Season 15
260 EPISODES • 2019
Season 15 of Binnelanders was released on June 10 and consists of 260 episodes.

Season 14


1: Episode 1
Jun 10, 2019
Trudie avoids Magnus, as well as Ilse and Okkie’s line of questioning, and René is caught off guard when a friendship is ended. Bianca has an opinion on Steve and Elana as a couple, while Chanel’s dreams cause her further embarrassment. Trudie asks Jacques’s assistance with Magnus’s plead, and Steve receives shocking news. Danny’s distress also has an influence on Jax.
2: Episode 2
Jun 11, 2019
A dress causes tension, while a patient’s symptoms leave the doctors gobsmacked. Bianca tries her best to support her boss, and René and Naomi wonder if Chanel is trying to hide something from them. Magnus’s gratitude is worded in hard cash, while Jax potentially has the answer to a medical mystery.
3: Episode 3
Jun 12, 2019
René hatches a plan to get to the bottom of the story, while emotional trauma is a hard pill to swallow. Jacques smells a rat, and assistance only serves one agenda. Frustrations complicate the nurses’s duties, while Magnus’s request once again shocks Trudie. Lexi is cross examined, and At tries to encourage Elana – while she tries to vanquish her biggest fear.
4: Episode 4
Jun 13, 2019
René’s obsession causes her to wake up in the wrong bed, and Jacques has a man to man conversation with Magnus regarding a humiliated Trudie. Elana’s pride and stubbornness could cost her dearly, while Louis and Naomi have to try and save a friendship.
5: Episode 5
Jun 14, 2019
Steve doesn’t want to leave Elana by herself, and a secret recording could do more than mean the end of a friendship. Elana accepts help, but the help has other interests. Okkie is suspicious of Trudie and Magnus, and the Winter Ball kicks off with an unexpected visit.
6: Episode 6
Jun 17, 2019
Chanel gets the necessary reassurance, while Elana’s honesty creates a break for an opportunist. Okkie and Ilse try to make sense of it all – and then Renate arrives. Jax and Danny begin to live past each other, and Huysamen is keeping necessary information for a reason. Bianca has a way with words, and Annelize is in the cross hairs of a dangerous man. Danny’s guilt is haunting him.
7: Episode 7
Jun 18, 2019
Steve’s concerns are driving Bianca up the wall, and Trudie wants to protect her friend come hell or high water. A stranger threatens Annelize with Eben’s safety, while accusations are flying in every direction in Okkie’s office. Danny tires his best to keep the flames of love burning with Jax, and Jacques wasn’t born yesterday. Tracy is worried about Jax’s influence, while Elana’s life is in danger.
8: Episode 8
Jun 19, 2019
The tension between Tracy and Jax escalate, and Bianca is a sly woman. Trudie takes Okkie and Renate on regarding her friend, while no one believes Elana. Okkie confronts Magnus regarding Trudie, and financial troubles lure bigger problems. Annelize reflects on her actions when she receives shocking news, while Renate’s questions don’t have a calming effect on Trudie.
9: Episode 9
Jun 20, 2019
Elana begins to question her own sanity, while Renate and Naomi also have a falling out. Jax can’t stay quiet longer when she finds out about Tracy’s request, and Quinton tries to lift Trudie’s spirit. A hi-jacking makes Danny’s mind work overtime, and the police question Annelize about Clint. Trudie is forced to have the most uncomfortable discussion of her life, while Annelize is stunned to see the state that Elana is in.
10: Episode 10
Jun 21, 2019
Biance tries to wrap Steve around her little finger, while Magnus isn’t so sure about his convictions. Annelize tries to buy time, and Tracy is unscrupulous in her attempts to get a loan. Okkie and Renate are not very forgiving, while Bianca knows exactly what to say to install fear. Trudie’s future with Okkie and Ilse hangs in the balance, and self-defence quickly turns to first aid.
11: Episode 11
Jun 24, 2019
Renate puts her foot down when it comes to protecting her child’s future, and Annelize has no sympathy with a terrified Elana. Jax pleads with Danny, while Renate and Okkie are at loggerheads over who is in charge. Jax offers Tracy her help, but another piece of news gets her excited. A vase leads to a lot of questions, and Okkie receives a mysterious call.
12: Episode 12
Jun 25, 2019
Tracy doesn’t want to discard her idea and discusses it with Albert. Bianca’s accusations are not the cause of a headache, and Okkie is suddenly motivated to scale down. A wig and clothes is talked away, while Jax is somewhat put at ease after paying Tracy a visit.
13: Episode 13
Jun 26, 2019
There is something wrong with Steve, and Tracy and Albert prepare themselves to take action. Okkie realises Louis and Naomi are looking at wedding venues, while Annelize is harassed by Clint. Information about ambulances could come in handy, and Okkie loses his temper with Wimpie.
14: Episode 14
Jun 27, 2019
Naomi suspects Okkie is tense about Trudie, and Bianca is a sight for sore eyes. Tonik’s prices are adjusted, while Tertius is also beginning to think that Elana is losing her marbles. Katryn was involved in a hi-jacking, and a stern discussion on electricity consumption gets uncomfortable.
15: Episode 15
Jun 28, 2019
Elana is busy driving Annelize up the wall, and Jax’s concerns are vanquished by Danny’s behaviour. Tracy’s expectations are not met, while René and Chanel are not eager to share their discussion with Naomi. Danny convinces Katryn of their safety, and Okkie uses Trudie as an excuse.
16: Episode 16
Jul 1, 2019
Okkie’s new menus might not solve the problem, while the cat and mouse game in Steve’s penthouse continues. Annelize realises that the truth might be stranger than fiction. A declaration of love leads to a disillusionment, while final preparations are made for the hijacking. A doctor is taken prisoner, and Tracy’s is in for a huge shock - and not just because a few gunshots are fired.
17: Episode 17
Jul 2, 2019
Bianca has life threatening plans for Elana, while Danny places Katryn in a very difficult position. Ilse demands answers from Okkie, and Jax puts her foot squarely in it.
18: Episode 18
Jul 3, 2019
Okkie and Danny have difficult conversations to start, and Elana eventually talks her heart out. Tracy’s rage towards Danny can’t be contained, while a lawyer contacts Ilse about Brian Els - which enrages At.
19: Episode 19
Jul 4, 2019
Okkie wants to talk to the lawyer again, but Ilse doesn’t think it is a good idea. A lost suitcase causes huge excitement with the medical staff, and Tracy puts her plan into motion.
20: Episode 20
Jul 5, 2019
Okkie’s meeting with the lawyer has consequences, and Quinton’s friends are increasingly concerned about him.
21: Episode 21
Jul 8, 2019
Okkie has no other choice but to put all the cards on the table with Ilse, and René’s plans are not met with enthusiasm.
22: Episode 22
Jul 9, 2019
The idea that At could manipulate Ilse doesn’t sit well with Okkie, and Katryn’s observation makes her very suspicious. Ingrid finds out more about At’s personal life, while René takes Quinton to task.
23: Episode 23
Jul 10, 2019
The consequences of the gruesome night send shock waves through more than just one person’s life. Quinton and René are sceptical about their team mates, while At doesn’t agree with Elana about what should happen next.
24: Episode 24
Jul 11, 2019
Okkie and Ilse’s relationship is strained, and René’s feet get cold quicker than she anticipated. New information comes to light that angers Ingrid - and her newly acquired temperament worries everyone.
25: Episode 25
Jul 12, 2019
Ingrid’s appointment with Conrad makes Annelize suspicious, while a sandwich causes huge problems. René tries to calm Quinton’s fears, and a secret is revealed. Ingrid reports on the unfolding events.
26: Episode 26
Jul 15, 2019
Jax shares her concerns regarding René with Tertius, and Annelize wants to use Elana to get information from Conrad. Naomi discusses Okkie’s problems with Louis, while a lack of self-confidence is admitted.
27: Episode 27
Jul 16, 2019
Lexi and Chanel try to encourage René, and Conrad’s statement upsets Ingrid. Quinton receives upsetting news, while At feels he has clinched a victory.
28: Episode 28
Jul 17, 2019
Naomi isn’t ready to tell Okkie the truth, and Quinton is convinced that René is irresponsible. At gives Annelize an important task, while Ingrid and her business partner hold different opinions about Conrad.
29: Episode 29
Jul 18, 2019
A good offer might not work out in favour of Tonik, and At has come up with a plan regarding a business transaction. Naomi realises in what state Okkie and Ilse’s relationship is, and René gets the shock of her life in Amoret.
30: Episode 30
Jul 19, 2019
At reaches out to Ingrid with a gesture that is supposed to gain her trust, and Okkie decides to put his foot down regarding exploitation.
31: Episode 31
Jul 22, 2019
Louis wants to help Okkie, and a request is made regarding a family ring. It is very clear that Ingrid understands At, but Sookun makes a remark that makes At nervous.
32: Episode 32
Jul 23, 2019
Okkie and Ilse have a fight after Louis’s presentation, and Quinton has a plan to rescue René. Steve thinks Annelize feels threatened, while Wimpie gives Ilse an idea regarding how to help Okkie.
33: Episode 33
Jul 24, 2019
Louis’s excitement is contagious, and old emotions don’t just flare up – it also gets the upper hand. Ingrid comes to a shocking realisation, while Stefan is disillusioned by the truth. Ethan becomes a pawn, and René shares the origin of her inner demons with Jax.
34: Episode 34
Jul 25, 2019
A clue deepens a quickly developing friendship, and At doubts his instincts – and it makes him turn on the charm. Chanel has to play open cards with René, and an innocent invitation leads to a fight.
35: Episode 35
Jul 26, 2019
Chanel questions René’s life choices – and discovers something about Lexi. Ingrid plays a dangerous game with At, while René opens up towards Jax.
36: Episode 36
Jul 29, 2019
Ingrid and Sookun are disturbed by events in Mauritius, while Steve is dreaming way too big. Denial and manipulation are at the order of the day.
37: Episode 37
Jul 30, 2019
Ross’s health worries Annelize, and Steve has a bright idea that concerns Lexi. A diagnosis doesn’t improve the situation, while Sookun wants to flee.
38: Episode 38
Jul 31, 2019
Ingrid is trapped between a rock and a hard place, while Jax comes to Elana’s rescue. While old feelings are stirring up again, there are others that need to face a swamp of lies – or build a bridge over it.
39: Episode 39
Aug 1, 2019
Everything is not as it seems with Lexi, and Ingrid tries to get Annelize to warn At. Chanel receives a surprising request, while Rian gets life changing news. René opens up about Stefan towards a friend, and both the women in At’s life are at a cross roads.
40: Episode 40
Aug 2, 2019
Naomi and Jax ask Chanel about a patient, and At doesn’t believe in Ingrid’s innocence. Elana colours in Lexi’s truth for Steve, and Annelize gets a shoulder to cry on. Stefan asks René about their past, while Louis explains to Elana what is really going on with At.
41: Episode 41
Aug 5, 2019
Steve wants to hear the truth from Lexi, and it leads to a huge fight. Stefan is discharged – but not before he gets to ask an important question. Ingrid and At try to make sense of the past month’s events, while Danny is tired of the tension between him and Jax.
42: Episode 42
Aug 6, 2019
Chanel can’t tell René the truth, and Steve asks Elana to talk to Lexi. Danny makes his plans for the future known to Jax, and Quinton has to cover for Tertius with Annelize. Stefan keeps on looking for excuses to see Chanel, while René decides to look up her past.
43: Episode 43
Aug 7, 2019
An unreasonable Quinton wants Tertius to stop Daleen, and the truth catches René off guard. Quinton talks to At about Tertius’s dilemma, while life doesn’t feel fair to two housemates.
44: Episode 44
Aug 8, 2019
Jax tries to bring Steve to new insights, while Naomi tries to make René aware of what is happening around her. Tertius has to plead with Daleen on behalf of At, and Annetjie gets impatient with Annelize.
45: Episode 45
Aug 9, 2019
Steve’s emotions lead him to the future, and Quinton and Jax are both worried about Tertius. Naomi has advice for Chanel about René, while Elana wonders about Steve’s suggestion. Jealousy is an ugly thing, and Chanel wants to handle her emotions the proper way.
46: Episode 46
Aug 12, 2019
Elana thinks she has a solution for nostalgia, and a psychiatric prescription could be a step in the right direction. Naomi tries her best to prevent a catastrophe, while Jax realises that Annetjie has real problems. René tells Quinton about her suspicions, and ketamine could be the short cut to a better tomorrow.
47: Episode 47
Aug 13, 2019
René feels that anger is not going to solve anything, and Annelize wants to help Annetjie. Tertius keeps Jax in the dark about where he was, and a sick Breggie returns from her trip. Danny feels humiliated after a run in with Tertius, while René tells Stefan what was in his treasure chest.
48: Episode 48
Aug 14, 2019
Support causes more discomfort, while Annelize’s discovery could ruin everything. Ilse is nervous about her training, and Annetjie is distraught about medication. Stefan wants to talk to Chanel about his flashback, while Naomi fears that love never dies.
49: Episode 49
Aug 15, 2019
Okkie tries to support Ilse, although his timing isn’t great, and Tertius gets suspicious about the messages that upset Annelize. Jax tries to think of a way to help Annetjie, while Stefan tells René a secret. René tries to cover up her declaration of love, while secrets cause havoc in a relationship.
50: Episode 50
Aug 16, 2019
Renate arrives unexpectedly at the Ferreira’s, and Tertius is not planning on keeping Annelize’s secret. While René begins to accept matters of the heart, Chanel is starting to doubt hers. Jax explains her plan to Annetjie, while Annelize’s worries prevent her from paying attention to Breggie.
51: Episode 51
Aug 19, 2019
Chanel confronts René about her emotions, and Annelize wants answers from Tertius. Jax needs to take a leave of absence to get her plan set in motion – and gets a companion on the spur of the moment. Something is wrong with Trudie, while a friendship is fast becoming unstable.
52: Episode 52
Aug 20, 2019
The tension in the garden flat is getting unbearable. Annetjie’s stories upset Annelize – and then At also shares upsetting news with her. Danny realises for the first time what is going on, and Jacques knows instinctively that something is wrong with Trudie.
53: Episode 53
Aug 21, 2019
René is placed in an uncomfortable position, and Stefan needs help with his plaster cast. Danny’s suspicions make Annelize uncomfortable, while Naomi’s concerns fall on deaf ears. While Annetjie discusses her problems with Annelize, it seems that ketamine could be the solution to a bigger problem.
54: Episode 54
Aug 22, 2019
Ilse is not impressed with Renate’s behaviour, and Tertius and Jax are in grave danger. Renate makes a suggestion towards Quinton, while Stefan’s plaster cast causes bigger problems. Eventually Trudie opens up towards Naomi, and someone bears witness to an adrenaline fuelled interaction.
55: Episode 55
Aug 23, 2019
Chanel sees a strange call on Stefan’s phone, and Tertius needs to sort out his personal life. Danny demands the truth from Jax, while At unnerves Annelize with his plans for Oncology.
56: Episode 56
Aug 26, 2019
Renate tries to find out more about Boeta from Trudie, and Breggie is in pain. Chanel is looking for answers from Stefan, and Elana must share news with family and friends.
57: Episode 57
Aug 27, 2019
Steve’s talk regarding Annelize’s plans for the future is futile, and Louis tells Naomi what Renate said. Tertius is concerned about his decisions – and decides to have tests done.
58: Episode 58
Aug 28, 2019
At thinks Quinton should court René, and Okkie has an opinion on Renate and Boeta. Elana has to manage everyone’s emotions before they get the better of everyone, while Renate finds the perfect shoulder to cry on.
59: Episode 59
Aug 29, 2019
Breggie’s family change their minds when she experiences a setback, and Elana warns Tertius that Annelize is out for blood. René and Chanel have to make peace with Stefan’s decision, while Annelize makes wild accusations against Tertius.
60: Episode 60
Aug 30, 2019
Trudie tells Jacques everything regarding Renate, while At warns Annelize to protect the hospital’s reputation. Elana and Hugo are both stunned to see each other, and organ donation could cause a problematic situation.
61: Episode 61
Sep 2, 2019
Renate’s thoughts are jumbled – and Trudie bears the brunt of it. At tries to convince Hugo about the job at Oncology, while Quinton wants answers from Tertius. News about Jana leads At to a decision, and Steve gives Annelize advice regarding Hugo. Elana is considering sharing her secret.
62: Episode 62
Sep 3, 2019
Annelize asks Hugo’s professional opinion about Elana’s procedure, and At receives shocking news about his neighbour, Dolf Loots. Renate gets the necessary motivation from an unknowing Quinton, and Elana words her doubt to Steve.
63: Episode 63
Sep 4, 2019
Elana is not impressed with Hugo, and Renier angers At. Annelize is distressed by At’s titbit of information, while Hugo sees that Steve isn’t himself. Quinton doesn’t understand why Tertius is still paying Annelize attention, and Renate is worried about her deeds.
64: Episode 64
Sep 5, 2019
Captain Botha’s investigation makes At even more suspicious about the events on the neighbouring farm, and Elana and Hugo are still butting heads. Wimpie has to look after Simon, while Louis wants to support At. Blood tests are done in secret, and the true position of keys turns into a fight.
65: Episode 65
Sep 6, 2019
The Ferreiras have a reason to smile broadly, while Louis witnesses how At lashes out at a man. Hugo needs to discuss the results of a blood test, while Annelize is concerned about the shadow of Rian Malherbe. Captain Botha warns At to keep his nose out of his business, and a doctor puts their foot in it.
66: Episode 66
Sep 9, 2019
While the net is closing in on Annelize, she also receives an anonymous message that upsets her. At is not in a good mood after Dolf’s burial, and Tertius gets worried about Annelize. Hugo ensures that Elana knows exactly where she stands, while Simon remind Wimpie of Breggie.
67: Episode 67
Sep 10, 2019
Naomi tries her best to get Chanel and René to talk to each other, and a provisional diagnosis is worsened. Louis is surprised to hear where Annelize is, while Wimpie has an allergic reaction. Jax wonders about Hugo and Elana’s past, and a fateful accident leads to a terrible ultimatum.
68: Episode 68
Sep 11, 2019
The cause of the sounds in the roof is explained to Chanel, and Hugo discusses the road ahead with his patient. When At returns to Pretoria, Tertius is even more concerned about Annelize’s well-being. Hostility leads to curiousity, while Wimpie has to get rid of Simon.
69: Episode 69
Sep 12, 2019
Steve can no longer keep quiet, and media exposure and a panelbeater causes Annelize stress. At gives Piet a new assignment, and peace is brokered with small steps in the right direction.
70: Episode 70
Sep 13, 2019
Danny starts getting really worried about Steve, and Simon doesn’t want to come out of the room. There is no such thing as coincidence for Annelize, while Tertius eventually links all the stories. Jax observes Elana’s distress, and Captain Botha receives interesting new information.
71: Episode 71
Sep 16, 2019
At’s words flow beautifully from Annelize’s lips, and the board receives shocking news about one of their members. Breggie’s possessions are the reason for Wimpie’s mood, and Captain Botha smells a rat when it comes to At and Annelize’s stories.
72: Episode 72
Sep 17, 2019
A full work program and priorities are being dissected under a microscope, and At needs to attend another funeral. Steve tells Danny the truth, while Quinton feels sorry for Tertius when he defends Annelize. René makes an attempt at saving a friendship, and Annelize is on everyone’s lips – and their thoughts.
73: Episode 73
Sep 18, 2019
Danny tries to support Elana, and Wimpie has an answer for Chanel’s nightly noises. Annelize admits that she is afraid of the future, while Hugo has to share unsettling news. A cellphone video is not the only thing that causes tension for everyone involved.
74: Episode 74
Sep 19, 2019
Wimpie is upset that he couldn’t have one last discussion, and Steve makes his wishes known. Tertius thinks that Annelize can’t count on At, while Elana thinks Hugo influenced a decision. Captain Botha is of the opinion that only the truth could improve the current situation.
75: Episode 75
Sep 20, 2019
Elana and Jax are both confused by Steve’s decision, and Annelize gives At a warning. Piet’s actions cause problems, and Conrad unknowingly plants a seed with someone who is stuck between a rock and a hard place. At is not planning on dancing to the beat of Annelize’s drum.
76: Episode 76
Sep 23, 2019
A wedding date is set, and Steve thinks he has lost Elana for ever. At suddenly receives unnecessary attention, while Annelize has concocted a plan that suits her. Danny explains to Elana what is going on with Steve, and Conrad helps Louis to make a decision.
77: Episode 77
Sep 24, 2019
Louis asks At for a loan, and Steve does something out of character. Quinton doesn’t want to live under the same roof as Annelize, while Elana is not impressed with sudden travel plans. Annelize makes her demands clear, but then At has terms and conditions of his own.
78: Episode 78
Sep 25, 2019
Danny tells Elana to support Steve’s decision, while Jessica makes Louis and Naomi feel uncomfortable. Conrad is seeking answers from Louis and Annelize. Annelize tries to talk to Tertius, and Naomi’s decision confuses Chanel. Elana opens up towards Hugo, while Captain Botha is reprimanded.
79: Episode 79
Sep 26, 2019
Elana kidnaps Steve, but the excursion doesn’t play out the way she planned it. Conrad takes a stand, and Tertius doesn’t want to continue a friendship. Louis tries to get through to At, while Annelize gets unexpected help. Captain Botha is not planning on letting the case go.
80: Episode 80
Sep 27, 2019
Naomi’s fears are realised, but she is putting up a brave face. Annelize is determined to make the best of the day, while At suddenly disappears. Elana is caught off guard by Hugo’s behaviour, and the blackmailer is not planning on going quietly.
81: Episode 81
Sep 30, 2019
Tertius’s curiosity gets the upper hand, and Steve admits that he can’t get Hugo’s trauma out of his head. Annelize tells At about the blackmailer, while Elana confronts Hugo about Marko and Steve. Louis receives a diet plan, and Elana must make a decision about Lexi.
82: Episode 82
Oct 1, 2019
A deadline could cause a lot of conflict, while Naomi has mixed feelings about a very important meeting. Steve starts getting suspicious of Elana’s past, and Piet starts putting together the puzzle pieces. Louis decides to design his own diet, and Annelize’s tension causes her to take action.
83: Episode 83
Oct 2, 2019
Elana’s reaction on Steve’s theory hits him hard, and in the Koster Mansion one shocking event after another takes place. Chemotherapy is the cause of huge conflict, and Noami takes Jessica to task – before wedding cakes are on the menu.
84: Episode 84
Oct 3, 2019
At tries to bully Annelize – but At’s lawyer has other ideas. Steve reminds Elana of their reality, while Tertius’s behaviour gives Annelize something to think about. Louis begins to experience the side effects of his plan. Immunotherapy is an option for Steve, while Annelize puts her foot down.
85: Episode 85
Oct 4, 2019
Divorce is definitely no game – while Annelize is defiant about what she is owed. Jax wonders about Danny’s aloof behaviour, and it seems like all the Koster men are in a foul mood. Jessica doesn’t help Naomi’s already elevated stress levels, while Trudie can’t let a good opportunity slip through her fingers.
86: Episode 86
Oct 7, 2019
Wimpie and Trudie have a difference in opinion about her excitement, and Danny doesn’t pay attention to Steve’s request. It is not only the Koster household that are aware of Annelize’s wars. At is desperate to get to the end of the road of his marriage, and Steve shares his plan with Elana.
87: Episode 87
Oct 8, 2019
Elana is conflicted about Steve, and Annelize is not only suspicious of At. Naomi and Louis discuss the wedding venue, and Quinton informs Tertius of what Elana saw. Danny definitely doesn’t know about Jax, and it seems that Louis’s plan is reaping the benefits. A tense Annelize shares her suspicions with Tertius.
88: Episode 88
Oct 9, 2019
Someone is looking for Jax, and Louis has a lot on his plate at the moment. Tertius has advice for Annelize regarding her marriage – and then he also has to share bad news. Ingrid is greeted with more than one piece of shocking news, and Naomi is suspicious of Louis’s energy.
89: Episode 89
Oct 10, 2019
Rian is a master manipulator – and At and Annelize’s cat and mouse game starts all over again. Okkie’s ego is hurt, and, for a change, Hugo shares good news with Steve. Naomi scolds Louis, while Annelize’s potential solution starts with a phone call.
90: Episode 90
Oct 11, 2019
Annelize confronts Ingrid about At. Quinton puts pressure on Chanel regarding Naomi’s kitchen tea, while both Okkie and Louis have a surprise for Naomi. The Kosters gather their ammunition, while Ilse’s advice drives Okkie mad.
91: Episode 91
Oct 14, 2019
At has a surprise for Louis, and Ilse gets a boost of her own. At and Annelize do more than just draw lines in the sand, while Steve takes care of the last few travel arrangements. Danny makes a suggestion regarding the kitchen tea, and Louis admits what is going on with him.
92: Episode 92
Oct 15, 2019
Chanel tries to get information from Louis and Naomi, and Annelize is put in her place – and Ingrid is not impressed. Sebastian makes Okkie feel uncomfortable, while Tertius’s support testifies more than he planned on. Steve’s bucket list brings tears to Elana’s eyes, and Annelize plays her trump card.
93: Episode 93
Oct 16, 2019
Okkie’s remarks confuse Ilse, while Quinton gives Tertius a warning. Cooperation is hope for the future, and Tertius makes a good impression – and uses the chance to avoid Annelize. Danny plays open cards with Chanel, and Okkie causes Ilse embarrassment.
94: Episode 94
Oct 17, 2019
Tertius’s day starts with mixed emotions, and Quinton causes Louis to become suspicious. Sebastian puts Ilse under his spell, while Danny makes it difficult for a doctor to refuse an invitation. Ilse’s offer rubs Okkie the wrong way.
95: Episode 95
Oct 18, 2019
Danny has a plan with Chanel’s first prediction, and Tertius discusses a serious idea with Annelize. Ilse’s fight with Okkie taints her night, while Annelize uses Bernice to get some distance. At’s plan becomes clearer, and an embrace doesn’t go unnoticed.
96: Episode 96
Oct 21, 2019
Naomi thinks Okkie is being unreasonable, and Annelize is a cat with more than nine lives. Social Media makes a doctor look bad, while Louis has an idea how to use Chanel’s predictions for good. Quinton is sharper than he looks. Ilse has to make a very difficult decision – just when peace is knocking on the door.
97: Episode 97
Oct 22, 2019
Danny has advice for Tertius, while Sebastian has a solution for Ilse’s problem. Naomi reads Quinton the riot act regarding Louis, and Conrad informs At about Bernice. Chanel’s day is thrown into disarray by her last prediction, while Elana unknowingly informs a patient of At’s arrangements.
98: Episode 98
Oct 23, 2019
Chanel is not the only one in hot water regarding a patient, and Danny won’t be able to hide the truth any longer. Bernice knows exactly how to install fear, and Naomi is treated like a queen. At brings Conrad up to speed on a sensitive issue – and shocks Annelize with his ultimatum.
99: Episode 99
Oct 24, 2019
Elana gives Danny advice regarding Chanel, and the tension between Okkie and Ilse is very clear. Annelize confronts Quinton about At’s plan. A package from China causes panic, and Bernice is kept loyal. Conrad shares his opinion on At with Annelize, while Tertius is caught off guard by Quinton and Annelize.
100: Episode 100
Oct 25, 2019
Ilse admits that she has learnt an expensive lesson, while Tertius confronts Annelize with his suspicions. Trust is a big element of any relationship – especially if it doesn’t exist. Chanel gets advice from Danny about her date, and Louis offers Ilse a sanctuary.
101: Episode 101
Oct 28, 2019
Danny surprises Chanel with his offer, and there is a temporary ceasefire to concentrate on the task at hand. Louis invites Ilse to stay longer, and the complexity of human emotions and deeds shine during a time of crisis. Chanel is upset about Danny’s behaviour, and Elana asks Annelize for help.
102: Episode 102
Oct 29, 2019
Naomi tells Okkie to swallow his pride, and both Elana and her patient are surprised by a familiar face. Danny finds out that he needs to testify in a court case, while voicemail has the opposite effect. Annelize will have to make a very big decision, and Ilse has to intervene when Louis decides on a best man.
103: Episode 103
Oct 30, 2019
Hugo doesn’t make a good impression on Wimpie, and Danny tries to comfort Chanel. Roland is sworn to secrecy – but Elana is suspicious of the new developments. Sebastian makes Okkie see red, and more than one person wonders about a platonic friendship. Noami’s words leads to an emotional explosion, and Annelize’s secret gives Tertius answers to questions that he didn’t even know he had.
104: Episode 104
Oct 31, 2019
Quinton tries to get information on Chanel and Danny, and Annelize’s worries are endless. Naomi is livid with Okkie, while Tertius is confronted with the truth – and Annelize’s decision doesn’t help the situation.
105: Episode 105
Nov 1, 2019
Okkie escapes the city – but not alone – and Chanel finds Danny’s behaviour towards her strange. Annelize confuses Tertius, while Renate arrives in Pretoria for the wedding. Hugo’s move is something to celebrate, and Quinton puts his foot in his mouth.
106: Episode 106
Nov 4, 2019
Renate is not shy about sharing her opinions on Okkie and Ilse, and a fragile peace is brokered between traveling companions. Hugo is suspicious of Annelize, while Conrad leaves At speechless. Wimpie wants to help Chanel, and Tertius has a lot of news to share. The tide has turned against Quinton and Okkie.
107: Episode 107
Nov 5, 2019
Annelize won’t be reaping the rewards of her labour, and a hyena causes a lot more trouble. Ilse realises the stress that Naomi is enduring, while Wimpie isn’t necessarily the one that will help Hugo.
108: Episode 108
Nov 6, 2019
Renate goes to a lot of trouble to get forgiveness, while Okkie will have to act fast to save Quinton’s life. At’s realisation about Ingrid leaves him cold, and Annelize loses her temper with Hugo. An empty Ferreira house conjures new fears in the inhabitants, and At leaves Annelize speechless.
109: Episode 109
Nov 7, 2019
Tertius and Naomi each have to make a heavy decision, and At doesn’t help Louis’ situation. Annelize receives an ultimatum – and has to defend her choices. Chanel and Hugo worries Danny. In a moment of doubt Louis’ tension is pushed past the breaking point, and Okkie needs to find his will to survive.
110: Episode 110
Nov 8, 2019
Annelize’s discussions with At doesn’t get any easier, and Ilse blames herself for everything. Tertius doesn’t think about what he is saying, while Naomi can’t get any answers regarding Okkie. Chanel is not impressed with the way people perceive her, and At wants his wife home.
111: Episode 111
Nov 11, 2019
Danny’s desires lead him into temptation, and Annelize returns to the Koster Mansion. Louis and Naomi share a sad moment, while Tertius harbours revengeful thoughts. René’s return is accompanied by a lot of newsworthy titbits, and Elana is not impressed with At. Danny’s patient is not unfamiliar to everyone.
112: Episode 112
Nov 12, 2019
Ilse shares her decision with the Kosters, and Chanel is cautious about Danny’s impression of her. René realises that Hugo is avoiding Julia – and then ghosts from the past meet each other. Introspection is part of a healthy relationship, and René reads Danny the riot act.
113: Episode 113
Nov 13, 2019
Danny wants to do things right from the word go, and Okkie calms Naomi’s fears regarding his relationship. Hugo is stunned when Julia wants to talk to him, while a wedding date brings new challenges. Elana is suddenly aware of the destruction caused in the past, and Sammy worries a doctor.
114: Episode 114
Nov 14, 2019
Louis needs to find the right words with Ilse, while René and Chanel can eventually bury the past. Naas’ visitors are a problem for Julia, and At has something to say to Okkie. Danny is concerned about Elana, while Hugo doesn’t want to listen to a colleague.
115: Episode 115
Nov 15, 2019
René finds Tertius and Annelize’s behaviour towards each other peculiar, while news about Naas worries Hugo even more. The invisible cracks begin to take form again, and Quinton talks to René about a new will.
116: Episode 116
Nov 18, 2019
Events in the Ferreira household leads to doubt, and Tertius and Annelize have words about Quinton. Danny’s bitterness towards Tracy unnerves Chanel, while Hugo wants to end of a chapter in his life in the right way.
117: Episode 117
Nov 19, 2019
Quinton shares his past with René, while dishonesty creates even more distrust. Steve realises Hugo is enquiring about Naas – and Elana thinks Julia’s concerns are founded. Chanel wants to tell her father about Danny, and Louis agrees to help René.
118: Episode 118
Nov 20, 2019
Swannie’s accident has far-reaching consequences, and Louis and Naomi make a decision about their fairy tale wedding. Tracy’s words haunt Chanel, while Ilse’s marriage causes her to be trapped in turmoil. Julia catches an unexpected guest, and it isn’t just Hugo that is not sleeping at home.
119: Episode 119
Nov 21, 2019
Wimpie’s search leads to strange answers, and Annelize offers René an apology. Elana thinks it is time to have a serious talk with Hugo, while Danny is unsure about how much to tell Chanel about his family.
120: Episode 120
Nov 22, 2019
Tracy gives Hugo something to think about, and Naomi tries to persuade her father to change his mind. Louis and Quinton try to bury the hatchet, while Hugo’s news isn’t received well by Steve and Elana. Ilse opens up towards Naomi about her fears, and Steve thinks he knows what tricks Tracy are up to.
121: Episode 121
Nov 25, 2019
Annelize informs Quinton about a solution for Swannie, and Naomi has no other choice but to play open cards with the rest of the inhabitants of the Ferreira house. There are different reactions on Tracy’s presence, and Okkie’s brutal honesty pushes Ilse to see red.
122: Episode 122
Nov 26, 2019
Connie doesn’t want to work in ER, and Hugo defends his choices towards Tracy. Liezl thinks it is time to jump into action, while Chanel doesn’t understand Danny’s motives. Steve and Hugo have a fight over privacy, and Tracy is trying to get hold of Julia.
123: Episode 123
Nov 27, 2019
Chanel doesn’t understand why Connie is on edge, and Liezl doesn’t think that Okkie and Ilse’s problems are new. Tracy feels hurt by Hugo’s behaviour, and Louis makes a suggestion on where he and Naomi should live. Tracy is admitted to ER, while a meeting with Quinton causes a personality change.
124: Episode 124
Nov 28, 2019
Chanel is caught off guard by Danny and Connie’s interaction. Sebastian once again causes trouble, while Tracy is shocked in how much Hugo knows about her. Chanel wants to play Cupid, and Liezl hits the nail on the head concerning Okkie.
125: Episode 125
Nov 29, 2019
Naomi is completely over it – and decided to do something about it. Connie’s strange behaviour is worsened by attention, and Tracy doesn’t want to sign the documents. René and Chanel invite the new nurse for drinks, while Louis makes a decision regarding Tracy.
126: Episode 126
Dec 2, 2019
Binneland Stereo is buzzing with speculation about what could’ve happened between Quinton and Connie, and Hugo thinks he has done his part concerning Tracy. Okkie and Ilse start tackling the root of all evil, and Julia doubts her motherhood. Connie’s secret is unearthed, while harsh words flow from Hugo’s mouth.
127: Episode 127
Dec 3, 2019
Connie tries to avoid questions about her past, while Okkie hatches an idea after Ilse makes a decision. Tracy’s head goes into overdrive, and Julia is weary of confusing emotions. Naomi gets nervous as the big day draws closer, while Hugo starts feelings guilty about Tracy. There is a big trouble at Julia’s house.
128: Episode 128
Dec 4, 2019
Naomi and Louis are under the impression that they can get married in peace, and the police arrive at Julia's house. René asks Quinton’s assistance with Connie, while Quinton unnerves Naomi regarding the big day. Hugo plays the part of hero and villain in a story.
129: Episode 129
Dec 5, 2019
Trudie is unaware of what happened in the Ferreira household, while René gives Quinton advice regarding Connie. Louis reprimands Quinton and it becomes clear that Hugo feels complicit. Ilse and Okkie discuss their problems freely, while someone else’s problems cause trouble between Steve and Elana.
130: Episode 130
Dec 6, 2019
René gives Quinton advice regarding his date, and Tracy places Hugo in an uncomfortable position. The shareholders are not keen on an appointment, but there is one hero amongst the members – with a hidden agenda. Jessica brings bad news to Louis’s attention.
131: Episode 131
Dec 9, 2019
Quinton words his concerns regarding Connie, and Okkie wants to have a family gathering before the wedding. There are mixed feelings regarding an appointment, while Chanel causes Trudie to stress about her responsibilities. Someone is keeping a watchful eye on At, and Louis receives bad news of a personal nature.
132: Episode 132
Dec 10, 2019
Ilse gets a bright idea during Naomi’s trial, while Connie doesn’t have anything good to say about Quinton. Information about the wedding is collected, and Trudie tests the waters regarding her future. Wedding photos are not the biggest headache on the agenda, while Esra is kept in the dark.
133: Episode 133
Dec 11, 2019
Ilse is prepared to share an uncomfortable opinion with Naomi, and Tertius shares Connie’s results with Quinton. Jonas’s plan becomes clearer, while Louis does everything in his power to ease Naomi’s mind. An attempted suicide could throw a spanner in the (wedding) works, and Jonas swops his target.
134: Episode 134
Dec 12, 2019
Renate questions Okkie's explanation regarding Ilse, and Quinton and Danny make a bet on the outcome of the wedding that doesn’t impress René. Jessica unknowingly shares important information – and Renate is working on her nerves. Belinda and Okkie share a tender moment, and an uninvited guest is rattled.
135: Episode 135
Dec 13, 2019
The big day arrives for Louis and Naomi, and the fest of the invited doesn’t go without drama. What is a wedding without murder, where tradition is ignored, and a hundred thousand different types of emotions aren’t part of the occasion?
136: Episode 136
Dec 16, 2019
Dennis and Jonas are proud of their work, while Trudie is nervous about talking to her parents about her future. René discovers something about Connie, and Annelize decides to organize a Christmas party. A post mortem examination and a room has individuals gasping for breath…
137: Episode 137
Dec 17, 2019
Plans for the future include England, and pent-up anger leads to a dangerous outburst. A door becomes an obstacle for an outing, and Connie’s results become common knowledge. Tertius is turning into an amateur sleuth, while Annelize tries to control At – and another target is identified.
138: Episode 138
Dec 18, 2019
Many hands make light work – except if those hands are clumsy. Trudie can’t believe her luck, and the new target is followed. Okkie thinks he knows what is going on with Renate and Boeta, while Tertius thinks Annelize is losing the plot.
139: Episode 139
Dec 19, 2019
Jonas realises the heat is on, but doesn’t want to terminate the plans. Naomi is embarrassed about the neighbours’ complaints, and Annelize thinks she recognises someone on a photo. Love blossoms in the most unlikely ways, while At begins to figure things out. Trust is a reason for concern, and Tertius is surprised by a visitor.
140: Episode 140
Dec 20, 2019
Elana gives Steve advice regarding Hugo – especially in the current situation – and Tertius is worried about both Esra and Annelize. Okkie and Ilse aren’t getting all the answers they want, while Esra realises what could happen to Jonas. Sleeping habits could lead to a loss of sleep, and Jonas confronts Esra regarding his tablets.
141: Episode 141
Dec 23, 2019
Elana isn’t getting through to Steve, and Tertius demands police involvement – and tries to get Conrad on his side. Naomi finds it difficult to share news with Okkie, while Steve meets one of Hugo’s younger patients. Ilse has advice for Naomi regarding a present, and an uninvited guest arrives at the Koster Mansion.
142: Episode 142
Dec 24, 2019
There is a huge commotion in the Koster Mansion, while Chanel realises Danny is alone on Christmas. Ideas and fears regarding Christmas presents make life interesting, and Steve eventually shares his truth. Naomi’s frustration with Okkie builds up, and Annelize gives At unasked for reassurance. Elana isn’t put off easily.
143: Episode 143
Dec 25, 2019
Father Christmas visits Naomi, and a doll causes problems in the hospital. Annelize and At read each other very well, while Chanel is vague about what her family knows about her relationship. Okkie doesn’t read between the lines, and not everyone’s festivities run smoothly.
144: Episode 144
Dec 26, 2019
A broken bed causes uncomfortable problems, and Brandon unexpectedly arrives at the Ferreira’s. The children’s ward receives a new guest, and Danny doesn’t make a good impression. Ilse shares her theory about Okkie, while Steve’s friend is not impressed with him.
145: Episode 145
Dec 27, 2019
Okkie gets upset about Ilse’s advice, and Brandon is worried about Danny’s family. An uncomfortable situation leads to new insights, while Steve has a surprise for Rachel. Chanel is tense about Brandon’s motives, and it is difficult to admit the truth out loud.
146: Episode 146
Dec 30, 2019
Social Media speaks louder than the truth, and someone is interested in Quinton. Chanel and Danny run into troubled waters, while Tertius tries to encourage his best friend. Danny starts getting difficult, and inspiration comes from the oddest place. Untouched history comes closer to the surface, while Brandon doesn’t have time to be diplomatic.
147: Episode 147
Dec 31, 2019
Danny thinks Chanel’s father has lost his marbles, and Hugo wants to see Steve regarding his chemo counts. René finds out about Quinton’s plans, while Chanel surprises Danny. The Catwalk is the last place that Tracy thought she would run into someone, and the Old Year is shown the door in style.
148: Episode 148
Jan 1, 2020
René shares her dilemma with Chanel, and Annelize notices a change in At’s attitude. Tertius encourages Quinton to not give up hope, while Hugo hears that a family are not happy with his actions. Tracy keeps an eye on Brandon, and Ingrid’s return is not part of Annelize’s plans.
149: Episode 149
Jan 2, 2020
Annelize is not happy with At and Ingrid, and René helps Quinton to send messages. Danny’s confrontation leads to more questions than answers, while Brandon makes Tracy feel a lot more than just uncomfortable.
150: Episode 150
Jan 3, 2020
Hugo is sued, and Brandon wants to keep Chanel from finding out with what he is busy with - but Steve explains the sensitivity of the situation.
151: Episode 151
Jan 6, 2020
Elana thinks she has the answer to Hugo’s problem, while Steve has a solution for Brandon’s situation. Chanel wonders about Danny and Tracy, and Quinton begins to think differently about René.
152: Episode 152
Jan 7, 2020
Quinton is on everyone’s lips, and Chanel wants to ask Steve about her suspicions - but then Elana receives very bad news. Ingrid and At place each other under cross-examination, while Xenia receives an unpleasant task.
153: Episode 153
Jan 8, 2020
Chanel is not impressed with reality, while Rocky realises he might have made a big mistake. To Annelize’s frustration Ingrid is convinced to take a case, and Wimpie encourages Quinton.
154: Episode 154
Jan 9, 2020
Annelize asks Tracy to keep an eye on Ingrid, and Danny is not sure what to do with the latest revelation. Brandon and Chanel discuss Xenia honestly, while Quinton is caught completely off guard by the person that René meets in Amoret.
155: Episode 155
Jan 10, 2020
Ingrid questions Conrad about the treatment of a patient, and Chanel doesn’t like what she sees. Danny can’t hide the truth any longer, while Hugo is forced to look after Ethan. René takes Quinton to task because of his behaviour, and Brandon thinks he knows how Danny can be of assistance.
156: Episode 156
Jan 13, 2020
Chanel and Brandon fight about Xenia, while Tertius needs to provide advice. Ingrid is asked out to dinner, and Quinton’s behaviour is confusing René. Annelize notices what it is that is upsetting At, while Tracy’s warning doesn’t come without its own agenda.
157: Episode 157
Jan 14, 2020
Naomi thinks René’s imagination is fooling her, and At tries to find out what the nature of the relationship is between Ingrid and Hugo. Conrad warns Annelize about her husband, while answers on Quinton are sought from Wimpie.
158: Episode 158
Jan 15, 2020
Tertius tells Quinton to tell the truth, and Brandon awakens doubt in Danny. Ethan lands up in ER when he experiences intense pain, while Danny pleads with his father one more time. June finds out what is really going on with her daughter, and Danny gets really worried about obsessive behavior.
159: Episode 159
Jan 16, 2020
Annelize presents her case to Tertius, while Quinton can’t do anything right in René’s eyes. Chanel tries to put her plan into action, and Ingrid tries to clear the air with Hugo. Ethan hides something from his mother, and Tracy whispers her own conclusions in Annelize’s ear. A chance meeting gives Chanel new hope.
160: Episode 160
Jan 17, 2020
The cat is out of the bag – and the writing is on the wall! Annelize encourages Hugo to support Ingrid, while Chanel seeks advice from Tracy. Quinton tries to prevent René from being punished, and Ethan’s diagnoses causes problems.
161: Episode 161
Jan 20, 2020
René’s anger makes her feel guilty, and a bone marrow transplant could be the only chance on survival for a patient. Danny seeks answers regarding their relationship from Chanel, while new rules are spelt out for Quinton.
162: Episode 162
Jan 21, 2020
Tim is not impressed with Rocky at all, while Tracy can no longer keep quiet. René’s peace comes with conditions, and Quinton makes plans to transfer.
163: Episode 163
Jan 22, 2020
At and Annelize expect the worst from Quinton, while Ethan experiences a setback – and his situation becomes critical. Danny challenges Tim, and June tries to put in a good word for Quinton.
164: Episode 164
Jan 23, 2020
René and Quinton are making everyone uncomfortable, and Conrad wants to know exactly what it is that At wants from Rian.
165: Episode 165
Jan 24, 2020
René requests not to be working on the same shift as Quinton, and Conrad wants to get himself tested – which unsettles Ingrid. Tracy is busy with some sleuthing of her own, while At isn’t impressed with Conrad’s business idea.
166: Episode 166
Jan 27, 2020
At spells out his plan to capture Rian, while Ingrid holds nothing back in a conversation with Annelize. When Tertius confronts Annelize, she realises that there is something that she wasn’t aware of.
167: Episode 167
Jan 28, 2020
Conrad makes it very clear that he is looking for new partners, and there is a surprising event that takes place in the linen room. Steve and Elana warn At about Southern Hope, while Conrad receives news that leads him to a new idea - which in turn unnerves Annelize and Ingrid. Rian makes a daring decision.
168: Episode 168
Jan 29, 2020
Annelize finds out what At is busy with, and Ingrid has an emotional breakdown. Becker tries to manage Rian’s expectations, while a CV receives Quinton’s immediate attention. MercyMed and Rian Malherbe are on two men’s lips, and Hugo clearly doesn’t condone Ingrid’s decision.
169: Episode 169
Jan 30, 2020
Rian gets suspicious after a conversation with someone in South Africa, and At’s frustrations are building up. Annelize gives Hugo something to think about, while Quinton is told who should be appointed. Ingrid is not going to let anyone tell her what to do, and two friends share a moment.
170: Episode 170
Jan 31, 2020
Annelize is relieved about the news that she receives, and Rian asks Becker to organise the home dialysis. Steve realises Conrad has a trump card, while Wimpie and Hugo have a squabble in Tonik. Maya’s makes no impression on Quinton, and a reunion is almost unreal.
171: Episode 171
Feb 3, 2020
Quinton plants a seed with Wimpie – and Okkie lets it germinate. At has plans with Conrad, while Tertius takes on a patient about Annelize. René suspects that it is not Maya alone that influences Quinton’s mood, while two doctors pick a fight in ER.
172: Episode 172
Feb 4, 2020
Annelize is not impressed with At’s motives, and a key card leads to another skirmish. Becker is worried about Rian, while René tries to put in a good word for Quinton. Tertius’s request is rebuffed, and Hugo is sailing into stormy waters with Ingrid.
173: Episode 173
Feb 5, 2020
Hugo confronts Ingrid with the truth, and Rian gives Becker a very important task. Quinton’s childhood is discussed with René, while Tertius realises what Annelize is expecting of him. Wimpie takes note of Naomi’s theory on Hugo, and At comes to hear of Rian’s wheelings and dealings.
174: Episode 174
Feb 6, 2020
Annelize isn’t born under a rock, while Ethan’s fears overwhelm Ingrid. A conversation with Maya gives René a lot to think about, and Danny is sceptical about Quinton and René’s date. Rian is not planning on running away again, while Wimpie creates an online profile after a conversation with Okkie.
175: Episode 175
Feb 7, 2020
René regrets the words that escape her mouth, while Binneland Stereo is abuzz regarding Rian Malherbe. Tertius shares news about Pippa, and Naomi has had enough of the never-ending story. Ethan’s bone marrow transplant takes place, while At and Conrad discuss the search.
176: Episode 176
Feb 10, 2020
Quinton ignores Susanna’s calls, while Maya confronts her father about her appointment. Tertius informs At about what is going on in Binneland Clinic – and it leads to a very loaded meeting. Wimpie is not wasting any time, while Quinton has to handle the appointment process by himself.
177: Episode 177
Feb 11, 2020
At makes Quinton (and his project) Elana and Steve’s problem, and a very humiliating and public arrest is made in the hospital. Annelize’s anger boils over, and Susanna asks René not to talk to her son on her behalf. Rian gives At a warning, and someone receives secretive good news.
178: Episode 178
Feb 12, 2020
René is uncomfortable with Susanna’s questions, and Tertius tries to state his case. At receives shocking news, while Quinton realises for the first time that his mother is in Pretoria. Ingrid tries to encourage At, while Susanna discusses her doubts with Ilse.
179: Episode 179
Feb 13, 2020
Quinton and Steve give the candidates their first task, while At gets his revenge on Tertius in other ways. Okkie gives Wimpie something to think about, and Annelize sees something that makes her suspicious. Naomi gets a nice birthday surprise.
180: Episode 180
Feb 14, 2020
Louis is determined to make Naomi’s birthday the best one ever, and Tertius warns Rian about Annelize. Susanna is surprised to see Louis, while Hugo saves Wimpie’s Valentine’s Day. Surprises and bad news are part of Naomi’s celebration, and Annelize is torn.
181: Episode 181
Feb 17, 2020
Naomi isn’t handling her reality so well, and Louis tries to encourage Susanna regarding Quinton. Tertius realises what Annelize’s agenda is, while Chanel is worried about her sister’s progress. Wimpie gives Susanna the wrong idea, and the truth comes out when someone is forced into a corner.
182: Episode 182
Feb 18, 2020
At has news for Louis regarding Kallie’s estate, and Quinton enjoys his power position. Annelize realises what is going on with At, while Tertius is unsure about Rian’s words. Danny is shocked by news more than once during the day, and Chanel realises her father is interfering in her life.
183: Episode 183
Feb 19, 2020
Quinton and one of the candidates are getting along better than the others, while Danny and his mother have to come clean with one another. Quinton realises for the first time what is really going on with his mother, and Vida unsettles Chanel.
184: Episode 184
Feb 20, 2020
Wimpie is pleasantly surprised by Susanna’s decision, while Danny experiences more than one disillusionment. Jerry is worried about the future of the business, and Annelize is extremely hard on the candidates when she has to deal with them.
185: Episode 185
Feb 21, 2020
Susanna cross examines Annelize, and Vida begins her day with more than one piece of unsettling news. Captain Botha questions Danny about Tim, and it is time for Louis to say his goodbyes. At doesn’t want to discuss his history with his sister, while Hlabi and Greeff are at loggerheads regarding foul play.
186: Episode 186
Feb 24, 2020
At and Susanna eventually hear about their shared inheritance, and Vida can’t let Danny find out the truth about her Cape Town visit. Quinton’s decision earns him Maya’s respect, while Wimpie tries to sell a new idea to Susanna.
187: Episode 187
Feb 25, 2020
Tim has a trump card – and Danny is not the only one that will decide Tim’s future. At is shocked to hear Susanna’s real circumstances, while Steve helps Maya to gain perspective. The winner of the candidates is announced, and the master manipulator is revealed.
188: Episode 188
Feb 26, 2020
At realises why Susanna didn’t take him up on his offer, and Tracy shares upsetting news with Hugo. Danny keeps Vida in the dark, while Elana wants to come clean to Steve. Vida’s new world clashes with her old one, and Annelize builds on an understanding with a stranger.
189: Episode 189
Feb 27, 2020
Elana is frustrated with Steve’s stubbornness – and she takes it out on Hugo. Danny needs to think fast on his feet – but it isn’t enough. Susanna gets a surprise at the flat, while Captain Botha confuses Danny. Jerry feels threatened – and worries Vida with news about Tim.
190: Episode 190
Feb 28, 2020
Steve shows Elana how much he appreciates her, while a ring becomes a discussion point. Jerry tries to persuade Vida of what should happen with Tim, and Danny decides to trust Captain Botha after she realises what Chanel has done.
191: Episode 191
Mar 2, 2020
Hugo has to share bad news, and Vida can’t handle the situation with Danny. Nostalgia can be found in a suitcase, while Botha smells a rat. Chanel realises that everything has changed again, and Wimpie realises what the inheritance could mean for Susanna. Lexi’s discovery places her in grave danger.
192: Episode 192
Mar 3, 2020
Elana doesn’t get a chance to reach out to Steve, while Jerry wants to assure Danny of his loyalty. Annelize makes Susanna think, and At insists that Tim is woken up. Susanna shares her decision with At, while Jerry is forced into a corner.
193: Episode 193
Mar 4, 2020
Wimpie confronts Quinton about Susanna’s decision, while Jerry and Vida are not focusing on the same thing. Chanel fears that she will have to treat Tim, while Tim’s words enrage Vida. Louis gets a surprise of his own, and At tries to talk to Susanna at Quinton’s request.
194: Episode 194
Mar 5, 2020
Botha is desperate to talk to Tim – but Tim is very incoherent. Tertius is worried about Maya, while she and the nurses are at loggerheads. A ring is the least of At and Quinton’s worries, and Danny is determined to get answers from Tim. News about an operation shifts gears in more than one individual’s head.
195: Episode 195
Mar 6, 2020
At is stunned by his discovery, and Tertius gives Maya advice regarding the nurses. Quinton has a lot to say about Susanna to Ilse. Chanel tries to console Danny about Tim, and Maya’s difficult task at hand causes conflict between Tertius and Quinton.
196: Episode 196
Mar 9, 2020
Jerry upsets Lexi with his questions, and municipal debt could drive a wedge deeper. Maya is very impressed with Hugo, while Steve gives Tim a piece of his mind. At realises that he is probably the only one that didn’t know about the secret.
197: Episode 197
Mar 10, 2020
Elana is stunned by a patient’s moment of clarity. At gives Piet a sensitive task, while Elana and Steve keep Danny in the dark about a conversation. Jerry’s eyes don’t miss a thing, and a social gathering at Tertius’s flat is a bit much for one doctor. Elana realises that nothing is as it seems.
198: Episode 198
Mar 11, 2020
A dangerous plan is set into motion – and Elana gets a new shadow. Maya has no idea what happened the previous night, while Annelize comes to her own conclusions about what transpired. Quinton and At ask Wimpie for a huge favor.
199: Episode 199
Mar 12, 2020
At discusses his problems with Annelize, and news about an operation unnerves Elana – which leads to strange behavior towards Danny. While one battle comes to an end, another one is rearing its ugly head. Tertius confronts Annelize about her talk with Maya, and Kevin is a bit too friendly with Lexi.
200: Episode 200
Mar 13, 2020
Tracy shares her decision with Hugo, while Maya is embarrassed beyond all belief. Lexi arrives unexpectedly at Steve’s penthouse, and Tracy gets support from a very unlikely person. Greeff is admitted to ER, while At shares upsetting news with Louis.
201: Episode 201
Mar 16, 2020
Vida wants answers concerning Lexi, and Naomi warns Ilse not to expect too much of Tracy. At warns Jacques about Nagskof’s security, while Hugo brings the harsh reality to Tracy’s attention. Danny and Lexi cause Botha to be concerned about Elana, and Quinton blames himself for Greeff’s situation.
202: Episode 202
Mar 17, 2020
Danny is determined to find Steve, while Maya takes the whole Greeff situation very personally. A desperate Tracy asks Annelize for help – and then steals Hugo’s keys to his apartment. Time is running out for Elana.
203: Episode 203
Mar 18, 2020
Vida is a master manipulator, and Tertius asks the nurses a favor regarding Maya. Tracy will have to do her best to ensure that Hugo doesn’t fire her. Elana’s hope is focused on Danny, and Tertius and At will have to put their differences aside to come up with an effective plan.
204: Episode 204
Mar 19, 2020
Elana is worried about Vida, while Tracy is very impressed with Jacques. Botha’s focus shifts, and Greeff is not ready to play open cards. Annelize realises that news about Tim will open up old wounds for At, and Quinton claims that he was assaulted at Nagskof.
205: Episode 205
Mar 20, 2020
Quinton is out for blood, but Jacques shares bad news with him. Vida doesn’t scare easily, while Steve and Elana discuss Greeff. Vida gives Tim a stern ultimatum, and Maya is concerned about Greeff’s family. Tracy realises what is actually going on, while a dream is shattered…
206: Episode 206
Mar 23, 2020
Rian seeks answers from Tertius – before he reports for duty at Southern Hope, where he is not welcomed with open arms. At and Louis try to encourage Quinton to get over the Nagskof incident, while At is worried about Greeff and Binneland Clinic.
207: Episode 207
Mar 24, 2020
Rian is experiencing a very tough time, and Okkie asks Louis about his future plans. Conrad and Ingrid wonder if it is possible to get rid of Rian, while Jacques makes Tracy a very handsome offer. Maya is starting to lose her patience with a stubborn patient. Annelize can’t help to stir the pot during a meeting.
208: Episode 208
Mar 25, 2020
The strange, but very comfortable, dynamic between At and Annelize is scrutinized, and Naomi puts Louis at ease with his decision. Rian is livid when he is served with legal documents, while Greeff has his first session with Liezl. Tracy’s lies are starting to catch up with her, and a public meeting doesn’t go well.
209: Episode 209
Mar 26, 2020
Jacques takes his manipulation one step further, and At doesn’t react the way that Louis expected about the shares. Tertius tries to get Greeff to admit something that everyone else already knows. Annelize hears about Ingrid and Conrad’s advice, while Okkie is also getting worried about At’s words.
210: Episode 210
Mar 27, 2020
An emotional first meeting takes place in the Koster Mansion – but is short-lived when Rian finds out the truth. Greeff offers Maya an apology, and Jacques gives Tracy a task. Ingrid is more realistic than AT – and it leads to At paying a visit at Southern Hope.
211: Episode 211
Mar 30, 2020
Tertius tries to be a good friend to Rian and accuses Annelize of interfering. Rian’s apologies fall on deaf ears, while At is not going to let things slide that easily. Tracy asks At to put her on the waiting list for Kiepersol – and Annelize confronts Tracy about her finances.
212: Episode 212
Mar 31, 2020
Danny and Chanel’s night is hi-jacked by a lonely Steve, and Louis is back in Pretoria. Rian feels he is losing his grip on Conrad and Ingrid, while Tracy is convinced that she influenced Geraldine in a positive way. Tertius gets worried about At’s comments regarding Rian, and a tragic event is reported in fine detail.
213: Episode 213
Apr 1, 2020
A crisis at Hugo’s flat sets Wimpie into motion, and Steve realises too late that he is actually an uninvited guest. Okkie takes At on about Louis, and Tracy is stunned by a decision.
214: Episode 214
Apr 2, 2020
Louis presents his big marketing campaign to At, and a piece of information makes Lexi worried. Ingrid confronts Rian, but Rian blames everyone else for the current situation.
215: Episode 215
Apr 3, 2020
Steve’s flat is getting a bit cramped, while René wants to become a part of Tracy’s world. Annelize feels isolated from current affairs, and the police are investigating the case of a missing girl. Rian is blown away by a confession, while Tracy’s questions lead to a phone call.
216: Episode 216
Apr 6, 2020
The missing girl and CCTV cameras cause a headache, and the new housemates are going to have to navigate the cramped space in which they find themselves. Possible teamwork gets Rian thinking, while Conrad and Steve use each other as sounding boards.
217: Episode 217
Apr 7, 2020
A strange friend request boggles Louis, and Rian assures Conrad that his main motivation has always been love. Tracy is not the only one that smells a rat, while media coverage makes Rian’s life complicated.
218: Episode 218
Apr 8, 2020
Steve discusses Lexi with Hugo, and Louis’s suspicions unsettle René. Danny reminds Tracy who the Kosters really are, and Conrad discusses the truth with Ingrid.
219: Episode 219
Apr 9, 2020
Hugo’s professional attention leads to personal questions, while a familiar face rocks up at Binneland Clinic – and he is not just looking for a job. The truth has its own consequences, and Chanel explains her emotions to Danny.
220: Episode 220
Apr 10, 2020
Louis discusses his problems with Naomi, while two nurses have completely different reactions to an appointment. Jacques has it in for Louis, and Steve is thankful for the change in Lexi’s attitude. Tertius is stunned when Annelize opens her heart towards him, while René tries to understand Stefan’s motives.
221: Episode 221
Apr 13, 2020
Steve’s plan includes Dr. Butler, and Tracy observes the tension between Annelize and Tertius. A trap for Jacques is set, while Tertius is not the only one that is unhappy with Stefan. Louis receives a threatening message, while Lexi has to assist Hugo with his follow-up date.
222: Episode 222
Apr 14, 2020
At is livid when he hears about the damage at Nagskof, while Tracy asks Annelize about Tertius. Steve refuses to let Hugo change his plans, and Tracy gets a nasty surprise.
223: Episode 223
Apr 15, 2020
The police are not making any headway with Louis’ blackmailer, and Stefan’s impatient attitude towards a patient leads Chanel to René. Hugo sings Lexi’s praises, while, to Louis’ shock, a threat becomes a reality.
224: Episode 224
Apr 16, 2020
Louis asks Piet for help, while Tracy asks René about Tertius. A phone call puts Steve on high alert, and Tertius hears what Danny thinks about Tracy. Unfortunately bad news makes Lexi feel good, and lost keys at logical location is weird.
225: Episode 225
Apr 17, 2020
Danny is sceptical about what Tertius tells him, and to see Naomi and Louis together is too much for a person to handle. Chanel and René are thrown by Stefan’s sudden mood swing.
226: Episode 226
Apr 20, 2020
Louis is forced to tell Naomi the truth, and Tertius is surprised by Tracy’s stern assertiveness. Chanel thinks Stefan has changed, while grief is more than just a compelling discussion.
227: Episode 227
Apr 21, 2020
Louis is completely disheartened, while it becomes very clear that Naomi is the new target. Tertius didn’t just oversleep. Steve finds out that Hugo wasn’t alone at home the previous night, and eventually Lexi is honest with herself.
228: Episode 228
Apr 22, 2020
Quinton and Stefan’s reunion is very stressed, while Lexi worries about Whitney for the wrong reasons. Chanel gets more reasons to wonder what is wrong with Stefan, and Louis causes forgotten emotions to resurface.
229: Episode 229
Apr 23, 2020
Lexi confuses Danny, but then warns Chanel to back off. Piet is not so sure that Jacques is behind everything, and Tertius realises that Tracy has been absent from work for days.
230: Episode 230
Apr 24, 2020
Tertius is very interested in Tracy’s motives, and Alice is more cunning than she looks. Hugo receives the shock of his life over coffee, while Tertius instinctively places all his cards on the table. Alice’s behaviour confuses Naomi, and Lexi’s feelings are on the tip of her tongue.
231: Episode 231
Apr 27, 2020
Betrayal and skeletons cause tension in a couple’s life, and Tracy takes the wind out of Tertius’s sails. René tries to make peace with Chanel, while it becomes very clear that love never truly dies – and that jealousy bores deep into the heart.
232: Episode 232
Apr 28, 2020
Naomi gets a nasty surprise in Nagskof – and before long the world is burning. When Lexi finds out about Steve’s meeting the hell’s gates are opened, and Tracy thinks it is best to keep everyone in the dark.
233: Episode 233
Apr 29, 2020
Tracy’s feet are turning into clay, while Botha’s news brings Louis and Naomi to a cross roads. Lexi is unhappy about happiness, and René’s research leads to questions about Stefan. Tracy unknowingly stokes the fire, while Piet tells At the inconvenient truth.
234: Episode 234
Apr 30, 2020
René turns to Chanel for advice, and Naomi knows exactly where to hit. René gives Stefan an ultimatum, while Steve and Elana’s relationship suffers because of the distance between them. Annelize reads Tertius’s reaction to Stefan’s request as jealousy – but then sees evidence that upsets her.
235: Episode 235
May 1, 2020
A ring is front page news, and words leave their scars on Annelize. René has her doubts about a relationship with Stefan, while he has very big plans.
236: Episode 236
May 4, 2020
Steve asks Naomi about Minette, while Botha isn’t the only one to share news. A secret could potentially have disastrous consequences, and Chanel doesn’t understand Lexi’s behaviour. Tertius takes Annelize to task – and then he also hears about Stefan.
237: Episode 237
May 5, 2020
Botha starts asking uncomfortable questions, and Ilse has a surprise for the Koster couple. Tertius warns Annelize about Stefan, while Hugo asks Julia for advice on love. A crisis in ER makes things crystal clear for Annelize, and Louis is worried Naomi’s future.
238: Episode 238
May 6, 2020
Tracy’s words are not sugar coated during a heated discussion with Tertius, while Annelize can’t seem to get everything that she wants. Steve thinks his relationship is at a crossroads, and Naomi can’t seem to hide her truth. Stefan tries to change René’s mind – but she firmly puts her foot down.
239: Episode 239
May 7, 2020
Annelize has no other choice but to talk to Tertius about her situation, and Louis plays open cards with At. Throwing money at the problem doesn’t seem to be a solution, while Chanel realises what is going on with Stefan. Lexi tries to remedy the situation, while it seems that elsewhere a tentative peace is brokered.
240: Episode 240
May 8, 2020
The truth doesn’t always set one free, while Tertius realises how much pain he has caused. Steve wants answers from Hugo. Stefan clearly has no idea whom he is dealing with, and Louis tries to explain himself to Naomi. Farewells aren’t always bitter sweet.
241: Episode 241
May 11, 2020
A webpage post upsets Naomi, and Ingrid gives Rian a hard time regarding the media. There are a multitude of different opinions about what is going on at Southern Hope, while Elana tries to find out what is going on with Lexi. Annelize’s loyalty is questioned, and the truth is starting to bother Hugo.
242: Episode 242
May 12, 2020
Annelize starts wondering about Rian’s offer, and Danny shares his suspicions with Steve. Ingrid’s guilt regarding Ethan is starting to creep up on her, while Lexi’s visit causes more questions than answers. Manipulation starts with necessary lies that need to be told.
243: Episode 243
May 13, 2020
Two men’s friendship is tested to the utmost. Naomi encourages Louis to consider the offer, while Annelize realises what she will have to do to minimize the damage – and to save Tertius. Lexi is livid with Chanel – and then Elana gets to the truth.
244: Episode 244
May 14, 2020
New information forces Steve to do the right thing, while Danny helps Louis and Naomi with their speech. Quinton realises the seriousness of the task at hand, and Steve and Elana’s discussion about the future leads to a huge fight.
245: Episode 245
May 15, 2020
Elana explains her fears to Steve, and Annelize pleads with Rian one last time to let the plan go. Quinton has his hands full with disgruntled employees, while the winners of the wedding competition are announced. Annelize is confronted with the reality of her situation.
246: Episode 246
May 18, 2020
Quinton deals with bureaucracy for the first time – and a scandal is unleashed on Thusanang. Steve feels depressed about more than one situation in his life. Lexi needs to sail through the stormy waters of bad communication, and Annelize makes a call that changes everything.
247: Episode 247
May 19, 2020
Annelize realises the crisis is a lot worse than she initially thought, and Ilse potentially has a solution for Louis’s problem. At is holding Quinton personally responsible for the complicated situation, while Rian is still very focused on his plan.
248: Episode 248
May 20, 2020
No theories are making sense to Quinton, while the Binneland board are at loggerheads regarding the future of Thusanang. The longing for Nagskof is tentatively sorted, and Lakey wants to start the clinical trials in secret. An invoice shocks Louis deeply, and Annelize realises her actions have consequences.
249: Episode 249
May 21, 2020
Ilse questions a few debit orders on her bank statements, while an unexpected gesture hinders Annelize to get to the truth of the matter. Danny has a solution for Tertius’s dilemma. Although Annelize blames Rian for the debacle at Thusanang, Rian still thinks that they could use it to their advantage.
250: Episode 250
May 22, 2020
The latest setback that Thusanang is experiencing in the media has a negative effect on the personnel of Binneland Clinic. At is forced to take action against Quinton, and Louis plays open cards with Naomi. Rian puts pressure on Annelize, while Quinton asks René for help.
251: Episode 251
May 25, 2020
Quinton doesn’t realise how close to the truth he is getting, and Annelize needs to work hard to keep everything together. Naomi’s memory could be their saving grace, while Chanel talks to René about Tertius. Despite Lakey’s dissatisfaction regarding the temporary facilities, the clinical trials begin.
252: Episode 252
May 26, 2020
Quinton is desperate for information about the driver, and Tertius unknowingly confirms Chanel’s suspicions. Naomi is touched deeply by Wimpie’s story, while Ingrid tries to reach out to Annelize. Danny is shocked in Quinton’s plan, while a desperate Annelize moves all her pawns into place.
253: Episode 253
May 27, 2020
Maya makes a suggestion regarding Naomi’s Tekkie Tax Day, and Ingrid tries to convince At about what his next move should be. Quinton feels he is making no progress in his own investigation, while Chanel is relieved to have someone to talk to about Tertius.
254: Episode 254
May 28, 2020
Danny is worried about Quinton, and At’s sudden participation in a situation stuns the rest of the participants. Wimpie takes the competition very seriously, while an order looks like the perfect trap.
255: Episode 255
May 29, 2020
Naomi isn’t capable of soothing Danny’s conscience, and Ingrid hears something that makes her suspicious of Rian and Lakey. Chanel tries to convince Danny about Tertius, while a photo fuels the flames of suspicion.
256: Episode 256
Jun 1, 2020
The real facts shock Annelize, and Danny tries his best to keep Quinton calm – but it seems to be a very difficult task. Tracy overhears her past being discussed, while Tertius is given advice on how to handle Chanel.
257: Episode 257
Jun 2, 2020
Naomi realises what Danny is up to, while Annelize and Ingrid hold someone’s career in the palm of their hands. Louis shares his huge news with Naomi, and the Tekkie Tax auction begins with a very special guest. Quinton isn’t ready to forgive and forget.
258: Episode 258
Jun 3, 2020
Quinton shares his news with his friends, while Ingrid is worried about what Rian’s next move might be. Steve receives bad news, and someone from Annelize’s past contacts her. Stefan is not the only reason for René’s bad mood. Chris is a lot more dangerous than even he realizes.
259: Episode 259
Jun 4, 2020
Louis places René in an uncomfortable position, and Chanel tries to keep Danny out of the Cape. Annelize’s defence doesn’t go down well, while Quinton discusses the reason for his misery with René. Rian is at loggerheads with Hlabi regarding a patient, while Maya’s patient ends up at Southern Hope.
260: Episode 260
Jun 5, 2020
Rupert has no idea what happened to Chris, and Katryn gives Chanel something to think about. Hlabi and Maya are unaware of the true nature of things, while Annelize’s stories don’t curb At’s concerns. René is hurt badly, while Ingrid encourages a doubting doctor.
Season 16
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