Season 1
Veronica's Closet
22 EPISODES • 1997
Season 1 of Veronica's Closet was released on September 25 and consists of 22 episodes.


1: Pilot
Sep 25, 1997
Ronnie must decide whether to leave her husband or stay with him "for the sake of the business."
2: Veronica's Woman Friend
Oct 2, 1997
Ronnie and Olive try to be friends outside the office; Josh is horrified when everyone starts using Perry's made-up word.
3: Veronica's Husband Won't Leave
Oct 9, 1997
Ronnie is livid after Bryce pleads for her forgiveness on "Entertainment Tonight."
4: Veronica's Not Happy About the Book
Oct 16, 1997
Divorce proceedings take an ugly turn when Bryce threatens to write a tell-all book about Ronnie.
5: Veronica's First Date
Oct 30, 1997
Josh is infatuated with a rodeo cowboy who's more interested in roping Ronnie.
6: Veronica's Best Buddy
Nov 6, 1997
Ronnie and Bryce battle for custody of their geriatric dog, Buddy. Perry dates a pregnant model.
7: Veronica's a Doll
Nov 13, 1997
A toy company approaches Ronnie about making a Veronica Chase doll for its line of "female role models."
8: Veronica's First Thanksgiving
Nov 20, 1997
Ronnie's plans for a "traditional" dinner are interrupted when Bryce's grandmother arrives.
9: Veronica's Brotherly Love
Dec 11, 1997
Ronnie persuades Olive to set her up with her gorgeous brother, but discovers after one date that he's an egotist.
10: Veronica's Christmas Song
Dec 18, 1997
Olive sings a solo at the Lincoln Center Christmas show while Ronnie is given a less glamorous role. Bryce has ulterior motives for asking Josh to dinner.
11: Veronica's Got a Secret
Jan 8, 1998
Olive's boyfriend makes at pass at Ronnie. Kathy Najimy.
12: Veronica's Fun and Pirates are Crazy
Jan 15, 1998
Bryce decides he wants to "work" at the office, but his antics only disrupt things for Ronnie, and cause her to wonder if the staff likes him more than her.
13: Veronica's Night Alone
Jan 29, 1998
Ronnie stirs up controversy, and jeopardizes a date with Kevin Costner, after writing about the joys of "romancing yourself." Leo learns about Tina's past romances.
14: Veronica's $600,000 Pop
Feb 5, 1998
A glitch in her divorce proceedings stymies Ronnie's plans to consummate her renewed relationship with an old flame. Perry deals with his girlfriend's superstitions.
15: Veronica's a Drag
Feb 26, 1998
Ronnie copes with a kleptomaniac-supermodel and sues a drag queen who's been mocking her on TV.
16: Veronica's Divorce Papers
Mar 5, 1998
Olive and the staff don't trust Bryce when he asks Ronnie to be his friend once their divorce is final. Christopher McDonald.
17: Veronica's Blackout
Mar 12, 1998
Ronnie celebrates her divorce with a trip to Atlantic City---only to return with a new husband.
18: Veronica's Bridal Shower
Apr 2, 1998
Olive feels stripped of her pride when asked what her new man does for a living; Perry tries to bond with his new girlfriend's son.
19: Veronica's Man in a Suitcase
Apr 9, 1998
Ronnie returns from the airport with a suitcase that she concludes belongs to the perfect man. Tina scores more than an autograph when she meets football star Keyshawn Johnson.
20: Veronica's All-Nighter
Apr 16, 1998
Leo learns his fiancée kissed another man. The staff scrambles to produce a summer catalogue.
21: Veronica's Mole
Apr 30, 1998
In an effort to expand the company, Ronnie seeks the help of a silent partner.
22: Veronica's Silent Partner
May 7, 1998
Ronnie's partner takes a liking to Josh, who responds in shocking fashion.
Season 2
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