Series 7
Silent Witness
8 EPISODES • 2003
Season 7 of Silent Witness was released on October 11 and consists of 8 episodes.

Season 6


1: Answering Fire (1)
Oct 11, 2003
Sam is called after a suspected terrorist attack causes a fire at a hotel and a government minister is injured.
2: Answering Fire (2)
Oct 12, 2003
Sam delves deeper into the case but is undermined by the findings of an independent pathologist, brought in to conduct a second autopsy.
3: Fatal Error (1)
Oct 18, 2003
Sam comes under scrutiny at an official inquiry into two prison deaths and an old case Sam worked on 13 years resurfaces.
4: Fatal Error (2)
Oct 19, 2003
Sam uncovers a crippling truth about her involvement in a 13-year-old case -did she help convict an innocent man?
5: Running on Empty (1)
Oct 25, 2003
The body of a young pregnant sports agent is found in the grounds of her office building. Sam and her team uncover a tragic story of money and corruption.
6: Running on Empty (2)
Oct 26, 2003
Following her discovery of the second body and believing the cases to be linked, Sam is sidelined from the investigation as she attempts to get to the truth.
7: Beyond Guilt (1)
Nov 1, 2003
The Home Office ask Sam and her team to examine a number of times of death as given by a highly respected and internationally renowned independent pathologist, Peter Sachs.
8: Beyond Guilt (2)
Nov 2, 2003
Leo and Harry follow up their leads to discover an alarming truth. Are Sam and her team being used by the Home Office to drive out Peter Sachs in fear of a costly process?
Season 8
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