Season 7
Madagascar: A Little Wild
6 EPISODES • 2022
Season 7 of Madagascar: A Little Wild was released on April 4 and consists of 6 episodes.

Season 6


1: The Pigeon and the Egg
Apr 4, 2022
To prove to his Ma that he’s responsible enough to move into a nest of his own, Ant’ney sets out to safely return a lost egg.
2: Race to the Rangers
Apr 4, 2022
When Ranger Hoof invites Marty to Junior Ranger Horse training, Marty insists on playing by the book- the ranger rulebook.
3: Fine Art Flop
Apr 4, 2022
During an animal painting exhibition at the NYC Art Museum, Melman (whose crayon-artworks at the Habitat is legendary) worries that his classic-cute style isn’t up to snuff.
4: The Daily Glo
Apr 4, 2022
When newly minted journalist Gloria creates her own Habitat podcast, The Daily Glo (“For animals, by animals!”), she’s eager to cover all the “scoops” around the zoo.
5: The Secret of the Dumpling
Apr 4, 2022
Alex decides he wants to become a celebrity chef, but his food leaves much to be desired.
6: A Lil Baa Country
Apr 4, 2022
After hearing Melman perform a fantastic, original country song during his daily bath, Ant'ney signs Melman up to open for a huge country star, Lil Baa, at an all animal concert called Farm-a-Palooza.
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