Season 11
260 EPISODES • 2015
Season 11 of Binnelanders was released on March 30 and consists of 260 episodes.

Season 10


1: Episode 1
Mar 30, 2015
Gustav is not impressed with what Jean-Pierre is doing with Karli. Jana makes it very clear where her loyalties are and At tells someone his side of the story. Rian makes Okkie feel guilty about the campaign, while Noami just doesn’t have the heart to complete a difficult task. Tertius’s pain is angering Gustav and a label leads to a very inconvenient truth for Susanna.
2: Episode 2
Mar 31, 2015
Zieg tries one last time to give Leon closure, and Gustav must find a replacement for a doctor. Tertius doesn’t want to go and see a doctor and Jana thinks Karli should move her focus. Two hotheads can't seem to find a way to peace and Susanna’s last words has a huge impact. Ilse is worried about Morné, and Jana’s hope on romance is restored – in a way.
3: Episode 3
Apr 1, 2015
Neville is not exactly what everyone expected - but neither is Herman. Rian tries to put things into perspective when the campaign starts to become to difficult for some people. Breggie makes a decision about Eikehof, while boys in Matric and a pretty girl are never a good combination. Jana opens her heart towards Ilse. Talk is cheap - especially when forgiveness is the topic…
4: Episode 4
Apr 2, 2015
Jana’s day begins with an angry At and news about Herman. The Second Trienie needs to find a new home, and Morné has a serious talk with Emil about Ivanka. An upcoming birthday celebration is the hot topic of the day.
5: Episode 5
Apr 3, 2015
Herman is a headache for Jana, while Jan has the same effect on Ilse and Okkie. Karli realises how much work modelling is, and a infamous campaign draws to a close. Zadie has big plans with Stienie, and Ivanka is not at all impressed with someone’s words. A huge bus accident could influence Jana’s plans, and a Du Preez comes to the rescue.
6: Episode 6
Apr 6, 2015
Pippa and Gustav both start their day off on a bad note, and the hatchet is buried on Morné’s birthday. The winner of the campaign is announced, and Karli’s is caught in the crosshairs by a Malherbe. A fistfight might mean the end of a beautiful friendship.
7: Episode 7
Apr 7, 2015
Herman must make a few difficult choices, while Morné could be forced to talk with the arrival of an unexpected guest. Pippa will have to swallow her pride, while Kenya and a job in ER look like very happy prospects for two different people. Okkie puts his foot down regarding a relationship, and At gets good news.
8: Episode 8
Apr 8, 2015
Karli’s decision puts Jana on the war path, while At is not as forthcoming with everyone about his good news. Gustav is not impressed with someone else’s golden opportunity, and Zadie is both nervous and elated about the night ahead.
9: Episode 9
Apr 9, 2015
It is a doctor’s first day in ER, but Gustav doesn’t trust him one bit. Karli’s party gives her more than enough reason change her mind, and a new war breaks out in Eikehof. Jan and Morné are not the only two who have a man-to-man conversation, and Daleen tries to put things into perspective for Pippa. Jana knows something is up.
10: Episode 10
Apr 10, 2015
Eventually, Malan Koster arrives in Pretoria - and this time around he has huge dreams for the future. Jana is worried about Karli and Herman, and Zadie and Nick will have to attend to their affairs. Rian is caught off guard by someone’s confession, and Van tries to vanquish a spell of melancholy.
11: Episode 11
Apr 13, 2015
At knows no boundaries when it comes to manipulating Malan. Ivanka and Ilse think they know what Morné needs, and Herman and Gustav are definitely experiencing some ‘growing pains’. Breggie has had it with Wimpie and his boererate, while Daleen and Jana are worried about their respective futures. Nick’s suggestion throws Zadie completely off the track.
12: Episode 12
Apr 14, 2015
Morné is not in the mood for Emil’s guest, and Jana is uneasy about Malan’s presence. At asks Pippa a huge favour, while Tertius tries to be the peacemaker. Malan wants to urgently talk to the Jonkers about Nina, and Ilse and Okkie’s behaviour upsets Wimpie.
13: Episode 13
Apr 15, 2015
Malan is on a roll - on a profesional as well as a personal level. At’s announcement shakes the foundations of Jana’s being, and a surprise or two awaits the lovebirds on DVD-night. Liezl is still not making an impression, and a doctor loses his temper in ER.
14: Episode 14
Apr 16, 2015
Jana is ready to draw a line in the sand - and she is not going to do it by herself. Malan is unsure about At’s advice - and phones his aunt. Binneland Stereo is abuzz about the previous day’s incident in ER, while Herman’s temper flares up again. Naomi’s suspicions are confirmed, and Okkie tries to apeace Ilse. Emil’s manipulation of Morné bears fruit.
15: Episode 15
Apr 17, 2015
Nick really doesn’t seem to understand Zadie, while she utters her fears in disbelief. Jana has big plans, but Herman tries to convince her to be clever about it. A huge function gets a lot of attention, and a stolen bakkie raises a few very disconcerting questions. Gustav doesn’t want to talk to the media, while Tertius tries to resolve the issue. At’s telephonic conversation ends in a tragedy.
16: Episode 16
Apr 20, 2015
A dark cloud hangs over Pretoria and it is up to Jana to keep the hospital up and running. Gustav’s handling of the situation is scrutinized, and Herman has to defend his behavior.
17: Episode 17
Apr 21, 2015
A bakkie, insurance and a friendship chases a few blood pressures through the roof in the Ferraira household. Nick is taken to task about Zadie, while Herman is enraged by Jana. Daleen and Pippa are avoiding each other, and Susanna has her last say.
18: Episode 18
Apr 22, 2015
Naomi lays down the law for Adelyn, while also trying to encourage her friend to talk to Nick. Herman and Gustav’s fight resumes - and leads to a shocking decision. Leon is looking for answers regarding Anleo. Wimpie is warned, while Liezl thinks Morné’s idea is absurd. Nick comes to a shocking self-realization.
19: Episode 19
Apr 23, 2015
Leon’s destiny is decided, and there is an uncomfortable situation at Tonik with the newest recruits. Gustav decides to teach Wimpie a lesson, and Jana tries to figure out what happened on the mine. Zadie gets confused by Nick’s mixed signals, and Gustav accuses top management of nepotism.
20: Episode 20
Apr 24, 2015
Wimpie thinks he has the answer to the Ferreiras’ problem and Herman is not impressed with Jana’s reaction to his decision. Zadie’s announcement brings out the super sleuth in Naomi and a visit upsets parents even more than it was intended to.
21: Episode 21
Apr 27, 2015
A drink after work could be the answer to resolving an issue. Okkie is surprised to hear about Van and Nagskof, and Nick says the wrong thing. Liezl is working on Morné’s nerves, and Gustav is the target of someone’s heartbreak. A lawyer is looking for the Jonkers.
22: Episode 22
Apr 28, 2015
Adelyn has advice for Nick, and Liezl has it in for Morné. Herman feels his mother has a brighter future at Southern Hope, and Ivanka is the target of someone’s frustrations. Zadie has great expectations of the night ahead, and Jana has to hear a very inconvenient truth.
23: Episode 23
Apr 29, 2015
Maggie Kruger is looking for Herman, and Ilse is not impressed with Morné. Jana gets a little bit of good news - but her mood is spoiled when Herman shares his news. Naomi is placed in a very difficult position, and, once again, Van is someone’s emotional punchbag.
24: Episode 24
Apr 30, 2015
Okkie is afraid that they might be putting too much pressure on Morné, and Herman gives Rian the facts of the matter. Gustav finds out that there are more Du Preez’s on their way, and Nick gets a call from Megan - and later shares his news with Zadie. Maggie confronts Herman, and Ivanka is witness to something that she never thought could happen.
25: Episode 25
May 1, 2015
An honest discussion uncovers a few bitter truths. Pippa feels uneasy about what was left for her and Zadie can't believe what she is hearing. Ivanka hopes the stranger will return and a secret visit is the catalyst to a lot of questions. Jana needs to deal with her joy and disappointment at the same time. The mine’s lawyer is at loggerheads with Maggie.
26: Episode 26
May 4, 2015
Once again, Karli manages to land on her feet but Okkie is stumped. A lawyer tries every trick in the book to coerce co-operation with a certain doctor, and a nurse falls very ill. Questions are asked about Ivanka, and someone has clearly had enough of the situation that they find themselves in.
27: Episode 27
May 5, 2015
One nurse in ER leaves another one with a huge headache and Adelyn tries her best to make peace with Zadie. Morné realizes there is something wrong with Liezl and it is not a day of good news for Jana. It seems the Ferreira’s are having transportation problems again and Ivanka’s joy is short-lived. Two brothers are probably better than no brothers at all.
28: Episode 28
May 6, 2015
Gustav doesn’t think that Herman is the right one for the task at hand and a new Du Preez doesn’t make friends on arrival. Zadie asks Okkie’s assistance with her dilemma and Liezl has a suggestion on how Morné can make his guilt disappear. Ivanka is forlorn and Jana’s appointment is in insult to Gustav. Rian has advice for Herman and a milkshake is good start.
29: Episode 29
May 7, 2015
A young doctor’s manners leaves Pippa cold while Ivanka’s new ‘friend’ is the subject of discussion in the Ferreira household. Maggie will have to get the media involved to keep Herman happy and Liezl has bad news for Morné. Naomi tries to reassure Adelyn, while Herman and Tiaan are frantically looking for clues.
30: Episode 30
May 8, 2015
Herman tries to prepare everyone for the worst and Ivanka has a plan with Okkie’s bakkie. Isolation reaps new fears and Jana is looking for Ivanka in Nagskof. One nurse’s quick action leads to a necessary peace treaty. Tertius talks to Liezl about her mother and Herman has to keep the ball rolling.
31: Episode 31
May 11, 2015
The girls have an extra quarantine guest in their flat. Misunderstandings are the name of the game, while communication and quarantine are not good for each other. Herman and Jana get their results and a crisis at home interrupts a fine meal – and then there is the case of the fever that just doesn’t want to break.
32: Episode 32
May 12, 2015
A visitor makes a house feel a lot more alive and Christiaan won’t let anything get in his way to find a solution for the problem - not Time, and certainly not Pippa. Tertius puts his foot down and Herman might have a solution for the crisis. Liezl opens up to Ivanka, while a doctor feels powerless regarding a patient’s condition.
33: Episode 33
May 13, 2015
A shortage of food is a brand new crisis and Ivanka thinks Liezl has bigger problems than what she cares to admit. Rian can't get himself to share his news with Herman and Tonik is struggling without Zadie. Once again, Marike is following the story, and Morné is in trouble with a friend. Karli’s father blames Jana.
34: Episode 34
May 14, 2015
Jana has to put out the media fire and Morné gets a huge surprise. At leaves Jana speechless and Naomi has to be the peacemaker in the confined space. Ivanka wants to broaden her horizons and Gustav is caught out with a mask. There is a new reason for worry in quarantine.
35: Episode 35
May 15, 2015
Daleen and Tertius do not enjoy the tasks at hand and Christiaan tries to keep Pippa’s enthusiasm at bay. Liezl gets bad news and Gustav is blackmailed. Rian wants to do something about the new crisis at the hospital and At opens up about Theresa Roussouw. A dream garment baffles more than one woman, and Karli’s results are known.
36: Episode 36
May 18, 2015
Okkie and Ilse talk to Morné about Liezl’s mother and Christiaan wants to get rid of the volunteers. Adler’s insensitivity is rewarded and Morné hears about a competition with a very big prize. At’s head is somewhere else when Jana needs support and Herman and his mother eventually get time to talk. Pippa is in need of a bloodtest.
37: Episode 37
May 19, 2015
Herman wants to move as soon as possible and Ivanka thinks it is all over and done with. Morné needs help – and it seems like Naomi might just be the right candidate. Jana discovers paperwork for a new case and Herman struggles to keep the truth from Rian. Morné tells Liezl about Michelle.
38: Episode 38
May 20, 2015
Ilse warns Ivanka about secrets, Rian is looking for answers and Morné wants to meet Liezl’s family. Shelton catches Morné unawares and Emil is put in his place. Ribivirin seems to be the answer for everyone and At is surprised by Ivanka’s reaction.
39: Episode 39
May 21, 2015
Liezl teaches Morné a few new dance steps and Ivanka opens up about her past. Rian is getting desperate – and then Marike pushes him just a little bit too hard. Jana’s news release might be very premature and Ilse is very worried about a new relationship.
40: Episode 40
May 22, 2015
Herman makes a problem at home worse and Rian is in trouble with a loved one. Ivanka isn’t interested in hanging out with the young ones anymore, and a patient is released from quarantine.
41: Episode 41
May 25, 2015
Herman tries to convince Wimpie to help him and Ivanka encourages Morné to follow his heart. Ivanka is not going to fall for a devious plan and Rian is very worried about Pippa. At accepts a challenge and Christiaan thinks he knows what the answer to his question is.
42: Episode 42
May 26, 2015
Electricity is a big problem for someone and Morné tries to say farewell to Michelle. Christiaan needs to break difficult news and Jana is struggling to get hold of At. Incompetence is a big problem for Herman and the Du Preez brothers talk about the most recent medical headache.
43: Episode 43
May 27, 2015
Rian is not going to give up the fight so easily. Herman talks to Jana about Wimpie and Liezl makes a brilliant suggestion. Jana thinks she knows exactly what is going on with At – and it doesn’t bode well for her own self-esteem. Pippa makes a shocking accusation.
44: Episode 44
May 28, 2015
Naomi puts her foot down with Herman and it seems like one marriage might have run its course. Christiaan hears what Daleen has to say and Jana has to try and stop one of her sons from leaving Pretoria. The truth might hurt – but it will certainly set you free.
45: Episode 45
May 29, 2015
Wimpie is definitely up to something and news about a new relationship spreads like wildfire. Daleen asks Christiaan to talk to Rian and Jana asks around about Ivanka. Ilse lays down the law for Morné and someone is suddenly in a lot more pain than was expected…
46: Episode 46
Jun 1, 2015
Morné’s appropriate punishment needs some attention and Ilse and Okkie are worried about Van. Tertius and Gustav warn Herman against Wimpie, while a mother and daughter just don’t see eye-to-eye regarding a man. Daleen’s optimism is probably not the right medicine at this point in time.
47: Episode 47
Jun 2, 2015
Okkie is on the warpath and Herman draws the short straw when it comes to Wimpie. The Ferreira’s confront Van and there is a very tender moment between Jana and a patient. Someone tries to come up for Morné and Jana tries set things straight for At.
48: Episode 48
Jun 3, 2015
There is trouble in paradise: Ivanka goes missing, Rian gets the cold shoulder, Jana needs to broker the peace and Liezl is asked to keep her distance. Okkie just can’t keep his opinion to himself and Daleen is asked to intervene in a sensitive situation.
49: Episode 49
Jun 4, 2015
Morné opens up to Van and Wimpie tries to make a point. Daleen is worried about her best friend’s behaviour towards her husband and it seems like someone’s pain might be symptomatic. Feelings of guilt are evident everywhere.
50: Episode 50
Jun 5, 2015
It becomes clear that the Malherbes need professional help - and that Christiaan is not the answer. A dinner is awkward until a third party sits down. The same can’t be said for the scenario at At’s bedside, right before his surgery. The truth doesn’t always make everything better.
51: Episode 51
Jun 8, 2015
A title is taken very seriously and a phone call opens up old wounds. Jana hears what her children have to say about her and Naomi’s longing is fueled by an online advertisement. A burglar gets what he deserves and Van makes an impulsive decision.
52: Episode 52
Jun 9, 2015
Confidential paperwork gives someone a reason to resign, while Zadie is skeptical about Naomi’s plans. A date doesn’t exactly go according to plan and Van is criticized for her decisions. A guilt feeling leads to an accusation and Zadie receives some good news.
53: Episode 53
Jun 10, 2015
Incriminating documents might be the key to the ideal outcome. Okkie and Morné sort each other out and Zadie tries to help Naomi with her video - but it seems like cold feet are the order of the day. An elderly person’s opinion and a motorbike don’t have the calming effect that anyone might think and Morné is asked about his date.
54: Episode 54
Jun 11, 2015
Postbox keys test some people’s patience and a small accident is the least of one man’s worries for the day. Ships are the subject of the hour and Nick rocks up unexpectedly in Pretoria. Rian tries to persuade Jana to change her mind and there is another difference of opinion in the Malherbe household. It seems that unsaid things might actually be said…
55: Episode 55
Jun 12, 2015
Japie gives Okkie advice and Pippa realises why At is unwilling to follow her advice. Ilse comes to the same conclusion as Pippa and Okkie has his doubts about Naomi’s optimism. Safety is taken to a new level, and the Ferreira’s feel they have to take action. Wimpie gives the girls a stern warning about Babsie, and Rian gives Jana his full support.
56: Episode 56
Jun 15, 2015
Kobus and Naomi are desperate to get together and Daleen is not impressed with the new rules at Kiepersol. Okkie asks Naomi for help where Van is concerned and At’s plans don’t work out as he thought they would. A tantrum might be the only way to ensure time off and Pippa struggles with feelings of guilt. A serious talk goes horribly wrong and Okkie’s good deed doesn’t go unpunished.
57: Episode 57
Jun 16, 2015
An apology leads to the testing of boundaries and Pippa is not prepared for what she finds at the Koster Mansion. Japie tells Okkie to take on the open road and more than one girl has a life changing experience. Ilse makes a promise to a family member and Herman thinks he knows exactly how to handle Wimpie.
58: Episode 58
Jun 17, 2015
Morné isn’t impressed with Liezl’s plans for the future. Japie gives Wimpie an ultimatum – and then makes a risky suggestion to Okkie. Morné and Okkie don’t make things easier for Van, and Zadie tries to help out a friend. A night out turns into a whole new set of worries for the man of the hour.
59: Episode 59
Jun 18, 2015
Zadie’s decision angers Naomi, and someone completely unexpected might be the answer to Wimpie’s problem. A dress could take away worry, but it is an unexpected party at Nagskof that is the real test for the current circumstances. A huge fight breaks out in the Malherbe household, and Ilse puts her foot down – very firmly.
60: Episode 60
Jun 19, 2015
An intimate conversation leaves Morné red-faced and At wants to know what the reason is behind Jana’s sudden behavioral change. Rian’s motives are not exactly pure - and Daleen realises exactly what his reasons are. Okkie and At have a heart-to-heart. The internet is a minefield when it comes to love - giving a parent a look at the life their child is living.
61: Episode 61
Jun 22, 2015
A tree is the cause of huge distress at Kiepersol and Jana makes a very good first impression. Doubt and unhandled emotions are the order of the day and career decisions are a sore point in a relationship. An initiation could be the beginning of big things and an unsuspecting visitor to Nagskof is not welcomed with open arms.
62: Episode 62
Jun 23, 2015
Liezl wants an explanation while another couple blames each other for the same problem. Okkie hears a very familiar tune and Morné is asked a huge favor. Wimpie doesn’t want to budge on his decision while Okkie doesn’t want to talk about the initiation. Love is definitely in the air - and in abundance - and a very good case is made for the selling of shares. Cherilee talks about her true reason for visiting.
63: Episode 63
Jun 24, 2015
The Ferreiras don’t know what to do with the truth and Pippa wants Christiaan’s professional opinion on a very private matter. At considers Jennifer’s case and Herman could be the thorn in Jana’s side. A birthday is forgotten and Van’s confrontation produces evidence.
64: Episode 64
Jun 25, 2015
Pippa is not so sure about the idea on the table and Van isn’t concentrating on the conversation. Jana gets a new offer and there is a solution to Cherilee’s problem. Daleen has an idea on how to solve the Malherbe's problem and Naomi has her doubts about Okkie’s new activities.
65: Episode 65
Jun 26, 2015
The Ferreira’s have a new house rule and forgiveness doesn’t come easy. Pippa and Daleen will have to do their homework before they can involve anyone else. The truth might be too much to handle while a ring is a huge draw card. Doubt might just sink a decision.
66: Episode 66
Jun 29, 2015
Morné is certain about his plans for the future and Tertius and Rian react fiercely to their wives’s plan. Van asks a doctor to take control of a medical crisis and Okkie tests his boundaries with Ilse with regards to the tour. Karli asks her brothers for help and true colours aren’t always pretty.
67: Episode 67
Jun 30, 2015
There is definitely not going to be a peaceful end to the month in Pretoria. Adelyn has a problem with Karli and Cherilee asks for George’s assistance. A dinner might be the perfect setting to calmly discuss a sensitive issue while Ilse asks Gustav for his honest opinion on Morné’s choice. Hard words will fall, but it might not change an opinion.
68: Episode 68
Jul 1, 2015
Okkie has a big problem that needs urgent attention, while Cherilee asks At to intervene with Ivanka. Liezl is back from Port Alfred and Rian is worried about the consequences of Pippa’s plan. Daleen needs to speak to her best friend urgently and Wimpie is missing. An SMS could ruin a perfect plan.
69: Episode 69
Jul 2, 2015
Pippa feels guilty about Rian while a sore shoulder is the cause of someone’s worries. At could be biting off more than he can chew and Cherilee has more than just her health to worry about. Liezl doesn’t want anything to do with Morné. It seems there might be a real solution to making a huge dream come true.
70: Episode 70
Jul 3, 2015
Cherilee’s questions are almost as uncalled for as her advice on Ivanka’s appearance. High fever and a broken lift make life a bit more unbearable for a few individuals. The truth might be served as the main course. Karli wants to go out and celebrate her good news and Pippa isn’t sure how she feels about Rian’s suggestion. Binneland Stereo finally has a juicy bit of news to spread
71: Episode 71
Jul 6, 2015
Tertius’s new patient shocks Naomi and Jana warns Jennifer about Ivanka. Cherilee tries to move the goal posts with a few pictures and Rian receives bad news about Sonette. A confusion causes even more suspicion and Ilse puts her foot down. Christiaan says exactly what he thinks while someone’s number comes in very handy.
72: Episode 72
Jul 7, 2015
A headline is not the only reason for concern - and of course Cherilee has an answer for this problem. When light manipulation doesn’t get the desired result, someone has to go back to the drawing board. Rian shares an idea with his wife while Jennifer keeps Jana in the loop.
73: Episode 73
Jul 8, 2015
Wimpie and Japie receive good news and Rian is surprised by Sonette. A nosy reporter with uncomfortable questions makes At wonder where the information is coming from. Cancer symptoms is the topic of the day, and Jana is willing to help Rian – but Pippa is skeptical. George is almost caught red-handed.
74: Episode 74
Jul 9, 2015
There is still time to dash future plans and, once again, Herman fails at making a good first impression. Another gossip column receives almost as much attention as it ignites fiery debates. Jennifer tries to support Jana – and then she just can’t keep her thoughts to herself. A cup of coffee and a report leads to a new crisis.
75: Episode 75
Jul 10, 2015
A call is the best way to keep suspicion at bay and new clothes might be a good start - but it won’t keep heads from butting. An invite to a wedding makes someone’s day while Christiaan is invited to a dinner. When a code doesn’t work, an earring is the next best thing.
76: Episode 76
Jul 13, 2015
Wimpie takes his new task very seriously and after two invites, Sonette’s head is in the clouds. Liezl suggests a new future plan to Morné and Jennifer tries to change Jana’s mind. In the current circumstances ‘wedding’ is not the best subject matter and At’s questions make Cherilee very uncomfortable. A night on the town turns sour for Herman.
77: Episode 77
Jul 14, 2015
At’s observation makes him put two and two together. Sonette’s discovery makes her want to change her mind, while Tonik is in the line of fire where Wimpie is concerned. Cherilee and George will have to think really fast, and washing dishes have never been this hot!
78: Episode 78
Jul 15, 2015
Herman’s jealousy leads to an apology and Ilse has had enough of Wimpie’s ‘help’. Pippa asks Sonette to re-consider the offer. Jennifer needs Jana’s assistance in obtaining evidence and a ‘victory’ is short lived. The truth hurts a lot and At is no one’s puppet.
79: Episode 79
Jul 16, 2015
Jana asks Sonette to present a proposal and Ivanka’s new task list includes Ilse. An injury could be motivation for a visit while Sonette and Rian share their lifestories. At tells Jennifer what his true intentions are while Ivanka’s decision is a bitter pill to swallow.
80: Episode 80
Jul 17, 2015
A book makes Karli suspicious. When Ivanka realises who the man is that is looking for George, it leads to a huge party in Nagskof. At comes to a realization that might drastically alter his life and Naomi’s bright idea might get her closer to her heart’s desire. Rian asks Tertius’s professional assistance and Ilse’s survey upsets her.
81: Episode 81
Jul 20, 2015
The risks of an operation, a survey, an invite to a barbeque and a partner’s motives are all the things that occupy the minds of the Binnelanders. Ivanka has to tell Ilse about her big decision and Jennifer has to listen to a man’s problems. Sonette doesn’t tell her story without any emotions attached.
82: Episode 82
Jul 21, 2015
Ilse asks Jana for assistance and Rian wants to get Sonette to a physiotherapist. The party at the Koster Mansion is not exactly what everyone expected - and At comes to a new realization. A career change might be on the cards for an ambitious young woman and Bapsie is giving Naomi a headache.
83: Episode 83
Jul 22, 2015
Ilse doesn’t want to consult Okkie about Tonik and there is a sensitive task that awaits someone at the Koster Mansion. Wimpie really wants Bapsie and Herman has to race to the ER with Sonette. A milkshake and a hamburger leads to a very uncomfortable night.
84: Episode 84
Jul 23, 2015
Tertius gets Sonette’s test results back while Ilse wants nothing but the truth. Naomi has more than one reason to be ecstatic, although the girls wonder if she doesn’t need to talk about it. Sonette gets a new place to stay and Jana comes to more than one correct conclusion. A confrontation is stopped in the Ferraira household while a late night phone call might reveal the truth.
85: Episode 85
Jul 24, 2015
Naomi feels guilty about her plans and Karli is surprised by her mother’s advice. Ilse is doing her best to be supportive – but the same can’t be said about Wimpie. Good news doesn’t get everyone excited, and a compassionate shoulder leaves a girl speechless.
86: Episode 86
Jul 27, 2015
Gustav introduces Naomi and Tertius to Roelf. Going to class is apparently not a good idea and a blogger turns life upside down once again. Sonette gives Rian an answer, and a name on a list turns Karli deadly pale – and she immediately starts looking for Herman. Daleen comes to a girl’s rescue in Nagskof.
87: Episode 87
Jul 28, 2015
Herman and Karli conspire to keep Christiaan in the dark and after another confrontation in Tonik it is up to Pippa to broker the peace. Gustav is not happy with a doctor’s plans for a patient and Adelyn is asked to swap wards with a nurse. Tertius feels that Ivanka doesn’t need his help and Jana is not happy with the information that she gets.
88: Episode 88
Jul 29, 2015
Karli feels uncomfortable with a patient’s statements while Pippa and Daleen are concerned about Ivanka. Jana is looking for Roelf and Christiaan’s outburst leaves Gustav speechless. David needs to deliver a message and Sonette defends her answer. Jennifer thinks an operation would be very good publicity for the clinic, and someone is worried about their future.
89: Episode 89
Jul 30, 2015
Ivanka feels ashamed of the previous night and Pippa assures Sonette that she can still change her mind. Jana thinks Christiaan should avoid Roelf, while Lydia brings two people closer again. Gustav hears the full story, and Herman overreacts towards Jana. Roelf has plans of his own, and Jennifer needs to comfort a visitor.
90: Episode 90
Jul 31, 2015
Christiaan is frustrated and false hope is abundant in the Ferreira-household. Gustav asks Pippa for a little bit of compassion while Roelf makes his wild accusations. Sonette tells Jana what to do with her salary and Ilse asks Morné not to tell Okkie about Ivanka. Pippa and Gustav walk in on a physical fight, and a farewell hits a man really hard.
91: Episode 91
Aug 3, 2015
Christiaan is frustrated and false hope is abundant in the Ferreira-household. Gustav asks Pippa for a little bit of compassion while Roelf makes his wild accusations. Sonette tells Jana what to do with her salary and Ilse asks Morné not to tell Okkie about Ivanka. Pippa and Gustav walk in on a physical fight, and a farewell hits a man really hard.
92: Episode 92
Aug 4, 2015
Christiaan lands in extremely hot water, and Daleen fears Jennifer might tell At about Ivanka. Gustav doesn’t agree with Jana’s actions and it is time for Sonette to say goodbye to the Binnelanders. A chance meeting turns very awkward and Daleen is a pillar of strength after a very rough day.
93: Episode 93
Aug 5, 2015
A doctor and nurse argue about a guest and Christiaan makes a confession about Lydia. Jana feels uneasy with At’s presence and Gustav gives Roelf a stern health warning. Rian shows his emotions for the first time and there is big trouble brewing at Nagskof.
94: Episode 94
Aug 6, 2015
Mark doesn’t take no for an answer and Rian tries to curb Jana’s fears. Roelf tries to get Gustav on his side while At doesn’t like what he is hearing. Pippa’s loyalty is questioned and tested. Sandy is not convinced of Herman’s story and an emotional plea might just have the desired effect.
95: Episode 95
Aug 7, 2015
Christiaan doesn’t want to action the one thing that the Du Preez’s think is the best for the current situation and Ilse finds it difficult to take on life’s storms by herself. Gustav and Jana don’t see eye to eye and Daleen is offered an excuse. At celebrates with a sly smile and Gustav’s answers make Sandy suspicious. Two lost souls share a moment in Nagskof and Herman confronts Roelf.
96: Episode 96
Aug 10, 2015
Ivanka and At make decisions regarding their futures. The contents of a laptop, a gift and an arrest are the causes of huge drama. Silence is golden, but when it means sleepless nights the mind will start wondering - and wandering. The Du Preez’s behavior is one too much for a very powerful person.
97: Episode 97
Aug 11, 2015
Ivanka is focused on her assignment, while Jana is upset with Herman. Ilse tries to make someone’s life a little easier and the Matric Farewell is a problematic issue for Morné. Jana tries to persuade Christiaan about his plans, while Pippa also has a little bit of wisdom to part with the young doctor. Rian warns At about Jana and Roelf will have to work quickly given the turn of events.
98: Episode 98
Aug 12, 2015
Ivanka has a big favor to ask Morné, while a previous decision comes back to haunt a girl. Herman’s anger towards Gustav comes to the boil and Roelf asks Ritchie for help. Naomi and Ivanka confess to their problems, while Karli is not going to let anyone take their frustrations out on her. Herman overreacts to someone’s search for the truth.
99: Episode 99
Aug 13, 2015
A conversation about Babsie is one too many for Naomi, and Morné doesn’t exactly get the job done in the way he set out to. An email and a bunch of flowers get two very different reactions and a very huge question is popped. Morné has a brand new problem on the horizon, while Jana has a new battle to get involved in.
100: Episode 100
Aug 14, 2015
Blackmail seems to be a last resort and what should actually be good news for the Jonkers turns into a bit of a nightmare. Roelf’s scheming knows no bounds, and there is more than one person that wants to get rid of him permanently. Sensitive information makes a doctor’s life even more difficult.
101: Episode 101
Aug 17, 2015
There is a surprise for the Ferreira household and the Du Preez’s are not making any friends in the hospital. Tertius asks Rian for advice, and Tonik’s new look is tested. Emil might have the answer to his problem, while Marike causes more drama in the corridors of the clinic. The truth about Lydia comes out and Roelf realises that At has his own way of dealing with problems.
102: Episode 102
Aug 18, 2015
A crisis meeting is held in Jana’s office, while Pippa gives Karli advice on how to deal with what is happening at the moment. Eventually, At gets what he wants, while Okkie has some good news to share with Ilse. Ivanka wants to help Liezl with her dilemma and Daleen returns from Rustenburg - very shaken. At pays Roelf a visit.
103: Episode 103
Aug 19, 2015
Daleen gets more information on Cindy, while At and Tertius have two very different reactions towards her guilty conscience. Matric Farewells are not for the fainthearted and Herman tries to talk to his brother. Christiaan confronts Roelf with his version of the truth, which leads to Roelf giving Ritchie another order. Okkie is upset about Die Broers and Karli is worried about her brother’s plans.
104: Episode 104
Aug 20, 2015
Herman shares his plan with Sandy and Rian and At will have to make a plan with Jana. Christiaan tells Karli about Lydia and Steve Abrahams is prepared to do pro bono work at Binneland Clinic. An emotional Roelf wants to talk to Christiaan and Ivanka has a solution for Shelton’s problem.
105: Episode 105
Aug 21, 2015
Christiaan has disappeared and there is a new development with Roelf. The young ones go to the Matric Farewell and Tertius finds out that Cindy hasn't been discharged yet. Rossouw gives At feedback on Steve and a suspicious powder is discovered.
106: Episode 106
Aug 24, 2015
It is very clear that Morné had a lot of fun at the Matric Farewell. Sandy doesn’t buy the story about Christiaan, while Herman has to explain the seriousness of the situation to Jana. The nurses meet Steve, while Okkie has an opinion on Ilse’s hobby. Gustav and Karli share a tender moment and Steve explains to At why he needs to do the operation as quickly as possible. The board will have to decide on Jana’s future.
107: Episode 107
Aug 25, 2015
Steve irritates Gustav and Tertius, while Herman feels that honesty is the only thing that will get them out of the situation that they are in. Naomi thinks Okkie should take part in the competition, while Daleen waits for news on Cindy’s operation. Marike gets another story on the Du Preez family and Rossouw needs to get At sensitive information - before it is too late.
108: Episode 108
Aug 26, 2015
Steve is intrigued by Daleen’s behavior and Sandy wants to search a doctor’s house. Wimpie has a few suggestions for a story, while Marike’s enquiries upset Karli. Naomi’s mistake brings another nurse closer to her own. An arrest is made in Herman’s flat.
109: Episode 109
Aug 27, 2015
Steve makes a promise to a patient and Herman wants to know the finer detail about visits to Roelf’s flat. Daleen refuses to carry out an assignment, and CCTV tapes makes a case even more difficult. Jana’s emotional breakdown doesn’t happen in isolation and At realises a doctor will do anything to work at Binneland Clinic. Sandy gets the dooming evidence that she needs.
110: Episode 110
Aug 28, 2015
Okkie’s news takes the wind out of Wimpie’s sails and Herman shares his suspicions with Sandy. Karli questions her mother’s behaviour, while Cindy’s words make Daleen very nervous. Marlene pitches unexpectedly at Tonik and Jana tries to keep the truth at bay. Sandy’s case gets stronger and half a conversation leaves a nurse pale.
111: Episode 111
Aug 31, 2015
Karli’s presence is newsworthy - and ensures that her loyalty is questioned. Steve realises something is wrong with a nurse and At wants to have an emergency board meeting. Rian and Pippa fight over an appointment and Jana isn’t so sure about her convictions anymore. Wimpie becomes Okkie and Christiaan feels deeply betrayed.
112: Episode 112
Sep 1, 2015
Jana asks At and Rian about her future and Karli remembers something very important. Sandy tries to manipulate Christiaan and Daleen wants to tell Tertius the truth about Cindy, while Steve thinks she is ready for questioning. Wimpie is invited to dinner, while a telephone call and representation in a case causes trouble for more than just one person.
113: Episode 113
Sep 2, 2015
The Du Preez family will have to learn to stand together and Morné overhears something that worries him. Steve talks to At about Daleen and Marlene gives someone a task. Sandy shares her findings with Herman, while Jana asks for help which might come at a higher price than she is prepared to pay.
114: Episode 114
Sep 3, 2015
Steve is suspicious about Daleen’s involvement in Cindy’s accident and Rossouw tries to set up a meeting. A nurse shares her darkest secret and Ilse is called upon for some assistance. Jana realises how dangerous the plan could be and At calls in his favour. A meeting in Nagskof doesn’t go according to plan.
115: Episode 115
Sep 4, 2015
Christiaan doesn’t trust the promises that were made and Steve is clearly torn by the decision he has to make. Money is a problem in the lives of the Du Preez family and Wimpie tries to convince Okkie to help him. At holds more than one trump card in his hand.
116: Episode 116
Sep 7, 2015
At is not going to back down in a confrontation and Herman is ready to throw the towel in. Okkie teases Wimpie about Marlene and Daleen will have to stand her ground with Tertius. Emotional support is something that Jana desperately needs and Cindy remembers more about her accident. Every dog gets his day and At has a prerequisite in return for his assistance.
117: Episode 117
Sep 8, 2015
Christiaan is worried about At’s true motives, while Steve tells Gustav about his current problems. Daleen is considering drastic steps and Wimpie forgets to bite his tongue. Blood monsters are stolen and Pippa wants to know what is going on between Tertius and Daleen. Sandy is the subject of a discussion.
118: Episode 118
Sep 9, 2015
Daleen receives news about the accident and Herman wants to thoroughly investigate his brother’s case. Christiaan doesn’t want to waste time in getting to the truth and Lydia’s letters might solve the mystery. A new doctor is officially welcomed into the fold and Okkie tries his best to withdraw from the competition. The truth about Roelf is revealed.
119: Episode 119
Sep 10, 2015
Christiaan and Jana find it difficult to get hold of Herman and Rossouw leaves At with an upsetting thought. A breakthrough, a short list and a hatchet that needs to be buried are causes for major drama. Rian and At are at loggerheads and Jana will have to fight for what she wants.
120: Episode 120
Sep 11, 2015
Marlene gets dealt with, while Herman’s olive branch leads to a scuffle. Adelyn is eager to make the new doctor feel at home and At’s day is filled with opposition. Jana finds herself in an uncomfortable position, while Okkie tries to thwart some praise.
121: Episode 121
Sep 14, 2015
Pippa has advice for Daleen and Tertius, while Jana doesn’t play open cards with Rian. Two women arrive at Binneland Clinic, each looking for a specific doctor. Marlene’s words upset Ilse, while another couple needs to talk things through. Naomi’s innocent call could have major repercussions.
122: Episode 122
Sep 15, 2015
Tertius’s attention is clearly not at home - and even more evidently not at work. Herman has a temporary solution for Steve, while Ilse's comment to Marlene leaves no room for doubt. Ivanka has a crisis at college, and Adam can only mean danger.
123: Episode 123
Sep 16, 2015
Shocking news could mean the end of happiness and one last meeting could be the final blow. Daleen is worried about Tertius’s reaction about At’s appointment and Ivanka needs Jana’s assistance. Gustav has had enough of one colleagues behavior and Steve confronts Bronwyn about Lexi.
124: Episode 124
Sep 17, 2015
A website upsets Wimpie and Steve is determined not to give up so easily. Ilse agrees to be Ivanka’s guinea pig, while elsewhere big decisions will have to be made in a flash. Bronwyn struggles with the facts of the matter and it is clear that Tertius is in bigger trouble than he realises.
125: Episode 125
Sep 18, 2015
Social media is a new challenge, while Adelyn feels threatened by Ivanka. Pippa asks Rian to talk to Tertius and Jana makes it very clear what is expected of Steve. Daleen’s task is ironic, while Bronwyn gets the wrong idea.
126: Episode 126
Sep 21, 2015
Okkie is visibly jealous of Gerrie and Ivanka warns Adelyn regarding her curiousity. Steve appoints an office manager, while a newcomer causes a doctor some grief. Naomi sees trouble brewing, while stormclouds gather in three households.
127: Episode 127
Sep 22, 2015
What goes on behind closed doors should probably remain private. Tertius panics about what he sees in the corridor and Pippa is very suspicious about a doctor’s behavior. Ilse demands that Okkie sees a doctor and a confession shatters one woman’s world to pieces. Jana is upset about her sons' behavior, and a sensitive case needs Rian’s assistance. Secrets start to multiply exponentially.
128: Episode 128
Sep 23, 2015
A threatening call influences a decision and Rian gives Tertius some advice on his problems. Steve is not sure what to do about Bronwyn, and it seems like Okkie has learnt Wimpie's tricks. Ivanka tries to encourage her boss in the best way possible, while a confrontation is a chance to tell the truth. Bronwyn is out for her husband’s blood.
129: Episode 129
Sep 24, 2015
Spectacles and a box of toys give Okkie a headache and Steve’s day kicks off with big news. Tertius tries to put things in perspective, and both Ilse and Jana give Ivanka a reality check. Karli feels torn between her brothers, while a resignation and a sick child might be too much to handle for one day.
130: Episode 130
Sep 25, 2015
Naomi’s concern about Luc causes further concern in a doctor and Zeldine talks openly with Steve. Okkie thinks he might have a solution to his problem, and Daleen tries to comfort a patient’s parent. A discussion about money ends in a huge fight, and Ivanka gives Wimpie some of her products.
131: Episode 131
Sep 28, 2015
A magnifying glass and yoga seem to be two very different answers to the same question, while Tertius has no idea how to handle the crisis at hand. Ivanka tries to salvage a situation, and Daleen gets more than she bargained for. Bronwyn thinks she hears someone in the house, and a nurse gets an honest answer.
132: Episode 132
Sep 29, 2015
Bronwyn’s lawyer doesn’t just give her advice - he also points out Steve’s weaknesses. Secrets have a way of coming to light - and the repercussions will have an affect on everyone involved. Okkie agrees to take part in an activity with Morné, and At wants to talk to Tertius – man to man.
133: Episode 133
Sep 30, 2015
When the worst happens, there is no turning back for anyone. Zeldine doesn’t seem to want to take her leave and Pippa is worried about what the whole truth could do to a friendship. Morné shares his troubles with a confidant and an allergy is out of control. Daleen makes a very big decision.
134: Episode 134
Oct 1, 2015
At and Pippa don't see eye to eye on a sensitive issue. Okkie and Morné have two very different experiences of the same outing. Jana is on her way to New York, and Tertius meets his match. Steve is offered help, and Wimpie needs to see a doctor urgently.
135: Episode 135
Oct 2, 2015
Adam threatens Sara - and it is not the only difficult choice that she will have to make today. Tertius gets to a huge crossroads in his life, and Steve goes to extremes to give Bronwyn peace of mind at home. Okkie’s health problems are the topic of conversation, and Pippa and Rian wonder how some people are connected.
136: Episode 136
Oct 5, 2015
Daleen tells At the whole truth - and he makes sure that she doesn’t think clearly. Tertius makes a promise to Sara, and Rian gives At a warning. Ivanka shares her worries about Okkie with Ilse, and it is very clear who Adam has in his knife in for.
137: Episode 137
Oct 6, 2015
There is huge trouble in the Ferreira household, and Daleen will have to give At’s suggestion a lot of thought. Pippa and Rian are at loggerheads regarding the Jonkers, and At has a warning for Steve. Ivanka has a lot of explaining to do to her boss, and it seems Bronwyn doesn’t really care about spending time with her husband.
138: Episode 138
Oct 7, 2015
Zeldine threatens to destroy the peace, and Sara gets a task that she will have to execute. Daleen tries to scrape enough courage together to do what needs to be done, and there is more than one huge outburst in the hospital’s corridors. Steve gets a little bit of good news, while Bronwyn decides to keep some secrets to herself.
139: Episode 139
Oct 8, 2015
Guilt is on the menu after a very honest conversation, and Sara has no choice but to take part in Adam’s plan. Ivanka tries to make friends with Bronwyn, and Daleen is desperate to get hold of Sara’s address. Steve and Bronwyn feel guilty about what they are doing to Lexi.
140: Episode 140
Oct 9, 2015
At is desperately looking for Daleen, while Tertius looks for Sara. The ‘Grease’-night brings Ilse to a crossroads, and Bronwyn talks to Annalize about Steve. Okkie will have to get used to the new status quo, and one call changes everything in one man’s life.
141: Episode 141
Oct 12, 2015
At will have to play a very cunning game if he wants to save someone’s life, and Ivanka has advice for Steve on Bronwyn. Okkie gets a huge surprise, and Tertius tries to be the hero of the hour. Annalize has a plan with Lexi, and Sara asks for forgiveness. At gives Rossouw a task – and makes it very clear that he has no qualms with collateral damage.
142: Episode 142
Oct 13, 2015
Adam explains to Sara in no uncertain terms what’s about to happen. Steve and Bronwyn are concerned about Lexi’s attitude, while the nurses are convinced that something is brewing between two colleagues. Annelize reminds Steve of his financial troubles, and Sara’s plan involves a great deal of risk.
143: Episode 143
Oct 14, 2015
Bronwyn tries to explain her situation to Lexi, and Pippa’s orders create havoc in the hospital. Karli is confused about a guy, and At tells Rossouw to do whatever needs to be done to get the information about Adam. At gets the information, and Ivanka tries to influence Zeldine’s behaviour.
144: Episode 144
Oct 15, 2015
Lexi feels shut out from her dad’s new life, and At is playing a very dangerous game. Bronwyn has to face the truth, and Karli finds fault with the suggestions the girls make. Daleen has to conquer her own fears, and Ivanka is invited to the ‘Doctors without Borders’ party.
145: Episode 145
Oct 16, 2015
Bronwyn confronts Steve about Lexi and money, and Zeldine is desperate to take a stand. Christiaan makes sure the law takes its course, and Herman gives his flatmate some advice. Problems could be solved - but then one needs to talk about them. Sara tells Daleen the truth about her questioning, and Adam strikes again.
146: Episode 146
Oct 19, 2015
Lexi comes out with the truth, and Tertius wants to take drastic measures to keep everyone safe. At is not going to let the enemy roam freely in his hospital, and getting cold feet could get Karli into a hot mess. Steve gets an offer on his practice, while Zeldine receives shattering news. Adam hunts down his prey…
147: Episode 147
Oct 20, 2015
Steve and Bronwyn have uncomfortable news to share with Lexi, and Tertius must make a very big decision. At doesn’t understand a doctor’s behaviour, while Steve and Annalize let hard words fall between them. Sara makes a decision, and a sprained wrist leads to a guilty conscience.
148: Episode 148
Oct 21, 2015
Naomi is depressed before her exam, and Lexi wants to hear the true facts of the matter. Gustav is worried about Tertius, and a medical mistake leaves Herman with no other choice. The Jonkers get advice from all and sundry, and Steve is forced to share more heartbreaking news.
149: Episode 149
Oct 22, 2015
Kobus has disappeared, and Tertius is ready to comb the globe. The brothers have opposite reactions towards their sister’s date, and Bronwyn’s anger is palpable. Ilse might have a solution for Ivanka’s problem, and Daleen’s heartbreaking epiphany doesn’t happen without an audience. Washing dishes and surprises don’t go hand in hand.
150: Episode 150
Oct 23, 2015
Lexi opens up to Ivanka, and Herman plays the part of overprotective brother. Everyone is getting ready for the big party – which will deliver its own dramas – and Bronwyn is prepared for her father’s reactions. Wimpie is the uninvited guest for the evening, and a kiss makes more than one person feel uncomfortable.
151: Episode 151
Oct 26, 2015
Gustav wants to make sure that he and Karli are on the same page. Zeldine’s words, and her condition, makes Steve extremely worried. Pippa tries to find out how Christiaan’s evening went, and Bronwyn has her own theory about what is going on with Zeldine. Ivanka decides that it is time to move on, and Jean-Pierre is apparently now interested in Karli.
152: Episode 152
Oct 27, 2015
Text messages in the Abrahams household is the cause for some drama, and Okkie can’t keep his concerns a secret any longer. Herman places Gustav under cross-examination, while Adelyn likes Naomi’s daydreams. Bronwyn confronts Zeldine, and Dennis visits the doctor.
153: Episode 153
Oct 28, 2015
Jean-Pierre shows his true colors, and a huge deposit isn’t what it seems to be. Pippa shares some good news with Naomi, and Lexi tells Ivanka about a new potential love-interest. Gustav jumps to his own conclusions, while Okkie prepares for the big question.
154: Episode 154
Oct 29, 2015
Steve is sure about his case, while Bronwys just can’t find inner peace. Adelyn’s cold shoulder leads to someone blurting out their plans. Steve gets some good advice from his father-in-law’s lawyer, and, once again, there is big trouble in the Ferreira household. Zeldine makes herself scarce.
155: Episode 155
Oct 30, 2015
Steve makes a decision about his practice, and Pippa scolds the girls regarding a patient. Breggie is worried about her health, and Naomi has no idea what some people are doing behind her back. Dennis blackmails Steve, and there are a few conditions attached to an answer.
156: Episode 156
Nov 2, 2015
Naomi wonders about Adelyn and Karli’s behaviour, while Pippa’s assistance is called upon later to help with the situation. Dennis’s surprise catches Steve off guard, while it makes Ivanka even more suspicious. Breggie forgets a valuable item in the hospital, and Bronwyn wonders if Steve is up to his old tricks.
157: Episode 157
Nov 3, 2015
Bronwyn has news that she must share with her family, and a doctor is forced to do something he really doesn’t want to. Karli needs to defend herself, and Ivanka needs to stop a juicy gossip story from spreading. Okkie and Naomi have a heart-to-heart, and Christiaan is not impressed with At’s decision. It becomes very clear who the real puppet master is.
158: Episode 158
Nov 4, 2015
Something important is kept from Okkie, and a meeting makes one man very excited. Bronwyn gives her daughter a warning, and Ilse will have to rescue Naomi from a sticky situation - while Adelyn and Karli is of no help. Ivanka turns into a sleuth, and Karli is reprimanded by the assistant matron.
159: Episode 159
Nov 5, 2015
A quick call is the cause of new worries, and Naomi’s idea could have serious repercussions. A lift is a very uncomfortable place for two people, and it becomes very clear that Steve’s problems have only just begun. Dennis makes it very clear that they will need bigger motivation to make a success of the situation.
160: Episode 160
Nov 6, 2015
Bronwyn is in a weird mood, and the Ferreira’s meet Marinda. Ivanka walks right into the middle of a storm, and Gustav meets the feisty Mia (Hilda Cronjé), a doctor who worked with Christiaan at Doctors Without Borders. Lisa decides to go over into action, and eight weeks makes a father suspect the worst.
161: Episode 161
Nov 9, 2015
At sees how worried a doctor is about a patient in ER. It is clear that two doctors can’t get enough of each other, and Steve’s father-in-law arrives. A certain question upsets Naomi - which leads to a confrontation. Lisa has a new warning for Steve, and a big investor isn’t biting.
162: Episode 162
Nov 10, 2015
At asks Steve about Ivanka, but isn’t happy with the answer. Okkie and Ilse share a sentimental moment, and Rian is pleasantly surprised by someone’s straightforward and openminded attitude. Tim asks Lexi about her parents’s relationship, and Bronwyn’s suspicious attitude has consequences for Steve.
163: Episode 163
Nov 11, 2015
Steve tries to explain Lisa to Bronwyn, and Marinda has a suggestion on how to save the dress. At wants Gustav to appoint a new doctor to the ER, and a big decision will have to be made in the Abrahams household. Mia is excited about the future, while Rian wants more information on a project before he can make his final decision. Ivanka is left confused by At’s generous gestures, and the survival of a relationship is dependent on the truth being told.
164: Episode 164
Nov 12, 2015
Christiaan gives Mia the direction she so desperately needs, and when Steve doesn’t put up a fight there is something definitely wrong. Pippa is worried about At’s motives, while Bronwyn decides to reveal all to an important person in her life. Naomi needs to share her news with her father, while a huge family secret will shock a doctor to the core.
165: Episode 165
Nov 13, 2015
Ivanka insists on going back to work, while Lexi jumps to her own conclusions about her parents’s increasingly strange behavior. Mia’s first attempt at impressing Rian leaves Pippa speechless. Steve and Ivanka have a huge fight in the office, while Tim objects to his son-in-law’s plans.
166: Episode 166
Nov 16, 2015
Tim wants to meet Dennis, and Rian gets carried away with the new project. At’s visit makes him think twice about a professional relationship, and Pippa teases Christiaan about Mia. At asks Rossouw’s assistance after a conversation with Ivanka, and Jana walks in on a very uncomfortable situation.
167: Episode 167
Nov 17, 2015
Jana wants answers from Karli, and a doctor needs to clear the misconceptions. Mia is at loggerheads with Rian, and At sets his sights on Steve. Naomi shares her secret with Marinda, and Tim is formulating a dangerous plan intended to trap Dennis. Recognizing someone could have huge implications.
168: Episode 168
Nov 18, 2015
Mia could become a problem within the corridors of Binneland Clinic. Steve and Tim have a huge fight, and Adelyn needs to talk to Naomi about a very sensitive subject. Lisa has her suspicions of Ivanka, and an operation needs to be stopped at any cost. A huge setback in a business could cost a businessman a lot more than he bargained for. The girls might be right about Kobus.
169: Episode 169
Nov 19, 2015
Mia meets the rest of the Du Preez family, and At is frustrated with the problem that is still not solved. Steve is in dire straits, and Lexi discovers unsettling information. Things are not exactly right between Naomi and Kobus, while Rian is at a whole new crossroads in his life.
170: Episode 170
Nov 20, 2015
Bronwyn confronts both men in her life, and Mia will do anything to save the project. Naomi takes her frustration out on the girls, while Mia’s words haunt Rian. Lexi is definitely on cloud nine, and Steve shares his good news with Tim.
171: Episode 171
Nov 23, 2015
There is trouble in paradise, and huge plans are made for Lexi. Karli and Mia don’t exactly feel the same about each other, while Rossouw’s assistance is called upon again – but not by At. Jana can’t help but be impressed by Mia, and Pippa is worried about Rian.
172: Episode 172
Nov 24, 2015
Steve tries to convince Bronwyn to talk to Tim, while it is time for two giants to meet. Marinda’s visit flames the fire, while Lisa pulls the wool over Bronwyn’s eyes. The linen room becomes a safe haven, while good news doesn’t impress Christiaan. Jana’s ambition could damage Mia’s trust.
173: Episode 173
Nov 25, 2015
A conversation with Jana gives Mia new insights, while Herman tries to straighten things out with Christiaan. Tim asks Steve for a favour, while At wants the upper hand in a new power struggle. Dennis makes sure that the already excited Lexi’s bags are packed, while it becomes very clear that Mia won’t take ‘no’ for an answer. Naomi and Marinda are not getting along, and At receives an unexpected visitor in his office.
174: Episode 174
Nov 26, 2015
Bronwyn is on the war path when the Abrahams household gets news about Lexi, and Naomi is emotionally exhausted. Two friends have an honest conversation in Tonik, and Jana and Mia’s new friendship might be something of the past. A cat gets his cream - and two rats…
175: Episode 175
Nov 27, 2015
Tim shows exactly what kind of man he really is, and Jana gives Herman a stern warning. Karli’s innocent question pushes Naomi over the edge, while Rian doesn’t like Mia’s plans. Theuns delivers a last warning, and someone locks themselves in the storage room. At is very happy with a nurse’s decision, and a selfish decision is food for thought.
176: Episode 176
Nov 30, 2015
Rian needs to speak to Mia urgently, and Bronwyn needs to make a decision about her future. Herman is not happy with his mother’s loyalty, and Naomi wonders if Marinda will be furious with her. Jana gets a romantic SMS, while it is Bronwyn’s turn to spin her husband a story. One doctor’s uncertainty leads to a strong bond being formed, and a confrontation doesn’t have the desired outcome.
177: Episode 177
Dec 1, 2015
Naomi asks Ilse’s advice, and Pippa thinks she knows exactly what Rian’s motives are. An honest discussion leads to even bigger trouble, and two giants are vying for the same contract. A singing telegram enrages At, while Mia’s decision will have big consequences.
178: Episode 178
Dec 2, 2015
Mia tries to make peace, but Jana and Christiaan are steadfast in their ways. Lexi wants to know what is going on between Bronwyn and Tim. Naomi feels the end is in sight, and Karli keeps herself busy with sleuthing - while Jana receives another unconventional present.
179: Episode 179
Dec 3, 2015
Bronwyn is unsure about following Steve’s advice, and Bart is on his way to Pretoria. Naomi receives an apology, while reconciliation is in the air for another couple. Lexi gets vacation work, and At is caught off guard by Jana’s love life. Pippa tries to support Rian, and Daleen and Nina are back in Pretoria.
180: Episode 180
Dec 4, 2015
Kobus and Naomi open their hearts to Okkie, and Jana is not willing to do At’s dirty work. The Malherbe household is only one of the places where Mia is the subject of heated debate. Bronwyn’s assumptions might influence her decision, and Rian shares his opinion on Daleen’s decisions.
181: Episode 181
Dec 7, 2015
Rian gives Mia advice on love, and At thinks he knows exactly why Bart is in town. The nurses gossip about Daleen and Tertius, and Bart isn’t going to stand for Jana’s behavior. Adler hears a very interesting story, while Ivanka saves Lexi’s evening. Love, apparently, is very illogical - no matter how you spin it.
182: Episode 182
Dec 8, 2015
Jana realises that Bart isn’t telling her everything, while Mia wants to keep her love-life a secret affair. Lexi is thrown in the deep end at Tonik. Herman’s concerns about Bart causes more tension with his brother. Professional behavior and private lives are blurred in the clinic, and At is not happy with Steve. A call upsets Daleen tremendously.
183: Episode 183
Dec 9, 2015
Christiaan is taken to task about his behaviour, and Bart realises where he stands with At and Adler. Okkie is worried about Ivanka, while a confrontation in a corridor upsets a nurse even more than usual. Lexi is caught in an argument, and Mia changes her attitude. The solitary state of Daleen’s situation is getting to her, and Herman doesn’t sugar-coat it when he talks to Bart.
184: Episode 184
Dec 10, 2015
At tries to support Daleen, but he is also toying with her emotions. A crisis brings two doctors even closer to one another, and Adler has a plan with Southern Hope and Bart. At’s openheartedness catches Jana off guard, and Ilse has news about Morné and Liezl. Pippa is not happy with her husband’s decisions, and a woman’s world is turned upside down by more than one surprise.
185: Episode 185
Dec 11, 2015
There is a very uncomfortable situation at the Jonkers’ flat, and Liezl can’t stop singing Morné’s praises. Herman doesn’t understand his mother’s loyalty, and the truth isn’t exactly what a nurse hoped it would be. Ballet isn’t for the fainthearted, and Christiaan is furious about a dinner. Jana doesn’t get the reaction she was hoping for.
186: Episode 186
Dec 14, 2015
Tonik is a hive of activity, and Morné needs to decide what he will be doing in 2016. At is getting it from all sides, while Rian is frustrated with At’s behaviour. Karli tries to make someone part of the family, and Tertius receives bad news. Another huge fall out takes place in the Jonkers’ flat, while Rossouw gets two new tasks. One question could leave a woman speechless…
187: Episode 187
Dec 15, 2015
Mia tries to put in more effort, and At is not impressed with a decision that is made in his office. Tertius thinks Daleen is being absurd, while Okkie supports Morné’s decision. Ivanka gives Steve peace of mind, while Herman is not happy with Bart. Tertius opens up towards Pippa.
188: Episode 188
Dec 16, 2015
Divorce is the topic of discussion in the Koster Mansion, while a grizzly story about Bart is doing the rounds. Pippa is very excited about good news, and Okkie faints. Steve’s plans don’t sit well with At, and Mia’s enthusiasm is curtailed by Rian’s decisions. Bart’s explanations fall on deaf ears.
189: Episode 189
Dec 17, 2015
At and Rian see eye to eye where Bart is concerned, while Bart asks Christiaan’s assistance with his situation. It is very clear that Okkie wants to hang out with Die Broers. Daleen foresees dark times ahead for her and Tertius’s friends, while Christiaan gives Mia advice on Karli. Jana is sure that something is going on between At and Ivanka. A kiss could cause more problems than solutions.
190: Episode 190
Dec 18, 2015
At decides on a new strategy, and Mia needs to convince herself about having ‘fun’. Rian tries to cheer Pippa up, while Okkie involves more people in his Christmas plans. Pippa has an honest conversation with Daleen, while Adler tries to make Bart see the light. Daleen’s words take the wind out of Tertius’s sails.
191: Episode 191
Dec 21, 2015
Relief is not always a happy story - but the aftershocks of the story influences people differently. At talks to Steve about Ivanka, while Christiaan is unsure about the current status quo. The penny drops for Jana, while Bart offers At his assistance. Herman is berated, and Bart gets an answer.
192: Episode 192
Dec 22, 2015
Robotica always comes first, and Karli overhears a juicy story. Ilse gives Ivanka advice, while the Du Preez children also get to speak their minds. Okkie is worried about his health, while panic is rife in At’s office regarding Nina. Mia argues with Rian, while Adler is on the war path.
193: Episode 193
Dec 23, 2015
Christmas plans can very easily be ruined, while Christiaan has a talk with Mia about her priorities. Social Media causes Rian great concern, and Bart’s good deed doesn’t impress Jana whatsoever. Tertius is furious when he hears the truth, while Mia is frustrated with a work problem.
194: Episode 194
Dec 24, 2015
Christiaan tries to avoid conflict, and At wants to catch Adler red-handed. Herman gives Tertius some legal advice, while an email about salaries causes more problems. Okkie’s plans for Christmas Day are ruined, while a doctor and a nurse’s friendship reaches new levels. Mia is desperate to test out her new software, while Daleen realises At is also vulnerable.
195: Episode 195
Dec 25, 2015
Christmas Day starts with e-threats, and an unexpected gift makes Jana’s day - and changes her attitude. Tertius receives an invitation to a Christmas lunch, while Christiaan’s frustrations with Mia’s priorities are busy eating him alive. Okkie gets his Christmas dream, and Karli is throwing her weight around. The brothers’ feelings about Bart are almost at breaking point, and Ivanka tries to spread the spirit of Christmas.
196: Episode 196
Dec 28, 2015
Jana denies Karli’s reproaches, and Mia shares the test results with the Ferreiras. It is very clear that Jana’s loyalty is torn, and a newly motivated Rian surprises Mia. Tertius contacts a lawyer, and At insults the wrong person. Bart gives Herman a stern warning.
197: Episode 197
Dec 29, 2015
Christian is worried about Mia, and Gustav gives Tertius a friendly warning about At. Herman is not impressed with Christiaan’s plans, while Rian’s anxiety catches Mia off guard. Jana has a panic attack, and Rian is worried about what is found on At’s computer.
198: Episode 198
Dec 30, 2015
No one has heard from Jana or Bart - and nobody knows whether the plans are still going ahead. Mia is exhausted, but is called in an emergency - she takes her frustrations out on Naomi. Okkie can’t move his neck, and Gustav is at his wit’s end with Tertius. Cold feet is never good news, and Tertius is humiliated in front of his colleagues.
199: Episode 199
Dec 31, 2015
Maggie assures Tertius about what is going on, while an angry Daleen confronts Tertius about Naomi. The awkwardness between Jana and Ivanka disappears when pearls of wisdom drop from her mouth. A father takes the law into his own hands, while Rian is looking for At at the wedding - and he isn’t the only one. Is the bride going to show up for the wedding?
200: Episode 200
Jan 1, 2016
Rian interrupts a beautiful moment, while Mia wants her own space. Tertius gives Daleen an ultimatum, and an irritated Pippa is disappointed. Mozambique sounds like a very good plan, while Bart doesn’t understand Jana’s loyalty. Karli is shocked twice in one day, and Rossouw makes it very clear how he feels.
201: Episode 201
Jan 4, 2016
The Jonkers can definitely not work together, and At decides to confront Adler. Steve confesses to Ivanka, while Adler is confronted by Bart. Pippa is worried about Rian’s enthusiasm, and a very stern warning is given to At. Herman decides to save Christiaan from himself. An agreement is met with huge opposition.
202: Episode 202
Jan 5, 2016
Rian’s attitude is worrying his wife, and Daleen and Nina are witnesses to an unpleasant scene in the Koster Mansion. Ilse is excited about her brilliant idea, while Ivanka is traumatised when she hears the news that spreads like wild fire through the corridors. Karli tries to save a friendship, while Daleen makes a decision that could have a huge impact on her life. There is a new manager at Binneland Clinic, and a few carefully chosen words could change Mia’s perspective.
203: Episode 203
Jan 6, 2016
Pippa is unconsciously being kept at arm’s length, while Tertius thinks he has the ammunition he needs. Herman and Christiaan try to keep Jana out of a very volatile situation, while Breggie thinks that Wimpie is up to no good. Rian is the bearer of bad news to Mia, while Ivanka gives the nurses something to gossip about. Adler sees Jana’s true colours, and Okkie’s jokes don’t impress Morné at all.
204: Episode 204
Jan 7, 2016
Mia doesn’t really have much of a choice when it comes to the robotics project, and Bart is looking for information on At. The finalists for the competition are revealed, while Herman commands respect. Ilse is worried about Wimpie’s health, Pippa wants to talk to Rian about Daleen, and Bart makes Adler an offer that he can’t refuse.
205: Episode 205
Jan 8, 2016
Gustav knows exactly how to stir the pot, while Jana is under immense pressure from all sides regarding the management of Binneland Clinic. Mia’s opposition frustrates her partner, and Ivanka gets the message loud and clear. Adelyn and Naomi make an arrangement, while Perses’s dark side is revealed. Rossouw makes it clear to At what is really going on.
206: Episode 206
Jan 11, 2016
Tertius is frustrated with Nina’s private school situation, while Jana tests the waters with Bart. Mia and Rian are ready for combat, and the competition has a winner. Jana has had enough of Herman’s behavior, while Christiaan has to listen to everyone’s lamentations. At has no idea how to prove his suspicions, while Rian is blind to the consequences of his actions.
207: Episode 207
Jan 12, 2016
The ‘new’ Rian is a nasty piece of work, while there are apparently no secrets within a marriage. Mia feels lost, while Nina is forgotten. At wants to meet with Herman urgently, while a new house is probably a sign of a new beginning. A summons is the last thing a doctor needs. The winner’s conscience is cause for a decision to be made.
208: Episode 208
Jan 13, 2016
Morné gets a huge surprise, while Tertius has had enough of the man following him. Christiaan has advice for Bart about Herman, and Daleen tries to convince Rian of her idea. A trauma case helps a doctor to concentrate - and also brings new insight. Ilse puts her foot down, and Jana is very attentive…
209: Episode 209
Jan 14, 2016
Mia has two new allies in her battle, and Rian’s answer is not what Pippa expects. At gets told off, and Morné is inconsolable. Herman realises that his actions have a huge impact on one of his most important relationships. Tertius and Daleen give each other parenting advice. Pippa takes the wind out of Rian’s sails, and Naomi is not impressed with her father’s plans.
210: Episode 210
Jan 15, 2016
Christiaan wants answers from Jana, while a small glitch is found in the brilliant plan. Mozambique is not exactly what it is supposed to be, while a fight in Jana’s flat threatens to let the house of cards tumble. Rian tries his best to save more than just the day.
211: Episode 211
Jan 18, 2016
A victory is at best an anti-climax, while it is evident that the surprise element in a battle is now lost. Herman makes a decision about his future, while Mia’s suggestion catches her partner off guard. Gustav offers to help Morné, while Jana shows exactly why she is at the top of her game. A very difficult decision will most certainly lead to a sleepless night.
212: Episode 212
Jan 19, 2016
A storm is brewing in Mozambique, while there is a new battle brewing between the Du Preez brothers. Rian is shocked by Pippa’s decision, and Bronwyn’s news excites Steve and Lexi. Bart is most certainly pulling the shortest straw, while an invitation could lead to a new beginning for two doctors. A kiss should seal the peace deal…
213: Episode 213
Jan 20, 2016
Christiaan and Karli are worried about Jana’s priorities, and Mozambique could be the last place two people might see in this life. Another friendship needs to be kept uncomplicated. The line between loyalty and betrayal gets blurred, and Bronwyn breaks the good news. Adler eventually gets the type of news that makes him smile from ear to ear.
214: Episode 214
Jan 21, 2016
Where there is a will there is a way - especially when it's a matter of survival. Rian considers talking to Tertius about Daleen, and Steve can’t help but be impressed with Bronwyn. Rian makes it clear that he can forgive but not forget, and Karli tries to support her mother. Christiaan wants to make a clear distinction between friendship and a relationship, and At’s behavior astonishes Herman. Bear Grylls can pull up a chair and take a few notes on the topic of survival.
215: Episode 215
Jan 22, 2016
Gustav asks Mia to sit in on Bronwyn’s presentation, while Tertius realises with a shock what’s been happening right under his nose. Frustration and nervousness are undeniably evident in the corridors of Binneland Clinic. Herman and Jana talk about Bart, and At is asked very nicely to talk to Daleen. Ilse needs to be consoled, while more harsh words are uttered between Rian and At.
216: Episode 216
Jan 25, 2016
It is Nina’s first day at school, and Steve tells At that he doesn’t want to get involved in At and Ivanka’s dealings. Jana tries to show everyone who is boss, while Pippa tries to convince At about Daleen. Bronwyn and Mia share their stories with each other, and Maggie is urgently summoned.
217: Episode 217
Jan 26, 2016
Liezl and Morné want to make the most of the last few days before they both start with their studies, and Ivanka is in a foul mood after her interaction with At. Jana will have to fight for more control, and Ivanka helps Steve to find a healthy balance. Tertius feels betrayed by Rian, while Christiaan is too sick to operate. A court order provokes contradictory reactions.
218: Episode 218
Jan 27, 2016
Maggie and Tertius prepare their case, while Herman warns her against At and Daleen. Karli is not impressed with Ivanka’s ideas. Steve hears from Ivanka what is wrong with Lexi, and Mia thinks she knows what Christiaan’s ailment is.
219: Episode 219
Jan 28, 2016
A healthy breakfast only worsens a situation, while peace is served as a side order in Tonik. The nurses realise that they won’t have much of a competition if they don’t get Gustav to participate. Christiaan’s intense migraine makes Mia doubt whether it is an allergy, and At smells a rat when he hears Maggie’s name.
220: Episode 220
Jan 29, 2016
Ivanka and Gustav have a friendly face-off, and Steve refuses to testify against Daleen. Bronwyn tries to support her daughter when it comes to matters of the heart, and Adelyn hears that Pippa is pregnant. Rossouw’s results fuel At’s wrath. Mia shares her concerns with Herman.
221: Episode 221
Feb 1, 2016
Karli is upset with Ivanka, while the story starts spreading that Pippa is pregnant. Steve discusses a private matter with Ivanka, and Mia finds out what is wrong with Christiaan. Adelyn is upset about something that Tertius did, and At hands out another written warning. Gustav realises why there is a bigger interest in the raffle, and Rossouw watches a doctor.
222: Episode 222
Feb 2, 2016
Daleen thinks it is time to share the good news, while At has to be the bearer of bad news to her. More bad news hits the Du Preez family, and Ivanka definitely doesn’t have sympathy for Gustav. Tertius’s suspicions are confirmed when he gets hurt in the Koster Mansion. Bronwyn and Steve think of ways to boost Lexi’s confidence.
223: Episode 223
Feb 3, 2016
Maggie questions David about the previous night’s encounter, and Jana asks for At’s assistance with Christiaan. Gustav is hesitant to make a statement, and Mia talks to Herman about Jana’s decision. The lucky winner might have to forgo the prize, while a court summons ends up at the Koster Mansion.
224: Episode 224
Feb 4, 2016
Mia makes a decision about her role in Christiaan’s life, while two nurses are thrown in the deep end when Karli makes a sudden decision. Gustav has it in for Ivanka, while Tertius is confronted about the court summons. A doctor shares his fears, and Tertius and At declare war.
225: Episode 225
Feb 5, 2016
Mia and Jana feel guilty about Christiaan, while Daleen receives help from At’s lawyer. Adelyn realises that everything is falling apart, and Pippa tries to be reasonable - but unleashes her true feelings on Tertius. An email is planted on the ER’s computer, and the results of important operation are revealed.
226: Episode 226
Feb 8, 2016
Gustav isn’t looking forward to his night, and Pippa struggles to deal with disappointment. Jana feels guilty about the way that she behaved towards a doctor, and Karli asks for Naomi’s help with her night out. A confrontation takes place over a responding statement, and Naomi puts her foot down when she gets fed-up with people’s behaviour.
227: Episode 227
Feb 9, 2016
Maggie gives Tertius a stern warning, while Rian blames him for Daleen’s behaviour. Christiaan confides in Herman, while Jana has a surprising conversation with Mia. Cat and mouse games take place in the corridors of Binneland Clinic.
228: Episode 228
Feb 10, 2016
Bronwyn is shocked to find out who her new boss is, while Naomi gives Gustav new insights on his dilemma. A new horizon is waiting for two doctors, and Daleen aks for permission to go ahead with her plan. At gets more than one bit of bad news, while the Malherbes might just be able to end their day with some good news.
229: Episode 229
Feb 11, 2016
Annalize’s motives are questioned, while Tertius has to bite his tongue in order not to start a new war. Gustav realises what he might have let slip through his fingers, and a dream becomes a reality for a couple. There is a surprise waiting in the doctors’ lounge, and Steve does his best to encourage his wife. A long awaited date takes place…
230: Episode 230
Feb 12, 2016
Lexi unknowingly blurts out sensitive information, while At shares his suspicions with Daleen. Gustav surprises Ivanka, and At finds it difficult to control his anger. Karli sees something she wishes she hadn't, and Daleen makes a decision which could have far reaching consequences.
231: Episode 231
Feb 15, 2016
At feels that his hands are tied, and Daleen makes it very clear that she is in control of her life. Jana’s talk with Karli doesn’t make her feel any better, and Bronwyn is ready to take charge of her work – even if the circumstances are not ideal. At gets wind of the newest rumours in the clinic, while Tertius and the Malherbes only want the best for Daleen.
232: Episode 232
Feb 16, 2016
It is very clear that there needs to be a discussion about what happened in the Jonker’s flat the previous night. Jana gives Karli and At some advice on love, and Ivanka is caught off guard by someone’s behavior. Bronwyn is subtly undermined in front of Jana, while Naomi tries to support a friend. Pippa finds Daleen’s behavior strange.
233: Episode 233
Feb 17, 2016
Steve is suspicious of Annalize’s behaviour, while Naomi forces Karli to talk to Ivanka. Pippa’s enthusiasm knows no bounds – and leaves Daleen speechless. Ilse has some advice for Ivanka about Gustav, and Naomi urges Tertius to talk to Rian.
234: Episode 234
Feb 18, 2016
Jana tries to convince At to employ someone new in the ER, and Bronwyn still doesn’t understand Annalize’s crit. Ivanka and Gustav have a very deep conversation, while Daleen and Tertius eventually confront their newest problem. At is looking for a way to drive the Jonkers apart, and an unnerving letter is left on a door.
235: Episode 235
Feb 19, 2016
Gustav asks Jana to do something about the situation in the ER, and another letter provides a bit more clarity. Bronwyn struggles to have a conversation with Gustav, while At is confronted by a doctor. Daleen is shaken to her core, and Annalize reveals herself to be the ultimate temptress.
236: Episode 236
Feb 22, 2016
Steve doesn’t get the answer he is expecting from Ivanka, and Tertius is shocked by Daleen’s behavior. Bronwyn discusses Annelize and a doctor with Steve, while Okkie makes sure Morné understands his house rules. At is not convinced of Tertius’ innocence, while Rossouw shares some shocking facts.
237: Episode 237
Feb 23, 2016
Karli’s Facebook friend is the catalyst for a huge blow out, while Herman has an opinion on Gustav’s love life. Pippa is worried about Daleen’s increasingly strange behavior, while a suspicious figure is in the Jonker's flat. Annelize uses sensitive information to make At an offer that will be difficult to refuse, while Jana doesn’t want to listen to Gustav.
238: Episode 238
Feb 24, 2016
Morné is frustrated with Okkie and Ilse, while Tertius is forced to hide the secret even deeper. Annelize is definitely working with a plan, and peace is established at the nurses’ station. Daleen is introduced to her new bodyguard.
239: Episode 239
Feb 25, 2016
Manipulation is at the order of the day, while Gustav is frustrated with Jana’s icy answers. It seems like Karli just doesn’t want to learn her lesson, and Annalize sees a way to get rid of someone. Tertius unveils his deepest wish, and Bronwyn gets all the credit for a huge transaction.
240: Episode 240
Feb 26, 2016
There are no pills for stubbornness, and Morné is irritated with Ilse’s concerns. Rossouw pits Daleen and At against each other, while Ivanka realises what the clash between Jana and Gustav is actually about. Rent becomes a problem, and Annelize puts her plans in motion.
241: Episode 241
Feb 29, 2016
Herman is impressed with his new flatmate, while Daleen derives a plan to keep the blackmailer quiet. Tertius realises that he and Daleen might not be ready for the test results, while Annalize spreads it thick on Bronwyn. An important decision is made in Jana’s office about a doctor, while a blood test is not the worst thing a woman can witness. One can be too clever by half…
242: Episode 242
Mar 1, 2016
Pippa realises what has happened, and Morné shares his news with the Ferreira’s. Karli hears the girls are looking for a new flatmate, and Gustav loses his temper because of his situation at work. Annelize’s head is not at Proxmed anymore, while At is even more suspicious of Rossouw. A nurse reaches breaking point.
243: Episode 243
Mar 2, 2016
Tertius tries to make peace, while Gustav thinks hard about his future. Pippa is not ready to bury her feelings, Morné realises the value of money, and a resignation shakes the foundations of Binneland Clinic. At insists that Rossouw be present the next time the blackmailer phones.
244: Episode 244
Mar 3, 2016
The results of the pregnancy test are revealed, and At has a new henchman: Frank. Naomi puts her foot down, and Rian and Pippa’s relationship is influenced by the current situation. A new appointment causes a rift, and At makes it clear that he wants to meet the blackmailer in person. Karli realises what is wrong with Herman.
245: Episode 245
Mar 4, 2016
Steve hears about the new appointment, and Daleen’s world is crumbling all around her. Karli holds Ivanka responsible for Gustav’s decisions, while Rossouw and At meet Bobby. Morné’s disappointment doesn’t last long, and Tertius is blamed for Daleen’s behavior.
246: Episode 246
Mar 7, 2016
Frank’s news makes At unsure about his suspicions, while Annelize makes it very clear how she feels about a certain doctor’s work. Rian realises what Daleen needs, while Bronwyn realises what Annelize’s plan is. Karli wants to discuss her problems with Herman, and Tilda is not very impressed with Tertius.
247: Episode 247
Mar 8, 2016
The tension between Annelize and Bronwyn is tangible, and At gets the evidence that he needs. Bronwyn talks to Jana about Annelize, and Pippa is unsure about burying the hatchet. Rossouw gets an offer that he can't refuse, and it is time for someone to say goodbye to Binneland Clinic.
248: Episode 248
Mar 9, 2016
Mikey’s query leaves At and Pippa with their own thoughts. Naomi spells out the rules to the new flatmate, and Herman is uncomfortable with Annelize. Binneland Stereo speculates about what happened to Daleen, and Karli cross examines Herman. Steve asks At to buy him out.
249: Episode 249
Mar 10, 2016
Everyone is uncomfortable with a man in the house on the first morning, and Esther makes contact with At. Steve shares his plans with Ivanka, and Jana is not sure if she should believe Annelize or Bronwyn. Annelize is not going to make friends easily, and it isn’t easy to get rid of a bullet.
250: Episode 250
Mar 11, 2016
Bronwyn realises what Steve’s plan is, while Karli tries to find out from Adelyn how things are going with the new flatmate. Wimpie has a lot to say about Morné, and Annelize confronts Annelize. Esther puts pressure on At, and Ivanka talks to Ilse about her plans for the future. An irritated Steve is forced to help At, while Bronwyn breaks her news to Lexi.
251: Episode 251
Mar 14, 2016
Tertius’s anxiety about the future causes him to make a mistake with a patient, and Okkie talks to Ivanka about Ilse. Annelize tries to gain ground, but Jana is not going to make it easy for her. Adelyn wants to report the gunshot victim to the police, and Karli wants to find Herman a girlfriend. Annelize has more than enough reasons to be suspicious.
252: Episode 252
Mar 15, 2016
A concerned Ilse checks in with the girls, and At voices a special request regarding the patient to Steve. Annelize asks uncomfortable questions. The teambuilding exercise gains momentum, while Herman is worried about the ER. Shelton invites Lexi to a party, and Annelize wants answers from Steve. Esther gives At a name, and Pippa wants to swop the bandages…
253: Episode 253
Mar 16, 2016
Herman tries to support Karli, and Annelize gets a sober awakening. Frank receives another task from At, and Karli reports Morné. Mikey shows Annelize a photo of the missing person, and Naomi is not impressed with Adelyn. Jana and Annelize are at loggerheads over a new doctor, and Wimpie scolds Morné about the noise.
254: Episode 254
Mar 17, 2016
Esther shares her suspicions with At about Annelize, and Ivanka suggests that Morné gets a job at Nagskof. The Mthunzi chemical plant is discussed, and Annalize offers to help Tertius. Ilse and Shelton support each other in their longing, and Frank gets information on a company. Annelize wants to blackmail Steve into taking extra shifts, and a patient is caught off guard. Karli tries to bury the hatchet.
255: Episode 255
Mar 18, 2016
Annelize is looking for the truth and she insists that Naomi implements a new file system. Breggie is out of breath and feels her health is not what it is supposed to be, while Karli wants to blow off steam with Tertius. A voice gives a nurse the shock of her life, and Okkie lies to Ilse about Morné.
256: Episode 256
Mar 21, 2016
Frank asks At to make an appointment with Mikey, and Pippa doesn’t tell Rian about her discovery. It is very clear that Tertius and Annelize have an understanding, and Wimpie sabotages Karli’s plans. Naomi hears something out of context, while the tension between Annelize and Karli is getting out of control. Pippa’s confrontation is interrupted, while Morné’s reality is getting to him.
257: Episode 257
Mar 22, 2016
At can’t find Pippa anywhere, while Karli tries to soften up Adelyn and Naomi. Pippa is still very upset, and Annelize’s frustration is building up. A doctor and a patient are stuck in an elevator, while Herman is impressed with a doctor. Naomi makes Shelton and Liezl feel unwelcome in the flat, while Steve and At are worried about the Malherbes. Pippa doesn’t hold back!
258: Episode 258
Mar 23, 2016
Herman is bowled over by Annelize’s stamina, while Naomi’s irritation with Morné grows after another incident at the flat. Esther doesn’t like Pippa’s presence, and Ivanka almost lets the cat out of the bag. Breggie sees her own ending nearing, and Adelyn has had enough of Naomi’s behavior towards Annelize. At and Frank don’t buy Esther’s stories, and Steve scares Shelton. Pippa meets Mikey.
259: Episode 259
Mar 24, 2016
Pippa asks At to move a patient, while Morné finds himself in an uncomfortable situation with Naomi. Breggie only wants Annelize around her, and At thinks it is time to confront Mikey. Karli does what is expected of her, and Jana has good news for the doctors in ER. Pippa keeps a patient at a distance, while Tertius tries to make Annelize’s burdens lighter.
260: Episode 260
Mar 25, 2016
Naomi is not impressed with a sleepover, and Rian is back in Pretoria. Breggie shows insight and understanding for Annelize’s situation, and Esther makes a unnerving discovery. Wimpie and Breggie debate on who is the best doctor, while Liezl reminds Morné what he gave up when he moved out at the Ferreira’s. At asks Pippa’s help with Rian, and Frank gives At advice on Esther.
Season 12
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