Season 18
260 EPISODES • 2022
Season 18 of Binnelanders was released on June 6 and consists of 260 episodes.

Season 17


1: Episode 1
Jun 6, 2022
Gaby opens up her heart to Karen, while Conrad wonders if Delia has anything to do with BlueCor’s decision. Steve is confronted by a lawyer – but it is not the worst of his worries. An uncomfortable – and unhappy – interaction doesn’t go by unnoticed, while Zee realises that her heart is in danger.
2: Episode 2
Jun 7, 2022
Louis asks Conrad to not make things more difficult for him. Zee is unsure about what her next move should be, while Annelize is asked out to dinner. A lost wallet causes more headaches, and Karen receives news about Liam. Gaby’s happiness pains Rian, and Ruan asks Danny’s help with Mr Du Preez.
3: Episode 3
Jun 8, 2022
News regarding Mr Du Preez puts Steve in a difficult situation, while Tertius takes the bull by the horns. The Binnelanders are under pressure to make a BlueCor appointment, and Tracy tells Uys to ask Rian for help. Zee’s information doesn’t correlate with the true facts.
4: Episode 4
Jun 9, 2022
Gaby wonders about Zee’s feelings for her brother, and Rian is excited about his new ‘project’. Conrad finds out who the BlueCor consultant is. Zee has a medical answer in the palm of her hands, but she keeps the cards regarding her personal life close to her chest.
5: Episode 5
Jun 10, 2022
Danny gets help with his big decision, while Gaby has big plans for the night. Annelize receives news about Jeremy. Dawid Opperman is a challenging man, whose prejudices are stumped by his observations. Karen and Liam are weird with one another, and there are questions about Uys’s texting skills.
6: Episode 6
Jun 13, 2022
Annelize clearly has a new fan, while an olive branch is steadily but surely being offered – and taken. Rian needs to see Uys urgently, and Elise is concerned about how to help her mother. Zee begins to wonder if her plan succeeded, while Danny is very sure about what his next step should be.
7: Episode 7
Jun 14, 2022
Conrad realises what is going on with Annelize, while Karen discusses her concerns with Gaby. Uys’s housemates leave him in the lurch. Dawid begins to wonder about Annelize and Rian, while Rian and Terius both come to the same conclusion.
8: Episode 8
Jun 15, 2022
Steve becomes aware of the new competition between Annelize and Conrad. Karen tries to persuade Liam to accept an offer, while Elise is still going strong with her campaign concerning Uys. Tracy asks Conrad about Dawid, and Annelize observes that certain news doesn’t give Rian joy.
9: Episode 9
Jun 16, 2022
A knock on the door leaves Annelize speechless. Elise puts her best foot forward with Gaby, while Uys offers Gaby a safe haven. Tertius’s ‘good deed’ doesn’t go unpunished. Liam isn’t sure about what to do with his life, while Karen finds it difficult to hide her true emotions.
10: Episode 10
Jun 17, 2022
Tertius asks Liam to come and see him, and Louis gives Conrad a piece of information that alarms him. Someone else is looking for Wessel, while Annelize makes it clear how she feels about his presence. Liam offers Zee an apology, while Uys is desperate to find the right housemate.
11: Episode 11
Jun 20, 2022
Louis warns Conrad after a chance meeting, and Liam is surprised by Tertius. Uys’s communication leaves him in an awkward situation. Wessel has something to say, and it has nothing to do with Annelize’s paranoia. Hidden information leaves Gaby uncertain, and Tracy’s realization leads to bigger questions.
12: Episode 12
Jun 21, 2022
Conrad takes Dawid into his confidence, while two exes are reminded of their past. Uys has big plans for the flat-dwellers. Annelize is concerned about Wessel’s safety. Liam’s uncertainty causes tension between Karen and Gaby. Louis believes in hidden agendas, while Conrad realises what is bothering Tracy.
13: Episode 13
Jun 22, 2022
Dawid’s secret call is interrupted by a dinner invitation. Annetjie is no one’s second choice, and Liam is not impressed with Karen’s gesture. Annelize admits the situation with Wessel is complicated – and offers Wessel an apology. Danny’s day doesn’t start brilliantly, but he does have a reason to smile.
14: Episode 14
Jun 23, 2022
Gaby’s opinion of Elise is changing, and Zee finds out that the truth hasn’t been revealed. Rodney is admitted to ER, while Dawid has to share bad news. The tension is mounting between Karen and Liam, while a huge dust cloud on the building site has every tongue wagging.
15: Episode 15
Jun 24, 2022
Annelize receives an unsettling message regarding Wessel – and proceeds to make a wild accusation. Elise berates herself for letting her focus stump her, and pain causes tension between two people. Zee derives a plan to protect Liam, while Danny admits something to Chanel.
16: Episode 16
Jun 27, 2022
Tertius gives Danny advice concerning Elise, and At’s silence makes Tertius wonder. Annelize’s accusations know no bounds, while Dawid is negative about the project. Liam tries to make contact with Sheila Maynard-Smith, and Conrad tries to get Steve’s take on Annelize’s competence.
17: Episode 17
Jun 28, 2022
Dawid suggests that they move their focus to a business strategy. Rodney asks about his pain medication, while Karen takes the necessary steps to give Liam some space. Danny and Elise are at war, and Tertius is surprised by Dawid.
18: Episode 18
Jun 29, 2022
Chanel tries to dissuade Danny regarding his plans, while BlueCor takes drastic action. Annelize and Conrad are throwing around accusations left, right and center. Elise’s secret weapon doesn’t excite Gaby as much as it does Uys.
19: Episode 19
Jun 30, 2022
Dawid makes a shocking announcement. Gaby wonders what is going on between Karen and Liam, while she has a strong opinion regarding Uys and Elise. Chiron makes Binneland Clinic a very attractive offer, while pills and patients causes problems.
20: Episode 20
Jul 1, 2022
Wessel is surprised when Steve talks to him about Annelize, and Karen’s confrontation with Liam doesn’t go unnoticed. Annelize’s bad mood has nothing to do with Conrad’s good news, while Gaby looks at Uys in a new light. Danny suspects Elise is up to something again, while At’s actions catch Conrad off guard.
21: Episode 21
Jul 4, 2022
Missing medication is on Tertius’s agenda for the day, and At asks Louis a very big favor. There is definitely tension between Zee and Gaby, while Danny has to think very carefully about Louis’ offer. Annelize wants to reach out to At, but At has plans that influence Conrad’s plans for the future.
22: Episode 22
Jul 5, 2022
Steve tries to encourage Annelize when she makes a decision about the offer, while Wessel is popular when it comes to visitors. Louis is not the only one that tries to broker peace, and Naomi’s news gives Tertius something to think about.
23: Episode 23
Jul 6, 2022
Liam contemplates his future with Zee, and Louis and Naomi are concerned about At and Delia. Rejection concerns Tracy, while Danny organises a surprise for Louis. Annelize and Wessel’s relationship deepens, and an unplanned visit turns into a fiasco.
24: Episode 24
Jul 7, 2022
Trust is a point of discussion, and Karen needs to make peace with her situation. Rian’s arrival causes joy for more than one woman, while Conrad realises he is locked out of a new family dynamic. Chanel thinks Danny and Zee make a good team, and Delia unleashes her tongue.
25: Episode 25
Jul 8, 2022
A trust causes concern, while desperate plans give Steve a headache. Delia thinks At is going too far, while Louis’ family drama becomes an obstacle. Uys’ adventurous spirit is curbed by Gaby, and the mysterious buyer is revealed.
26: Episode 26
Jul 11, 2022
Conrad is looking for answers, and Uys and Liam are uncomfortable with each other. At wasn’t born yesterday, while Tertius is once again suspicious about the sabotage. Annelize tries to ensure that other dealings are not forgotten, and Dawid wants to play open cards.
27: Episode 27
Jul 12, 2022
Shares are not the only thing that cause Annelize heartache, while Delia extends an invitation to Conrad. The flood gives Louis a brand new idea, and Uys is concerned about Gaby’s feelings.
28: Episode 28
Jul 13, 2022
Gaby words her fears to Rian, and Conrad thinks At is derailing. Louis and Naomi are ready to make their own mark. Tracy tries to encourage Uys to grab the bull by the horns, while Delia is surprised by a visitor at Chiron.
29: Episode 29
Jul 14, 2022
Annelize’s discovery assures her even more that she isn’t wrong. Conrad thinks At is using Delia to prove a point, and Karen tries to vanquish Uys’ fears. Zee gives Gaby her test results, while it becomes clear that Naomi and Louis are not talking out of one mouth. Tracy takes At to task – but he isn’t standing for it.
30: Episode 30
Jul 15, 2022
At sets his sights on Steve, while Louis’ frustration with Naomi boils over to Zee and Danny. Rian makes a suggestion to give Gaby peace of mind, and Conrad puts his foot down in regards to Annetjie’s services to At. Delia might get the answers from At that everyone else is begging for.
31: Episode 31
Jul 18, 2022
Tracy encourages Conrad to fight – but not just for himself! Wessel thinks he has a solution for Annelize’s problems, and Danny plays a mean trick on Zee... Conrad pleads for honesty, while Annetjie asks Tracy to put a good word in for her.
32: Episode 32
Jul 19, 2022
Conrad’s new idea includes Delia and Steve, while Gaby organises a photoshoot. Tertius gives Delia a warning, and Gaby is concerned about her DNA test results. Conrad, Rian and Steve take one more shot at convincing Annelize to change her plans, and Uys has big plans for the future.
33: Episode 33
Jul 20, 2022
Gaby’s DNA tests results are ready, while Prof Struwig lands up in ER. News regarding At spreads like wildfire – and Jeremy is asked to investigate him. Conrad’s search for a locum is complicated by the fear that Chiron is stealing surgeons. Hugo’s assistance is called upon when Delia is not of much help.
34: Episode 34
Jul 21, 2022
Conrad realises he has no idea what At is doing. Annetjie knows she has to warn the board about gossip, and Delia finds herself in a very difficult position. Zee is shocked in her patient’s behaviour, and after a confrontation Uys looks to Tracy for support.
35: Episode 35
Jul 22, 2022
A squabble is interrupted by a patient in need. Sharon rubs Conrad up the wrong way, and Zee stands her ground when it comes to her patient. Gaby and Rian’s discussion doesn’t go unnoticed, while Steve thinks they should look at a proposed deal very carefully.
36: Episode 36
Jul 25, 2022
Conrad and Annelize try to come up with a new strategy to approach Sharon, while Annelize thinks she knows who is pulling the woman’s strings. Uys tries a few ways to cheer up Gaby. Prof Struwig’s test results focuses Zee and Liam’s attention, and Conrad discovers Annelize’s ‘secret’.
37: Episode 37
Jul 26, 2022
Gaby opens up to Karen, and Conrad is concerned about Annelize’s safety. Uys words his fears towards Tracy, while Zee is not planning on giving up easily – and she asks Rian for help. A serious discussion leaves both parties underwhelmed.
38: Episode 38
Jul 27, 2022
Conrad is suspicious about Annelize’s situation. Uys needs to make a big decision. Tertius reprimands Zee, and cabin fever leads to a kiss. Hugo’s news leaves everyone even more frustrated. Liam tells Zee that Prof Struwig wants to see her, and Jacques shares news regarding the Bassons with Annelize.
39: Episode 39
Jul 28, 2022
Liam shares news regarding Prof. Struwig with Zee, and Tracy extends a dinner invitation on the spur of the moment to the Bassons. Uys cries on Tracy’s shoulder, while Steve and Conrad are once again at loggerheads. A text messages makes Gaby think twice about her relationship.
40: Episode 40
Jul 29, 2022
Zee puts her foot down with Prof Struwig, while Uys thinks hard about Gaby’s question. Julia hears about Hugo’s offer, and Sharon’s behaviour isn’t acceptable to everyone. Tracy realises there is a lot going on that she isn’t aware about, while the truth shocks Gaby. Conrad is concerned about Chiron’s actions.
41: Episode 41
Aug 1, 2022
A relationship with ruffles someone’s feathers, and Sharon’s presence causes discomfort. A text message confuses Gaby, while Zee and Liam focus on a patient’s life outside of the hospital. Tracy wonders about someone’s life choice, and Hugo is concerned about more than surgeons.
42: Episode 42
Aug 2, 2022
Tertius is not impressed with Liam and Zee, and Julia stuns Hugo. An upset foreman makes a doctor concerned when more injured miners end up at the hospital, while the unease between Gaby and Rian reaches a critical point.
43: Episode 43
Aug 3, 2022
Annelize camouflages her heartache with a smile – but she does deliver a friendly warning. Zee and Liam must handle Prof Struwig’s wife, while Senzo’s accusations provoke mixed reactions.
44: Episode 44
Aug 4, 2022
Rian doesn’t understand Gaby’s attitude, and Zee’s stubbornness is addressed. Chiron causes tension in a relationship. Binneland Clinic’s responsibility becomes a point of contention, while Conrad is caught off guard by Sharon’s story. At gives Conrad and Annelize more headaches.
45: Episode 45
Aug 5, 2022
Sharon’s deeds do not align with her words. Jacques remains a thorn in the side, while two friends reach the end of an era. Gaby considers her motives – and fears! – very carefully, and Tertius isn’t sure if he believes a patient’s story.
46: Episode 46
Aug 8, 2022
Conrad is ready to confront Sharon – and it is clear that she knows exactly who Jeremy is. Steve wonders why Vicky doesn’t want to participate in a school activity. Zee’s plans intrigue Danny, and Conrad’s concerns about Julia give Tracy new insight.
47: Episode 47
Aug 9, 2022
Hard words fall between Conrad and Hugo, and there is a huge concern regarding ER when Tertius receives bad news from Australia. Conrad makes a decision about the Magalies contract, while Senzo might be the answer to all questions.
48: Episode 48
Aug 10, 2022
Naomi sees who Joline has an eye on, and Senzo’s life is in danger. Annelize and Conrad are concerned about news regarding the Bassons, and Louis has a question for Danny regarding Zee. Ambition makes Gaby livid, and Tracy informs Steve on what she saw.
49: Episode 49
Aug 11, 2022
Conrad has clearly had enough – and lashes out! Danny feels guilty about an accident. Annelize thinks Jeremy is insensitive, and Conrad admits something big to Steve. Tracy’s discovery explains Vicky’s attitude, while Sharon’s threat doesn’t fall on deaf ears.
50: Episode 50
Aug 12, 2022
The accident has had a bigger impact on Danny than he realises. Sharon’s accusations make Liam anxious, and Steve asks Tracy a very big favour. Annelize doesn’t have to have a solo spy mission, while Conrad’s actions impress Hugo.
51: Episode 51
Aug 15, 2022
Liam surprises Conrad when he insists on answers, and theatre space frustrates a doctor. Vicky’s excitement bowls Steve over, while Joline’s sincere concern catches Naomi and Louis off guard. A discussion about Annelize’s love life is interrupted.
52: Episode 52
Aug 16, 2022
Steve and Delia discuss parenthood. Liam doubts the leadership of the hospital because of Sharon’s actions. Not everyone thinks Joline is a good distraction, and Conrad pleads with Sharon. Danny’s situation leads to an argument, while Jacques is clearly over the drama that he finds himself in.
53: Episode 53
Aug 17, 2022
Zee and Joline are at war over Danny, while Conrad is frustrated with his many situations. Jeremy has a plan with Jacques, and Steve is concerned about Vicky’s approach to the fashion show. Danny surprises Louis with a question, while Steve gets unsettled by what he observes.
54: Episode 54
Aug 18, 2022
Delia unintentionally shares Steve’s fears, while Danny discusses an idea with Louis. Conrad and Steve’s argument reaches other ears, and Jacques has to consider a very attractive offer. Hugo discusses Julia with Annelize, and Vicky is concerned about Tracy.
55: Episode 55
Aug 19, 2022
Delia realises what the truth of the matter is when she asks Annelize for a favour. Tracy and Steve’s interaction gets attention, and Jacques shares a secret. Julia makes a very big decision, while Zee’s frustration leads to an outburst.
56: Episode 56
Aug 22, 2022
Jacques is very sly – and wide awake! Zee’s concern blows up in her face. Loneliness generates a lot of questions for Vicky, while Sharon is placed in a difficult position. Jeremy insists on the truth – and is deeply disappointed in Annelize.
57: Episode 57
Aug 23, 2022
Delia quickly realises that trust in a ‘stranger’ is not going to be built overnight. Joline’s attempt at brokering peace worsens the situation. Andries wants to see Amalia, and a dress causes problems.
58: Episode 58
Aug 24, 2022
Delia tries to word her complicated feelings to Conrad, while Tracy is not impressed by an answer from Conrad. Naomi has questions regarding Andries for Conrad, and a sensitive situation makes Zee unsure about what to do. A note makes Andries anxious.
59: Episode 59
Aug 25, 2022
Naomi and Zee discuss their concerns regarding Danny with one another. Knowledge doesn’t always empower, and Steve devises a plan to not be an absent parent. Vicky’s night doesn’t go according to plan, while Ben makes his unexpected appearance.
60: Episode 60
Aug 26, 2022
Delia is very concerned about her father, and Danny gets confused by Zee’s attitude. Tracy begins to question her choices, while a torn note concerns Louis and Andries. Danny realises he and Joline are not on the same page, and a photo session becomes something more.
61: Episode 61
Aug 29, 2022
Vicky’s plans are ruined, and Louis is unsure about what he observes. Joline isn’t shy on wording her emotions. Tracy’s frustrations are beginning to show, and Delia loses it with Louis. Undivided attention leads to a huge fight.
62: Episode 62
Aug 30, 2022
Louis’s statements shock Naomi. Vicky begins to execute her plan, while Danny plays open cards with Zee. Tracy is too scared to push the envelope on a subject, and Conrad realises Louis suspects something. The wind is taken out of Danny’s sails, while uneasiness joins a couple for dinner.
63: Episode 63
Aug 31, 2022
Andries realises something big is wrong, and Danny receives the first piece of really good news. Steve tries to unravel the mystery, and Louis’s ultimatum causes Delia to become very emotional. Conrad picks up on the discomfort between Tracy and Steve, while an appointment doesn’t end calmly.
64: Episode 64
Sep 1, 2022
Naomi’s plan receives support from an unexpected source, and Tracy is not happy with Conrad. Helena is a problem for Vicky, while the relationship between a mother and father is damaged.
65: Episode 65
Sep 2, 2022
Conrad stuns Tracy with his decisions, while Danny seeks advice from Zee. Andries doesn’t hold back, and Helena poses the uncomfortable questions. The perfect position is filled by an imperfect candidate, while Tracy talks to Uys about what she saw and knows.
66: Episode 66
Sep 5, 2022
Tracy discusses her concerns with Steve, while an emergency causes different moods. Danny realises that big answers don’t have to be difficult, and there are mixed reactions to a great idea. Helena decides that everyone should get together for a change, and Andries wants to see Conrad.
67: Episode 67
Sep 6, 2022
The big move to Conrad’s delivers more than one surprise, while Helena only has love on the mind. A notebook and pen makes Delia wonder, while Steve needs to have a serious discussion with the kids.
68: Episode 68
Sep 7, 2022
Rita starts to see the bigger picture – and then she has to deal with Ben. Louis is concerned about Conrad’s relationship, while Steve admits something to Annelize. The fashion parade receives attention from those that remember, and Naomi has empathy with Rita.
69: Episode 69
Sep 8, 2022
Rita is aware of a system that is happening right under her nose – and then she has to take someone to task. Gaby blows off steam concerning Annelize, and Karen is worried about Liam. A secretive Chanel gets out of a weekend away. Tracy plays open cards with Delia, and Zee asks Danny for advice.
70: Episode 70
Sep 9, 2022
Rita is not happy with a call that she receives. Steve realises how lonely Annelize is. Louis’ line of questioning makes Delia explode. Chanel wants to get rid of unnecessary belongings. Tracy tells Conrad about a conversation that she heard.
71: Episode 71
Sep 12, 2022
There is more than one reason for Andries’ rebellion. A car’s price causes tension, while Rita considers her resignation strongly after a scary meeting. Zee receives a message from her ex, and Annelize’s invite causes frustration for Rian.
72: Episode 72
Sep 13, 2022
Ben has an honest conversation with Rita. Lexi’s eyes don’t miss a thing. Chanel tells Naomi everything, while Rita and Delia have an honest conversation regarding Andries and Louis. The night isn’t off to a great start. Louis is upset by what he sees, and Rita doesn’t want to get entangled in someone else’s plans.
73: Episode 73
Sep 14, 2022
Danny admits something to Lexi. Rian has a plan to rid himself of an uncomfortable situation. Writing upsets Andries, and Rita is not the only one that can supply information. Zee tells Danny about Niel, and Delia has a surprise for Rita.
74: Episode 74
Sep 15, 2022
Car keys are not the only thing that aren't where they should be. Zee’s car problems are not something of the past. Conrad wants to take Tracy out to dinner. Danny makes a date to talk, and a plan is discussed in the finest of details.
75: Episode 75
Sep 16, 2022
Gaby comes to a new realisation regarding Annelize, while messages uncover the truth. Louis slings accusations left, right and centre. Nina is the cause of real support, while Chanel tells Danny the truth. Conrad is unsure about how to break the news, and Zee’s accusations know no bounds.
76: Episode 76
Sep 19, 2022
Impulsivity can ruin a man. An apology could be a step in the right direction. Conrad is putting the pieces of the puzzle together – albeit slowly. Delia receives a call that upsets and concerns everyone. Uys offers to look at Zee’s car, and Gaby makes a suggestion concerning living arrangements.
77: Episode 77
Sep 20, 2022
Esmé makes an unexpected appearance, and Delia wants to take control of the situation. Gaby has a new question to give Karen sleepless nights. Jonas doesn’t bite his tongue at all, while Zee chooses a swift getaway when she hears her name in ER. Unsteady feet lead to a shocking kiss.
78: Episode 78
Sep 21, 2022
The family makes a decision on their next move. AJ has a big surprise! Conrad admits his hopelessness to Tracy, and Gaby hears different accounts of the same event. Zee is shocked in what she hears from Niel, while Louis is determined to do things his way.
79: Episode 79
Sep 22, 2022
Louis’ drive is interrupted by a call. The cause of Niel’s pain is a mystery, and Annelize’s computer forces her to ask for help. Danny and Chanel have a difference of opinion regarding Niel, while Rita is not the only one that fears for her life.
80: Episode 80
Sep 23, 2022
Delia doesn’t hold back. Gaby tells Karen how she really feels, and Niel causes someone to take control of his own actions. Peacemakers are everywhere, but what about peace? Danny asks Zee about Niel, while Louis is ready to take on the guilty.
81: Episode 81
Sep 26, 2022
Conrad gets a last warning, while Liam makes an impression at work. Tracy is not happy with what she walks into, and Liam starts to think that his decision was a mistake. Conrad and Steve are worried about Annelize, while Niel forgets to bite his tongue. Louis gets it from Naomi, and Chanel is in for a big surprise.
82: Episode 82
Sep 27, 2022
Chanel gets to hear a different version of Zee and Niel. Zee and Liam begin to wonder about rumours that are circling. Delia and Tracy’s work is cut out for them when it comes to different viewpoints.
83: Episode 83
Sep 28, 2022
Dawid only has one goal in mind. Conrad doesn’t want Jacques' assistance with his ‘problem’. Trauma is the reason for a discussion – but then the subject changes to absenteeism. Liam reads Niel the riot act, and Louis is upset with Delia’s deeds. Rita is forced into a corner.
84: Episode 84
Sep 29, 2022
Delia discusses her problems with Conrad, and Zee begins to wonder about Danny’s theory. A warning leads to suspicion – and a call to Jeremy Gavins.
85: Episode 85
Sep 30, 2022
A parcel causes panic. Jeremy is more than ready for his story – but he is going to need help. A conversation concerning a phone call makes someone see red.
86: Episode 86
Oct 3, 2022
Niel loses his head, and Danny gets more than just the wind knocked out of his sails. Rita has conditions to help, while Jacques wants nothing to do with the whole situation. A party gets the necessary attention – and reaction!
87: Episode 87
Oct 4, 2022
Tracy and Conrad are at loggerheads again, and Jeremy convinces Annelize of a plan. A call on Tracy’s phone is not Tracy. Liam tries to focus on his work, but Annelize and Karen are not making it easy. Danny hears how Chanel is discussing Zee, and At takes on Annelize.
88: Episode 88
Oct 5, 2022
Conrad tries to give Rita surety regarding Jonas, and it seems like at least one father and son can start repairing their relationship. Lukas’ surprise is not received well. Tracy is upset because she is the last one to find out what is going on, and Niel is livid over Danny’s accusations.
89: Episode 89
Oct 6, 2022
Jeremy has advice for Liam, and things between Conrad and Tracy are getting tense – and then there is a huge problem at the Koster mansion. Rita doesn’t bite her tongue, and Zee is shocked in what she hears. It is clear that Dawid doesn’t want to make an enemy of At, and a blood clot is the least of a patient’s worries.
90: Episode 90
Oct 7, 2022
A chance meeting with Lukas gives Conrad an idea, and Liam has news for Annelize. There are a few cats that are let out of the bag – but who is honest about their motives? A kiss leaves someone speechless, while Rita is not the only one that is scared.
91: Episode 91
Oct 10, 2022
Danny shows some initiative, while Rita gets herself in a dangerous situation. At reveals the next step in his plan. Lukas’ first day ruffles a few feathers. Zee tries to make sense of her behaviour, and Jeremy confronts At.
92: Episode 92
Oct 11, 2022
A nervous Karen blurts out a secret. New love needs definition. Conrad gives Tracy a warning, and Dawid’s computer might just be the place that Jeremy can find his concrete evidence. A video makes an unforgettable impression, while Steve doesn’t have good news for Conrad.
93: Episode 93
Oct 12, 2022
A shooting might be the last thing a couple survives. Liam’s dark deed might have a silver lining, and Delia and Steve start spending time together. Conrad and Tracy’s falling out has big consequences, and news about a new relationship spreads like wildfire.
94: Episode 94
Oct 13, 2022
Lexi is aware of an accord, and Danny’s arrangements don’t sit well with Zee. While Jeremy thinks they should apply pressure to Liam, Dawid tells At what his biggest problem with the plan is.
95: Episode 95
Oct 14, 2022
Relationships aren’t easy – and even more so if one doesn’t know where one stands. Conrad has to ask Sharon a favour, while Karen has a serious conversation with Annelize regarding Liam. Zee takes pity on Annetjie, and is very excited by the chance of working with Steve. Gunshots and a video cause havoc.
96: Episode 96
Oct 17, 2022
Sharon has news for Conrad, and Conrad words his feelings towards Louis. Obstacles in a relationship is something that can be worked on, and Annelize pleads with Conrad to change his plan. At has a solution for Dawid’s problem, and things are not the way they are supposed to be on the farm.
97: Episode 97
Oct 18, 2022
Dawid introduces his son to At. An invite from Steve makes Zee think very fast on her feet, while a kiss contributes to bigger tension. A desperate Sharon makes a promise to Conrad, and, once again, Liam’s assistance is needed.
98: Episode 98
Oct 19, 2022
Eventually Liam gets access to e-mails, and Lexi has love advice for Steve. Conrad receives a weird visit from Sharon, and a career move gets a lot of different reactions. A bit of good news doesn’t shorten the distance, but let emotions lead to dangerous actions…
99: Episode 99
Oct 20, 2022
Louis has had enough of the Jonas situation, and Conrad wants to go visit Albert. Liam tries to get more information, while tempers flare up on the farm. Danny is not the only one that messes with Steve’s head, and Annetjie extends an invite to Zee.
100: Episode 100
Oct 21, 2022
Steve asks his questions in a roundabout way, and Zee is stunned by another request. Liam tells Annelize and Jeremy what he thinks At’s plan is, while Conrad and Tracy are equally scared of what is happening. A surprise is on the cards, while it also becomes increasingly difficult to play open cards.
101: Episode 101
Oct 24, 2022
Danny takes Zee on regarding her confidence, while information could be the key to success. Dawid gives Annelize a warning, and a ‘last time’ could make a house of cards implode. At sees Liam at Binneland Clinic, while Steve gets a welcome surprise. Conrad opens his heart towards Tracy.
102: Episode 102
Oct 25, 2022
Liam is concerned about his relationship with his dad, while a serious conversation is interrupted by a message. Conrad and Annelize discuss the state of his relationship. Lukas is unhappy – and impatient! Annelize is on the warpath, and Delia definitely wasn’t born yesterday.
103: Episode 103
Oct 26, 2022
A kiss could be the beginning or end of everything. Despite At’s anger, Jeremy still wants to take him down. Naomi knows what needs to be done – and what to stay quiet about. Steve decides to mimic Delia, and Delia confronts Lukas – and has to then make a decision about Conrad.
104: Episode 104
Oct 27, 2022
Annelize knows how to rub salt in the wounds, and Liam is concerned about his participation in a plan. Anger is not something that one can control – and it destroys unconditionally. Steve tells Danny about Anoniem.
105: Episode 105
Oct 28, 2022
Steve begin to wonder about the identity of Anoniem. Rian asks Delia to not breathe a word about an exciting piece of information. Heartache never occurs in silence – especially not if Binneland Stereo catches wind of it. Koos and Wendy’s reality leads to a falling out with Gaby.
106: Episode 106
Oct 31, 2022
Gaby is upset about Southern Hope news, and Anoniem’s identity is revealed. An invite overwhelms Tracy, while Naomi has to be harsh to silence Binneland Stereo. Perspective might be the best way to prepare for the future.
107: Episode 107
Nov 1, 2022
Naomi encourages a search for the truth, and Tracy ensures that Delia understands her perfectly. Are Delia and Anoniem synonomous? Things are going from bad to worse in a flat, while bad news is only the beginning of a fight. Scrabble doesn’t deliver the right outcome.
108: Episode 108
Nov 2, 2022
A search leads to heartache. An e-mail can change a life - or even save it. Gaby is heartbroken about her dad, while Zee unknowingly gives Gaby an idea. Danny realises that Zee might be right about love, and Karen gives Tracy some advice.
109: Episode 109
Nov 3, 2022
Rian reads anxiety wrong, while Zee and Annetjie each have their own agenda. Selma Rossouw is not happy with a decision, and Tracy realises there is a potential crisis with Tonik. Regret, and the right words, always come too late. Delia receives a dinner invitation.
110: Episode 110
Nov 4, 2022
The truth complicates life, and Steve asks Conrad to talk to the kids. Good news is met with equally bad news, while Steve can’t believe his ears. A set of keys might be the answer to an explosive situation.
111: Episode 111
Nov 7, 2022
Delia finds Steve’s behaviour strange, while Louis eventually gets in on the news of the hour. Annetjie’s attention is not where it is supposed to be, and Koos seems to be a very difficult man. Danny has advice for Steve, and Tracy is caught off guard.
112: Episode 112
Nov 8, 2022
Naomi has a tasty plan for Christmas, and everyone, except Annetjie, is looking forward to the conference. Tertius confronts Gaby about her deeds, while she ropes Wendy in for help. Conrad shoots Ieva down before he knows who she is. Zee serves a big surprise.
113: Episode 113
Nov 9, 2022
Rian shares big news with Gaby. Steve’s words potentially unsettle the listener. Conrad makes it clear that he is ready for business, and Gaby tells Tertius her biggest fear. A potential unanswered e-mail leads to a discovery - and an accompanying assumption.
114: Episode 114
Nov 10, 2022
Conrad is eventually honest with himself, while Delia encourages At to speak to Ieva. Gaby is at the end of her tether, and Tertius puts his foot down with Tracy. Conrad must convince Steve of a business opportunity, and Tracy receives news regarding a contract.
115: Episode 115
Nov 11, 2022
Tracy starts to think differently about herself, and Ieva’s opinion regarding a hospital is a conversation point. Gaby needs a moment to process what Koos said, while, once again, At rubs Conrad up the wrong way. Naomi’s enthusiasm knocks her friends for a six.
116: Episode 116
Nov 14, 2022
Sparks fly during a first meeting. Rian has a surprise for Koos, and while pain demands to be felt, loss needs to be processed. An elevator is the catalyst for a deep conversation. Conrad thinks Steve is the right candidate for a challenge, while Zee has her work cut out for her.
117: Episode 117
Nov 15, 2022
A listening device and an identity could cause problems. Ruan falls over his words because of Steve’s patient - while Bonnie has a lot of questions. Zee and Liam are looking for answers from Tertius regarding an unexpected face at ER, and Steve is not opposed to flirting.
118: Episode 118
Nov 16, 2022
Christmas cakes are becoming a headache. Liam can’t control his tongue, and Ieva doesn’t let the grass grow under her feet. Karen tells Gaby exactly how she feels, and news on social media leads to a witch hunt. Steve thinks he knows what Ieva is interested in, while Zee is concerned about a new doctor.
119: Episode 119
Nov 17, 2022
Liam goes to a lecturer for answers, and Delia gets a surprising invite. Annelize is not beating around the bush when she takes someone to task. Jeremy and Ieva have an interesting first meeting. An intimate moment is interrupted - but not for long. Zee and Karen have to re-think their stances.
120: Episode 120
Nov 18, 2022
Jeremy observes something very strange at the gala at Amoret, and Liam doesn’t pick up an extra shift for no reason. Zee introduces Steve to Nicolette, and the previous night’s passions need to be defined. Bonnie tries to save what there is to save - but it might be too late.
121: Episode 121
Nov 21, 2022
While animosity grows, so do deeper feelings - but a late-night call could end it. Jeremy can’t let his suspicions go, and both Steve and Delia play open cards. Zee surprises Karen with an opinion, and it seems Bonnie is a good influencer.
122: Episode 122
Nov 22, 2022
Dawid is unexpectedly kept company in Doepa. Karen begins to fear for her relationship, and Jeremy finds something weird on a photo. Bonnie’s good deed is busy blowing up in her face, while Nicolette realises what is going on between Danny and Zee.
123: Episode 123
Nov 23, 2022
Louis makes a discovery that can change everything, and Dawid can’t believe his luck. Jeremy is placed before a difficult decision, while Nicolette begins to play a very dangerous game. Karen’s patience is wearing thin, and Annetjie admits something to Zee.
124: Episode 124
Nov 24, 2022
Zee is growing concerned about Annetjie, and Jeremy has advice for the FATF. Dawid makes a big decision. Nicolette puts her plan into motion without Zee suspecting anything, and Steve admits something to Danny.
125: Episode 125
Nov 25, 2022
Nicolette is not nearly done with her games. One shouldn’t mess with Annetjie, while Steve does everything in his power to have a conversation with Ieva. A sneeze changes a suspicion, and Gaby gives Liam a warning. A call makes At very suspicious.
126: Episode 126
Nov 28, 2022
Dawid and Annelize make peace, while At’s suspicions grow. Annetjie wonders about a relationship - and tells Zee who AB is. Dawid feels stupid about what he has done, and Jacques receives a new task. Developments on a case lead to a farewell.
127: Episode 127
Nov 29, 2022
Annetjie is taken to ER, and Jeremy is unsure about how to answer a question. Karen shares with Liam what she thinks Nicolette’s plan is. Tertius talks to Danny about someone’s weird behaviour, and Steve receives a strange call from Nigeria. At shares his suspicions with Conrad and Annelize.
128: Episode 128
Nov 30, 2022
Karen struggles to contain herself around Nicolette, and Louis has a new idea regarding how to raise funds. A visit to Nigeria is full of surprises. At tells Annelize everything he knows, and Zee and Annetjie discuss her new ‘old love’.
129: Episode 129
Dec 1, 2022
Genevieve makes her presence known, and Gaby is roped into plans for the auction. Karen is reprimanded about her attitude, and not everyone is fond of Nicolette.
130: Episode 130
Dec 2, 2022
Jeremy is looking for answers on Ewa, while it becomes increasingly difficult not to play open cards with her. Nicolette is not making any friends – and she clearly has an agenda with Dawid. Annetjie needs Gaby’s assistance.
131: Episode 131
Dec 5, 2022
Karen and Nicolette have a proper falling out in ER. Jeremy’s contact with Ewa is not as private as he thinks, while Dawid isn’t telling Liam everything about his personal life. Genevieve admits something to At, and Bonnie sees something that she shouldn’t.
132: Episode 132
Dec 6, 2022
Zee lets the cat out of the bag, while the motive for a murder is discovered. At and Annelize are forced to have an honest conversation when they are busted, and Karen bemoans her lot towards Liam. Spying begins in all earnest, while Nicolette reads a nurse the riot act.
133: Episode 133
Dec 7, 2022
Dawid’s dinner invite doesn’t come without strings, and the police need Steve’s help. Delia realises Steve lied to her, and Liam’s news about Gianni shakes Naomi to the core. The shift schedule causes unhappiness, while Bonnie wishes she could say what she needs to say.
134: Episode 134
Dec 8, 2022
Jacques threatens Sani, and Delia gives Dawid advice concerning his relationship. Danny decides to tell Annetjie who AB really is, and Steve uses Delia for information. Naomi is not happy with Louis, while questions about Nigeria ruffle tailfeathers. Steve and Ewa make another upsetting discovery.
135: Episode 135
Dec 9, 2022
Annelize makes a quick plan to get hold of Jeremy’s phone, and At has news for Genevieve. Gaby has mixed feelings about Rian, and a key could mean bigger problems for a doctor. Appel performs during the auction at Doepa.
136: Episode 136
Dec 12, 2022
Steve has something to tell Nicolette, and Ewa doesn’t mince her words in a conversation with Annelize. Genevieve makes a decision regarding the pebble in her shoe. Ewa has news for Steve regarding Sani, while Jeremy’s explanations fall on deaf ears.
137: Episode 137
Dec 13, 2022
An intruder is caught in At’s office on the farm. Jeremy and Annelize’s confrontation is not the only one of the day. Naomi receives bad news regarding Gianni, while Delia receives news regarding Andries. Liam is not the only one who is livid, and Ewa stuns Jeremy with information.
138: Episode 138
Dec 14, 2022
At gets an unexpected visitor. Louis creates a Christmas problem, and a peace pipe is smoked. Danny shares a good idea with Naomi, and Liam wants to know what happened in Canada. Dawid needs Karen’s help, and Jacques has to share uncomfortable news with At.
139: Episode 139
Dec 15, 2022
Genevieve doesn’t put a foot wrong. Dawid finds out what happened in Canada, and Naomi is worried about Louis. Steve wants to help with a heart-breaking task, while Annelize is shattered by news. Tertius needs to console an upset Nicolette, while an enormous dark cloud hangs over Pretoria.
140: Episode 140
Dec 16, 2022
Annelize blames Ewa for everything, while Dawid warns Steve about Nicolette. Conrad’s emotions eventually get the upper hand, and Gaby prepares to take over from Louis.
141: Episode 141
Dec 19, 2022
Chanel pops in for a visit, and Delia catches Ewa where she least expects her. Gaby bulldozes her boyfriend with a plan. Jeremy confronts Annelize about Ewa, and Liam notices that Karen seems a bit off.
142: Episode 142
Dec 20, 2022
Steve is unsure if he will be able to keep a secret for much longer. A pawn shop might be the key to happiness, but when no information regarding family is volunteered a new mystery begs to be solved. Danny and Chanel fall back into an old pattern, while Naomi encourages the truth.
143: Episode 143
Dec 21, 2022
Liam is concerned about Karen’s secret, and Jeremy, once again, feels that Ewa is not playing open cards. Tracy wants to talk to Conrad, while Gaby and Rian have a falling out over ‘Secret Santa’. A kiss doesn’t get the expected reaction.
144: Episode 144
Dec 22, 2022
Jeremy doesn’t hold back during a conversation with Annelize. Chanel and Tracy’s experience of life at present doesn’t seem to differ that much, and Liam gets a welcome surprise during his quest. Invites for Christmas day are extended left, right and center, while Louis receives a strange phone call.
145: Episode 145
Dec 23, 2022
Jeremy makes a decision about Annelize, while Danny feels guilty. Zee provides a surprise. Steve wants to fight for what his heart desires, while Liam also has a fight on hand. Louis’s strange call is not the strangest thing of the day!
146: Episode 146
Dec 26, 2022
Annetjie and Tracy both have something to say to Conrad, while a hurt Chanel is already saying goodbye. Steve’s conscience is riding him. A jewellery box causes a stir, and there is more to Ewa than anyone knows.
147: Episode 147
Dec 27, 2022
A will delivers many surprises, while Annetjie and Elise work in a coffee date. Naomi prepares everyone on Thalia’s visit, and Rian talks to Annetjie about Elise. Administrative tasks that take too long are doing more than one person’s head in, while Gaby finds out about Karen’s famous cousin.
148: Episode 148
Dec 28, 2022
Annelize’s true feelings come to the fore, and Danny is concerned about Louis. Thalia makes her appearance in Pretoria, while Genevieve’s patience is wearing thin. Naomi and Louis’s conversation is not so private as they might think. Annetjie has more problems than only Snoet and Milo.
149: Episode 149
Dec 29, 2022
Naomi and Louis don’t feel the same about Thalia, and Rian’s suggestion throws Elise for a six. Tracy is planning a fundraiser – and Conrad wants to be a part of it. Elise plays open cards with Tertius, and Liam encourages Karen to make things right with Armand.
150: Episode 150
Dec 30, 2022
Genevieve puts the next part of her plan in motion. Uys is back – and he is ready to take life by the horns. Elise tells Gaby about Tannie Kietie, and Louis can’t keep well enough alone. Thalia is invited to Doepa, while Conrad and Tracy end the year on a better note.
151: Episode 151
Jan 2, 2023
Karen is encouraged to contact Armand, and Tertius gives Tracy a warning. Elise receives an unexpected guest, while Thalia is not the angel that Naomi thinks she is. Conrad confuses Tracy.
152: Episode 152
Jan 3, 2023
Elise needs to make a plan to earn more money, and Karen discusses make-up with Naomi. A call upsets Genevieve’s day, while a quote is cause for a panic attack. Karen’s attempt at peace doesn’t explain strange behaviour.
153: Episode 153
Jan 4, 2023
Uys is concerned about Lood, while Karen is shocked in Armand’s injury that lands him in ER. Naomi discusses the future with Thalia, and Kittie leaves Elise gobsmacked.
154: Episode 154
Jan 5, 2023
Tracy changes Lood’s opinion, while Karen is seeking answers from Armand. Uys discusses strange behaviour with Elise, and Stiaan is not impressed with Tertius’ decision.
155: Episode 155
Jan 6, 2023
Tertius is concerned about an infection, and Elise shares her troubles with Uys. Karen is suspicious of Stiaan and Armand’s friendship, while Thalia meets Lood. Theft leaves the pots simmering.
156: Episode 156
Jan 9, 2023
Stiaan takes his mood out on Karen, while he also gives Armand a stern warning. Thalia tries to state her case, while Uys wants to read Annetjie the riot act. Elise listens to a confession.
157: Episode 157
Jan 10, 2023
No good deed goes unpunished, while a straight question leaves Stiaan seeing red. Liam tells Tertius what he witnessed, and Lood puts his best foot forward with Thalia. The truth concerns Karen.
158: Episode 158
Jan 11, 2023
Lood is asked about his plans for the future, while Uys is not impressed with a ‘pebble’. Karen has to listen to more than one truth, and Liam is the witness to an assault.
159: Episode 159
Jan 12, 2023
Karen and Liam have no idea what to do next, while Kittie’s offer blows Elise and Annetjie away. Thalia’s dreams inspire Lood, and a doctor lands up in ER…
160: Episode 160
Jan 13, 2023
Annetjie needs to have an intense conversation with two doctors, while Karen is asked for help. Ruan meets Thalia, while Tertius is no longer has sympathy with Armand.
161: Episode 161
Jan 16, 2023
Kittie is driving Elise nuts, while Thalia has a heart-to-heart with Louis and Naomi. Karen puts her plan into action, and Tracy tells Lood in what way she envies him.
162: Episode 162
Jan 17, 2023
Annelize gives Elise a warning, and a grande dinner might just be the answer to calm the nerves. Ruan puts Lood in his place, while Karen needs Tertius to make her plan work.
163: Episode 163
Jan 18, 2023
Elise wants to resign, and Annetjie fears for her life. Stiaan gives Karen the cold shoulder, while Tracy reprimands Thalia about Ruan. Louis and Naomi prepare for a serious conversation.
164: Episode 164
Jan 19, 2023
Karen tries to give Gaby answers, and Liam wants her to rethink everything. Annetjie’s bad news keeps piling up, while Uys needs to call the ambulance for Elise.
165: Episode 165
Jan 20, 2023
Steve tries to ignore his frustrations, while trust becomes a stumbling block between siblings. News regarding Elise spreads like wildfire. While Annelize wonders what is going on with Karen, it is Stian that completely bowls her over.
166: Episode 166
Jan 23, 2023
Stiaan might be slyer than he looks, and Tertius must plead for Annelize’s silence. Karen doesn’t agree with the police. Readings give way to suspicion, while Annetjie and Elise are at loggerheads.
167: Episode 167
Jan 24, 2023
Rian and Annelize make a decision regarding Elise, while Stiaan needs to be convinced of collaboration. Naomi and Louis is concerned about Amalia, and Annetjie pleads her case with Conrad. Armand gets answers.
168: Episode 168
Jan 25, 2023
Golding and his men wreak havoc in the hospital, while Annelize and Tertius land in hot water with Conrad. News about Koos makes Gaby lash out towards a friend, while Lexi doesn’t feel too well.
169: Episode 169
Jan 26, 2023
The activities at the hospital cause Conrad headaches, while Steve and Ewa make contact for the first time in a long while. Lexi’s life is in danger, and someone is contesting At’s will.
170: Episode 170
Jan 27, 2023
Gaby hardens towards Karen, while Soekie Kellerman has evidence to support who she is – but drops a bombshell on Conrad too. The doctors argue about what is wrong with a patient, and Steve makes a plan with Ruan and Vicky.
171: Episode 171
Jan 30, 2023
Bronwyn’s mask falls off in Annelize’s presence, while Gaby wants to confront Stiaan. Soekie realises that Conrad doesn’t believe her, and Zee follows leads on a jogging route.
172: Episode 172
Jan 31, 2023
Joline’s encouragement makes Conrad reach out to Jacques. Naomi suspects that she has the answer to an important question. Soekie is not impressed with what she hears – and takes Annelize to task.
173: Episode 173
Feb 1, 2023
Louis has to endure Bronwyn’s wrath, while Soekie makes more than one person livid - and doesn’t find a friend in Annelize. Uys is not the only one who lands up in hot water.
174: Episode 174
Feb 2, 2023
Steve feels guilty towards Ewa, while things are uncomfortable with Bronwyn. Soekie wants to flee, but is peppered with questions! Rian scolds Uys, and Liam needs to make a decision.
175: Episode 175
Feb 3, 2023
Soekie knows how to play the game, while At asks Jacques for a favour. Stiaan has a message for Armand, and Steve discusses his relationship with Bronwyn with Danny.
176: Episode 176
Feb 6, 2023
Gaby gives Wendy an idea, while her plans shock Karen. Genevieve has a new prey in her cross hairs, and Soekie has questions for Conrad. Lexi is concerned about consequences. Ewa gets an ultimatum.
177: Episode 177
Feb 7, 2023
Steve wonders if he is making the biggest mistake of his life, while Annelize and Louis are very sure about where they stand. Uys discusses Lexi’s fears with Zee, and shooters loosen tongues…
178: Episode 178
Feb 8, 2023
Genevieve wants to see the board, and Bronwyn confronts Steve with information. Gaby realises she might have thrown Tertius under the bus. Soekie knows what she must do.
179: Episode 179
Feb 9, 2023
Wendy makes a big decision, while Genevieve's silver tongue reaps rewards. Steve’s love life is a tragedy, and Conrad finds out the results of the DNA test. Soekie has someone in her corner.
180: Episode 180
Feb 10, 2023
It isn’t easy to broker peace. Soekie gives Annelize a taste of what the future might hold, while Tracy realises what is wrong with Uys. Ewa makes an upsetting discovery.
181: Episode 181
Feb 13, 2023
Preparations for a party don’t go without injury - and fate intervenes. Annelize gets the shock of her life. Sowing disruptive seeds occur with a smile, and Zee discusses a dream with Louis.
182: Episode 182
Feb 14, 2023
At will have to know his steps, and flowers cause questions. The truth hurts a lot, while love is also looking for excitement. Delia is not a kitten that should be handled without gloves.
183: Episode 183
Feb 15, 2023
Uys has a solution for Lexi’s problem, and while Zee is looking for excitement, Gaby is longing for distraction. Ewa causes guilty feelings, while Genevieve operates under heavy pressure.
184: Episode 184
Feb 16, 2023
Soekie hears upsetting news, while Tracy doesn’t want to play anymore. Naomi finds out where the flowers came from, and Uys owes Lexi an apology. Ewa is starting to smell a rat.
185: Episode 185
Feb 17, 2023
Genevieve is not prepared for how her day will end. Annetjie has conditions to her participation, and Soekie causes Tracy to become suspicious. Naomi realises who her fan is.
186: Episode 186
Feb 20, 2023
Ewa asks Steve to be completely honest with her, and At words his fears. Brian agrees to assist Louis with his plan. Gaby wants to take a proper break, while a discussion with Soekie concerns Conrad.
187: Episode 187
Feb 21, 2023
Zee ensures that Liam and Karen are fully prepared for their turn, and Annelize and Steve need Ewa’s help. Rian tries to get Tertius to change his mind, and Bonnie ensures that she completes her task
188: Episode 188
Feb 22, 2023
Karen and Liam’s invite throws everyone, while Bonnie struggles to put her best foot forward with Brian. At has a lot of explaining to do, but the rage is tangible. Soekie messes with Conrad’s head.
189: Episode 189
Feb 23, 2023
Jacques has news regarding Soekie, while Lexi wants to have a serious conversation with Steve. Bonnie’s confession makes Naomi think. Annetjie’s emotions don’t interfere with her competitive nature.
190: Episode 190
Feb 24, 2023
Louis is not going to be deterred easily, and Steve messes with Annelize’s head. Bonnie’s big night arrives, and Soekie begins to put the pieces of the puzzle together – and then comes up with a plan.
191: Episode 191
Feb 27, 2023
Lexi doesn’t want to be kept a fool again, while Naomi sees red where Brian is concerned. Rian and Uys have another discussion about love. At hears shocking news, and Tracy tries to encourage Conrad.
192: Episode 192
Feb 28, 2023
Danny doesn’t have good news for Naomi, while At has to face Annetjie. Tracy receives an interesting gift, and At tries to convince Conrad and Annelize about his decision.
193: Episode 193
Mar 1, 2023
While lost love opens up old wounds, Bonnie is in seventh heaven. A wrong diagnosis leads to confrontation, and Louis struggles with forgiveness. Annetjie’s dinner party is ruined, and Annelize talks about her feelings with Steve.
194: Episode 194
Mar 2, 2023
Zee blames herself and shuts Danny out. Uys is distant towards Febe, and Tracy is not honest with Tertius. Annetjie is the guest of honour, and Letitia Snyman arrives at At’s farm.
195: Episode 195
Mar 3, 2023
Danny is worried about Zee, and Uys and Febe bury the hatchet. Gunshots lead to anxiety – and a serious injury. Uys is caught out, and Annelize faces At with a confession.
196: Episode 196
Mar 6, 2023
Danny bonds with Amalia, and a patient’s presence must be withheld. Annetjie finds out about a new campaign, and the cooking competition is put to bed. At and Annelize have an honest conversation.
197: Episode 197
Mar 7, 2023
While a friendship is getting stronger, Rian receives an exciting phone call. The green-eyed monster has bitten someone, Conrad has an offer for At, and an important link in Binneland’s chain threatens to come loose.
198: Episode 198
Mar 8, 2023
Annelize gets a surprise visitor, and Zee wants to restore peace. Elise is back and not happy when she sees Nina… Naomi is just in time to help before someone faints.
199: Episode 199
Mar 9, 2023
Conrad tries his best to change At’s mind, and Elise finds out about Nina’s appointment. Zee has to answer questions about parenting, and Jeremy has a new story in sight… Gaby wants to play matchmaker for Tertius.
200: Episode 200
Mar 10, 2023
Danny has big plans for the future, and Gaby’s matchmaking plans are well underway. Annetjie’s campaign is pranked, and Tertius is suspicious of Letitia. Jeremy makes a discovery.
201: Episode 201
Mar 13, 2023
Letitia will not listen to advice, and Jeremy struggles to make a promise. Nina feels bad towards Elise, and Danny is excited – but Zee does not feel the same. Conrad becomes suspicious.
202: Episode 202
Mar 14, 2023
A brain tumour is diagnosed, and Rian is impressed with Nina’s work. Naomi has a serious conversation with the Binnelanders, and Annelize is honest with Conrad. Tertius’s offer is turned down.
203: Episode 203
Mar 15, 2023
Questions are being asked about Rian and Gaby’s relationship, Zee presents Danny with an ultimatum, and Tertius is relieved. A small problem leads to unhappiness, and an engagement ring is acquired.
204: Episode 204
Mar 16, 2023
There is tension in a relationship, an injury worries Karen, and Zee feels guilty all over again. At’s courage fails him, and someone gets engaged.
205: Episode 205
Mar 17, 2023
Elize receives a warning, Annelize has hope after a visit, and Steve is worried about Danny. Letitia demands answers from At, and Steve shares an idea with Delia. Gaby feels threatened.
206: Episode 206
Mar 20, 2023
Zee wonders if she is busy lying to herself, and Elise becomes suspicious. Conrad is shocked about news of an engagement, and Dawid is back. At accepts an offer, and Annelize receives disturbing news.
207: Episode 207
Mar 21, 2023
Nina becomes aware of aloofness, Annelize struggles to hide her true feelings, and Karen is worried about Liam. Dawid has a tempting offer for Liam, and At must have a difficult conversation.
208: Episode 208
Mar 22, 2023
Danny has hope, and Gaby addresses Elise. Louis thinks At has lost his marbles, and Tertius realises he has to help Rian. Annelize is still devastated, and Jeremy notices. At is having doubts.
209: Episode 209
Mar 23, 2023
Rian and Gaby’s relationship is in deep waters, and Karen tries to convince Liam to reconsider Dawid’s offer. Nina shares her feelings with Tertius, and Annelize’s heart is broken twice.
210: Episode 210
Mar 24, 2023
Nicolette is approached for a job, Steve has to warn Tertius and Annelize, and Zee realises Danny has ulterior motives. Rian is uncomfortable around Gaby, and At is in favour of a business idea.
211: Episode 211
Mar 27, 2023
Elise asks difficult questions, Liam is honest, and Zee gets more anxious. Liam is confused after Tertius’ offer, and regret comes too late. Overall discomfort leads to feelings of guilt, and Liam has good news.
212: Episode 212
Mar 28, 2023
The board rejects an application, At admits he took revenge, and Elise shares her suspicions with Rian. Zee shares shocking news, a reunion is awkward, and Nina wants to resign.
213: Episode 213
Mar 29, 2023
A big storm threatens Pretoria, Zee’s emotions bubble over, and a computer is returned. Old love wants to rekindle, and Elise feels guilty. Steve finds out who stole his idea, and Karen is in trouble.
214: Episode 214
Mar 30, 2023
Liam does what he thinks is best, Nina escapes, and the emergency unit gets overwhelmed. Dawid has to help when chaos takes over, an injury leads to panic, and Gaby does not believe that Rian was taken for a fool.
215: Episode 215
Mar 31, 2023
A situation is completely misread, Rian decides not to press charges, and Dawid’s help causes discomfort. Rian is honest about his feelings, Tracy takes pity on Conrad, and he shares good news.
216: Episode 216
Apr 3, 2023
Annetjie is feeling overwhelmed and Elise comforts her, Dawid confronts At, and Nicolette finds out about a lie. Conrad gets the wrong end of the stick, and the nurses are a bit awkward in Doepa.
217: Episode 217
Apr 4, 2023
Elise has an idea for Annetjie about a new club, and Zee gets an interesting offer. Conrad has a date, and Liam is confused by Dawid’s decision. Elise gets rejected by Uys, and Milan accuses someone of murder.
218: Episode 218
Apr 5, 2023
The dating game is on, and Nicolette discovers the truth about Milan. Naomi finds out someone is leaving, and a juicy story is leaked to the press.
219: Episode 219
Apr 6, 2023
Elise asks Annelize for a big favour, and Tracy has to pretend to be happy. Liam corners Nicolette, and Dawid is in on the suspicions. Tertius tries to comfort Tracy.
220: Episode 220
Apr 7, 2023
At plants a seed regarding Dawid, and Annelize starts to feel more lonely. Everyone is invited to a farewell party, and Tracy has a crazy idea. Liam is looking for answers, and a kiss leads to confusion.
221: Episode 221
Apr 10, 2023
Someone is the big news story of the day, and things are awkward in Tertius’s flat. Liam is furious, Conrad has questions, and Tracy gets shocking news. Gaby gets a phone call, and Milan gets orders from someone.
222: Episode 222
Apr 11, 2023
Danny feels guilty, At wants to fix a relationship, and Tracy meets Suzy. Annetjie is angry with Elise, and Liam thinks a relationship is over. Nicolette corners Liam, and Uys has plans for Danny.
223: Episode 223
Apr 12, 2023
Tracy notices something on Suzy’s arms, Naomi is worried about Louis, and Karen gets a warning. A launch leads to excitement, Thalia gets an exciting opportunity, and Suzy gets the fright of her life.
224: Episode 224
Apr 13, 2023
While Louis and Naomi try to warn Thalia, Louis has bigger problems. Letitia is worried about At, Tracy gets news about Suzy, and Jaco is suspicious. The launch is a disaster, and Tertius has a suggestion for Tracy.
225: Episode 225
Apr 14, 2023
Annelize hears a gossip story, and a secret gets out. Tracy is looking for clues, and Conrad offers to help Jaco. Conrad warns Tracy, Annetjie feels embarrassed about the previous night, and Tracy discovers something in her office.
226: Episode 226
Apr 17, 2023
Suzy admits the truth to Tracy, a save the date gets sent out, Tertius wants to call the police, and a diary holds evidence. Annetjie accepts Annelize’s offer, Jaco is on the warpath, and Annelize sees red.
227: Episode 227
Apr 18, 2023
Tracy receives a note, Karen comforts Thalia, and the idea of a new restaurant gets someone excited. Annetjie finds out she didn’t receive an invitation, Danny has big plans, and a policeman can’t be trusted.
228: Episode 228
Apr 19, 2023
Naomi agrees to Thalia’s request, At is proud of Conrad, and Louis is asked a big question. Uys prescribes something for anxiety, Tracy is on a (big) mission, and Gaby tries to convince Tertius to make an offer.
229: Episode 229
Apr 20, 2023
Annetjie tries to overcompensate for the previous night, Tracy contacts someone in the police and a deal is made. Gaby puts more pressure on Tertius, Annelize connects with someone, and Danny finds out something that makes him furious.
230: Episode 230
Apr 21, 2023
Louis considers an offer, someone might be dealing with prostitution, and an excellent specialist wants to work at Binneland. Louis is not happy about the modelling, and someone is trying to frame Tracy and Tertius.
231: Episode 231
Apr 24, 2023
Tracy’s breakthrough creates a new theory and Louis expresses his true feelings. The new locum gets replaced, Thalia has a chaperone and Tim disappears.
232: Episode 232
Apr 25, 2023
Thalia suddenly gets hesitant about the modelling, Tracy keeps something from Margie, and Danny wants to travel through Africa. At has a question for Letitia, Jeremy confronts Annelize about her plan, and Suzy rocks up.
233: Episode 233
Apr 26, 2023
It’s At and Letitia’s wedding day! Tertius and Tracy decipher a tattoo, Danny has a guilty conscience, and Thalia is honest with Suzy about the photoshoot.
234: Episode 234
Apr 27, 2023
Annelize tries to justify her decision. At has plans with Doepa, and Danny is overwhelmed when he sees Steve with the kids. Nicolette has a job offer, Thalia gets groomed, and information about a crime gang is revealed.
235: Episode 235
Apr 28, 2023
Annelize is shocked about what At told her, Tertius is furious when he finds out about Karen, and Jaco has his sight set on someone. Someone is suspicious of Tracy.
236: Episode 236
May 1, 2023
Danny is in remorse about what he should say to Bronwyn, a friendship intensifies, and Nicolette tries to form an alliance. Everyone is shocked about Henry’s girlfriend, Thalia wants to go to Dubai, and Tertius has a breakthrough.
237: Episode 237
May 2, 2023
Steve insists on speaking to the board, two Binnelanders realise they’re involved with a human trafficking sindicate, Steve receives bad news, Karen and Liam wonder about Nicolette’s agenda, and Thalia is in danger.
238: Episode 238
May 3, 2023
Dr Louw (played by Francois Lensley) is welcomed at Binneland, Tracy tries to get information from Thalia, and Louis is upset when he sees Rita. The truth is kept secret from Louis and Naomi.
239: Episode 239
May 4, 2023
Liam confronts his biggest fear, and Tracy is begged to keep quiet after receiving information. Conrad is confronted, and Louis and Naomi are shocked by photographs. Liam accidently does something he shouldn’t.
240: Episode 240
May 5, 2023
Steve is tempted, Louis and Naomi want to go to the police, and Jeremy is worried about Nomfundo. Tracy gets shocking news, and Henry has big plans with Binneland.
241: Episode 241
May 8, 2023
Tracy wants to make a deal with the devil, Steve gets even more irritated, and Dawid and Delia devise a plan. Liam makes another mistake, and Naomi has a guilty conscience.
242: Episode 242
May 9, 2023
Nicolette is worried about Rita, Naomi confesses to Louis, and Dawid asks for forgiveness. Questions are raised about the ER, and Tertius thinks Tracy is hiding something. Someone is shot…
243: Episode 243
May 10, 2023
Naomi makes a brave decision, and Rita finds out about an investigation. Liam gets invited to a ‘Games Night’, and Tracy realises who she can really count on. Riekie starts to show her true colours.
244: Episode 244
May 11, 2023
Tracy is unaware of her true feelings, and Karen is shocked about Liam. Henry confronts Steve, and Tertius has to make a difficult decision. Steve has to take over when a patient collapses during a face transplant.
245: Episode 245
May 12, 2023
Jeremy realises what Delia is up to, and Conrad puts more pressure on Annelize. Liam and Karen have a difficult conversation, and Naomi is shocked about Nomfundo.
246: Episode 246
May 15, 2023
Gaby and Louis form a united front, and Steve is made a very good offer. Annelize has to explain protocol when someone dies, and Nicolette gets desperate. Liam is caught out by his dad.
247: Episode 247
May 16, 2023
Dawid approaches Karen with the truth. Binneland is in the press, and Liam gets promoted. Rita panics when she sees the police, and Dawid and Delia reveal their plans.
248: Episode 248
May 17, 2023
Binneland rushes around when the police start asking questions, and Riekie admits she is afraid of Rita. Steve is honest with Annelize, and Dawid asks Nicolette to help him with Liam.
249: Episode 249
May 18, 2023
Tracy and Gaby argue about a restaurant, and Liam wants to clear his head. Jeremy and Steve want to investigate the truth, and Karen is worried about Liam. Tracy is bored.
250: Episode 250
May 19, 2023
Gaby makes herself heard, the police find a suspect, and Naomi puts doubt in Louis’ mind about his idea for a new restaurant. Jeremy confronts Annelize.
251: Episode 251
May 22, 2023
Both Liam and Jeremy have to apologise, Karen confronts Nicolette, and Uys and Gaby speculate over Tertius and Tracy. Liam has a crazy night.
252: Episode 252
May 23, 2023
Steve and Jeremy’s suspicions grow, and Liam is late for work. A new Italian restaurant is being discussed, and Liam lies to Karen. Steve discovers something, and Henry confronts Rita.
253: Episode 253
May 24, 2023
Liam realises he has to take a step back, and Tracy realises she is in love. Gaby is worried about Karen, and Rita wants to resign. Steve shares difficult news with Delia, and Jeremy wants to be admitted to Binneland.
254: Episode 254
May 25, 2023
Dawid takes Nicolette on, and Tracy tries to keep her distance. Henry looks for Riekie, and a first kiss finally happens! Liam tells the whole truth, and Riekie reveals her plan.
255: Episode 255
May 26, 2023
Karen doesn’t know if she can forgive Liam, and Tertius is still shocked. Henry realises what is at stake, and he is broken. Jeremy is mad at Annelize, and someone gets ready for a romantic date.
256: Episode 256
May 29, 2023
Rita is worried about Henry, Tracy moves out, and Jeremy and Conrad suspect something about Henry. Steve is worried about Danny, and someone has a terrible migraine.
257: Episode 257
May 30, 2023
Steve can’t get hold of Danny, and Henry confesses to Rita. Jeremy is frustrated, and Steve wants to go to the police. It seems as if Gaby doesn’t have any fight left in her, and Rita almost spills the beans.
258: Episode 258
May 31, 2023
When Andrea arrives in Pretoria, she realises Steve isn’t single anymore. Gaby feels trapped, and Rita presents Henry with an ultimatum. The guilty are surrendered, and Tracy and Tertius lie to each other.
259: Episode 259
Jun 1, 2023
Gaby is unsure whether or not she still wants to be involved in the restaurant, the truth is revealed and everybody is in shock, and Andrea discovers that someone from her past is still alive. Thalia takes pity on a heartbroken Tracy, and Conrad is worried about Henry.
260: Episode 260
Jun 2, 2023
Vickie surprises Steve with a thoughtworthy question, Gaby feels guilty, and Conrad asks Nicolette an exciting question. Two fathers make peace after a frank conversation, and Tertius has an important meeting.
Season 19
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