Series 5
Silent Witness
6 EPISODES • 2000
Season 5 of Silent Witness was released on December 11 and consists of 6 episodes.

Season 4


1: The World Cruise (1)
Dec 11, 2000
Two elderly brothers are found dead in their home, with no apparent injuries. A post mortem discovers suspicious puncture marks and a possible racist connection.
2: The World Cruise (2)
Dec 18, 2000
A third death helps Sam realise that the motive behind the murders of the Davies brothers was not racial - but revenge.
3: Two Below Zero (1)
Feb 12, 2001
Sam is called in to identify the naked body of a woman uncovered on a ski slope in Norway.
4: Two Below Zero (2)
Feb 19, 2001
DCI Norton dismisses Sam's idea that a serial killer is at work - until a third body is found at one of the victim's family homes.
5: Faith (1)
Mar 16, 2001
A school director's wife commits suicide, but Sam suspects murder. During the investigation, she receives shocking news about her own health.
6: Faith (2)
Mar 23, 2001
A second post-mortem is perfumed on Helen Dupen and, although Sam is obviously ill, she is determined to find more evidence.
Season 6
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