to a fight in the corridors of Binneland Clinic. Action cricket and heirlooms cause even more excitement, and Ferdi reveals a shocking secret to Karli.
161: Episode 161
Jan 22, 2018
Ilse thinks Okkie is going to drive Naomi into Ferdi’s arms, while Pippa feels terrible about Dirk’s broken heart. Karli stuns Noami with Ferdi’s allegations, and Quinton realises Karli is the answer to his problems with Tertius. Dirk gets a surprise when he meets up with the second-hand shop owner. Wimpie confronts Okkie.
162: Episode 162
Jan 23, 2018
Quinton convinces Tertius to say ‘yes’ to more things in life, and Pippa is surprised when she meets Annamarie van Tonder. Naomi confronts Wimpie about Ferdi’s stories, while the action cricket team have their first meeting in Nagskof. Ferdi realises that Wimpie struggles to believe him, while Naomi and Okkie debate about how dangerous Ferdi is.
163: Episode 163
Jan 24, 2018
Okkie has to tell Ilse about Ferdi’s allegations, and Pippa is not sure how she should feel about Ami. Pippa sends Naomi home, while Karli feels left out when it comes to Tertius and Quinton. Ferdi’s anger is growing, and Ruben wants to check out the cottage at the Ferreira’s. Quinton has plans for Tertius and Lika, while Noami gets a huge surprise at the Ferreira house.
164: Episode 164
Jan 25, 2018
A phone, house keys, and stairs are the ingredients for a shocking turn of events. A kiss upsets a nurse, while lies are the order of the day. Ami rubs Pippa the wrong way, and Louis’s search for advice from Conrad is interrupted by bad news. In Nagskof there is a new situation that needs to be nipped in the bud, while Pippa’s warning is laughed off by Dirk. Quinton’s unique behavior gives Karli the chance to blow off some steam.
165: Episode 165
Jan 26, 2018
Dirk and Pippa receive an unwanted guest on their date, and Wimpie realises that the Ferreiras are telling different stories. Quinton tries to include Karli in their group, while Wimpie’s story piques Liebenberg’s interest. A first year’s camp and ‘just friends’ make relationships interesting.
166: Episode 166
Jan 29, 2018
Manure and the police are the causes of headaches for individuals, and Louis is very worried about his friend. Liebenberg is going full steam ahead with his investigation, while Quinton makes Karli realise how she treated Lika. Dirk makes a decision about the furniture in the farmhouse, and Quinton has a solution for a problem that concerns the team. Karli’s olive branch could lead to new love, while Liebenberg unnerves Okkie.
167: Episode 167
Jan 30, 2018
Ilse makes it very clear that she would have handled the current situation differently, while Pippa feels Ami has an agenda. Ruben’s version makes Liebenberg wonder – and then Naomi realises that more of her friends and colleagues will be questioned. A friendship deepens despite an honest observation, while Liebenberg is waiting for Ferdi’s version of the event.
168: Episode 168
Jan 31, 2018
Okkie struggles with the lies, while Karli’s guilty conscience makes her anxious. Naomi is upset about news regarding Ferdi, and Breggie talks to Pippa about Dirk and Ami. Conrad makes sure Liebenberg understands the medical side of things, and the first action volleyball match leads to the end of a whisky bottle. The infamous scuffle is back to haunt Okkie.
169: Episode 169
Feb 1, 2018
The internet makes At livid, while Dirk feels uncomfortable in Ami’s presence. Quinton and Karli’s whiskey problem worsens, and Ferdi stuns Naomi. Busi is back in Pretoria, while kids are a sore point for Tertius. Ciske Smal’s sleuthing pays off in a big way.
170: Episode 170
Feb 2, 2018
There are a lot of different reactions to an arrest, and Ilse wants to come out with the truth. Dirk is admitted to ER, while the Ferreiras will need to keep track of their stories when they are confronted by Ciske. Ami’s worries irritate Pippa, while Wimpie lets his truth flow freely.
171: Episode 171
Feb 5, 2018
Conrad makes fun of Dirk about Ami, and Karli’s words make Like uncomfortable. At humiliates Okkie in Tonik, while Ciske’s story needs more meat. Pippa thinks she knows what Ami’s agenda is, and bad news about Ferdi causes Wimpie to reach out.
172: Episode 172
Feb 6, 2018
Pippa has mixed feelings about Dirk’s decision, while Lexi’f first day at university commences. Okkie receives an upsetting call, and Quinton tries, again, to distract Tertius’s attention. An article upsets more than one Binnelander, while Louis tries to rectify a situation. Quinton needs to think on his feet when it comes to Tertius and Karli, and Naomi wants to go to the police.
173: Episode 173
Feb 7, 2018
For the first time, Louis realises what Naomi had to go through, and Lexi feels she is missing out on student life. Dirk has a gift for Ami, while Herman is furious about the current situation. Ilse is livid with Okkie, And Noami realises what her future might entail. Pippa confronts Dirk about his ‘friendship’, while Wimpie hears the latest news on Naomi and Okkie.
174: Episode 174
Feb 8, 2018
Naomi’s charge is changed, and Tertius and Bronwyn try to bring Pippa to new insights. Okkie realises Wimpie is broken, while a brouch causes a huge ruckus. Lexi shocks her parents with her announcement, and Louis is tired of being left out. Quinton doesn’t want to be the middleman anymore, while Wimpie is out for blood.
175: Episode 175
Feb 9, 2018
Quinton and Tertius have a falling out over respect, and Noami’s friends feel they were left in the dark. Dirk tells Pippa the truth about Cecile, while an inheritance bewilders someone. Wimpie believes in Ferdi’s innocence, and Karli has had enough of Quinton’s meddling. Naomi is arrested.
176: Episode 176
Feb 12, 2018
Bronwyn is not happy with Steve’s decision, while Louis is unsure about a farewell. Pippa defends Noami with At, while Annelize’s curiosity leads to conflict between her and Conrad. Forgiveness is not an effortless road, and Pippa makes an effort with Ami. Karen wants to help Wimpie take revenge, and Noami has an unpleasant experience with a patient.
177: Episode 177
Feb 13, 2018
Wimpie is unsure if he is willing to pay the price for retaliation, and Busi confronts Pippa about her behaviour towards Ami. Ruben gives Quinton sound advice, while a small witch hunt breaks out. Okkie’s concern is not understood, and Dirk shares another decision with Pippa. Bronwyn suffers without Lexi.
178: Episode 178
Feb 14, 2018
Valentine’s Day is not equally important to everyone, and Karen realises who Naomi really is. An empty house gives Steve ideas, while Annelize has a fight with Conrad about a nurse. A photo of a teddy bear could be the beginning of a bigger story, and an unimpressed Karli thinks about what Quinton said. Louis refuses to leave Naomi alone, while Ciske and Karen can’t believe their luck.
179: Episode 179
Feb 15, 2018
Dirk has his reasons for an offer, while Naomi and Okkie can’t escape their past. Lexi comes up with an idea to apologise, and a search for an ex begins. Wimpie tells Karen about Okkie’s visit, while whiskey becomes a peace pipe. Naomi makes Ciske an offer she can’t refuse.
180: Episode 180
Feb 16, 2018
Dirk speaks honestly to Tertius about his decisions, and Karli thinks she is responsible for Quinton’s improved attitude. Naomi stuns Okkie with news, while Wimpie’s crisis doesn’t pique Karen’s attention. Busi gives Pippa the cold hard facts, and Ciske puts Karen in her place. Eventually Naomi and Wimpie face each other, and Pippa’s guilty conscience is eating away at her.
181: Episode 181
Feb 19, 2018
Quinton is his old self again, and Wimpie is unsure which version of Ferdi is the truth. Ami’s decision leads to more than one honest conversation, while a lie haunts Bronwyn. Wimpie’s true friends are revealed to him, and Conrad is looking for info on Jana from At. A prank leads to a shared ‘punishment’.
182: Episode 182
Feb 20, 2018
Okkie sees the silver-lining, and age is a sore point for Bronwyn. Ami asks Pippa’s assistance with Dirk, while Renate could be the heroine of a story. Tertius’s question makes Quinton uncomfortable - until he sees Karli. Wimpie’s faith is shattered, while Naomi’s own voice sends shockwaves through her soul.
183: Episode 183
Feb 21, 2018
Dirk shares his plans with Pippa, and Quinton lies to Tertius about his whereabouts. Naomi has to work through her very mixed feelings, while Wimpie and Karli are riddled with regret. An engagement ring is a shocking discovery, and Naomi has a plan with Ferdi’s assets.
184: Episode 184
Feb 22, 2018
Annelize’s excitement knows no bounds after her meeting with Maggie, and Quinton is struggling to hide his feelings. A conference in the Seychelles piques someone’s interest, and Pippa thinks Naomi should return to her normal routine. There is renewed interest in Jana’s return, while a night of passion has its own obstacles.
185: Episode 185
Feb 23, 2018
Conrad is very sure about Jana’s position, and a dance could lead to conflict. Naomi begins to wonder about Karli and Quinton’s ‘friendship’, while Conrad wants information on At and Jana from Louis. Tertius talks to Bronwyn about her results, and a huge falling out gives Conrad new insights on more than one relationship. Naomi discusses matters of the heart with Karli.
186: Episode 186
Feb 26, 2018
Conrad’s guilty conscience haunts him, while Annelize grabs a golden opportunity to strengthen her ambition. Quinton and Karli have a fight concerning the previous night’s shenanigans, and Steve doesn’t give Annelize peace of mind. Ruben asks his friends advice concerning Lexi, while Bronwyn is unfulfilled at work. Karli opens her heart towards Noami, and Conrad is unhappy with Annelize’s shameless behaviour.
187: Episode 187
Feb 27, 2018
Karli decides to give Quinton some of his own medicine, and Ilse has advice for Bronwyn. Conrad tries to keep everyone happy, while a huge falling out in Ongevalle causes Naomi to talk openly with Tertius. Ruben moves in with the Ferreiras, and Conrad realises what Anneliz’s modus operandi is. At gets a huge surprise, and Bronwyn shares her future plans with Steve.
188: Episode 188
Feb 28, 2018
Annelize is caught completely off guard, and At wants answers about his marriage. Tertius and Naomi read Quinton’s behaviour, while Bronwyn doesn’t like Ilse idea. Quinton realises what he has done, while there is more than one unsettling event at the Oncology unit. While supporting Wimpie, Bronwyn realises what she wants to do with her life.
189: Episode 189
Mar 1, 2018
Tertius asks Quinton to move back, and Steve is stern with Lexi. Annelize puts up a fight for her future, but gets a rude awakening in the present. Jana and At try to manage their new reality, while Karli’s call for help is answered with a loaded situation. Steve realises how serious Bronwyn is about her future, and Conrad tries to support Annelize.
190: Episode 190
Mar 2, 2018
Jana struggles to adjust, and Ruben confronts Lexi about the dance. Conrad and At are in unknown territory with the women in their lives, while Louis concocts a way of fighting Wimpie’s depression. The shareholders discuss the progress of the Oncology’s research funding, and Steve hits the nail on the head in a discussion with Annelize. Elana surprises her brother at Binneland Clinic.
191: Episode 191
Mar 5, 2018
Annelize is unhappy about Conrad’s intentions, and Bronwyn’s maternal instincts kick into overdrive. Lexi asks Ruben for help with tests, while Naomi warns Louis about his involvement. Maggie makes Annelize uneasy about the Germans, and Louis asks Conrad about the hunting camp.
192: Episode 192
Mar 6, 2018
Jana gives At advice concerning Conrad and Elana, and Bronwyn burns with desire for a baby. Louis shares his plan with Breggie and Ilse, while the Abrahams couple is shocked by sudden news. A trip doesn’t go as planned, and Annelize’s displeasure is made clear by a phone call.
193: Episode 193
Mar 7, 2018
Regret always comes a bit too late - especially when a crisis concerning medicine arises. Annelize explains her plan to Delia, and Lexi tries to undo things that are already done. Elana gets suspicious about a scene in the rest room, while Bronwyn makes a confession to Tertius. Jana discusses her crisis with At.
194: Episode 194
Mar 8, 2018
Dian polarises a couple, while Louis takes drastic measures to ensure a conversation. Maggie plants a seed of doubt with Conrad. Bronwyn makes a shocking announcement, while keys and a cell phone worsen a situation. Backstabbing is the dish of the day, and Conrad can’t believe what Annelize has done.
195: Episode 195
Mar 9, 2018
At, Jana, and Conrad are in a difficult situation because of Annelize, while Okkie and Wimpie are worried about Louis. Steve and Conrad have a fight over Annelize and Elana, while Damien’s invite is not done without reason. A snakebite worsens a situation, and Pippa is not the only one trying to reach out to Conrad.
196: Episode 196
Mar 12, 2018
Conrad confronts Delia, and Louis is the butt of the joke after his night in the hospital. Tertius feels he is being sucked into other people’s dramas, while Damien wants answers from Ruben about Lexi. Steve tells Bronwyn exactly how he feels, and Annelize is needed in ER. Plans to express thanks are formulated, and a breakup is on everyone’s lips
197: Episode 197
Mar 13, 2018
Annelize is ready for the sparks to fly – and then she threatens Conrad. Jana makes a confession towards Karli about the future, while Lexi tells Steve about Damien’s talk with Ruben. At invites Conrad back home, and Pippa has advice for Bronwyn about her desire. Forgiveness is a difficult conversation, while Lexi lands up in ER.
198: Episode 198
Mar 14, 2018
There is a dark cloud hanging over the Abrahams household, and Conrad is worried about At and Jana after his discovery at the Koster Mansion. Pippa breaks the bad news in At’s office, while a photo leads to a conversation about love amongst two friends. Elana listens to Conrad’s confession - but he doesn’t tell her everything.
199: Episode 199
Mar 15, 2018
Conrad gives At advice regarding Jana, and Steve wants to read Lexi’s message. Jana’s consolation leads to a life lesson. A missing bottle of whiskey leads to feelings of guilt, and Quinton poses a threat to Naomi’s plans for Louis and Adele. Bronwyn tries to get through to Steve, while Annelize’s ear is the one that hears the unsaid things.
200: Episode 200
Mar 16, 2018
Steve struggles to cope with the practicalities of death, while Bronwyn confesses to Elana how torn she feels. When Quinton’s attempts with a nurse fail, he feels that Naomi owes him. Annelize and Conrad have a fight in one of the hospital corridors, while Louis is asked for Adele’s number. Steve and Annelize drown their sorrows, and Jana has a bit of good news for Conrad.
201: Episode 201
Mar 19, 2018
Okkie is worried about Naomi’s mood, and Steve avoids the truth. Quinton tries to get a conversation with Adele going, while Annelize is irritated with admonitions. Ilse receives unexpected news, and Elana is interested in Annelize’s interest in a patient. Naomi and Karli have different opinions on a doctor, and Annelize reaches out to a broken Steve.
202: Episode 202
Mar 20, 2018
Louis realises what Quinton is doing, and Annelize is constantly humiliated. Okkie takes out his frustrations on everyone around him, while Karli is stunned by Adele’s remark. Pippa tries to convince Steve to go home, and escapism could lead to more heartache.
203: Episode 203
Mar 21, 2018
Quinton and Louis have harsh words in Nagskof, while Steve’s focus is back with his own household. A missing pseudonym could cause problems, and Elana is more aware of Steve’s behaviour. Okkie agrees to try out Louis’ suggestion, while Adele is left suspicious after a conversation with Quinton. A cancelled date bring great relief, and Steve tries to get to the bottom of the deadly conditions.
204: Episode 204
Mar 22, 2018
The mystery surrounding a name is solved, and the reason behind the importance of a text is revealed. Louis throws Quinton under the bus by accident, while Annelize is seeking information from Ruben. Adele wants answers from Karli, and Bronwyn can’t hide her anger from Steve.
205: Episode 205
Mar 23, 2018
Consolation doesn’t create expectation with Annelize, and Quinton is frustrated with Adele’s behaviour. Elana struggles to keep her curiosity to herself, while Steve searches footage from security cameras for answers. Ilse’s publisher, and Ciske, leave Okkie fuming. Ruben finds himself in a difficult situation.
206: Episode 206
Mar 26, 2018
Louis feels that life is unfair, and Okkie complains about feeling sick. Guilty feelings say nasty things, while Annelize’s eye doesn’t miss a thing. There is a crisis at the Abrahams house, while Adele shouldn’t be underestimated. Tertius’ diagnoses worries Ilse.
207: Episode 207
Mar 27, 2018
Elana confronts Annelize about her observations, while Okkie isn’t the easiest patient in the world. Bronwyn finds it difficult to understand Steve’s reasoning, and Noami offers Louis an encouraging word. Steve reads Elana the riot act, while Quinton blows off steam towards Karli. Steve knows exactly what he has done wrong!
208: Episode 208
Mar 28, 2018
Trudie and Renate surprise the Ferreiras, while Quinton tries to bully Louis. Conrad is not impressed with the dramas that occurred behind his back, and Steve receives news from the police. Louis asks Naomi’s assistance with the treasure hunt, while Annelize definitely recognizes Wilna.
209: Episode 209
Mar 29, 2018
Adele asks Karli about Naomi and Louis, and Naomi is forced to talk to Trudi about Ferdi. Annelize’s memories paralyse her. Elana realises Wilna has no contact with her family, while Tertius doesn’t have good news after a follow-up visit. Steve’s observation leads him directly to Annelize – and a confrontation.
210: Episode 210
Mar 30, 2018
Annelize prevents a tragedy in the hospital, while Renate has plans to give Trudie more confidence. Naomi is caught off guard by Adele’s remark, and Wilna’s memory fails her terribly. Ilse must, once again, keep the peace in the Ferreira household, while Eben wants to assure Annelize about the future.
211: Episode 211
Apr 2, 2018
Lexi gets a weird surprise in the hospital, and Trudie speaks her truth towards Ilse and Steve. Steve is worried about safety in the hospital, while Louis invites Naomi to the braai. Elana catches Annelize in the ICU again with Wilna, and Okkie is not impressed with Renate’s behaviour towards Trudie.
212: Episode 212
Apr 3, 2018
At gives Louis advice on Adele, while Annelize’s search for more information on Debbie and Wilna leads to a confrontation with Conrad. Louis’ second invite puts him in an uncomfortable position, and Renate’s announcement catches the other players off guard. Adele plays open cards with Karli, while Annelize has no other choice but to reveal the truth.
213: Episode 213
Apr 4, 2018
Quinton is a bad loser, and Eben is frustrated with the status quo. Annelize warns Conrad about her past, while a beauty pageant is no longer just Renate’s focus. Lexi gives Eben a warning, and Naomi’s answer gives Louis new courage. Ilse’s memory leaves her in the lurch, while Quinton hears about Trudie’s talent. Honesty and personality leads to a first kiss, and Annelize wonders what Eben is capable of.
214: Episode 214
Apr 5, 2018
Annelize gets increasingly worried after a conversation with Lexi, while Ilse gets an order completely wrong. There is bad news for Wilna, and Karli thinks Quinton is mad when she hears his plan with Trudie. Eben feels he failed in his duty towards Annelize, while Karli comes to the wrong conclusion after a conversation. Okkie confronts Renate about the competition, and Conrad gives Annelize a warning.
215: Episode 215
Apr 6, 2018
Conrad warns Elana not to talk to Debbie, while Tertius has a diagnosis for Ilse. Lexi’s conscience bothers her, and Karli confronts Adele about her plans for the future. Annelize gets fatalistic, while Renate and Trudie have a huge fight. Elana doesn’t understand Conrad’s plan with Wilna, and Okkie realises what Quinton’s big idea is. Annelize encourages Eben to get on with his life, while Louis asks Naomi’s advice on Adele.
216: Episode 216
Apr 9, 2018
Karli is not impressed with Louis’s stance, and Annelize realises what happened in her absence. Okkie and Ilse are stunned about a visitor, while Conrad’s doubt upsets Elana. Dates become a headache for a doctor, and the penny drops for Adele. Eben is confused by Annelize’s behaviour.
217: Episode 217
Apr 10, 2018
Ilse finds Franz’s behaviour strange, and Conrad forms an unsettling idea around Wilna. Louis just doesn’t get it, while a message causes fresh new frustrations between two doctors. The truth hits Eben hard, while a pregnancy is no longer just on one person’s mind. Adele makes a decision about Louis, and Tertius will have to keep his prescribed procedure a secret.
218: Episode 218
Apr 11, 2018
Eben doesn’t understand Annelize’s decision, and it is very clear that At and Franz still don’t see eye to eye. Tertius has shocking news for his patient, while Eben’s visit leads to the unravelling of a secret. Karli shares her opinion about Adele with Naomi, and Conrad’s assumption leaves Annelize speechless. Naomi discovers what Adele’s motivation is.
219: Episode 219
Apr 12, 2018
Eben and Conrad are equally worried about Annelize, while Ilse receives more bad news. Okkie is the target of cybercrime, and Conrad confides in Elana about everything. Pippa confesses her doubts about giving class, and Conrad realises the cat is out of the bag. Pippa meets Arno, while Franz is shocked by Ilse’s decision. Steve gets the shock of his life.
220: Episode 220
Apr 13, 2018
At speaks his mind about the pregnancy, while Bronwyn and Steve have different reactions on the news. Ilse is not going to let herself be strong armed, and Eben realises what Annelize thinks of him – or not. Franz talks to At about the new medical technology that he designed, while Pippa’s fate is sealed with the classes. Elana gets assurance about Annelize and Wilna, and Tertius considers telling Naomi the truth.
221: Episode 221
Apr 16, 2018
Pippa’s rhythm is broken by a new class member, and Annelize feels drained after the emotional drama. Ilse prepares herself for the first treatment, while Lieb confesses to Arno that there was a setback in his case. Elana wants to talk to Conrad about Annelize and Steve, while Wilna upsets Annelize. Jana believes At is making a mistake where Franz is concerned, and fever is cause for big concern.
222: Episode 222
Apr 17, 2018
Elana introduces herself to Franz, and Jana confronts Ilse about her story. Liebenberg warns Arno against Pippa, while Annelize and Conrad have a falling out over Eben. Wilna is shocked to her core by a conversation, and Bronwyn teases Pippa about Arno. Okkie observes a rash on Ilse’s neck, while Annelize and Eben fight about Conrad and the future.
223: Episode 223
Apr 18, 2018
Ilse takes her frustrations out on Okkie, while Liebenberg confesses that the problem with his case is bigger than he first thought. Pippa decides to use Dian against Arno, and Franz is upset by Elana. Annelize gets to the bottom of the burglaries, while Naomi and Okkie wonder what is going on with Ilse. Conrad sees what a confrontation with Wilna does to Annelize, and Jana offers to help Franz with his research.
224: Episode 224
Apr 19, 2018
Ilse is caught off guard by Okkie’s sudden decision, and Tertius realises why Pippa is nervous around Arno. At and Elana become unexpected allies, while Steve thinks – when it comes to Conrad - Annelize is taking it a bit too far. Pippa’s uninvited guest has nerves of steel, and Bronwyn reads Steve’s signs incorrectly. At agrees to present Franz’s proposal to the board.
225: Episode 225
Apr 20, 2018
Eben is jealous when he thinks his plan has worked out, while Annelize realises what is happening in the Abrahams household. Okkie realises that Ilse’s stories are not adding up, and Karli could be the solution to Arno’s problem. A sonar could provide the answer that Elana is hoping for, while Elana and Franz’s friendship grows.
226: Episode 226
Apr 23, 2018
Ilse goes to a lot of trouble with her appearance, while a sonar has more consequences for Annelize than what she was prepared for. Jana is shocked in Elana’s deduction, and Okkie is getting more suspicious of Ilse. Liebenberg is surprised in the reaction on Arno’s flirting, while Elana makes her own assumption about Franz and Bea’s marriage.
227: Episode 227
Apr 24, 2018
Conrad’s sums don't give him the answer he wants, and Arno misses his first aid exam. Elana’s suspicions haunts Conrad, while Eben tries to give Lexi a new perspective. Ilse struggles with the truth of the matter, and Jana talks to At about Elana’s suspicions. Okkie’s mood makes Ilse wonder what is going on with him, while Annelize realises it is senseless to ignore the truth.
228: Episode 228
Apr 25, 2018
Annelize is worried about Conrad’s next step, and lazer treatment is the subject of a conversation. Bronwyn interrupts a serious discussion, while Okkie shares his suspicions with Louis. Conrad comes clean with At, and Elana confronts Franz about his patient. Pippa is not happy with the fact that Arno follows her advice, while a small war breaks out in Annelize’s flat.
229: Episode 229
Apr 26, 2018
Arno and Pippa are at loggerheads, while Conrad realises that he will have to wait weeks for an answer. Franz discusses his patient with Elana, and Ilse eventually comes clean with Okkie. At and Annelize don’t mince their words when they each declare war, while Naomi tries to encourage her father. Pippa realises she must stop being afraid of her future, and Annelize has big problems!
230: Episode 230
Apr 27, 2018
A kiss catches a doctor completely off guard, and Bronwyn feels sorry for Annelize. Okkie puts his foot down when it comes to a treatment, while Naomi is shocked in Tertius’s knowledge. Arno and Pippa’s big night is here, and Conrad must try and keep himself together. At tries to encourage Annelize to start over – elsewhere!
231: Episode 231
Apr 30, 2018
A wounded man is admitted to ER and Pippa is commanded to contact Liebenberg. Okkie is livid after hearing what Wimpie has to say, while Elana and Franz realise what a project in South Africa could mean. Conrad is worried after a talk with Pippa, and Liebenberg asks that Wayne’s identity is kept a secret for the time being. Jana and Karli discuss Wimpie’s ‘sport injury’, and Franz is in two minds about his project. Arno and Pippa are very worried about Liebenberg.
232: Episode 232
May 1, 2018
Ilse is philosophical about life - and her unpublished book - while Jana struggles with depression. Arno tries to support Liebenberg, while Conrad becomes aware of more than one infatuation. Wimpie tries to give Okkie advice on Ilse, and Wayne’s words come at a price.
233: Episode 233
May 2, 2018
Conrad partly blames Pippa for a patient’s coma, and an SD-card has the potential to cause big problems. Ilse has an unavoidable, but necessary, conversation with Naomi, while Louis intentionally misleads Jana. Elana encourages Franz when he is in two minds about an operation, and a kiss catches a nurse off guard.
234: Episode 234
May 3, 2018
Karli is suspicious of Jana - and doesn’t mince her words when she tells At. It is time for Franz to say goodbye to Pretoria, while Pippa discusses her unusual situation with Conrad. Arno tries to get Liebenberg to change his plans, and Celeste causes more worries for her dad.
235: Episode 235
May 4, 2018
At is frustrated with Jana’s elusive answers, and Arno learns more about Wayne’s coma. Karli has had enough of the secrecy, while Louis discusses Adele with Naomi. Conrad warns Pippa about Arno - and it leads to an altercation between them. When emotions can be read from across a room, it could mean trouble.
236: Episode 236
May 7, 2018
Louis is encouraged to invite a partner to a wedding, while Karli forces Quinton to be her dance partner. A warrant is used to move Wayne, and a full class makes Jana feel uncomfortable. Pippa needs to play mediator, while Louis’s own behaviour stuns him.
237: Episode 237
May 8, 2018
Annelize has a new goal in life, but it doesn’t mean that it's going to be an easy road. A frustrated Arno talks to Pippa about Liebenberg’s behaviour, while Karli and Adele are at loggerheads. Arno’s suspicions are confirmed to Pippa when she tries to talk to Liebenberg, and a dance competition excites Karli. Bronwyn doesn’t understand At’s reaction on Annelize’s return, while Tertius doesn’t have any words of encouragement for Quinton.
238: Episode 238
May 9, 2018
Wayne’s safety has everyone on edge, while Louis asks Jana a huge favour. Liebenberg’s personal life causes more problems for him, while Pippa can’t seem to hide her discomfort and suspicion. Arno doesn’t know what to do about Liebenberg, and Bronwyn’s gesture gets to Annelize. Steve picks up on the discomfort between Annelize and Conrad, while Eben warns Annelize about Wilna.
239: Episode 239
May 10, 2018
Arno tries to get information on Wayne from Karli, and a newspaper article is not the only thing that upsets Annelize. Conrad defends Liebenberg, and Jana shares her excitement - and biggest dream - with friends. An irritated Conrad humiliates Eben, while Liebenberg asks Pippa for help. Eben and Lexi’s conversation gets more personal, and Arno’s strange behaviour makes Pippa suspicious. Wilna confronts Annelize.
240: Episode 240
May 11, 2018
Accusations against Annelize are made in At’s office, and Karli is not impressed with Adele. One word is all that Pippa needs, and Conrad has had enough of Annelize - he takes action. Adele and her assistant are making everyone worried, while Conrad loses his temper with Arno. Karli is not ready to make a fool of herself, and Pippa’s dinner leads to a lot of questions.
241: Episode 241
May 14, 2018
Conrad doesn’t give Annelize any choice, and Quinton’s injury brings about a new challenge. A cat and mouse game could become very dangerous for Pippa, while Steve realises that Lexi knows a lot about Annelize’s private life. Pippa is looking for a way to contact Liebenberg, and Jana has a solution for Karli’s problem. The dance competition reveals a few surprises, and Liebenberg formulates a plan against Arno.
242: Episode 242
May 15, 2018
Arno terrorises Pippa, while Jana is on cloud nine after the dance competition. Steve asks about Lexi and Eben, and Bronwyn tries to help Pippa solve the case of the secretive word. Eben and Conrad threaten each other, while Pippa’s search places her life in danger. A phone call could mean the end of Eben, while At’s suggestion catches Jana completely off guard.
243: Episode 243
May 16, 2018
Eben is ready to make his escape, and Louis becomes involved in Okkie’s Tekkie Tax fundraising. Pippa will have to tread lightly if she is going to avoid Arno and find the wheelchair. Annelize confronts Conrad about Eben, and Naomi is livid with her father’s gesture. Pippa can’t believe her eyes, and a gunshot in At’s office could change the future forever.
244: Episode 244
May 17, 2018
Pippa realises she is delivered to Arno’s grace, and Naomi says exactly what is going on in her heart. An emotional farewell takes place in a police station, and Karli is not the only one that is worried about Jana. Louis makes it very clear that he doesn’t want Naomi’s help, while the ER team is shocked by the admittance of two patients.
245: Episode 245
May 18, 2018
Annelize and Conrad’s confrontation provides Bronwyn with new information, while Naomi is ready to show Louis that he is wrong. Conrad shares bad news about Liebenberg and Jana, while honesty and deviousness are the subjects of serious conversations. Lexi has a strong suspicion as to what happened to Eben, and Conrad and Karli need to make a difficult decision.
246: Episode 246
May 21, 2018
Conrad explains the current situation Tertius in the hope that Tertius could help him, while Louis finds out what Naomi’s motives are. Arno’s desperation creates new fears, while Karli discusses her fears with Conrad. Okkie puts his daughter in her place, while accusations are slung between Conrad and Annelize. Celeste is used as bait, and Lexi doesn’t miss a single word during a huge fall out.
247: Episode 247
May 22, 2018
There is a cremation service for Liebenberg, while elsewhere hard work is put in to the organizing of the fundraising day. Bronwyn is completely unaware of Lexi inner struggle, while Steve wants to be assured of Annelize’s silence. Naomi is skeptical about Louis’s offer, while Ruben is dragged in to the mess in the Abrahams' household. Celeste’s courage is waning…
248: Episode 248
May 23, 2018
Bronwyn and Steve are not sure what Lexi wants to talk to Danny about, and Liebenberg’s bank account is targeted. The truth doesn’t always fix everything, and Quinton’s remarks make Naomi’s blood boil. An unexpected resignation is complimented with a serious conversation about what the future looks like now.
249: Episode 249
May 24, 2018
Quinton and Tertius’s teamwork discourages Louis, while an infection endangers a patient’s full recovery. Ruben’s attempts at supporting Lexi aren’t helping, while the finality of the situation shocks Pippa deeply. Steve’s life is busy crumbling around him, and Pippa might be the deciding factor in Celeste’s decision. Karli puts Quinton in his place, and the end of the fairy tale isn’t always pleasant.
250: Episode 250
May 25, 2018
Karli realises that Louis’s motivation is, while Steve is not prepared for an unexpected confrontation with Danny. The tandem bike competition is in full swing, and Pippa has her hands full with a new patient. A man doesn’t allow his emotions to get the better of him, while a karaoke night is in jeopardy after the bike riding competition. Conrad reacts fiercely towards Tertius’s solution for his work load.
251: Episode 251
May 28, 2018
Annelize receives a shocking piece of news, and Pippa takes offence in Conrad’s remark. Tertius gives Annelize advice when he finds out what is really going on, and Steve realises that Danny has a key to the house. Louis is prepared to save the night, and it is very clear that Annelize is not going to let her be bossed around. Karli has advice on Louis for Naomi, and Wilna is admitted to ER.
252: Episode 252
May 29, 2018
Annelize and Steve are both back at work, and there is huge uneasiness in Pippa’s flat. A doctor insists on informing the authorities of a patient in ER, while Annetjie’s workload increases. Pippa takes Tertius to task about his attitude towards Conrad, and Christel shows up at Binneland Clinic. While everyone is now aware of Annelize’s past, she isn’t standing by idly - she sketches a dark picture for Wilna.
253: Episode 253
May 30, 2018
Pippa’s patient is getting restless, while Wilna are designing plans of her own. Monique is a looking for something in the corridors of the hospital, and Lexi jumps to the wrong conclusion. News about a personal assistant job comes just at the right time, while Naomi feels guilty about her unprofessional behaviour. Steve takes out his frustrations on Annelize, and the quietness and heartache in the Koster Mansion gets to Conrad.
254: Episode 254
May 31, 2018
Annelize meets Ronel in the doctors’ restroom, and Danny shares his plans for the future with Steve. Monique makes a good first impression during her interview, while Naomi is surprised by Annelize’s behaviour. Pippa realises her feelings are not exactly platonic, and Wilna’s improved health is an obstacle for her future.
255: Episode 255
Jun 1, 2018
Pippa realises that Liebenberg’s trauma is deeper than just his wound, while divorce papers is the cause of further humiliation. At asks Annetjie to make the appointment, and Annelize realises Ronel suffers from remorse. Annelize sees red because of Naomi’s distress, while a patient has a hidden agenda with pills.
256: Episode 256
Jun 4, 2018
Wilna complains about the staff’s behaviour towards her, while Pippa observes the amount of pain present in a family. A lawyer enrages Danny, and Ronel is upset about a patient’s medical state. Steve catches Lexi in die Abrahams’s house, while Monique tries to get more information on a doctor from Annetjie. Liebenberg shares his doubts and fears with Pippa, and Elana doesn’t understand a patient’s medical state.
257: Episode 257
Jun 5, 2018
Monique is overwhelmed with work, and Pippa feels self-conscious about Conrad in front of Liebenberg. Annelize opens her heart towards Naomi, while Danny is unsure about Steve’s change of heart. A friendship is remedied with a pinch of peace, and Elana finds out what is really going on. Tertius is pleasantly surprised by a bit of information, while Ronel is enraged by Wilna.
258: Episode 258
Jun 6, 2018
Sleepless nights is not the only source of concern for Ronel, while Liebenberg can’t keep his curiosity in check. Annelize receives support from an unlikely person, and Monique experiences a doctor in high definition. Wilna makes a shocking confession, while a kiss on the cheek confuses Pippa greatly. Naomi warns a newcomer against Quinton, and it seems Liebenberg has big plans before he returns home.
259: Episode 259
Jun 7, 2018
Pippa shares her situation with Tertius, and Ronel’s mood is short lived when Annelize spills all the beans. Monique needs a computer knight, and it becomes clear that Karli is going through a very rough patch. Conrad’s date comes with strings, and Ronel is not planning on leaving Wilna in peace.
260: Episode 260
Jun 8, 2018
Pippa’s guilty conscious contributes to her mixed emotions, and Quinton feels attacked because of an assumption. Wilna’s choices are spelt out for her, and a kiss can’t be the plaster with which reality is healed. Naomi’s unexpected visit turns into an uncomfortable situation, while At’s words makes Monique nervous.
Season 14
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