Series 6
Silent Witness
8 EPISODES • 2002
Season 6 of Silent Witness was released on October 28 and consists of 8 episodes.

Season 5


1: The Fall Out (1)
Oct 28, 2002
Professor Leo Dalton and Dr Harry Cunningham join Sam Ryan in the investigation of a massive traffic accident in which not everything is as it seems.
2: The Fall Out (2)
Oct 29, 2002
Sam, Leo and Harry are at odds with the police investigators when a covert operation is exposed. But has Sam overstepped the mark this time?
3: Kith and Kill (1)
Nov 5, 2002
The police bring in the team when a family is attacked in their own home, leaving the only survivors in critical condition.
4: Kith and Kill (2)
Nov 6, 2002
A new murder turns DCI Ashton's suspicions toward the victim's family and friends, whilst Harry investigates a death that may be linked to the Irons family.
5: Tell no Tales (1)
Nov 19, 2002
Murder is suspected when the body of a missing person is found hidden within a derelict factory, seven years since he was last seen alive.
6: Tell no Tales (2)
Nov 20, 2002
As Sam searches for the killer of Marcus Saul, Harry finds himself involved in the tragic death of a student from the medical faculty.
7: Closed Ranks (1)
Nov 26, 2002
The murder of a probation officer leads the team to the doorstep of a police cadet college, as they quickly establish a link to a similar murder just months before.
8: Closed Ranks (2)
Nov 27, 2002
As the police investigate the possibility of a copycat killer among the students, a friend from the college pressures Sam to put loyalty above the truth as the case unfolds.
Season 7
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