Season 8
Madagascar: A Little Wild
7 EPISODES • 2022
Season 8 of Madagascar: A Little Wild was released on June 30 and consists of 7 episodes.

Season 7


1: Rats
Jun 30, 2022
When Rocky asks Alex if he’ll direct his original musical, RATS, Alex accepts, despite having zero directing experience. When the show devolves into disaster, Alex realizes he should’ve told Rocky he was a newbie at directing, and still has lots to learn.
2: Ant’ney’s Got Talent
Jun 30, 2022
Ant’ney’s got dreams of becoming a corner crooner, but when it’s time for him to take over the family business (a pigeon-version of a bodega) Ant’ney hides his true passion from his family.
3: Beached
Jun 30, 2022
When Gloria enters a surf festival, Marty sets out to earn a Junior Ranger Badge by spearheading a beach cleanup day.
4: Odd Frog Out
Jun 30, 2022
When Gloria decides to spend a day at the Central Park Pond with Lala, she's shocked and intimidated to find Lala leaping high into the sky with her new frog friends.
5: A Bronx (Zoo) Tale
Jun 30, 2022
The Nature Channel prompts Melman to believe that he and the gang are too different to live under one roof; Melman escapes to the Bronx Zoo to find his real herd: other giraffes.
6: Marty’s Big Break
Jun 30, 2022
When Marty catches the eye of Hoof’s human ranger, he’s offered the chance to skip the rest of junior ranger training and become New York’s first Zebra Ranger Horse!
7: The Final Fur-tier
Jun 30, 2022
With his friends pursuing their own ‘things,’ Alex feels like he’s being left behind! When he undertakes an epic adventure of his own – a trip to space – Alex learns that even through life changes, the bonds of friendship don’t have to.
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