Season 2
Veronica's Closet
22 EPISODES • 1998
Season 2 of Veronica's Closet was released on September 24 and consists of 22 episodes.

Season 1


1: Veronica Gets Her Closet Back
Sep 24, 1998
Hunter's stepfather arrives to check up on him---and he winds up charming the former boss, Ronnie.
2: Veronica's a Partner Now
Oct 1, 1998
Anger and sexual tension rise between Ronnie and Alec as they try to share an office and run the company together.
3: Veronica's Great Model Search
Oct 8, 1998
Ronnie searches for a fresh face to feature as the catalogue's cover girl; Josh ends up on the outs with an altar-bound chum.
4: Veronica's Dog Day Afternoon
Oct 15, 1998
Olive and Perry share an awkward moment. Alec acts like a scared kitten around Ronnie's dog.
5: Veronica's Crushed
Oct 29, 1998
Ronnie finds Alec's chivalry attractive. Leo wants to be Perry's roommate.
6: Veronica's on the Herb
Nov 5, 1998
Olive and Ronnie grow disillusioned with the effects of a health herb, while Alec plots revenge against his ex after Perry starts dating her.
7: Veronica's Breast Effort
Nov 12, 1998
A woman sues the company over a defect caused by a sports bra; Olive gets down to business with the new intern.
8: Veronica's Thanksgiving that Keeps on Giving
Nov 19, 1998
Thanksgiving dinner is a family affair for Olive, who sets a place for her young beau and his attractive dad.
9: Veronica's Cheating Partners
Dec 10, 1998
Ronnie acts like a woman scorned when Alec entertains offers from another company. Leo and his girlfriend play a name game.
10: Veronica's Secret Santa
Dec 17, 1998
Ronnie gets naughty with a nice department-store Santa, then cries out when she sees who's under the beard.
11: Veronica's From Venus; Josh's Parents are From Mars
Jan 7, 1999
Josh receives a birthday visit from his boisterous parents. Leo and Perry find what they think is a dream apartment.
12: Veronica's Desk Job
Jan 21, 1999
After a tiff with Alec, Josh quits his job as executive assistant and goes to work for Perry.
13: Veronica's Wedding Bell Blues
Feb 4, 1999
Ronnie is horrified when her ex-husband, Bryce, invites her to his wedding.
14: Veronica Plays House
Feb 11, 1999
Ronnie persuades Alec that it's time to buy a townhouse---and that she should be his decorator; Josh has a girlfriend.
15: Veronica's Favorite Year
Feb 18, 1999
An eccentric photographer (John Ritter) has trouble focusing on the project Ronnie hires him to shoot, leaving Alec furious.
16: Veronica's Little Tribute
Feb 25, 1999
Ronnie plans to present a `humorous' tribute during a dinner honoring Alec.
17: Veronica Falls Hard
Mar 11, 1999
An encounter with Alec takes Ronnie off her feet---literally; Josh meets Chloe's Irish family on St. Patrick's Day.
18: Veronica's Big Date
Mar 25, 1999
Josh gains a wealth of knowledge about his girlfriend, while Ronnie and Alec try to keep their affair under wraps.
19: Veronica's Big Homecoming
Apr 1, 1999
The staff heads for Kansas when they learn Ronnie's home town plans to name a street "Veronica Chase Boulevard."
20: Veronica's Little Ruse
Apr 22, 1999
Ronnie's charity-ball date sparks jealousy in Alec, who thinks their relationship should go back to business---and only business.
21: Veronica's Night at the Theater
Apr 29, 1999
Alec offers Justin half of the company, because Justin has "won" Ronnie. Olive spots an ex in the cast of "Cabaret."
22: Veronica Says Goodbye
May 6, 1999
Ronnie agrees to a weekend away with Justin, and Alec abruptly announces that he's leaving the company.
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