Season 12
315 EPISODES • 2016
Season 12 of Binnelanders was released on March 28 and consists of 315 episodes.

Season 11


1: Episode 1
Mar 28, 2016
At puts pressure on Pippa, while a call makes thing very clear for Esther. Annelize experiences a personal victory at work, and Lexi realises Shelton’s truth. Esther is not going anywhere without a fight – and she puts her own plans in motion. Tertius offers his flat to Annelize.
2: Episode 2
Mar 29, 2016
Karli gets a new place to live, and another phone call makes Esther panicky. A hospital bag could be the fly in the ointment, and Tertius takes out his frustrations on Noami. Morné and Okkie have a heart to heart, and Mikey is not as foolish as he seems.
3: Episode 3
Mar 30, 2016
At is not bothered about Esther’s disappearance, while Mikey doesn’t believe Esther’s explanation. Another resignation sends shockwaves through Binneland Clinic, and Steve is not impressed with his brother-in-law. Pippa is stressed about what she is putting on the line, and Danny evades questions about his future plans. At is shocked in Mikey’s call.
4: Episode 4
Mar 31, 2016
At is ready to fight back after the threats, while Naomi is trying to convince Tertius to move back to his flat. Rian confronts Pippa, and Tertius needs to ask a friend for forgiveness. Frank has some bad news for At.
5: Episode 5
Apr 1, 2016
Conrad feels guilty and wants to be by Esther’s side, while Naomi tells the Ferreira’s what is going on with Tertius. There has been a burglary at the Malherbes, and Steve opens up to Ivanka. Tertius tries to overcome his loneliness, and Danny asks his brother-in-law for a favor.
6: Episode 6
Apr 4, 2016
Lexi causes more tension between Danny and her father, and At wants to get Mikey out of the picture. Ilse tries to support Tertius, and Karli feels that Naomi is not paying enough attention to her and Adelyn. At and Frank make a discovery, and Steve has good news for Danny. Tertius discovers a new world, and Conrad’s fighting spirit is hampered by his exhaustion.
7: Episode 7
Apr 5, 2016
At doesn’t like Frank’s suggestion, and Herman gets a new flatmate. Conrad is surprised in the cottage, and the Ferreira’s are worried about Morné’s practical education. At doesn’t just place his own life in danger, and Tertius gets ready for his trip.
8: Episode 8
Apr 6, 2016
Danny discovers Lexi’s vulnerable side, and At’s plans for Mthunzi includes Maryke, while Tertius and Okkie are back in Pretoria. An uncomfortable meeting in Tonik brings the truth to light, and Tertius finds it hard to say goodbye to the flat. A friendship deepens on an emotional level, and Esther wants to know the truth from Conrad.
9: Episode 9
Apr 7, 2016
Rian struggles to make peace with a situation, and Steve feels a bit more at ease with Danny. Tertius helps Annelize, and Morné feels he is ready for his first day of practical education. At thinks Conrad still has a lot to learn about women, while Pippa tries to support Esther. Danny is making friends very quickly, while Conrad is worried about his future.
10: Episode 10
Apr 8, 2016
Tertius is nervous about his appearance in court, and Morné experiences a bit of hazing. Annelize invites herself to Okkie’s night, and Esther’s last words wounds Conrad. Steve feels a bit left in the dark in his own house, and At has advice for his son.
11: Episode 11
Apr 11, 2016
Pippa confronts Tertius, and Ivanka has advice for the men in her life. Jana and Pippa have different reactions to Conrad’s news, and Morné lands in hot water. Rian takes his anger out on more than just Conrad, while Ilse starts to wonder about a friendship. Annelize teaches the guys a lesson they won’t forget.
12: Episode 12
Apr 12, 2016
Danny is caught out in the early hours of the morning, while Rian readies himself for war. Annelize can’t help making fun of Okkie, while Okkie realises that something is wrong with Morné. Jana finds her ally in a new battle, and Ilse shares her worries with Ivanka and Okkie. An important board meeting is called, and Adelyn confronts Naomi.
13: Episode 13
Apr 13, 2016
Ivanka inspires Morné, and Pippa tries to defend her vote. Noami tries to calm Ilse’s fears, and Conrad wants to have a serious chat with Jana. Ivanka reprimands her new friend, while it is very clear that old feelings are never really ‘old’. Herman is the knight in shining armor, and Tertius’s behavior is cause for concern.
14: Episode 14
Apr 14, 2016
Ivanka tries to rectify her ‘mistake’, and Pippa can’t seem to give Rian the answers he is looking for. The girls are not happy with Tertius, while At is angry with Jana. Tertius wants to get back into Pippa’s good books, and Ivanka asks someone to be her date to a function. Pippa and Naomi’s emotions get the better of them, while Rian questions his marriage.
15: Episode 15
Apr 15, 2016
Conrad isn’t sure if he should stay in Pretoria, while Naomi is jealous of Ivanka. Rian says things that shock Pippa to the core, and Danny is not impressed with Morné. Peter’s message doesn’t make sense to a woman, while Tertius is a very unsure knight in not so shiny armor.
16: Episode 16
Apr 18, 2016
Tertius has some harsh words for Pippa, while Morné is angry at Ivanka. Adelyn wonders about a doctor’s feelings, while Okkie is suspicious of his daughter’s behavior. Conrad is shocked at the complaint against him, and Rian is put in his place.
17: Episode 17
Apr 19, 2016
Adelyn makes a suggestion in the hope of helping a friend, while At needs Jana’s assistance with a problem. Morné lashes out at Ivanka, but Steve comes to her rescue. Rian confronts Conrad, while Morné and Danny have a fallout at work. To flirt doesn’t come naturally, while more than one man tries to hide something from his beloved.
18: Episode 18
Apr 20, 2016
At and Jana do not see eye to eye about the head of the ER, and the Ferreira’s wonder how they should approach the new dilemma. Morné makes a decision about his future, while Naomi’s plans don’t exactly work out as planned. Tension builds up between Jana and Herman, while Okkie’s story makes Morné re-think his decision. There are complications with a patient in ER…
19: Episode 19
Apr 21, 2016
The staff are afraid of a patient, while Okkie tries to get to the heart of the matter when he asks about emotions. Naomi’s behaviour in Nagskof is anything but natural, and Annelize’s day is not getting any better. Peter gives Morné a few handy tips, while a message rattles a doctor’s cage.
20: Episode 20
Apr 22, 2016
Annelize’s day begins with another distasteful message, while Wimpie and Breggie have words about the murderer. Okkie is impressed with Morné’s new attitude, while one doctor tries to support and protect another doctor. Naomi tries to reassure Tertius, while Danny bestows a bit of praise on someone.
21: Episode 21
Apr 25, 2016
Morné has good news for the Ferreira’s, while Karli hears about the kiss for the first time. Koos attacks Annelize, while Naomi tries to rectify her behaviour. Morné’s conversation with Liezl reveals his true feelings, and Eben is definitely looking for a doctor.
22: Episode 22
Apr 26, 2016
Naomi opens up to the girls, while it is very clear that Herman and Jana don’t feel the same about Annelize. Ivanka gives Tertius some advice, and Morné receives news that upsets him. Danny shows that he isn’t a monster, and Annelize is scared of being alone.
23: Episode 23
Apr 27, 2016
Morné doesn’t realise what is going on around him, while Jana has a serious conversation with Pippa about a doctor. Naomi asks Pippa for a favour, while a paramedic impresses Annelize. Herman’s answers don't satisfy Karli, while Tertius is worried that he is losing a friend. Eben is not impressed with what he observes.
24: Episode 24
Apr 28, 2016
Naomi puts all her cards on the table, while Morné shocks the Ferreira’s. Jana introduces a doctor to the team at Binneland Clinic. Eben makes a very good impression with the girls, while Tertius tries to support a doctor. The cracks are starting to show in a relationship, and a man tries to explain his heart to someone.
25: Episode 25
Apr 29, 2016
Karli and Adelyn have different ideas on support, and Ivanka decides to reprimand Morné. Jana is not impressed with what she sees, and Conrad tries to make peace. Annelize eventually gets the parcel, and Morné is starting to feel the pressure. Herman is worried about Annelize, and an honest conversation takes place in Kiepersol.
26: Episode 26
May 2, 2016
Ivanka compares herself to Naomi, while Adelyn is caught off guard by a doctor’s actions. Morné’s emotions threaten to run away with him, and one doctor’s request for time off upsets another member of the staff. Liezl has had enough, and Annelize receives a visitor.
27: Episode 27
May 3, 2016
At first Jana is not happy with Annelize, but is then overjoyed about a decision that is made. Steve is so impressed with Ivanka that he wants to give her more responsibility. Liezl has a few conditions before she will think about seeing Morné. While one friendship is worked on furiously, Eben gets the wrong idea about another.
28: Episode 28
May 4, 2016
Annelize is manipulated, and Morné can’t see what is happening right under his nose. Ivanka decides to chase her dreams, while Tertius makes a discovery concerning Shelton’s hostel. Herman jumps to the wrong conclusion, while Eben has an answer for everything.
29: Episode 29
May 5, 2016
Ivanka wants to make the most of her new opportunities, while Herman tries to find out more about Annelize. Tertius asks for Herman’s assistance - and realises that something is wrong with one of the doctors. Shelton is urgently looking for Morné, and Eben is suddenly very apologetic about his behavior.
30: Episode 30
May 6, 2016
Steve gets frustrated with a colleague, while Annelize is put in a very difficult position by Eben. Herman tries to keep a relationship professional, while Okkie helps a man in need. Steve is excited about a decision that is made, while Ivanka’s news gets Morné and Danny ready for action.
31: Episode 31
May 9, 2016
Eben and Morné’s viewpoints on the future are total opposites, while Ivanka goes behind Steve’s back to get something done. Annelize’s behavior at Binneland Clinic doesn’t sit well with someone, while Naomi and Karli are being charmed like you won’t believe. Some of Adelyn’s money goes missing, while Danny experiences a severe feeling of guilt.
32: Episode 32
May 10, 2016
A Facebook page is a source of concern, and Eben wants to find out more about Steve. Herman confronts Annelize, while Liezl is left speechless about Morné’s behavior. Steve surprises Ivanka with an announcement, and a doctor tries to eradicate the sin of another.
33: Episode 33
May 11, 2016
Morné’s outbursts are getting a bit too much for Ilse, and Eben threatens Annelize with the truth. Naomi makes Ivanka wonder about At’s motives, while the tension between a doctor and a porter can be cut with a knife. Eben doesn’t like the way that Suzaan Brandt treats him, and Okkie is honest with Morné.
34: Episode 34
May 12, 2016
Mr Botha’s medicine is researched, while Okkie, Morné and Danny have different reactions towards the event of the day. Ivanka and At have a heart to heart about the clinic - and then Ivanka gets a tiny surprise. Annelize is not impressed with Herman.
35: Episode 35
May 13, 2016
Ivanka gets support with her tiny problem, while a gift leaves Morné speechless. Eben warns Annelize about Herman, and things are not going to well with a much loved couple. Suzaan makes it clear to Jana that she isn’t impressed, while Tertius helps with DJ. Ivanka’s news is not the end of an already bad day: it seems Morné has disappeared.
36: Episode 36
May 16, 2016
Karli feels very strongly about the subject of kids of her own, and Herman tries to find out more about what he observed. Jan Gericke is back in Pretoria, and it is very clear that Annelize and Jana don’t like each other. Morné makes a few difficult decisions, while Tertius observes a scene that isn’t very professional. Annelize gets the type of support that she needs.
37: Episode 37
May 17, 2016
Tertius has advice for Herman, while Ilse and Jan disagree about something. Steve wonders if Ivanka is getting cold feet, while Herman gets new hope from Annelize. Ivanka gets even more bad news, and Eben shares his sly plan with Annelize.
38: Episode 38
May 18, 2016
Annelize wants nothing to do with the plan, and Eben asks Suzaan out for a drink. Breggie tries to help out with DJ, and At finds out about Ivanka’s situation. There are a few final farewells in the Ferreira household.
39: Episode 39
May 19, 2016
Annelize warns Suzaan about Eben, and Steve hears that Danny is asking questions about him. Ilse knows exactly what is wrong with DJ, and Lexi and Danny share a moment over Shelton. Eben is definitely not scared of Annelize, while Steve asks Annelize about Eben.
40: Episode 40
May 20, 2016
Annelize tries to be pro-active, while Ivanka is dispirited about the responsibilities that are thrown her way. The girls have a falling out about Danny, and eventually Herman hears the truth. Steve is starting to feel sorry for Annelize, while Ivanka will have to think again about DJ.
41: Episode 41
May 23, 2016
Annelize gets the cold shoulder treatment, while the Abrahams' household gets a very nice surprise. At tries to convince Ivanka not to give up on her dreams, and Suzaan is manipulated into making a choice. Steve thinks that Ivanka is going to make the wrong decision, and Adelyn is convinced that Danny is unprofessional. Frank receives a new task, while Annelize gives Eben an ultimatum.
42: Episode 42
May 24, 2016
At wants to save Ivanka from DJ, and Steve defends Danny to Bronwyn. Annelize’s behaviour makes Bronwyn suspicious, while nursery schools and histories fill other people’s thoughts. Eben’s whole plan is revealed, but he needs Annelize’s assistance with one obstacle…
43: Episode 43
May 25, 2016
The cat and mouse game between Eben and Annelize is getting more and more complicated, and then Steve gets involved unknowingly. Dries finds him in At’s office with Frank, and Bronwyn wonders if her brother knows about their father. Herman warns Karli about a man, while Danny makes Adelyn’s blood boil.
44: Episode 44
May 26, 2016
Annelize’s confrontation with Eben will lead to bigger problems, while Tertius has to break up a fight between Danny and Adelyn. Steve tries to help out a colleague, and a paramedic will not let someone talk about him behind his back in a certain manner. Ivanka will have to devise a plan to take care of DJ a little longer.
45: Episode 45
May 27, 2016
Steve feels guilty about keeping Bronwyn in the dark, and Dries gets cold feet. Ivanka’s attention is not exactly at her work, and Annelize and Herman are at loggerheads. Bronwyn and Danny try to help out at work, and Jana has it in for a doctor and their family member. Dries sees a way of getting more money.
46: Episode 46
May 30, 2016
Wimpie’s search for love leads him to online dating, and At is desperate to rid DJ from Ivanka’s life. Adelyn is confused by Danny’s behavior, and Dries tries to get Okkie and Ilse on his side. Ivanka will not let anyone tell her what to do!
47: Episode 47
May 31, 2016
Karli is worried about Jana’s reaction towards news of Bart, and Conrad is impressed with Annelize. Ivanka asks Steve for advice, and Wimpie shows Okkie his online profile. Bronwyn is not successful in her task, and Ivanka needs to make a decision on Dries and DJ.
48: Episode 48
Jun 1, 2016
Karli thinks she knows what is wrong with Jana, while gossiping is addressed in the hospital. Dries knows how to play this game, while Jana and Herman come clean with one another.
49: Episode 49
Jun 2, 2016
Ivanka prepares to say farewell, and Herman and Karli don’t see eye to eye when it comes to online dating. Naomi and Karli give advice freely, while Bronwyn and Lexi are unable to keep quiet any longer. Karli bulldozes ahead with her plan.
50: Episode 50
Jun 3, 2016
The way Danny behaves towards girls is under the spotlight, while Tertius obtains information that will certainly upset Ivanka. Wimpie tries to involve Okkie and Ilse with his plan, and Lexi’s initiative leads to an uncomfortable situation at the Abrahams’s house. Ivanka’s frustration with the current situation leads her to take drastic action.
51: Episode 51
Jun 6, 2016
An email causes even more stress for Ivanka - and then she still has to deal with Mrs Watson. Wimpie’s behavior gets different reactions, while Danny is not prepared for Adelyn’s honesty. Steve has to inform Jana about the latest crisis, and Bronwyn and Ilse are not impressed by what they hear.
52: Episode 52
Jun 7, 2016
Misunderstandings abound in the corridors of Binneland Clinic, and more than one ‘couple’ goes on a date. Jana refuses to let At take the reins in a sensitive case, and a private investigator gives his feedback. Steve needs to calm down an upset Bronwyn, and Wimpie has news for Karli. A resignation is the last thing that anyone expects, and a scooter causes problems within a household.
53: Episode 53
Jun 8, 2016
Ivanka is on the war path, and Steve tries everything possible to keep the peace. Steve, Jana and At differ on the manner in which the Watsons should be handled, while Karli has to deal with a major dilemma. Ivanka hears from Margie, and an unexpected kiss clears up all confusion. Danny is up to his old tricks.
54: Episode 54
Jun 9, 2016
Adelyn shares her concerns with Karli, and an arrest takes place in the Ferreira household. Once again the linen room is a very busy place, and Jana gets assistance from an unexpected knight. First At is in the hot seat - and then he receives the cold shoulder! A performance appraisal could divide the staff…
55: Episode 55
Jun 10, 2016
Wimpie comes clean about his heart ache, and Lexi is furious with her parents. Steve informs At about Ivanka’s decision. Tertius tries to keep the peace between a brother and a sister, and Adelyn finds herself in a confusing moment with Steve. Annelize confronts Jana, while a farewell uncovers a few truths.
56: Episode 56
Jun 13, 2016
Confrontations are the order of the day. The truth doesn’t make things better for Annelize, while Herman is not impressed with Conrad. Deon is confused by his orders, and it seems like old habits die hard. Adelyn and Danny quarrel once again, and Jana asks Herman’s assistance with Annelize.
57: Episode 57
Jun 14, 2016
Karli is not impressed by the news of Pokkel, while it feels to Steve like the whole world is fighting with him. At makes it very clear that he doesn’t support Jana’s decision, while Conrad forms a strong bond with Annelize. Adelyn makes an unexpected declaration of love, while the board votes on Annelize, leading to a huge confrontation between At and Jana.
58: Episode 58
Jun 15, 2016
Danny is looking for a new place to live, while Karli dishes out unsolicited advice. Pippa is reminded of how good Annelize was as Head of ER, while Bronwyn takes Danny to task about Adelyn. Herman and Conrad are at loggerheads again, while Steve tries to comfort Adelyn. Karli arrives for dinner with Pokkel, and Rian is concerned about an interaction that he witnesses.
59: Episode 59
Jun 16, 2016
There is strife in the Malherbe household, while Bronwyn is thrown by Steve’s honesty. Rian tries to convince another candidate to apply for the ER position, and Karli and Naomi are worried about Adelyn. A job advert leads to another confrontation, while good advice is served with tea. Rian tests the waters with his wife.
60: Episode 60
Jun 17, 2016
Toilet paper is probably not the best subject matter first thing in the morning, while Adelyn discusses her decision with Pippa. Jana’s pleas fall on deaf ears, while At and Conrad need to come up with a strategy regarding the ER vacancy. Rian is furious about what he sees in the doctors’ lounge, and there clearly is tension between the two candidates before the board votes. Steve and Bronwyn are at loggerheads about Adelyn.
61: Episode 61
Jun 20, 2016
Lexi is aware of the atmosphere at home, and Karli thinks she has the solution to Jana’s problem. At is worried about the power shift in his hospital, while Conrad and Herman have advice for Annelize. Rian confronts At about the board’s decision, while it becomes very clear that Naomi and Karli need help with their workload. Annelize observes something very interesting play out in front of her…
62: Episode 62
Jun 21, 2016
Karli clearly has her sights set on Deon, while fever is not something that can be ignored in the Malherbe household. Pippa’s day gets even tougher - and not just because of At’s candidate. Bronwyn sees Deon struggling, while Conrad finds it difficult to observe the support between two people. Annelize’s emotions almost get the upper hand, and Conrad gives Herman a friendly warning concerning Jana.
63: Episode 63
Jun 22, 2016
Wilmien Deysel and Conrad are looking for Pippa, while Annelize stirs with Rian. Deon’s handkerchief and a date might be the only things that can save a situation, while At makes it very clear how he feels about a new appointment. Annelize’s past comes back asking for a favor, and Karli objects to Deon’s request to Jana. Jealousy is a nasty thing, and At receives news from Ivanka.
64: Episode 64
Jun 23, 2016
A hearty breakfast could change someone’s opinion, while Rian is admitted to ER. Pippa asks Jana for help, and Bronwyn reaches out to Annelize. Rian’s condition is worse than expected, and Karli has good news for Deon. Conrad must make a decision about a kidney, and Wilmien has an appointment with Jana.
65: Episode 65
Jun 24, 2016
Annelize is upset about the latest appointment, while Conrad’s news infuriates Rian. Karli realises why Deon is being so nice, and Wilmien is read the riot act. Conrad discusses the causes of Rian’s AKI with Pippa, and later on Herman talks to Jana about his concerns. Steve lies to Bronwyn about a message he receives.
66: Episode 66
Jun 27, 2016
Jana hears about Rian’s accusations, and Wilmien impresses Annelize. Herman gets advice about his problem, and Karli tries her utmost to get Deon’s attention. At tries to talk sense into Rian’s head, and Karli is curious about Wilmien. The ER is a hive of activity, and Steve realises he will have to work late. Tertius confirms Rian’s suspicions, while Conrad and Herman accuse each other of causing the current mess.
67: Episode 67
Jun 28, 2016
Bronwyn doesn’t get the truth from Steve, and Pippa is shocked by Rian’s plan. Annelize realises that Wilmien needs help, while Karli realises how she can control Deon. Annelize gives Conrad her assurance about Rian - and her support. At and Rian confront each other about Conrad, and Noami stands up for the new nurse. Rian and Pippa have a massive falling out.
68: Episode 68
Jun 29, 2016
Conrad takes his frustration out on the wrong person, while Jana is asked for her help with Rian. Herman’s conscience is getting the better of him, and Noami warns Karli about Deon. Naomi hears about what happened to Conrad and Annelize takes note. Rian’s reaction to the truth leaves Herman dumbfounded, and At shares his concerns with Conrad. Karli puts her words into action.
69: Episode 69
Jun 30, 2016
Steve tries to hide his guilt, and Jana teases Deon about his late night. Conrad tells At about Herman, and two doctors act extremely professionally towards each other. Bronwyn supports Pippa who is feeling guilty, while Karli is not impressed by the fruits of her labour. An impatient Annelize gets a stressed flatmate, and Bronwyn smells a rat. While one Koster makes contact with Maggie Kruger, another fiddles with a patient’s prescription.
70: Episode 70
Jul 1, 2016
Bronwyn suspects that there is something more between Steve and Annelize, while Pippa and Rian have a huge fight. Conrad brings Maggie up to speed, and Karli cross examines Wilmien. More than one plan is hatched to help Conrad, while the Ferreiras want to curb their heartache.
71: Episode 71
Jul 4, 2016
Annelize is extremely irate with Karli, and Okkie is upset after a text message. Pippa explains the consequences of Rian’s actions to him, while Wilmien hears whose praises she should be singing. Herman is uncomfortable with Maggie’s involvement, while Annelize’s behavior leaves Steve with something to think about. Wilmien is warned about Steve.
72: Episode 72
Jul 5, 2016
Wilmien already knows how to handle her flatmate, while Herman is shocked by At and Jana’s behaviour. Annelize is uncomfortable with a doctor’s presence, while Okkie needs to state his case to At. Bronwyn feels unsure about her gut feeling, while one doctor has had enough of Binneland Clinic’s dramas.
73: Episode 73
Jul 6, 2016
A resignation leaves Jana in a state, while Steve is trying his best to reassure his wife of his commitment. The storm hasn’t passed in the Malherbe household, and Ilse can no longer keep quiet about the business problems. Breggie fuels Bronwyn’s fire, while Tertius gives Rian some sound advice. Two doctors struggle to keep the distance between them, while Pippa’s unhappiness is clouding her judgement.
74: Episode 74
Jul 7, 2016
Pippa feels guilty about the previous night’s encounter, and Okkie makes it very clear that he is still not ready to become a pensioner. The Kosters receive some shocking news, while Wilmien is extremely excited about her future. Tongues are wagging about two doctors, while Karli has an uncomfortable experience in a corridor. Naomi and Karli have a fight about Tertius, while a script bothers Jana and Rian. Pippa and Annelize don’t like what they hear.
75: Episode 75
Jul 8, 2016
At has a solution for Jana, while Bronwyn is looking for some help with her problem. Conrad and At give Rian stern warnings, while it seems that a kiss might be inevitable. Tertius has good news for Deon, while found footage completely throws Jana. Naomi might be the answer to the Ferreira’s problems, and forgiveness is not something that comes easily.
76: Episode 76
Jul 11, 2016
UmbrellaMed, Southern Hope and an announcement could make a board meeting a lot more exciting. Steve is scared that he might lose the big love of his life, while Annelize reads Wilmien the riot act - again! Rian warns Jana about At, and Wilmien really would like to share something with Deon. At has a nasty surprise for Adler.
77: Episode 77
Jul 12, 2016
Jana is not impressed with At’s request, and Rian rehashes the past. Wilmien tries her utmost to support Annelize, while Adler makes Jana a very good offer. Okkie might have some good news, while Bronwyn has an honest conversation with Pippa. Jana has a possible solution for Karli’s dilemma, and Steve’s talks worsen the situation. Frank is called in to help, while Jana tells Rian about Adler’s visit.
78: Episode 78
Jul 13, 2016
At and Jana try to convince each other of their sincerity, while Steve goes out of his way uphold the status quo. Tertius gives Okkie a bit of hope, and Adler puts Jana under pressure. Annelize gets excited about a discovery, while At has a huge falling out with Frank and Jana. Annelize shares some wisdom with Wilmien, while there is a problematic situation brewing at Herman’s flat.
79: Episode 79
Jul 14, 2016
Bathroom etiquette leads to a fight, and Jana has an answer for Adler. Conrad is worried about At, while Pippa invites the Abrahams to dinner. Deon follows his instincts, while At argues with Jana and Conrad. Things are getting very uncomfortable at Tertius’s flat.
80: Episode 80
Jul 15, 2016
Jealousy is an ugly thing, while an aggressive confrontation leads to someone getting fired. Bronwyn tries to encourage Pippa, and Naomi might have a solution for Deon and Tertius. Annelize has taken off the proverbial gloves, and Conrad and Jana are shocked in At’s behavior. Two doctors find a commonality in their glumness, while Okkie informs Ilse of his decision. Something weird happens at the Koster Mansion.
81: Episode 81
Jul 18, 2016
Conrad suggests alternative medication, while Deon has a solution to the trouble at home. A necessary machine is not available for an operation, and Pippa is irritated with Binneland Stereo. Ilse readies the house for another guest, while Steve thinks he is the intended target of a revenge plot. At feels ashamed of his mistake, and it is very clear that two doctors only have one thing on their minds.
82: Episode 82
Jul 19, 2016
Okkie struggles to adapt, while Pippa defends At with Rian. At is worried about his condition, while Binneland Stereo heats up the corridors of Binneland Clinic. Tertius and Karli are at loggerheads again, and Annelize is very forthcoming with the truth. Conrad reprimands At for his behavior during the meeting, while Jana and Steve are both lost in thought about the past few days.
83: Episode 83
Jul 20, 2016
At is not happy with Conrad’s commands, while Ilse has a delicious suggestion for Deon. Pippa observes something that worries her, while Steve’s obsession is consuming him. Karli is not going to give up easily, while a woman has a man exactly where she wants him. Deon and Karli compare housemates, and a very important man is admitted to ER. Okkie feels left out of the night’s plans, while preparations for the pitch are not going so well.
84: Episode 84
Jul 21, 2016
Tertius has advice for Karli about her disappointment, and Steve makes life difficult for Deon. The pitch’s result leads to a fight, while Wimpie entangles himself in a project. Wilmien has issues with money, and rapprochement is clearly refused. Rian wants At’s head, while two doctors have an honest conversation. Bronwyn is anxious about her marriage, and At’s memory fails him badly.
85: Episode 85
Jul 22, 2016
Ilse is irritated with Wimpie, and Conrad realises something is wrong with At - and so does At. Steve words his discontent, and Bronwyn has a heart to heart with Pippa about her husband. Rian is on the war path, while Karli’s attempts fail. Wimpie questions Deon’s motivations, while Conrad hears something very upsetting from At.
86: Episode 86
Jul 25, 2016
Steve feels trapped in his love life, and full scale gloating is on the menu in an office. Tertius talks to Naomi about Karli, and a certain doctor really isn’t good with timing. Rian reveals a secret to Jana, and Deon takes it upon himself to take care of Wilmien. A family member tries to contact At, while Okkie and Karli feel completely excluded.
87: Episode 87
Jul 26, 2016
Annelize is aware of Steve’s jealousy, and Conrad tells Pippa about At’s behavior. Rian calls a board meeting, and Bronwyn tries to distract her and Lexi’s attention. Conrad confronts At - and it doesn’t go well. A couple calls it quits, while a diagnosis is, at best, still just a guess. Bronwyn puts her foot down, and Noami knows she made a mistake.
88: Episode 88
Jul 27, 2016
Steve takes his frustration out on Lexi, while a book shelve could be the right way to start a friendship. Psychological tests might be the only way to get a proper diagnosis, while Bronwyn comes to new insights regarding her relationship. Naomi tells Tertius the truth, while Annelize is not deterred easily. Jana is shocked in At’s words, while a nasty surprise awaits Steve at home.
89: Episode 89
Jul 28, 2016
Pippa’s heart is breaking for At, while Tertius gives Karli advice about her future. Steve is a broken man, but more than ever motivated to do the right thing. The tension is getting to Conrad, and the test results are revealed. Annelize takes pity on a man, and results raises suspicions with a doctor.
90: Episode 90
Jul 29, 2016
Bronwyn arrives unexpectedly at the Abrahams house, and Okkie feels a bit more optimistic. Conrad suspects that At is not being completely honest with him - and then makes a confession to Annelize. Tertius realises what is wrong with Karli, while Bronwyn shares her concerns with Pippa. At receives a strange email, while a sympathetic Rian encourages Pippa to visit At. Deon says the wrong thing, and Conrad cross examines David about At’s routine.
91: Episode 91
Aug 1, 2016
Steve has no excuse for his behaviour, and everyone except Karli is on board where her studies are concerned. Annelize shares her findings with Conrad, while At’s condition is a problem for Conrad and Rian. Deon convinces Okkie of a necessity, while Nagskof becomes a sanctuary for a doctor.
92: Episode 92
Aug 2, 2016
Steve is ready to lay all his cards on the table, while Conrad smells a rat. As if At doesn’t have enough to worry about, it seems that emails are also on the growing list. Rian gives Jana more information on UmbrellaMed. A very difficult decision is made in a doctor’s room, while Adler pulls the rug from underneath At. A member of the Abrahams family lands up in ER.
93: Episode 93
Aug 3, 2016
Annelize shares some bad news, and a new schedule confuses Karli. Everyone is a suspect at the Koster Mansion and Conrad is eager to get to the bottom of things. Tertius warns Annelize about a patient, and Pippa confronts Rian about Bart. Conrad is disturbed by a unexpected visitor and the list of people with motives keeps getting longer and longer.
94: Episode 94
Aug 4, 2016
A furious outburst in the Abrahams household shakes things up, while both Karli and Conrad feel guilty about the stories that they are forced to spin. At refuses to play along with Conrad’s plan, and Jana worries when Conrad changes his schedule for the day. Naomi makes life difficult for Louis, while Conrad is rattled by At’s nightmares.
95: Episode 95
Aug 5, 2016
Deon is the target of Steve’s foul mood, while Jana and Conrad are worried about Louis’s timing. Bronwyn takes her anger out on Annelize, and Karli realises she has big problems. Rian asks Conrad for an update on At’s health, and Pippa defends a doctor. Conrad realises he is not coping and phones Pippa…
96: Episode 96
Aug 8, 2016
There is light at the end of a dark tunnel, while Karli feels hurt by her brother’s words. Pippa realises what the effects are of the truth that she comes to hear. Three adults in a hospital room is not a good idea at present - and nor is a trip to the farm with Roelien! Danny knows something is wrong, and Conrad cannot give a nurse the necessary reassurance. Naomi is confronted by Karli’s truth, while At and Conrad hatch a very clever plan. Bronwyn puts her foot down.
97: Episode 97
Aug 9, 2016
Bronwyn remains adamant, while a new cat and mouse game starts in the Malherbe household. At tries to rectify his mistakes, and Tertius has bad news for Annelize. Karli gets an idea after a conversation with Deon, while Louis gets hold of At’s address. Wilmien tries to cheer up Annelize, and the naked truth makes everything worse.
98: Episode 98
Aug 10, 2016
The intruder is removed, and Steve realises he can do nothing right. Louis’s information gives Conrad cause to doubt, while Tertius and Naomi make a discovery about Karli. Deon knows why Steve’s behavior has changed, and the aftereffects scare Annelize. At’s paranoia gets the upper hand, while Lexi has some awkward questions about her doctor. Pippa warns Conrad about Louis.
99: Episode 99
Aug 11, 2016
Bronwyn is not ready to face the truth, while Conrad and At hatch a plan regarding Louis. Danny is now on the warpath, and Wimpie is unsure about Deon. It is not just Louis’s behaviour that is suspicious, while Bronwyn can’t be in the same room as Steve.
100: Episode 100
Aug 12, 2016
Bronwyn is frustrated with Steve’s behaviour, while Conrad launches his own investigation. Deon and Wilmien talk about their seniors, and Danny shares his wisdom with his sister. Karli is ready to show everyone what it means to be a Du Preez, while Louis is shocked by the accusations against him. Okkie gives Deon advice on the ‘braai’, while Steve’s life is crumbling around him. At phones Ivan Venter.
101: Episode 101
Aug 15, 2016
Lexi blames Bronwyn for the current situation, and Ivan makes a decision about the project. Conrad walks in on Jana and Adler, and Steve is back at work after the traumatic events. Tertius scolds Annelize about work, and Wilmien takes a stand. UmbrellaMed is on the agenda, while Okkie and Noami are nostalgic about Frankfort. Conrad makes an uncomfortable and shocking discovery.
102: Episode 102
Aug 16, 2016
Karli thinks Wilmien has something to hide, while results of a sensitive investigation shocks the board to the core. Lexi is in trouble again, and Herman needs to resort to his second career. Danny tries to support his niece the only way he knows how. Ilse thinks she knows what Wimpie’s problem is. At is not convinced of the truth, and an enraged Rian confronts Adler.
103: Episode 103
Aug 17, 2016
Lexi tries to apologise for her behaviour, and an arrest sends shockwaves through Binneland Clinic. A mother and daughter have a heart to heart, while Pippa is not sure how to comfort Rian. Deon needs to take over from Steve during a consultation and Rian stumbles in the most surprising way when he wants to take the next step. A peace pipe is passed around in the Ferreira household, while At is not sure that the correct culprit was apprehended.
104: Episode 104
Aug 18, 2016
Lexi and Bronwyn start thinking about the future, and Pippa makes a confession to Conrad. Rian is utterly frustrated with a business deal, and a watch reminds Conrad to reach out. A doctor tries to escape judgement, and financial pressure and treats are discussed. Rian plays his trump card…
105: Episode 105
Aug 19, 2016
CCTV Footage is an uncomfortable talking point, while the board votes on UmbrellaMed. Pippa and Annelize are confronted about their deeds, while Grace Sekele shows up unexpectedly at Binneland Clinic. Herman renews his promise to get revenge on At and Annelize, while it looks like small gestures are good signs.
106: Episode 106
Aug 22, 2016
Okkie talks to Ilse about Grace, and Binneland Clinic makes the newspaper headlines again. Herman feels someone needs to protect his family from the Kosters, and At makes more than one confession to Jana. Naomi thinks Grace doesn’t have her facts straight, and Louis is disappointed in the events of the night.
107: Episode 107
Aug 23, 2016
Conrad asks Louis for assistance, while Herman doesn’t trust Jana’s judgement. Shocking news rattles a family, and Ivan shoots from the hip with Adler. Okkie wonders about the Eksteens, and Adler and Rian throw reproaches around. A tin filled with newspaper clippings is a strange find, while At makes it very clear how he feels about Louis. Jana feels like she is pushed into a corner, while At shares his plan with her.
108: Episode 108
Aug 24, 2016
Ilse tells Wimpie and Breggie about her research, and Adler is even more dangerous than anyone expected. At tells Pippa and Rian about the oncology unit, while Karli and Louis have an interesting first meeting. At tries to convince Herman about his motives, while Rian and Pippa remain at loggerheads. There is something else in Grace’s tin…
109: Episode 109
Aug 25, 2016
Ilse doesn’t understand Okkie’s mood, while Jana isn’t coping well with the pressure she experiences. Frank has advice for Adler, and Conrad forces At to meet with Louis. Jana convinces Rian about her position, and Ilse is enthralled with her research. Conrad gives Louis a warning, while Rian’s motives are becoming more clear.
110: Episode 110
Aug 26, 2016
Pippa gives Bronwyn advice on her situation, and Jana gives Adler the evidence against At. Naomi is sure she knows what is wrong with Okkie, while Louis wants more information from Tertius about Karli. Lexi is upset about her school’s matric dance, and Ilse doesn’t exactly defuse Okkie’s mood. Amoret is the backdrop for many suspicious activities.
111: Episode 111
Aug 29, 2016
Ilse made contact with Belinda, and At is not impressed with Jana’s news. Bronwyn and Lexi try to prepare themselves for the meeting, while Okkie tries to stop a meeting from taking place. Deon is not sure what he has got himself involved in, and an SMS is the prelude to a new drama.
112: Episode 112
Aug 30, 2016
A confrontation takes place in the Koster Mansion, and Naomi doesn’t understand Okkie’s issues with Ilse. It looks like this is the end of the road for Jana, and Lexi is worried about Steve’s involvement. Louis shares his news with Conrad, and Okkie shies away from a confrontation with Ilse. Herman makes a shocking discovery when he needs to share bad news with Conrad and At.
113: Episode 113
Aug 31, 2016
Naomi witnesses a checkmate between Ilse and Okkie, while Karli is apparently also going to help out with the matric dance. Frank has a trump card, and Herman comes to the Kosters’s rescue. A phone call upsets Bronwyn, while Naomi interrupts a conversation between Okkie and Ilse. Steve and Bronwyn try very hard not to fight in front of their new friends.
114: Episode 114
Sep 1, 2016
Ilse’s explanation does nothing to smooth things over, while Okkie shares his suspicions with Ilse. Rian has a revelation about what is happening, while At realises who is the mastermind. Annelize encourages Wilmien to support Lexi any way she can, and Conrad warns Herman about Rian. Louis is the shoulder everyone cries on, and there is big trouble at the Malherbe’s home.
115: Episode 115
Sep 2, 2016
Pippa walks in on a confrontation, and Ilse has an idea that could assure Okkie. An arrest brings relief - but also shock! Naomi doesn’t understand Ilse’s decision, and Deon has to suddenly stand in for Steve. Frank asks for help, while a dinner causes even more confusion. Pippa does not know what to believe any more.
116: Episode 116
Sep 5, 2016
Lexi feels guilty about Steve, while Jana and Tertius struggle to accept the facts. Herman is ready to leave again, and Karli accepts a challenge. A stressed Okkie waits for the test results, and Conrad has it in for Rian. Steve is upset about the fundraising project, while a smug Adler enjoys giving his two cents worth
117: Episode 117
Sep 6, 2016
Pippa talks to Bronwyn about Rian, and Ilse tries to remain strong in her resolve. Karli has a fundraising idea, and Conrad confronts Rian about Pippa. New facts come to light during an interrogation, and Steve tries to set the record straight with Deon. While remorse turns into guilt in one household, business causes much friction in another.
118: Episode 118
Sep 7, 2016
Promises are made under duress, and the first day back is a daunting experience. Karli’s idea seems to be a hit, and Jana confronts Rian. Conrad gives Pippa legal advice, while Naomi knows exactly who she wants to invite to the party. The Malherbe household is searched, and At shares his news with Adler.
119: Episode 119
Sep 8, 2016
Okkie doesn’t want to open a can of worms, and Bronwyn has a bad experience at the school. Rian’s honesty shocks Pippa to the core and it is very clear that Wilmien doesn’t want to attend the party. A promise comes with a huge condition, while Bronwyn and Steve try to keep the peace. Conrad plays his trump card.
120: Episode 120
Sep 9, 2016
Someone’s patience runs out, while Okkie’s optimism doesn’t last long. Bronwyn supports a highly emotional Pippa, and At and Conrad receive news about Frank. Naomi’s imagination runs away with her, while pearls, a very clear decision, and a hitman could give the evening at Nagskof a very ANDERS vibe.
121: Episode 121
Sep 12, 2016
Steve is confused by Bronwyn’s behaviour. Rian receives threats with breakfast, and At and Conrad receive a shocking wake up call. Lexi receives an invite, and Noami is very worried about Okkie. Tertius’s news is the last thing that Pippa wants to hear.
122: Episode 122
Sep 13, 2016
A phone call prevents a meeting, while tension between Bronwyn and Steve remains rife after the events of the previous day. Okkie realises he is not the only one going through a rough patch, and things just don’t seem to work out for the Malherbes. Steve wants to meet Max, and Ilse receives an upsetting phone call.
123: Episode 123
Sep 14, 2016
Okkie is worried about Belinda, and Pippa has to make a very difficult decision. Earings complete the picture, while At tries to make an effort with Louis. Jana is definitely not in a good place in her life, while a gift leaves the receiver very emotional. Liebenberg has heartbreaking news to share.
124: Episode 124
Sep 15, 2016
Jana shares the shocking news with At and Conrad, while Roelf resents Pippa. Okkie meets Belinda, and Karli gives Steve an answer about Lexi. Binneland Stereo irritates Tertius, and Ilse realises she gave Belinda false hope. Anger knows no bounds, and Steve teaches Lexi how to waltz. Conrad is shocked by a confession.
125: Episode 125
Sep 16, 2016
Bronwyn is uncomfortable having Steve in the house, and Pippa keeps certain facts from At. Tertius is caught between a rock and a hard place, and Belinda wants to be part of Ilse’s life. Jana is almost more emotional than Pippa, while Naomi finds Grace’s tin. Karli is in trouble when it comes to Tertius, and Roelf manipulates Pippa’s feelings. Deon doesn’t want to get caught in the crossfire, while At and Adler’s confrontation eliminates certain suspicions.
126: Episode 126
Sep 19, 2016
The truth is not something that can easily be expressed, while Sonette reminds Pippa of something very important. Deon is agitated with the latest gossip, and Pippa questions At’s presence. Belinda’s chit-chat leads to her fainting, while rumours get the best of Lexi.
127: Episode 127
Sep 20, 2016
Feelings of guilt get the upper hand, while Karli’s shoulder is the only one to cry on. Pippa tries her utmost to rectify past mistakes, and Steve gets good advice from an unlikely source. At insists on Jana’s assistance, while Okkie and Karli share a moment. At is surprised by Pippa’s behaviour, and Naomi is not ready to talk yet.
128: Episode 128
Sep 21, 2016
Okkie and Ilse are worried about Noami, and when shares are on the table it seems like everyone is interested. Karli is suspicious of Belinda, and Bronwyn tries to make life easier for a friend. Jewelry is a sore point for Steve, while Belinda reacts badly to some sensitive information.
129: Episode 129
Sep 22, 2016
Naomi is not Ilse and Okkie’s only concern, and Conrad has an opinion on Jana and At. Pippa speaks about her fears, and Wilmien notices something strange about Deon’s photos. In light of the truth a meeting becomes more uncomfortable. Jana is not impressed with Adler, while Pippa confronts Conrad.
130: Episode 130
Sep 23, 2016
Conrad doesn’t know what to do about a revelation, and Naomi resents Tertius for being ‘absent’. Pippa and Conrad have matters of the heart on the brain, while Jana is aware that people are discussing her. Karli tries to protect Naomi, but you can still slice the tension with a knife between Annelize and Bronwyn. Ilse tries to find out what Belinda’s plans are, and Deon’s behaviour confuses Bronwyn. Conrad and Tertius are at loggerheads…
131: Episode 131
Sep 26, 2016
There is light at the end of a dark tunnel. Bronwyn talks to Pippa about Deon, while Ivan realises something is wrong with Jana. Marike catches Jana off guard, and Belinda accidently upsets Naomi. At succeeds where Conrad fails, and heartache leads to veiled threats. Naomi decides to trust someone with the truth, while an honest conversation takes place between Deon and Bronwyn.
132: Episode 132
Sep 27, 2016
Karli feels very sorry for Okkie, while Ilse tries to bring Belinda to new insights. An uncomfortable meeting takes place at Amoret, while in most cases silence is something that gets broken unexpectedly. Pippa feels like she is trapped in a permanent nightmare, and Deon makes a confession to Louis. Annelize’s behaviour surprises Naomi, and Louis is worried about a hunting trip. Jana feels guilty about Bart.
133: Episode 133
Sep 28, 2016
Karli is worried about Jana’s strange behaviour, while the Ferreira’s breakfast isn’t served with a side dish of comfort. Pippa gives Conrad the cold shoulder, and Naomi is worried about her brothers. Conrad talks to Annelize about her popularity in the hospital, while Belinda has a message for Naomi. Jana steals a gun, and Tertius has a chance meeting with an old friend.
134: Episode 134
Sep 29, 2016
Jana is looking for answers, and Tertius asks Karli to keep his secret. Fear of rejection dominates Okkie and Noami’s thoughts, while Pippa has no good news for Annelize. Karli is curious about Naomi’s family, and Conrad isn’t ready for Annelize’s confession.
135: Episode 135
Sep 30, 2016
Conrad asks Louis to stay at the Koster Mansion, while Naomi is secretive about her comings and goings. Karli is shocked by Jana’s news, and Pippa feels she is in the way. The new assistant matron meets Annelize, and Okkie feels threatened by an appointment. Tertius receives an awful surprise at work, and Pippa has a meeting with Roelf in Tonik.
136: Episode 136
Oct 3, 2016
Louis feels he has something to prove, while Okkie confronts Naomi about her secret meeting with Belinda. Adventure seems to be lacking in Venice, and Marissa puts her foot firmly down with Annelize. Naomi tries really hard to make an emotional connection, and a desperate plea reaches Ilse.
137: Episode 137
Oct 4, 2016
Relaxation comes with time - as well as conversations about previous relationships and wrong choices. Okkie tries his best to do the right thing, while Annelize feels humiliated when she questions an appointment. Wilmien has to listen to Karli bemoan her fate, while Naomi questions all her relationships.
138: Episode 138
Oct 5, 2016
A conversation leaves Marissa cold, and an uncomfortable conversation after the previous night’s dinner ensues. Liam is admitted to hospital - and then the heartbreak unfolds. A night at the opera might just be what the doctor ordered, while Boeta’s reaction doesn’t sit well with Okkie. Pippa is worried about Annelize and Marissa, but Naomi feels she doesn’t fit in anywhere. Peace is made but Jana is left speechless…
139: Episode 139
Oct 6, 2016
Okkie resents Ilse’s support, while Louis explains his plan to Deon. Marissa is not happy with Annelize’s findings, and Tertius and Karli’s reactions speak volumes about an entrepreneur’s business acumen. Steve has a plan for Nagskof, while Naomi shares big news with Okkie. Marissa opens up towards Annelize, and Naomi gets support from an unlikely source.
140: Episode 140
Oct 7, 2016
Annelize is unsure about the path ahead where Liam is concerned, while Deon is unsure about a dartboard. Karli thinks Annelize is heartless, while the news about Belinda spreads. An ex and answers make a doctor feel trapped, and another doctor explains the invasive procedure that could eliminate a possible sickness. Naomi is unsure about Desiré, while good news is celebrated with an unexpected kiss.
141: Episode 141
Oct 10, 2016
Annelize takes her frustration out on Wilmien, while Naomi doesn’t trust the peace. Pippa voices her concerns about Tertius, and Ilse gives Belinda a warning. Breggie’s story makes Annelize see things differently, while Steve and Deon have a surprise for Louis. Tertius tries to rectify things with Marissa, and a good laugh leads to ‘tragedy’ in Nagskof.
142: Episode 142
Oct 11, 2016
Annelize explains her suspicions to Naomi, while bad news is shared in Tonik. Pippa is going to report a certain doctor, and Marissa finds out about Annelize’s history. Belinda has a strategy for the future, while Annelize looks to Conrad for support.
143: Episode 143
Oct 12, 2016
Wilmien thinks she should move out, while Naomi is worried about Annelize’s behaviour. Louis finds out more about Conrad and Pippa’s history, while Conrad places Wilmien in an uncomfortable situation. Tertius hears about Annelize’s accusations, and Karli challenges Wilmien about a doctor’s behaviour. Louis is talked into something and Conrad’s suspicions lead him to take action.
144: Episode 144
Oct 13, 2016
Conrad spells out the danger of what they are busy with, while Marissa needs a place to stay. Wilmien stands her ground, and Wimpie and Deon challenge each other. A doctor opens up about his feelings, while Liam gets a new doctor. A mother is a master manipulator.
145: Episode 145
Oct 14, 2016
Wilmien is caught off guard, while a teddy bear could provide some answers. Karli’s complaints surprise Louis, while Pippa asks Bronwyn for a favour. Naomi is aware that Marissa is not herself, and Wimpie tries to convince Okkie to join the league. Flowers cause a misunderstanding, while ‘attractive’ makes it even worse. Karli walks in on a very strange scenario.
146: Episode 146
Oct 17, 2016
Pippa dissects her feelings, while Tertius explains to Annelize what is going on with Liam. Annelize is frustrated with her situation, and Pippa makes things very clear to Conrad. The Ferreiras might have a new tenant, while a conversation between Bronwyn and Steve is clearly not about them. Karli insists on an injection.
147: Episode 147
Oct 18, 2016
Wilmien is sure that Conrad is not interested in her, and Ilse asks Okkie to remember team spirit at the end of the day. Naomi and Annelize argue about Annelize’s attitude, and Pippa informs Bronwyn about two people’s history. Conrad longs for simpler days, while a patient is in distress. Marissa is put in her place.
148: Episode 148
Oct 19, 2016
Naomi tries to convince Annelize to stop spying, while Bronwyn has news for Marissa about Liam. A teddy bear lands in the wrong hands and could lead to big trouble, and Pippa explains to Wilmien why a doctor behaved in a certain way. Okkie doesn’t understand Naomi’s behaviour, while Ilse wants to warn the young ones about hidden talents. Bronwyn witnesses something that she probably shouldn’t have.
149: Episode 149
Oct 20, 2016
A conversation gives Conrad new insights, while Bronwyn wants to get to the bottom of things. Pippa gives a nurse a warning, and Karli is given a strange task. Louis is witness to an uncomfortable interaction, while Annelize pleads desperately with Bronwyn. A father could hold the answers to many inexplicable problems.
150: Episode 150
Oct 21, 2016
Marissa is put to the test, and Pippa doesn’t agree with Conrad’s choice. Annelize thinks she knows what they should do next, while Noami will have to think fast if she doesn’t want to get into trouble. Bronwyn tries to distract her friend, and Jana is back from overseas.
151: Episode 151
Oct 24, 2016
At gets an interesting welcome on his return from Venice. Bronwyn experiences Marissa’s manipulation first hand, while Conrad and Louis make peace. Naomi realises what is really going on, and Conrad makes a decision about a nurse. Annelize asks Bronwyn to stay away from Marissa – but asks Naomi to get her hands on an injection.
152: Episode 152
Oct 25, 2016
At wants to get rid of Louis, while Marissa’s past catches up with her. There is an awkwardness between Wilmien and Pippa, as well as At and Jana. Annelize and Bronwyn try to make sense of the information that they got from Medi-Tech, and Karli sees her mother is still stressed. A very passionate kiss could defuse a tense situation, while Bronwyn has very encouraging news for Marissa.
153: Episode 153
Oct 26, 2016
Conrad tries to warn Tertius against Marissa, while Ilse asks Jana about her holiday. Marissa insists on an invasive operation for Liam, and Wilmien’s head is in the clouds. Liam shocks Tertius, and a new pairing has the tongues wagging. At takes control of a situation, and Tertius voices his concerns towards Annelize.
154: Episode 154
Oct 27, 2016
Conrad expects At to be honest with him, while Ilse has a very hard talk with Wilmien. Annelize disappears – but arrives with answers. Jana opens up to Ilse, while Wilmien is intimidated by the Koster Mansion, and Karli is apparently not Karli.
155: Episode 155
Oct 28, 2016
It is not just Karli that is in mortal danger. Louis thinks that Conrad should put his ghosts to rest while Wilmien is unsure about matters of the heart. At fears the future that he sees as his future and Pippa is placed in an uncomfortable situation. Jana is panic stricken while Annelize’s distress turns into rage.
156: Episode 156
Oct 31, 2016
Ryno tells Jana and At everything about Marissa, and Wilmien thinks Conrad has forgotten their date. Liebenberg can’t believe what Annelize has done, and both Steve and Bronwyn find themselves in a strange situation. Two doctors will have to do everything in their power to save Karli’s life. Naomi blames herself for the mess, while Jana is inconsolable.
157: Episode 157
Nov 1, 2016
Both Pippa and Tertius blame themselves for the current situation, and At does his best to make life easier for everyone. Bronwyn’s head is not where it should be, and Conrad owes Wilmien an apology - while Wilmien is unsure whether or not to tell anyone about her experience.
158: Episode 158
Nov 2, 2016
At’s news gets a variety of reactions, while guilt and worry is to be found everywhere in the corridors of Binneland Clinic. Tertius struggles to get away, and Louis speaks out of turn. Bronwyn realises she missed something, while Breggie and Annelize are worried about each other. There is an influx of flu cases at the hospital, and At shocks Jana with an announcement.
159: Episode 159
Nov 3, 2016
Conrad is called out to the hospital on the big day, while Annelize thinks everything, except Breggie, is under control. Gert-Johan Coetzee saves Jana from a perplexing situation, while Louis doesn’t have to be asked twice to come to the rescue. Wilmien realises where Conrad’s priorities are, while he realises what is worrying Pippa.
160: Episode 160
Nov 4, 2016
Wimpie and Ilse don't feel assured by Tertius’s professional opinion, while new relationships are a welcome challenge for Karli. At Amoret, the Binnelanders are deeply shocked by an announcement, Wilmien realises what At really thinks about Pippa. Okkie and Ilse are worried about Ivanka, while Annelize and Tertius have to think on their feet when it comes to an influx of new patients. Conrad is tired of the party, while Breggie’s condition worsens.
161: Episode 161
Nov 7, 2016
Louis serves awkwardness for breakfast, while it becomes increasingly difficult for the ER doctors to keep control of patients. Wimpie puts Jana in a very uncomfortable situation, and Deon and Steve are asked for assistance. Wilmien is honest about how she feels, while an amniocentesis could provide answers. Annelize ignores protocol, and Bronwyn is worried about Steve.
162: Episode 162
Nov 8, 2016
Tertius is worried about the staff - and then Annelize gets worried about symptoms. Jana realises Karli is wary of the Koster Mansion, and Bronwyn asks Steve for a favour. Karli absolves a guilty conscience, while Wilmien is looking for answers from Conrad. It looks like the tables are turned on a doctor.
163: Episode 163
Nov 9, 2016
Jana is not your typical housewife, while long hours and frustrations are taking their toll. Pippa keeps Bronwyn in the dark, while Ilse and Louis take note of a doctor’s time expenditure. Jana is caught off guard by an honest conversation with Louis, while Steve receives an emergency call. Everyone is in a flurry when one of their own turns into a patient.
164: Episode 164
Nov 10, 2016
Jana is hurt by Karli’s behaviour, and patience has never been one of Annelize’s strong points. Bronwyn puts her foot down, while Karli feels Tertius has left her in the lurch. Wimpie is worried about Breggie, while an answer doesn’t always mean a solution - or that it might hold less danger. Stress could derail forced teamwork.
165: Episode 165
Nov 11, 2016
Wimpie’s answer doesn’t make Karli feel any better, while Wilmien is playing second fiddle. Tertius is not impressed with Jana, while Bronwyn has information about Xalpharm. At cuts through the chase when he meets Altus Brink, and then the truth about Acesotrix comes to light. Jana cries on a strange shoulder.
166: Episode 166
Nov 14, 2016
Karli gets bad news, and Louis is worried about Conrad and Wilmien. At sees ‘n business opportunity, while Bronwyn receives support from a not to unfamiliar source. Naomi realises to what extent Conrad is supporting Pippa, while Breggie collapses. Bronwyn wants a divorce, and Annelize pleads with At to get the medicine at all cost.
167: Episode 167
Nov 15, 2016
Wilmien feels guilty about her jealousy, while Annelize and Wilmien don’t shy away from their truths. Karli feels she is a point of discussion, while ‘redundancy’ and ‘divorce’ are two words that cut very deep. Tertius insists on medication for Thusanang, while Deon is a knight in a white coat…
168: Episode 168
Nov 16, 2016
Tertius has good advice for Karli, while Pippa feels responsible for a decision. Deon asks Breggie’s permission for his next move, while Conrad is not to be a point of discussion. Altus encourages At to invest in Xalpharm, and a snippet of news puts Louis in seventh heaven. Annelize gives Steve advice on his private life.
169: Episode 169
Nov 17, 2016
Steve and Bronwyn comes to the same conclusion, while Tertius takes Wimpie on about the builders. Louis tries his best to impress Karli, and Annelize makes her feelings very clear. Ilse has a sly plan to get rid of a nuisance, while Deon shares big news with Bronwyn.
170: Episode 170
Nov 18, 2016
Tension is seated at the breakfast table, and Steve is relieved that he doesn’t have to hide his feelings anymore. Bronwyn and Deon realise that they need more answers, while Naomi warns Tertius about Karli. Someone’s work enrages her more than her private life, and AT makes sure that Altus knows who is in charge. Okkie wonders if he should tell Ilse about Wimpie’s ambitions.
171: Episode 171
Nov 21, 2016
At thinks Karli is very weird, while Bronwyn and Deon discuss the future. Ilse is not impressed with Wimpie’s wheelings and dealings, while At keeps Jana in the dark about his plans. Jana wants needs evidence to believe in a theory, while longing can disrupt a work day. Annelize chases her dreams very aggressively, while a theory could have a significant influence on a potential profit.
172: Episode 172
Nov 22, 2016
Someone else shares Wimpie’s ambition, while Jana is not impressed with At’s comments. Pippa is worried about Bronwyn’s motives, and habits at home are subtly addressed. Longing is a two way street, while Deon contacts an acquaintance to find out more about Xalpharm’s history. Tertius finds himself in a difficult situation at the Koster Mansion, and Deon tries to comfort Bronwyn.
173: Episode 173
Nov 23, 2016
Conrad is irritated with the full house, and Wimpie tells Okkie about the new developments in his life. Deon thinks he has a brilliant plan, while Annelize decides to help Breggie. Steve confronts Bronwyn about Xalpharm, and it is very clear that Louis is not going to be thrown of course easily. Altus threatens Bronwyn very subtly…
174: Episode 174
Nov 24, 2016
Conrad confronts Karli about the work that she doesn’t know, while Ilse takes Wimpie on about his campaign. Bronwyn finds herself in a very troublesome situation, while Karli makes a suggestion about Christmas. Steve and Bronwyn argue about boundaries, while Breggie and Wimpie have a huge falling out. Playing open cards is not as easy as it seems, and another confrontation ends in a very passionate kiss.
175: Episode 175
Nov 25, 2016
Tertius doesn’t buy Louis’s front, and Wimpie knows exactly where his weaknesses are. At is very suspicious about Altus, while a written warning is very unexpected. Conrad asks his father to trust his instincts, and an impatient Jana is asked for help. Okkie don’t understand the necessity of a debat, while Tertius asks Karli a huge favour. An SMS throws more oil on the fire.
176: Episode 176
Nov 28, 2016
Bronwyn takes Pippa in her confidence, while Karli gets tongue-tied in front of Pippa. Wilmien invites Deon for a drink, while Deon and Bronwyn are acting weird towards each other. Louis avoids Karli, while Jana and Ilse plan a very special tea. Bronwyn makes a breakthrough, while Karli’s harsh words fall on innocent ears. Conrad asks At to be the clever one in the game, and Wimpie formulates a plan to outsmart Breggie.
177: Episode 177
Nov 29, 2016
Conrad wants to cheer himself and Louis up, while Okkie finds Wimpie’s behaviour weird. Bronwyn admits that she is scared, while Ilse wants to move the debate to Tonik. Bert agrees to meet Bronwyn and Deon, while Steve realises he and Bronwyn will have to tell Lexi about the divorce. A phone call clears up the confusion.
178: Episode 178
Nov 30, 2016
Annelize is jealous of Steve’s involvement in Lexi’s life, while Karli gives Louis a reason to go hunting. Deon meets a very sick Bert, while At is unravelling Xalpharm’s secrets. No one is more fed-up about the situation at Eikehof than Breggie, and Altus gives the go ahead to protect the secrets at all cost.
179: Episode 179
Dec 1, 2016
Steve isn't impressed with Deon and Bronwyn - and also not with Bronwyn’s visit. At is asked for assistance more than once, and an accident makes a situation even worse. Wimpie doesn’t want to stay in Eikehof anymore, and Lexi and Annelize don’t see eye to eye. Altus realises he is in deeper trouble, and neither a hunting expedition nor a stork party start off the way they were planned.
180: Episode 180
Dec 2, 2016
Jana doesn’t like being kept in the dark, while Louis doesn’t impress Conrad. Naomi, unwittingly, gives Wimpie an idea. Steve’s jealousy rubs Annelize up the wrong way. A break-in at Eikehof causes more drama, and Deon and Bronwyn are read the riot act.
181: Episode 181
Dec 5, 2016
The hunting expedition ends in disaster, while Steve seeks answers from Deon. The Ferreiras find out why the Eikehoffers are living in fear, while Pippa gives Bronwyn advice about her personal life. It seems like a strategy is successful, and the time is ripe for more than one grudge to be buried - even if it is just momentarily.
182: Episode 182
Dec 6, 2016
Breggie gives a doctor parenting advice, while Karli doesn’t have a lot of sympathy with her patient. Steve and Bronwyn have an uncomfortable discussion about finances, and Annelize’s ambitions are awakened. Tertius and Karli celebrate the end of the exams, and Lexi interrupts a conversation about the future. Ilse has a solution for Breggie and Wimpie’s problem.
183: Episode 183
Dec 7, 2016
Bronwyn is worried about her daughter, while it is very clear that Karli is not the ‘nurse of the year’. Ilse lays down the law for Wimpie, while Louis finds himself in the dog box. Annelize is shocked by Steve’s manipulations, while Tertius develops a fever. An empty house doesn’t necessarily mean a quiet house.
184: Episode 184
Dec 8, 2016
Naomi makes good on her promise towards Tertius, and Deon owes Bronwyn an explanation. Pippa brings a new problem to Bronwyn’s attention, while Annelize gets diamonds. Pippa strikes up an unexpected friendship, and the votes are counted and the outcome is made public.
185: Episode 185
Dec 9, 2016
Annelize decides to look after number one, while Breggie makes an important announcement. Pippa and Conrad’s interaction is honest and uncomfortable. Karli tries encourage Tertius’s Christmas spirit, while Tertius gives Naomi hope. Annelize doesn’t want to talk about Eben - while At refuses to discuss matters of the board with her.
186: Episode 186
Dec 12, 2016
Bronwyn struggles to be honest with Lexi, while Naomi is having a nightmare of a Christmas. Jana suggests that Okkie asks Louis for help with his computer, and Eben realises what is going on. Annelize is tired of Lexi’s behaviour, while Deon is very aware of what is going on around him. Wimpie and Breggie have an honest conversation, while Naomi has a fall out. Bronwyn gives Annelize a warning about Lexi, while Eben is caught in an apartment.
187: Episode 187
Dec 13, 2016
Annelize doesn’t believe Eben, and Conrad asks Louis’s help with Pippa. Steve doesn’t think that Bronwyn should blame him for her problems. Naomi discovers something strange, and Ilse hears about the drama at Eikehof. Wilmien doesn’t think much of Deon’s idea, while Tim’s arrival is met with mixed reactions.
188: Episode 188
Dec 14, 2016
Deon and Wilmien make a shocking discovery, while Louis becomes suspicious when it comes to two people. Okkie confronts both Wimpie and Breggie, while Jana and Tertius are trying their hand at sleuthing. Karli confronts Naomi about Tertius, and Annelize realises why she will never be a candidate for the board. Okkie is caught off guard by Naomi’s news, and Steve tries to find out exactly why Tim is in Pretoria.
189: Episode 189
Dec 15, 2016
Wilmien is not impressed with news of the baby, and Tertius experiences turmoil concerning Nina. Lexi and Deon’s meeting is emotionally charged, while Bronwyn gives the man in her life a stern warning. Eben wants a last chance with Annelize, while Pippa and Wilmien both ask Conrad for the same favour. Eben realises someone heard everything, and Naomi becomes more hopeful about the future.
190: Episode 190
Dec 16, 2016
Karli tests Tertius’s feelings, and Okkie invites everyone to a braai. Lexi has a reason to search for her, while Ilse talks to Okkie about his insensitivity. Annelize warns Wilmien, and Lexi disappears. Louis puts his foot in it, and Annelize gives Conrad perspective on the baby.
191: Episode 191
Dec 19, 2016
Naomi wonders whether Louis is right about Tertius and Karli, while Wilmien tells Conrad about her life in the orphanage. Deon tries to retrace Lexi’s movements, and Naomi and Belinda have a falling out about Christmas Day. Eben tries to win someone’s trust, while Tim blames Deon for Lexi’s disappearance.
192: Episode 192
Dec 20, 2016
Tertius asks Naomi’s assistance with a gift, while Annelize tries to support Steve. Deon realises that things could be taken out of context if he isn’t careful - and is uncomfortable with what he learns about Tim. Steve and Tim are at loggerheads, and Naomi’s emotions get the upper hand. Steve’s suspicion of Deon is growing.
193: Episode 193
Dec 21, 2016
Deon is a suspect in Lexi’s disappearance, while Louis surprises Naomi with his hidden talents. Lexi’s situation buys Eben some time, while someone realises how much money Tim has. Naomi feels guilty about Belinda, while Conrad can no longer deny Pippa’s words.
194: Episode 194
Dec 22, 2016
Okkie makes a surprising suggestion, and Wilmien sees right through Annelize. Steve wants Deon suspended, and Naomi doesn’t have a good reaction to Karli’s suggestion. Jana has a difficult task at hand, while strategy brings two people even closer. Tim threatens a doctor, while Karli flees to avoid a situation. The Abrahams are contacted by the kidnappers.
195: Episode 195
Dec 23, 2016
Wilmien doesn’t think Pippa is ready for the baby to arrive, while Bronwyn and Steve try to understand the behaviour of the kidnappers. Pippa doesn’t know what to call her baby, and the meeting between Bronwyn and Deon is awkward. Herman saves Karli from an uncomfortable situation, while Tim gives Shane an order.
196: Episode 196
Dec 26, 2016
Belinda’s emotions get the better of her and she has an emotional outburst. Louis impresses Okkie more and more, and Deon doesn’t know how to channel his aggression. A Christmas present unlocks many emotions, while a discussion on a phone leads to shock, panic and a lot more tension.
197: Episode 197
Dec 27, 2016
Lexi is feeling down in the dumps, while Okkie feels hurt by knowing Belinda’s knowledge of Naomi’s life. Bronwyn is angry at Steve, and Wimpie doesn’t get a chance to correct his mistake. Shane wants his money, and Deon doesn’t like Wilmien’s idea concerning the baby. Annelize finds Lexi’s keys, and Karli wants advice from Jana concerning matters of the heart.
198: Episode 198
Dec 28, 2016
Annelize is looking for information on Lexi’s last day at Tonik from Ilse, while Steve wonders about Lexi’s internet searches. Ilse realises what Wimpie has done, and Pippa talks about Dirk and the cot. Okkie’s plan looks like it might just work, while Annelize realises that her suspicions are spot on
199: Episode 199
Dec 29, 2016
Eben is not alone when he arrives at the farm house, and an embarrassed Pippa confesses that she doesn’t have a nursery yet. Annelize and Steve fall out about Eben and the diamonds, while Ilse talks sternly to Okkie about his plans. Steve wants to keep Bronwyn in the dark, while Annelize sees Tim in a new light.
200: Episode 200
Dec 30, 2016
Okkie makes excuses for Naomi to Louis, and Pippa decides on a name for her baby. Shane lies to Tim, and Lexi is shocked by Eben’s behaviour. Breggie wants to do more good deeds, while Naomi receives a lecture on men. Lexi is scared, and a social worker arrives at Binneland Clinic.
201: Episode 201
Jan 2, 2017
Pippa gets a nice surprise, and Tim doesn’t give Bronwyn a chance to explain herself. A second coffee shop in the oncology unit is a worrying (and hot!) topic, and Karli doesn’t know how to handle her emotions. Deon shares a secret with Annelize, while Naomi and Louis cotton on to the reason behind the invitation to Nagskof.
202: Episode 202
Jan 3, 2017
Deon is very stressed about Lexi, while Shane tells Lexi that Eben is dead. Ilse and Okkie don’t see eye to eye, and Tertius is extremely excited about Nina’s visit. Steve is forced to tell Bronwyn the whole truth, while Jana obstructs At’s plans. Naomi isn’t shy about giving Okkie a piece of her mind.
203: Episode 203
Jan 4, 2017
Bronwyn wants answers from Annelize, while no one is aware of Louis’s big day. An unconscious criminal is admitted to ER - and Annelize is sure that Tim recognises him. Lexi’s life is in danger, and Jana is completely honest with Okkie about Biskhoti. A certain doctor decides to confront Tim.
204: Episode 204
Jan 5, 2017
Bronwyn blames herself for everything that has gone wrong, while Tertius tries to deliver a message subtly. Shane overplays his hand, and Bronwyn feels lost. Meanwhile, Ilse thinks her husband is going a bit too far with his plans. Both Tim and Tertius confront their problems, and Louis agrees to help Okkie. Lexi’s clue might be found too late…
205: Episode 205
Jan 6, 2017
Tertius upsets Karli by giving her advice on Nina, and the Abrahams are upset by Tim’s henchman. Annelize realises Lexi feels sorry for Eben, and Wimpie takes a chance at Tonik. Naomi doesn’t want to get involved in Tertius’s dilemma, and James is not impressed with Tonik. Annelize forces a patient to keep quiet, while two women have it in for Tim.
206: Episode 206
Jan 9, 2017
Bronwyn shows exactly why she is a steel magnolia, and Tertius is beside himself over the state of his flat. Naomi poses the right questions to a doctor, while Louis tries his best to lift a nurse’s spirit. Ilse’s past comes back to haunt her, and Danny arrives back in Pretoria. A patient is forced into an uncomfortable deal.
207: Episode 207
Jan 10, 2017
Deon is unsure about Bronwyn, and make-up is the cause of a huge fight. A family secret is shared, while At and Jana are working against each other. Okkie refuses to listen to good advice, and Steve uses strong words during a confrontation. A nurse only sees doom and gloom in her future.
208: Episode 208
Jan 11, 2017
Okkie will have to reconsider Ilse’s proposal, and a phone call upsets Jana. Markus is not impressed with Tertius, and Okkie feels he succeeded in his task. Secret agendas are on the cards for today, and it is time for Nina to go back to Daleen.
209: Episode 209
Jan 12, 2017
Karli opens up to Tertius, while Okkie doesn’t have time for trips down Memory Lane. Jana wonders why Markus came looking for Karli, and Ilse uses her feminine charms on James. A documentary on Baby Eksteen catches Naomi off guard, while Louis tries to give Karli the hope that she so desperately needs. At invites Markus for dinner, and everyone is worried about Belinda’s behaviour.
210: Episode 210
Jan 13, 2017
At has ulterior motives for having a braai, and Belinda shares a secret with Tertius. Deon tries to convince Karli to face her father, while Wimpie tries to make up for his previous mistake. Okkie’s insensitive attitude doesn’t sit well with Ilse, and Naomi and Tertius are shocked by certain facts.
211: Episode 211
Jan 16, 2017
Resentments are the order of the day, and Ilse has had enough of Okkie's behaviour. Markus knows exactly how to handle Karli, and a bypass surgery seems to be the only solution to a medical problem. A passionate kiss in the Ferreira household could lead to big trouble, and it is clear that something is worrying Markus.
212: Episode 212
Jan 17, 2017
Okkie’s excuse and Ilse’s behaviour are both equally strange. Markus has an honest conversation with Karli, and Jana tries to give advice on a kiss. Belinda is really stubborn when it comes to Desire, while At decides to find out more about Markus. A beach house is a good enough reason to start a war.
213: Episode 213
Jan 18, 2017
Ilse struggles to come clean, and Naomi meets her sister. Markus and Jana clearly don’t see eye to eye, while James is desperate to clear the air. Karli is not impressed with At and Jana, and Desire is a difficult one to read.
214: Episode 214
Jan 19, 2017
Herman makes it very clear that his emotions won’t influence his decision, and At is unsure whether he should say anything about his findings on Markus. Tertius is impressed by Desire, but Desire and Belinda have a huge fight. Jana encourages Ilse to say what needs to be said, and Markus and Herman’s conversation is not an easy one. Louis realises that something is wrong with Okkie, and Chantal arrives in Pretoria.
215: Episode 215
Jan 20, 2017
Desire’s move is met with a lot of crabbiness, and Markus won’t listen to Chantal’s advice. Conflict could derail a tender, while Karli is very unhappy with Jana. Louis has a strange approach when he wants to help two people, and a confrontation at the nurse’s station opens up old wounds. A conversation with Karli gives Markus a new idea.
216: Episode 216
Jan 23, 2017
Conrad has sound advice for his father, while Jana is desperate for her son’s help. Belinda plays on Naomi’s feelings, and Louis decides to save Tonik. Herman gives Markus an ultimatum, and Karli is not impressed with Tertius’s new friendship. Okkie tries to support Naomi, while Conrad has a trick up his sleeve with the Binneland shares.
217: Episode 217
Jan 24, 2017
At feels guilty about a choice he has to make, and Chantal tries to manipulate Markus even further. Okkie clears the air between him and Desire, while an interview upsets someone greatly. Naomi asks Louis’s advice, and Karli is shocked by Jana’s news - while it is very clear that there is no love lost between Karli and Chantal.
218: Episode 218
Jan 25, 2017
Herman has a solution for Jana’s problem, while Annelize’s secretive behaviour has a surprising cause. Markus realises what Conrad is up to, and Desire’s emotional outburst stuns Naomi. Bronwyn is not sure about Pippa’s decision, and Jana confronts At about Markus’s news. Chantal gives Markus an ultimatum.
219: Episode 219
Jan 26, 2017
Trust is an important ingredient in a relationship, while Conrad is unsure whether Pippa’s decision is the correct one. At shocks Conrad with his decision, while Okkie is furious about a decision that Naomi made. A conversation about divorce escalates into a huge fight, and internal bleeding is a cause for great concern. Costas’s threats are forcing Markus into a corner.
220: Episode 220
Jan 27, 2017
Naomi and Okkie are still a bit uncomfortable with each other, and Conrad sees something suspicious on the CCTV footage. Karli makes another shocking discovery, while Belinda is rushed back to the OR. Wilmien’s words worsen Annelize’s foul mood, and the Kosters are on a definitive collision course with Markus.
221: Episode 221
Jan 30, 2017
At tries to find out more about Markus’s wife, and Tertius conveys a very important message to Naomi. Bronwyn and Steve have an honest conversation, while a will definitely means new problems. A cat and mouse game in a hotel room is not as innocent – or unplanned – as it seems.
222: Episode 222
Jan 31, 2017
Suppressed anger is never a good thing, and Markus is more than ready to take revenge. Jana’s flat could be the perfect solution to more than one person’s problem, while Karli and Herman are not seeing eye to eye where their father is concerned. The Binnelanders shares cause more than one serious outburst.
223: Episode 223
Feb 1, 2017
At and Jana’s argument has nothing to do with the agenda for the board meeting, and Tertius tries his best to get through to Herman. Steve is unsure about what he wants to do, while Pippa has her eye on a new home. Naomi stuns Okkie and Ilse with her shocking news, and Conrad thinks he knows what Markus actually wants.
224: Episode 224
Feb 2, 2017
Naomi needs to make a very difficult decision, while Marcus is not going to be side tracked so easily. Bronwyn confronts Steve about an apartment, and Markus makes life extremely difficult for At.
225: Episode 225
Feb 3, 2017
Conrad has advice for At about Markus, and Annelize makes a decision about her future. Bronwyn tries to talk sense into Pippa, while Karli and Louis are worried about the Koster couple. Naomi’s decision provokes a reaction from Desire, and Markus’s day is filled with harsh words and warnings.
226: Episode 226
Feb 6, 2017
Okkie’s words about Naomi is a turning point for Desire, while things are getting out of hand between Markus and Chantal. Jana and Annelize come to an agreement, but not before Annelize makes a snide remark about Markus. Desire tries to get Naomi to change her mind, while mixed emotions are a part of relocating. At meets with Rossouw, and Belinda’s reaction to Naomi’s decision is unexpected.
227: Episode 227
Feb 7, 2017
Karli and Markus exchange harsh words about Chantal, while Chantal herself clearly doesn’t think before she speaks. Desire and Belinda make peace, and Pippa thinks she has found the perfect assistant for Jana. Naomi and Annelize get support when they need it most, and the truth can change everything in an instant.
228: Episode 228
Feb 8, 2017
It looks like it is a good news day for most of the Binnelanders, while Jana has to handle the bad news she hears about Markus. Broken trust is a difficult thing to fix, and Naomi’s nerves are shot before her interview. Pippa’s solo task becomes a group effort.
229: Episode 229
Feb 9, 2017
Wimpie has bad news for Pippa, and Karli’s world is crumbling around her. Tertius’s questions about Valentine’s day remind Naomi how much life has changed. It becomes clear that Jana has a very strong will. Dooming evidence makes it hard to believe. Naomi’s birthday is a new problem, and Jana talks to At about Markus.
230: Episode 230
Feb 10, 2017
Herman tries to prepare Jana for the media, and Noami makes a call about her birthday. At is not impressed with Markus, and Pippa feels unsettled in her new home. Karli talks to the men in her life about her father, and Okkie sees what Naomi said in her interview.
231: Episode 231
Feb 13, 2017
Markus realises that Jana is doubtful, and At tries to manipulate Jana. Conrad is cynical about Valentine’s Day, while Louis has big plans for Nagskof. Naomi gets a huge surprise, and Wilmien becomes an accidental eyewitness. There is more bad news awaiting Markus, while At gets a phone call from Rossouw.
232: Episode 232
Feb 14, 2017
Okkie spoils the women in his life on Valentine’s Day, while At informs Jana about his plan. Herman and Markus clash, and Naomi tries to find out what is going on between Tertius and Karli. Markus puts two and two together, and Jana spoils Okkie’s day. Louis tries to brighten up someone’s Valentine’s Day.
233: Episode 233
Feb 15, 2017
An unexpected visitor during a meeting makes life very exciting, and Okkie is caught off guard by the reason behind the bad news. Louis is shocked to discover what Wilmien’s thinks, while Herman decides to do his own investigation. Deon urges a friend to admit the truth, and a Du Preez is admitted to the ER.
234: Episode 234
Feb 16, 2017
Okkie is worried about the future, while At feels guilty about Jana’s news. Tertius realises there is something new wrong with his patient, and Wilmien confronts her ‘Valentine’. Markus has it in for one of the Kosters, and the owner of Biskothi is not here to make friends.
235: Episode 235
Feb 17, 2017
Okkie’s new attitude is a relief for Ilse, while someone decides to get a gun. Louis tries to encourage a business man, and Markus confronts At. Rossouw is in trouble, and Jana’s worries worsen. The truth comes out just in time…
236: Episode 236
Feb 20, 2017
Tertius discusses his patient’s weakened state with Conrad, while Okkie gets the fright of his life when something happens to Ilse and Naomi. Markus has a stern warning for Jana – and later doesn’t hold back when he has an honest conversation with At. Karli realises that Tertius is hiding something from them, and an HIV-test is a definite possibility.
237: Episode 237
Feb 21, 2017
Tertius’s openness gives Karli new hope, and Bea suggests immigration. Deon needs to advise a patient about ARVs, and Jana takes her frustration out on Markus. At and Conrad discuss their latest problem, and Okkie’s overprotectiveness gets the upper hand: Naomi is humiliated.
238: Episode 238
Feb 22, 2017
At is not impressed with ProxMed, and Okkie tries to explain himself to Naomi. At challenges Conrad to prove his mettle, while Pippa talks to Ilse about their shared fear. Pippa introduces Drikus and Peter to the staff, and Markus offers an apology to a nurse. Okkie is over-cautious when it comes to safety, and At is worried about Herman.
239: Episode 239
Feb 23, 2017
Thandi’s presence makes Okkie uncomfortable, and there is a problematic scenario in the ER. Markus causes havoc at a board meeting, while Jana is overprotective of her son. Okkie is over his problems with the alarm, and Karli’s sympathy is misinterpreted by Drikus. At asks Jana to help Conrad, while Tertius tries to ease communication with Herman. Conrad shows up unexpectedly at Pippa’s apartment.
240: Episode 240
Feb 24, 2017
Tertius jumps to his own conclusion about what he sees, and Ilse takes her mood out on Wilmien. Herman struggles to communicate his symptoms, and Karli has a weird way of ‘wording’ her emotions. Okkie thinks Ilse is overreacting with her comments, and Jana catches Markus in her office. Conrad tells Louis a very big secret.
241: Episode 241
Feb 27, 2017
Ilse doesn’t want to be home alone, and Herman struggles with his balance. Conrad is frustrated with Jana and At’s attitude, and an existing love triangle could have a new player. Bea gives Okkie an earful about Ilse, while Louis knows just what to say to give someone new inspiration. Herman hates being helpless, and Tertius is caught off guard by Karli’s reaction to Drikus’s visit. Celebrations are cut short by a possible intruder.
242: Episode 242
Feb 28, 2017
Ilse can’t fight the tears anymore, while Louis offers a friend tips on flirting. Karli talks about her frustration with Tertius, and Okkie is not impressed with Bea. Tertius is not impressed by Karli’s actions, and Bronwyn talks to Pippa about her handling of emotions. Herman has a long road to full recovery ahead of him. An uncomfortable evening leads to endless frustration…
243: Episode 243
Mar 1, 2017
Karli refuses to hear what Tertius is telling her, and Ilse asks Okkie to consider emigration. Louis and Conrad have a huge difference in opinion, while Herman suspects something might be wrong with his hearing. Bronwyn reads Pippa the riot act, and a kiss and a ring makes the night even more interesting.
244: Episode 244
Mar 2, 2017
Tertius is the knight in shining armour, and Ilse has big plans for Canada. Herman is discharged - but isn’t quite ready for At Koster - while Karli is unsure about her feelings. Wimpie’s opinion leaves Okkie with a difficult choice and Peter and Pippa talk about the baby.
245: Episode 245
Mar 3, 2017
Okkie’s biggest fear has nothing to do with South Africa, and Pippa realises that someone tampered with her computer. Tertius realises too late with whom he will have to spend the night, while Jana and Karli are worried about Herman. Breggie’s words remind Okkie that marriage is a serious business, and Conrad and Tertius show their true colours.
246: Episode 246
Mar 6, 2017
Okkie makes a decision, and Herman doesn’t feel at home in the Koster Mansion. Pippa’s imagination runs away with her, while Louis can’t keep his mouth shut. Bronwyn is shocked by Pippa’s theory, and Drikus gets some of his own medicine.
247: Episode 247
Mar 7, 2017
Herman gives it to Tertius and Karli straight, while Conrad’s big night might have some competition. Louis hints but he isn't heard, and Naomi feels guilty about her invitation. Herman refuses Annelize’s help, while Peter’s answers frustrate Pippa. There is clearly tension between Naomi and Ilse, and Karli tries to figure out if Tertius’s jealousy means anything.
248: Episode 248
Mar 8, 2017
Naomi is worried when she realises how serious Ilse is, and Pippa isn't ready to play open cards. Bronwyn discusses a theory with Conrad, while Annelize confronts Herman with the truth. Naomi finds an ally in Wimpie, and Karli tries to save the situation with Drikus. A huge fallout between Conrad and Peter causes Pippa to chase people out of her house.
249: Episode 249
Mar 9, 2017
Louis tries to support Conrad with good advice, while a house valuation might upset a few people. Karli tests a truth, and Naomi opens her heart towards Tertius. Bronwyn realises the reality is a lot more serious than they thought, while Ilse realises where Okkie’s heart is. A steamy kiss and a private investigator will complicate life a little bit more.
250: Episode 250
Mar 10, 2017
A meeting ends with a strange visitor, while an uncomfortable situation doesn’t breed any contempt. Tertius feels awful about his decision - while a cold shoulder catches Karli off guard. Herman talks to Jana about his fears, and Louis is more than willing to play the knight in shining armour. An emotional farewell takes place in the Ferreira household.
251: Episode 251
Mar 13, 2017
Pippa is looking for answers, and Tertius has had enough of the game. Conrad is not ready to give up, while Naomi is greeted with guilty looks. Herman informs Jana of his decision, and Peter, motivated by disappointment, gives Pippa a warning. A big disappointment awaits more than one beloved Binnelander.
252: Episode 252
Mar 14, 2017
Tertius confronts Karli about Herman, and Naomi decides to apply for a promotion. Pippa doesn’t trust anyone anymore, while Jana has had enough of Herman’s behaviour. Peter and Drikus are concerned about Pippa, while Naomi has had enough of her friends so called ‘concern’. Conrad’s good intention leads to a discovery.
253: Episode 253
Mar 15, 2017
Bronwyn wonders whether the theory could be true, and Karli surprises Tertius with an announcement. At pressures Conrad for answers about Rian, while Naomi confronts Jana. Okkie and Naomi have a serious discussion about emigration, and Conrad asks Louis a very big favour. Herman reads Tertius the riot act, and Rian is unmasked.
254: Episode 254
Mar 16, 2017
Louis works harder at Tonik than he expected, and Jana keeps the reason for Karli’s lengthy visit to herself. Pippa and Conrad get support from unexpected sources, while Herman talks to his sister about matters of the heart. Naomi has to play the go to girl, and Pippa is desperate for a meeting.
255: Episode 255
Mar 17, 2017
At and Louis realise what is going on, and Pippa decides to flee to her father’s farm. Louis confronts Naomi about Canada, and Annelize has her doubts about a new relationship. Wimpie has big plans for Tonik, while a meeting leads to a life changing event.
256: Episode 256
Mar 20, 2017
Conrad saves the day, but it comes with a price. Karli is angry at Jana for listening to At. Naomi is panicking about the interview, while Jana and Tertius have an uncomfortable discussion in a hospital corridor. Bronwyn tells Conrad about Pippa’s plan, and Tertius is confused by Karli’s behavior. Conrad makes a decision about his future with Pippa.
257: Episode 257
Mar 21, 2017
Okkie and Ilse are back from Canada – and it is clear that there are a few uncomfortable discussions that lie ahead. Tertius is tired of everyone’s advice and warnings, and Dirk arrives in Pretoria. Naomi explains to Tertius what is going on with Karli, and Dirk tries to convince Pippa about a new life. Two confrontations put Conrad on the war path, and Wilmien is a soft target.
258: Episode 258
Mar 22, 2017
Ilse is worried about Naomi, and Tertius sides with Conrad against Annelize. Annelize is jealous of an opportunity that Steve gets, and At berates Conrad about his behaviour. Ilse is nostalgic, and At and Dirk have an awkward conversation. Conrad’s heroic deed gets a lot of unwanted attention.
259: Episode 259
Mar 23, 2017
Dirk is worried about Pippa and is looking for advice, while Annelize tries to find out what the connection is between Conrad and Elana. Thandi hears about the emigration, while Wilmien is completely disillusioned. It is not just the Ferreira’s that have plans to leave Pretoria, and crying turns a surprise into a flop. Jana has a plan with Conrad, and Elana wants nothing to do with a certain doctor.
260: Episode 260
Mar 24, 2017
Annelize discovers who Elana is, and Pippa believes she is living her worst nightmare. Tertius confronts Naomi about Canada, and Thandi tells Ilse about an interesting class. Conrad is unsure about At’s offer, and Louis makes things worse for Wilmien. Bronwyn thinks she might have a plan for Pippa, while Karli tests Tertius continuously. Elana makes a call from a nurse’s phone…
261: Episode 261
Mar 27, 2017
Annelize shares her dream with Steve, and Ilse is shocked to hear what happened to Thandi. Pippa gets unasked for advice, while Elana voices her opinion of Conrad. Karli has a plan for Tertius, and Conrad realises what Elana has been up to.
262: Episode 262
Mar 28, 2017
Okkie is in two minds about Thandi’s offer, and Steve gets angry with Annelize. A blood test, a romantic dinner, and a busy schedule are subjects of conversation in the corridors, while Jana tells At about Annelize. Conrad tries to make peace with Elana, and Pippa reaches breaking point.
263: Episode 263
Mar 29, 2017
At’s patience with Conrad is wearing thin and Tertius tries to support Pippa. Ilse is in two minds about Okkie’s decision, while Conrad explains his dilemma to Louis. Karli talks out of turn, and Annelize is not going to be distracted easily. Elana asks Conrad’s assistance with a patient.
264: Episode 264
Mar 30, 2017
Annelize tries her best to get Steve to see her side of the story, while Naomi’s reaction is not what Ilse and Okkie expected. Karli feels she must impress Tertius, while Jana realises that Conrad didn’t tell her about Elana. At confronts Conrad about Elana, and Tertius realises Pippa is counting on his visit. Conrad asks Steve’s help.
265: Episode 265
Mar 31, 2017
Ilse is determined to start afresh, while Steve lies to Annelize about his whereabouts. Naomi discovers whose grocery shopping Tertius is doing, and Wimpie is not amused with the construction noises near Eikehof. Elana’s world crumbles because of something that Fynn does, while Steve’s lie is exposed.
266: Episode 266
Apr 3, 2017
Annelize’s accusations make Bronwyn restless, while Karli is worried about her and Tertius’s relationship. Wimpie lands up in ER, and Fynn has bad news for Elana. Conrad tries to mend a fence, while At is up to his old tricks.
267: Episode 267
Apr 4, 2017
Elana is taken captive, and Deon thinks there is something seriously wrong with Wimpie. Bronwyn is caught in a very uncomfortable situation, while Conrad doesn’t have good news for At. A kiss makes things very uncomfortable, while Wimpie milks his current situation. It is clear who Fynn’s target is, and Karli is spitting fire.
268: Episode 268
Apr 5, 2017
Elana gives a clear indication of their predicament to her co-captive, and a crystal clear memory is reason for suspicion. Bronwyn thinks she knows what the reason for an absence is, and Pippa has to hear more than one confession. There is more than just romance on the menu for one couple.
269: Episode 269
Apr 6, 2017
Photos make a woman feel very unsure about the current situation, and Bronwyn and Annelize need to have an uncomfortable conversation about Steve. Conrad is ready to leave Pretoria, and Pippa realises what she is doing to the people around her. Lexi tries to convince Bronwyn that something is wrong with Steve, while Steve is punished for his actions. Deon can’t come to grips with Wimpie’s symptoms.
270: Episode 270
Apr 7, 2017
Karli is worried about Pippa, while Bronwyn and Annelize experience very different emotions about Steve. Conrad receives an urgent message from Elana, and Wimpie receives shocking news. Markus disappoints Karli, and At shares his news about Annelize with Jana.
271: Episode 271
Apr 10, 2017
Teamwork could save the day – but it could also mean death. Wimpie doesn’t know how to handle his news, while Karli defends her behavior towards Naomi. At realises something is wrong with his staff, and Pippa is angry at Tertius. Naomi’s worries are taken the wrong way, while Steve has a plan to buy more time.
272: Episode 272
Apr 11, 2017
Naomi tries to influence Wimpie’s decision, and Fynn makes it clear to Steve that he needs to stick to the deadline. Jana encourages Pippa to get on with her life, while Annelize takes her frustrations out on Deon. Wilmien thinks Elana might be the key to the riddle, and Alex fails to make a positive first impression. Things don’t look good for a patient on the operating table…
273: Episode 273
Apr 12, 2017
Alex has preconceived ideas about Pippa, while Jana has very important news to share. At shares his findings with Bronwyn and Annelize, and Okkie shares bad news with Breggie. Steve needs more supplies, but Pippa has a new dilemma to face. Conrad grabs an opportunity, but someone gets hurt in the process. Lifesavers are not always knights in shining armour!
274: Episode 274
Apr 13, 2017
Despite a shared concern, At is not planning on treating Annelize like an equal. Steve decides against his escape plan, and Karli is impressed with Alex. Bronwyn is not as strong as she pretends to be, and Elana thinks the operation is a bad idea.
275: Episode 275
Apr 14, 2017
Alex’s advice causes Pippa to bite her tongue, and a patient uses their sick bed to full advantage. Wilmien confronts Louis about Conrad, while speedy action is needed to stop Fynn from discovering the truth. Pippa finds out more about Alex’s love life, and Annelize realises where Steve is.
276: Episode 276
Apr 17, 2017
Wimpie is difficult, and Annelize realises she will always come second. At shares advice concerning Elana, while Bronwyn is amused by Pippa’s behaviour. An interview is done under pressure, and Okkie decides to come to his wife’s rescue. Wilmien is disappointed by a doctor, and Steve is not impressed with Conrad. A telephone conversation leads to unexpected intimacy, and Conrad protects Elana as much as he can.
277: Episode 277
Apr 18, 2017
Alex pays Pippa a visit, and the Ferreira household is disrupted by a guest. Jana puts her foot down about the management of the Oncology unit - and At wants to make one last ditch effort to save the situation. Deon is given more responsibilities at the practice - and receives a very strange e-mail. Steve’s life gets complicated, while Tertius is worried about Alex. Bad news could disrupt a good relationship.
278: Episode 278
Apr 19, 2017
Annelize is not impressed by Conrad, and Pippa realises the reason for Alex’s tension. Steve talks to Bronwyn about his fears, and Jana comes to the wrong conclusion about what she witnesses. Louis is determined to investigate craft beer, while Conrad manages to impress Ivan Jones. Alex is vulnerable in front of Pippa, and a very sick patient has a huge impact on visitors. Annelize has no one to share her feelings with.
279: Episode 279
Apr 20, 2017
Deon’s hangover causes problems for him, and it is very clear that Steve doesn’t need Annelize. Joyce and Rob receive bad news, while Alex pitches up way too early for an overnight session. Louis doesn’t get the support he wants for his plans, and Pippa is relieved by Nicci’s behaviour. Bronwyn realises what Joyce is looking for.
280: Episode 280
Apr 21, 2017
Annelize makes things difficult for Steve after the previous night, and there is no point in Okkie telling the truth. Joyce wants to take Rob home, and Alex and Pippa grow closer to each other. Annelize takes her frustrations out on Conrad, while Naomi doesn’t react the way Louis and Deon expect. Rob’s pain becomes Annelize’s downfall - and At gives Conrad advice about dealing with Annelize. Okkie and Ilse’s kitchen is hijacked, and Joyce takes her anger out on Bronwyn.
281: Episode 281
Apr 24, 2017
Okkie and Ilse are not impressed with their kitchen, and Annelize tries to keep things professional with Steve. Alex doesn’t say anything about Nicci, and Joyce’s anger knows no bounds. Naomi delivers a strange letter to Deon, and Wilmien struggles to stay objective. Joyce develops a newfound respect for Conrad, and Karli interrupts an intimate moment. Rob pleads with Joyce to admit defeat.
282: Episode 282
Apr 25, 2017
Conrad knows that Joyce’s request will cause more conflict between him and Annelize, and Naomi has advice for Deon about his letter. Pippa tries to avoid an uncomfortable situation, while Joyce’s new request to Conrad is cause for great concern.
283: Episode 283
Apr 26, 2017
Bronwyn realises what Joyce’s plan is, and Annelize and Wilmien overhear something they shouldn’t. Jana is worried about Karli, while it seems there is more to Deon’s letter than he realises. Things get uncomfortable in Pippa’s flat, and Joyce calls the Abrahams to the hospital. Ilse puts her foot down firmly with Louis and Deon’s plans.
284: Episode 284
Apr 27, 2017
Steve doesn’t want to hear anything from Annelize, and Tertius is taken aback when it is clear that Karli knows more about Pippa’s personal life than he does. Louis decides to investigate Deon’s letter, while a necessary question leads to a very passionate kiss. Naomi needs to share bad news with Tertius, and Jana talks to Karli about her relationship.
285: Episode 285
Apr 28, 2017
Morphine places everyone under suspicion, and Karli talks to Tertius about Jana. Naomi helps Louis with his investigation, while At is not impressed with Annelize. Alex and Conrad meet for the first time, while Pippa has an honest conversation with Alex. Steve realises who is in Annelize’s line of fire, and Deon and Naomi don’t think much of Louis’s plan. Annelize and Tertius give Wilmien different pieces of advice.
286: Episode 286
May 1, 2017
Ivan Jones is ready to announce who the new head of the Oncology unit is, while Rob’s autopsy results are revealed. Wilmien puts her foot in it in At’s office, and Karli tries to assure Tertius about Jana and their relationship. Alex is not ready to take Pippa to his house, and the beer brewery is starting to become a headache. At realises there is a snake in the grass when he isn’t given honest answers.
287: Episode 287
May 2, 2017
Conrad lands in hot water when morphine is the subject matter, and Naomi starts feeling guilty about her lies. Pippa is left confused when Alex cancels a date, while Okkie warns Louis about Wimpie. At tries to save Conrad’s reputation, and Wilmien is seriously unhappy.
288: Episode 288
May 3, 2017
Deon warns the Abrahams about the stories that are going around, while there is a huge confrontation between Conrad and Wilmien. Pippa shares her sleuthing with Tertius, and Ilse needs to put her foot down when it comes to the brewery. Business talk gives someone cold feet, while the guilty eventually makes a confession.
289: Episode 289
May 4, 2017
There are a variety of reactions on a shock announcement, and Naomi shares news with Desire. Karli and Tertius discusses Pippa’s uncertain future, while Conrad is shocked by At’s actions. Annelize’s call has the potential to be a game changer.
290: Episode 290
May 5, 2017
Tertius confronts Alex, while At gives Conrad an ultimatum. Annelize doesn’t hold back when she speaks to Steve, and At takes his frustrations out on Louis. Joyce’s words almost sound like an accusation, while Louis confronts Conrad about Wilmien
291: Episode 291
May 8, 2017
The tension between Conrad and At is at breaking point, and Alex refuses to be ashamed of his life choices. Louis is the only one who agrees to help Conrad, while Ilse offers the cottage to the newest member of Binneland Clinic. Steve is not happy with Annelize’s actions, and Louis’s heart skips a few beats. Pippa has an honest conversation with Nicci, and shares could definitely influence someone’s decision.
292: Episode 292
May 9, 2017
Alex is in a state over Eva, and Louis wonders if Conrad is wrong about Annelize. At and Jana talk about Steve’s future, while Naomi and Desire have an honest conversation. Steve wants to set the truth free, and Desire, unintentionally, rubs someone up the wrong way. Conrad is furious because it looks like At wants to keep Ivan Jones happy.
293: Episode 293
May 10, 2017
Tertius is suspicious of Nicci and Alex’s relationship, while At and Jana both start their day with different concerns. Desire tries to rectify her mistake, and someone makes a very good impression on Ivan. Annelize warns Pippa about Alex, while she is caught off guard later when she finally realises what At is doing. Deon doesn’t trust a doctor, and Steve’s confession makes Annelize very aggressive.
294: Episode 294
May 11, 2017
Annelize is exceptionally dangerous when she experiences pain, and Conrad doesn’t want to listen to At. The new head of the Oncology unit is appointed, and Karli warns Louis about Desire. Eventually Pippa and Nicci meet each other face to face, and At isn’t sure he can trust Jana.
295: Episode 295
May 12, 2017
The end of a relationship is never pretty. Deon is very angry when he realises what is going on, and Pippa’s call confuses Nicci. Annelize opens up her heart in the hope of hurting Steve, while Conrad needs to come up with a plan to save his reputation.
296: Episode 296
May 15, 2017
Pippa struggles to come to terms with her new reality, and Steve gives Annelize a very stern warning. A stubborn Louis devises a plan to make sure the beer brewery is a success, while Lexi has no faith in her parents’ choices. Conrad and At have a huge falling out at the Koster Mansion. Loaded promises (and a sexy body!) forces a man to his knees.
297: Episode 297
May 16, 2017
Annelize is very clear about her feelings towards the future – and upsets Bronwyn with a warning. Jana puts her plans in action to find her successor, while Desire’s actions worsen an already sensitive situation. Jana and Tertius are at loggerheads over another locum, and a frustrated doctor’s sickness worsens. Bronwyn is worried about a doctor’s enthusiasm, while a passionate kiss reveals true feelings. Tertius gets an unexpected message from his past.
298: Episode 298
May 17, 2017
Deon is confused about his own actions, and Tertius is uncomfortable with Eric. Conrad is angry about a piece of information that Annelize shares with him – and confronts At. Pippa is sure that Karli is flirting with Eric, while Louis’s business has a setback. Two doctors make a decision to put the past to rest, and Desire opens up to Naomi. Lexi is not happy with her parents, and Okkie is worried about Louis.
299: Episode 299
May 18, 2017
Lexi tells Pippa exactly what she is feeling, while Louis places Naomi in an uncomfortable position. Jana is surprised by a ghost from her past, and a doctor’s sickness is influencing their work. Desire tests the waters with Deon, and Pippa realises that something is not right with Tertius.
300: Episode 300
May 19, 2017
Steve tries to reach out to Lexi, while At thinks Jana should ignore Margot. Louis is ready to treat Desire, and Annelize makes Deon her confidant. Karli discusses her relationship with Eric, while Naomi has advice for Deon. Conrad needs to talk to Louis about what he saw, and Tertius confronts Eric.
301: Episode 301
May 22, 2017
Hidden agendas and promises are part of a friendship, and Naomi is worried about Louis’s heart. Margot is read the riot act, while Eric gets a new place to stay. Karli’s safety is a discussion point, while Annelize’s interest is piqued by an argument. Jana’s job could restart a war.
302: Episode 302
May 23, 2017
Breggie shines the light on Margot Brink, while Karli confronts Tertius about the red head. Noami pleads with Desire to make a decision, and Eric finds out more about Tertius’s private life. Okkie’s answer to an uncomfortable situation is a braai. Karli wants to make Tertius jealous, and an intimate moment could lead to heartache.
303: Episode 303
May 24, 2017
Deon doesn’t want to tell Conrad the truth, and At asks Conrad for a favour. Pippa wonders what is really going on when a story gets an extra footnote. Naomi puts the lovers in their places, and Conrad is surprised by sheer determination. A phone call upsets Louis, and Annelize is urgently looking for Margot.
304: Episode 304
May 25, 2017
Naomi and Desire discuss Louis’ situation, while a conversation between Tertius and Eric quickly sours. Lexi’s actions are misunderstood, and Tertius’s behaviour shocks Karli. Things between Deon and Annelize aren’t going smoothly, while a serious conversation hurts Desire’s feelings. Margot plays open cards – and in Annelize’s favour.
305: Episode 305
May 26, 2017
Steve realises that Lexi doesn’t trust him, and Eric realises that Pippa is not herself around him. Louis tells At exactly what is going on in his life, while there is no way out for Annelize when it comes to the operation. The truth stuns Pippa, and a huge mistake is made in the OR.
306: Episode 306
May 29, 2017
Naomi convinces Deon to be honest, and At is on the warpath. Deon and Naomi are worried about Louis’s safety, while Karli is sure that she is messing things up. Desire gets the cold shoulder from Deon, and Eric feels like a sleuth. Deon has news about his inheritance, and Conrad realises why Annelize wants Jana's job so badly.
307: Episode 307
May 30, 2017
Annelize is encouraged to concentrate on her work – and not her ambition – while Louis decides to tell At the truth. Blackmail is always an option, and a discussion about a singleton gets awkward. Margot finds herself in a very humiliating position, while At spells out his motive to Conrad. A cryptic resentment is not taken well, and Karli is confused about Pippa and Eric.
308: Episode 308
May 31, 2017
Karli thinks the worst of Eric, while Annelize warns Jana about Margot. Louis realises what his future will be like, and there is a huge declaration at the service station. Accusations and invoices paint a dark picture for Jana, while diamond rings could promise a more glittering future.
309: Episode 309
Jun 1, 2017
Annelize is a cunning woman - even when she needs to come clean. Karli is getting more and more uncomfortable with Eric. Desire is definitely in the air when two doctors clash, and a reconciliation gesture is way too suspicious. Conrad is shocked when he realises who Margot is, and Louis’s great idea is not met with enthusiasm.
310: Episode 310
Jun 2, 2017
Karli and Tertius have a huge falling out over Eric, while Annelize needs to explain her side of the story to Conrad and Jana. Deon’s brilliant idea garners support from Steve and Noami, while At thinks Jana’s behaviour is suspicious. Another fight breaks out in Tertius’ flat, and invoices are the cause of huge tension.
311: Episode 311
Jun 5, 2017
Deon’s enthusiasm ensures Louis’s loss of apatite, while Jana and Karli are shocked about what is going on under their noses. At organizes a meeting with Jacques, and Tertius makes sure that his beloved is convinced of his feelings. Eric opens up to Pippa in a heartfelt conversation, and Deon’s outrage soon turns into joy.
312: Episode 312
Jun 6, 2017
At’s plan is coming to fruition, and Tertius is going to have to save Eric from Karli’s good intentions. Lindie is back for a follow-up consultation, while publicity and distorted priorities gives a doctor a headache. Ilse finalizes arrangements for National Pancake Day, and the invoices disappear. Bronwyn shares good news with Eric, while Pippa’s observations don't miss a thing.
313: Episode 313
Jun 7, 2017
Eric shocks Pippa, while Annelize complies with her part of the deal. At makes Margot an offer that she won’t be able to refuse, and Steve tries to harness Deon’s frustration in a more positive way. A few titbits of information takes the wind out of At’s sails, while Margot needs Jacques’s assistance. A glass of wine won’t fix anything, and apparently Conrad and Annelize have a reason to celebrate…
314: Episode 314
Jun 8, 2017
Naomi tries to give Deon some kind of direction – and then a call upsets him. Passion and potential play a part in making a big decision, while Eric shares his suspicions with Tertius. Elna disrupts Deon’s day, and secrets are laid bare at a frightening speed. Both Margot and Bronwyn have reasons to smile triumphantly, while a huge confrontation takes place in Pippa’s flat.
315: Episode 315
Jun 9, 2017
Jana’s knowledge shocks At, and bad news is a shock to the system for a doctor. Karli and Tertius have a huge falling out, while a warning and a sermon is the last goodbye. Conrad warns Louis against At, while At needs to make a big decision about one of his medical staff. A drink could make the truth flow more easily, and Annelize decides to grab the bull by the horns.
Season 13
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