Season 17
260 EPISODES • 2021
Season 17 of Binnelanders was released on June 7 and consists of 260 episodes.

Season 16


1: Episode 1
Jun 7, 2021
Elvis flees – and shares his decision with Ma Hester. Lexi is concerned about a piece of paper that she found, and a serious discussion is branded as silly ideas. Conrad ribs Elana, while Tertius shares his thoughts about Maya with Tracy.
2: Episode 2
Jun 8, 2021
Danny begins to wonder about Ruan’s mental state, while Okkie is extremely confused after a visit to DOEPA. Tracy is concerned about what Maya’s future holds – especially after she hears new information. At surprises everyone when he wants to solve a case of negligence himself. A handbag holds a shocking secret.
3: Episode 3
Jun 9, 2021
Danny talks to Steve about Ruan, while Conrad’s wise words are unknowingly an answer. Okkie is searching for peace of mind, and a confrontation doesn’t come without a challenge. Steve and Elana are irritable because of the process, and a phone call catches At off guard.
4: Episode 4
Jun 10, 2021
Vicky shares her fears with her grandmother, while elsewhere reciprocated distrust struggles to make place for shared concern. Naomi’s conversation upsets Elana, and Faf says his farewells to Maya. Conrad wonders about what he has seen, and Elvis gets the shock of his life.
5: Episode 5
Jun 11, 2021
Steve and Ruan have a deep discussion about family dynamics, and Elvis doesn’t want to talk about his past. News about the engineer shocks Maya and fills her with dread. Chanel’s question isn’t the only big question to be answered.
6: Episode 6
Jun 14, 2021
The new locum makes an impression on everyone, except Annelize. Elvis’ biggest nightmare uses the backdoor, and Helena is a fighter – especially when it comes to her handbag. Tracy lets rip when she and Annelize meet by chance, and George gives Lexi a big fright.
7: Episode 7
Jun 15, 2021
George’s timing is off when it comes to Elana, but he does let the cat out of the bag. Annelize and Tertius do not agree on Uys’s appointment, while tongues are already wagging about what is going on between Annelize and this doctor. Okkie summons Tertius for a house visit.
8: Episode 8
Jun 16, 2021
Tracy is not so sure about her decision regarding Kyla. Uys had an agenda with his late night shenanigans, and Elana takes her stress out on Helena. Naomi’s thousand questions leads to a silent meeting, while Helena approaches a mediator.
9: Episode 9
Jun 17, 2021
When it comes to her children, Helena wasn’t born yesterday. Elvis’s story shocks Naomi, while Tertius begins to wonder about Uys when he hears the gossip on his love life. Steve and Conrad can’t understand George’s decision, and Okkie puts his foot down with Elvis. A family fight errupts in the Koster Mansion.
10: Episode 10
Jun 18, 2021
Helena realises there is more to George’s fight. Okkie is concerned that some problems are bigger than anyone realises, and Uys meets Binneland Stereo. Annelize reprimands Elana, and news from the social worker shocks Steve. Tertius hears exactly what happened between Annelize and Uys.
11: Episode 11
Jun 21, 2021
Obsession has a way of building up. Uys gives Tertius peace of mind, while Nellie sets Conrad in her cross hairs. Elvis is full of excuses when work opportunities are presented to him, and Annelize makes a point of focusing Conrad’s attention on a budding new friendship.
12: Episode 12
Jun 22, 2021
Louis has to bite his tongue when Okkie asks Naomi for a favor, and it becomes very clear that Nellie is up to something. Uys is impressed with his work, while George makes a confession to Conrad. A photo places Elvis in an uncomfortable situation – while Louis and Naomi are starting to get a bit scrappy with each other.
13: Episode 13
Jun 23, 2021
Helena asks about Conrad and Tracy, while Uys explains his behavior. Steve is stunned when Nellie’s claws come out, and Okkie gives Elvis a new opportunity. Louis asks his burning question, while Piet is roped into helping. Conrad bends Tracy’s ear, and Ruan confronts Steve and Elana.
14: Episode 14
Jun 24, 2021
Frustration is at an all-time high, and it is very clear that both Naomi and Louis are on the war path. Tracy is upset that she reached out to Conrad, and Ruan is upset with Elana’s behavior. Gaby’s theory on Uys’s love life is expanding, while Nellie isn’t planning on giving up anytime soon.
15: Episode 15
Jun 25, 2021
Helena’s words give Conrad clarity, while Elana’s insecurities are strengthened. Vicky is not just handy, but she is also a fresh breeze to more than one person. While Naomi tries to wave the white flag, Louis is definitely not blind. Uys asks around about Conrad – and uses Tracy as an excuse against Gaby.
16: Episode 16
Jun 28, 2021
Nellie and George want to see Ruan and Vicky alone. Okkie makes a breakthrough, while Louis can’t keep quiet regarding his suspicions. Annelize decides not to say anything about what she sees.
17: Episode 17
Jun 29, 2021
Principals become a point of contention between Nellie and George. Okkie is not prepared for the consequences of his confrontation with Elvis. A freak accident in the parking will have a huge impact on everyone’s lives.
18: Episode 18
Jun 30, 2021
Okkie tries to make things right with Elvis – and makes a surprising discovery. Karen tries to find a way to make money quickly, while Naomi is caught off guard when Peet Pretorius phones her. There is no good news coming from the ICU.
19: Episode 19
Jul 1, 2021
Nellie doesn’t want George to do the tests, while Kobus is livid about a call. Steve pleads with Elana to give up control, and Gaby suggests that Tertius looks at Karen’s finances. Rodney makes his appearance again, and Louis makes a decision that could have huge consequences.
20: Episode 20
Jul 2, 2021
Kobus is in two minds about a call. Nellie upsets Helena, while undeclared love hangs heavy in the air. The note that Chanel picked up causes lots of confusion, and Gaby convinces Karen to go out with Alexis. Steve’s test results are made known.
21: Episode 21
Jul 5, 2021
Elana shocks Steve with a decision. Karen is interested in Alexis’s business, while Steve makes a difficult promise. Okkie comes to a shocking realization while watching people in Tonik, and Annelize has to update Conrad about Elana.
22: Episode 22
Jul 6, 2021
George makes a decision about the tests. Louis gets Naomi to help him with the search, and Steve pleads with Elana to reconsider her decision. Karen makes a decision about the business – but then finds out what is expected of her. Kobus makes a decision – and gives Ma Hester a very valuable gift.
23: Episode 23
Jul 7, 2021
Gaby thinks something is fishy about the way that Alexis is working. Elise gets a job opportunity in Pretoria, and Rian offers his assistance when it seems like Annelize is struggling to keep her head above water. Steve tells Elana about George, while Karen realises her behavior is changing around a doctor.
24: Episode 24
Jul 8, 2021
Elise rubs her boss up the wrong way, and Steve is on the war path. Conrad tries to come up with a new way of solving their current problem, while George and Nellie discuss the future. Karen and cameras are not the best combination – while a master manipulator and a recorder are perfect for each other.
25: Episode 25
Jul 9, 2021
Ruan and Vicky start to realise that something isn’t right, and Elise is very positive about the first product that she has to rep – while the same can’t be said about Karen. Annelize is not going to stand for any negativity, while Annetjie is interested in a product.
26: Episode 26
Jul 12, 2021
Tertius doesn’t have the heart to word his impressions, while Annetjie confides in Elise. Conrad makes Ruan a promise, and Rian gets an invite to a function. Louis words his fears towards Elise, and George comes clean with Helena. Danny is definitely not blind when it comes to love.
27: Episode 27
Jul 13, 2021
Conrad confronts Annelize regarding the purchasing of products. Karen is not impressed with Alexis, and Elise is starting to rub Ilse up the wrong way. There is a bit of good news to start the day, while Nellie is put squarely in her place. Annetjie is stunned to find out who the doctor is that will operate on her.
28: Episode 28
Jul 14, 2021
Karen begins to become desperate to be successful, and George doesn’t want to face anyone. Okkie loses his patience with Elise, while Helena knows exactly what is busy transpiring. Conrad is determined to go ahead with the operation, while a dark cloud rests on Pretoria.
29: Episode 29
Jul 15, 2021
Gaby has a very strong suspicion about what is happening to Karen, and Conrad only wants to see one person. Rian overcomes a big obstacle, and Annetjie is in a lot of pain. There is a very difficult conversation that needs to take place, while Lexi gives in to her emotions.
30: Episode 30
Jul 16, 2021
Conrad forces Steve to take a leave of absence. Annelize receives a gift from Mike – while he also encourages Elise to forge stronger bonds with her. The sparks are flying between two people, and Hugo is concerned about a huge operation.
31: Episode 31
Jul 19, 2021
Heartfelt words make Naomi very emotional. Mike is impressed with what Elise has been able to do so far, and Annelize thinks Annetjie should return to the hospital. Karen lands in hot water – and cries on a doctor’s shoulder – while Delia’s timing couldn’t be worse. Steve eventually gets time to read a letter.
32: Episode 32
Jul 20, 2021
Elise can’t stop wondering about Conrad and Annetjie’s pain. At’s focus is not where Conrad expects it to be, and Louis needs to be the negotiator between everyone’s emotions. Gaby realises that Karen’s emotions have become complicated, while it looks like Steve and Helena are on the same page
33: Episode 33
Jul 21, 2021
Karen is furious when she finds out what Gaby has done, while Conrad is feeling uneasy about Annetjie. Helena and George bid the kids farewell, and Delia words her interest to Conrad. Uys needs to put the current situation into perspective for a nurse.
34: Episode 34
Jul 22, 2021
Annelize takes Rian into her confidence. Uys could be the solution to Karen’s problem, and Gaby is determined to make the dinner a success. Tertius takes note of a growing friendship, while he also calls on Louis when he has a problem with his phone. Mike presents his case to Annelize.
35: Episode 35
Jul 23, 2021
Gaby and Tertius are at loggerheads, while Louis is worried about Conrad – and then Naomi also lets some sensitive information slip. Wimpie gets an interesting invite. Annetjie hears a tit bit of interesting information, while Conrad also receives some news from an independent laboratory.
36: Episode 36
Jul 26, 2021
Tertius makes a decision when he can’t get hold of Lydia, and Conrad hears of someone that has had the same problems as him. Naomi gets a pleasant surprise in Tonik, while Koos doesn’t tell Julia the truth. Annetjie doesn’t have time for empty promises, and Mike is a shrewd businessman.
37: Episode 37
Jul 27, 2021
Gaby can’t bite her tongue any longer. Elise meets a lawyer, and Noami’s fears are realised when there is an emotional outburst in the Koster Mansion. Tertius wants to get to the bottom of it all, and Okkie realises there is something that bothers Wimpie regarding the performance. Mike’s agenda is revealed.
38: Episode 38
Jul 28, 2021
Tertius’s family drama becomes complicated, while Conrad doesn’t see the sense in hiding his love life any longer. Joline gives Annetjie advice, and Koos hurts himself. Elise tells Mike about Conrad’s threat.
39: Episode 39
Jul 29, 2021
Wimpie discusses a suggestion with Okkie, while Elise questions the credibility of the theatre nurse. Tracy tells Conrad that Annetjie is spreading stories about him, and Tertius hears what Gaby did. Louis and Naomi’s concerns regarding Joline are problably not in vain, while Rian shares sensitive information with Tertius.
40: Episode 40
Jul 30, 2021
Elise takes her fears regarding her future out on Conrad. Tertius has a go at Uys, and Naomi ensures Conrad of her support. Koos makes a decision about a therapy, and Naomi talks to Okkie about Wimpie’s fears. Elise’s thoughts motivates her to go into action – but it could land her up in huge trouble.
41: Episode 41
Aug 2, 2021
Mike is concerned about what Elise knows – and therefore makes a plan. Tertius receives bad news from Bloemfontein, while Koos wants to see the best lawyer in Pretoria. Okkie fears he might be missing out when he hears about Louis’s invite, and a patient’s symptoms worry Julia and Hugo.
42: Episode 42
Aug 3, 2021
Rian’s lead needs to be investigated further. Havoc ensues after a newspaper article, and Tertius states his conditions to help Koos. Mike gets suspicious after his meeting with Elise, while Uys’s sliver of information puts a doctor’s head in overdrive. Louis tries to influence Wimpie, and Annelize tries to bypass a hot topic.
43: Episode 43
Aug 4, 2021
Naomi is probably not the only one completely in love with Louis now – while Wimpie is not totally happy with where the spotlight falls. A confession doesn’t lead to the happiest of awakenings. Mike’s accusations are probably not unfounded, and Tertius realises he will have to have a serious discussion with Koos.
44: Episode 44
Aug 5, 2021
The unpredictability of life becomes the subject of a discussion, and Rian talks to Tertius about matters of the heart. Okkie realises why Wimpie is so stubborn, while Mike makes a decision regarding the neurostimulator. Lydia is a foe to be reckoned with, and Elise may have the keys to success in her hands.
45: Episode 45
Aug 6, 2021
Gaby doesn’t take Koos’s setback too well, while the whole Tonik is caught off guard amusingly. Julia’s words hits a patient hard, and Mike is ready to go to war. Rian’s honesty has far reaching consequences, while Annetjie has to face the consequences of her actions.
46: Episode 46
Aug 9, 2021
Delia is full of surprises – and also gives more than one person the shock of their lives. Koos is not impressed with the information he hears, while Tertius is upset by a message he receives from Lydia.
47: Episode 47
Aug 10, 2021
Okkie’s bit of news makes Chanel suspicious. Koos needs Gaby’s assistance with a project, and Tracy talks to Conrad about her conditions. A question angers Delia tremendously, while Wimpie already wants to take over again. Rian shares big news with Tertius.
48: Episode 48
Aug 11, 2021
Okkie will have to restrain himself when it comes to Wimpie’s ideas, and Tertius is frustrated with the position he is placed in. Conrad’s news doesn’t’ throw Tracy as much as a visitor’s attitude.
49: Episode 49
Aug 12, 2021
The future looks bright for Brandon Samuels, while more than one woman offers Tertius support. Patience is not in the notes for the trio, and Delia is concerned about her blood pressure. A signature complicates an already intricate situation, and Tracy is caught off guard by an honest discussion.
50: Episode 50
Aug 13, 2021
The bride is not impressed by the trio – and it becomes clear that the white flag was raised prematurely. Gaby has more than one secret plan to execute, while Delia’s announcement causes feelings of guilt for Conrad. Chanel is not impressed with her father.
51: Episode 51
Aug 16, 2021
Gaby tries to sort out the mess she created, while Chanel shares news regarding her father with Danny. Tracy’s visit to Delia leaves her with more questions than answers, and to broker peace is a incomprehensible process for many.
52: Episode 52
Aug 17, 2021
Delia blames Tertius for the fact that Tracy knows about her secret, and Gaby needs Okkie’s help. Steve is determined to make his new life work out, while Tertius needs to amend his will. The sums are not adding up for Tracy, and Lexi’s plans for the future comes to light.
53: Episode 53
Aug 18, 2021
Annelize is concerned about Koos’s symptoms. Tertius does his best to vanquish Tracy’s fears, but Conrad doesn’t help the situation. A ring is a reason to rejoice. Karen makes a shocking discovery, while Steve does his best to go on with life.
54: Episode 54
Aug 19, 2021
Koos makes Tertius aware of an upsetting document in his personal folder, while Conrad decides to confront Delia. The board is caught off guard by Steve’s announcement, and the tension between two lovers is noticeable.
55: Episode 55
Aug 20, 2021
Conrad and At makes Brandon an offer, while Steve tries to lighten his workload. Karen tells Annelize the truth about Gaby, and Tracy takes note of Steve asking the Ferreira’s a huge favor. Vicky has a school project that needs a lot of attention, and the person behind Delia’s mysterious calls is revealed.
56: Episode 56
Aug 23, 2021
Wendy words her concerns towards Tertius, and Brandon comes to a decision regarding Binneland’s offer. Gaby can’t handle the reality of Koos’s situation, while Conrad realises how much Steve has on his plate.
57: Episode 57
Aug 24, 2021
Delia and Tertius friendship deepens, and Steve makes a decision about the adoption. Tracy’s suspicions are strengthened, while Wendy knows what she wants in life. Tertius realises that he has a weird family, and a surprise – and an embarrassment! – awaits Steve at home.
58: Episode 58
Aug 25, 2021
The Ferreira’s new neighbors are extremely noisy, and Delia discusses sensitive information with Tertius. Vicky makes a new ‘friend’, while Conrad is surprised when At reprimands him about Tracy. Ilse and Naomi meet Rex van der Linde, while Janneke tries to reach out to Steve.
59: Episode 59
Aug 26, 2021
Concern about Ruan mounts, while a fiery Okkie would like to go meet the new neighbors. Delia has to deal with more than one storm, while Conrad and Annelize aren’t going to be easily convinced regarding a business decision.
60: Episode 60
Aug 27, 2021
Shares makes someone livid, and Okkie has more than one problem to deal with. Steve confronts Conrad about Tracy, while Rex makes Chanel uncomfortable. Delia is not afraid to raise her voice, and Naomi voices her concerns towards Ilse.
61: Episode 61
Aug 30, 2021
Rex is still up to no good – and this forces the neighbors to jump into action. Delia plays her trump card - and opens up towards Tertius regarding her professional wheeling's and dealings. Ilse needs to appoint a new waitress, while trouble is brewing in Steve’s abode. A bomb bursts in the Koster Mansion.
62: Episode 62
Aug 31, 2021
Trouble with the neighbours evolves into a small war. A very upset At asks Piet to solve a puzzle, and the newest presentation is discussed. Tertius gets angry with Annelize, while Janneke’s intentions are questioned. The idea of a counsellor doesn’t go down well, and Delia has to face more than one Koster.
63: Episode 63
Sep 1, 2021
Both Conrad and Delia don’t trust At’s demeanor and an innocent question from Tracy leads to a confrontation between Lexi and Steve. Delia extends an intimate invitation to Tertius, while Louis has it in for the Ferreira’s neighbors – with good reason! At works sparingly with information, and Chanel questions her safety.
64: Episode 64
Sep 2, 2021
The head of the Ferreira’s neighbourhood watch has to investigate a complaint and Gaby’s plans are derailed by Karen. Louis shares interesting information regarding the neighbors with Naomi. Hugo asks Steve’s assistance with the last part of an operation.
65: Episode 65
Sep 3, 2021
Rex is not done with Louis yet, and Rodney has plans with Karen. A telephone call reveals more than it should, and Gaby has an idea on how to meet new people. Lexi is not impressed with a guest – while Ruan’s honesty catches Steve off guard.
66: Episode 66
Sep 6, 2021
Karen bemoans her fate towards Uys, while Vicky takes Lexi into her trust. Rodney’s new roommate is not popular with the nurses, and Janneke gives Steve advice regarding Ruan. A vile video makes the rounds – and also draws diverse reactions.
67: Episode 67
Sep 7, 2021
Tracy doesn’t want Lexi to jump to conclusions, while Tonik becomes the focus of cancel culture. While Chrisna and Louis have the same idea, one of them is quicker on the draw. It seems like Karen and Uys are in the same boat, but Uys thinks he knows how to resolve it. Tension takes its toll on Louis.
68: Episode 68
Sep 8, 2021
Wayne and Chrisna are panicky regarding the previous night’s events, while Liam doesn’t have time for a particular doctor. The girls are fishing for more information about the new man in Karen’s life, and Lexi is not afraid to upset the apple cart. Wimpie’s good deed turns into a nightmare.
69: Episode 69
Sep 9, 2021
Steve has no choice but to call a family meeting after taking Lexi to task regarding her behaviour. Naomi’s past is on everyone’s lips again, and Liam asks Karen about Annelize. Ilse needs to educate Wimpie on what is happening, while Chanel’s idea places Naomi in a difficult situation.
70: Episode 70
Sep 10, 2021
Brandon’s first day isn’t free of the accompanying drama. Chrisna gives Naomi a warning, while new information makes Gaby even more sure of her conclusion. Liam doesn’t want to hear about a suggested operation, and Vicky finds her own way of honouring Elana.
71: Episode 71
Sep 13, 2021
Tracy is not convinced of Uys’s story, while Chanel shares shocking news with Danny. Karen confronts Liam about his decision and Naomi makes Louis think twice about what they are busy with. Annelize needs to have a difficult conversation with Liam, while the police’s investigation takes a turn.
72: Episode 72
Sep 14, 2021
An intimate moment could become headline news in Binneland Stereo. Danny tries to get Chanel to not go through with her stubborn plan, and Annelize makes a confession to Rian regarding Liam. Gaby’s reaction about Karen and Uys makes Naomi wonder, while Conrad has no time for a rebel.
73: Episode 73
Sep 15, 2021
The focus of Ruan’s school project stuns Steve, while Liam starts opening up towards Karen. Chanel’s cold shoulder gets Annelize’s attention, and Louis informs Conrad of the newest developments. Danny warns Chanel against jumping to conclusions, while Odendaal insists on questioning at the police station.
74: Episode 74
Sep 16, 2021
Gaby tells Karen to not pay too much attention to Liam, and Chanel shares her suspicions with Danny. Tertius hears an interesting theory regarding Delia, while Tracy gives Uys something to think about. Chrisna’s day ends at a cross roads, and Gaby begins to think something is off about a relationship.
75: Episode 75
Sep 17, 2021
Chanel and Delia’s conversation becomes heated, while fact and fiction are untangled by an arrest. Liam asks Karen a favour, and Gaby gets the answer she is looking for. Tertius begins to ask Delia about her ‘relationship’, while there is no easy way of stopping fake news.
76: Episode 76
Sep 20, 2021
Annelize and Naomi share a moment after an ER patient is helped, and Danny tries to be the mediator between Brandon and Chanel. Liam shares his news with Karen, while Brandon wonders about Tertius’s interest in Delia. Karen makes a decision about Uys.
77: Episode 77
Sep 21, 2021
Ruan’s interview with Danny is cut short by an emergency. Elise is concerned about Annelize after their interaction while Annelize tries to find out if Chanel’s fears were confirmed. Chanel and Danny think there is something weird about the circumstances of Roelf and Max’s skirmish.
78: Episode 78
Sep 22, 2021
Elise has a plan to lift Annelize’s spirit, while Tracy poses an uncomfortable question to a doctor. Gaby enjoys giving Uys some of his own medicine, and Chanel’s interest in Roelf’s case deepens. Danny comes to hear who and what Max really is – but the evidence is missing.
79: Episode 79
Sep 23, 2021
Louis is very concerned about Ruan when Ruan asks him for help with his school project. Karen realises Liam is under the impression that she likes Uys. Rian shares news with Annelize – but only tells Tertius the whole truth. Naomi shares information with Elise that befuddles her sixth sense.
80: Episode 80
Sep 24, 2021
Karen becomes concerned about a complication during an operation, and Chanel begin to think that there is a snake in the grass with the Max-Roelf-saga. Louis confronts Ruan with what he has discovered, while Elise’s observation gives her hope for love again.
81: Episode 81
Sep 27, 2021
Danny shares his suspicions with Louis, and Naomi notices how Liam reacts to a message. Annelize is disappointed in an impersonal greeting, while Elise makes Louis and Naomi part of her plans. Ruan will have to buy Vicky’s silence, and Chanel and Brandon’s professional behavior is scrutinized.
82: Episode 82
Sep 28, 2021
Elise isn’t allowing Annelize to pull out of her blind date – and she makes sure that Tertius knows about it. Danny and Louis’ investigation gets them into deep trouble, while Roelf’s detective work goes on unnoticed. Gaby talks to Karen about Nicolette, and Tertius has news concerning Max.
83: Episode 83
Sep 29, 2021
Stefan offers an apology for his past, while Max sows seeds of doubt with his version of the story. The linen room eventually sees a bit of action. Elise is determined to organize the best party under the sun, and Karen eventually talks to Liam about Nicolette. Louis’s discovery corroborates one of the men’s story.
84: Episode 84
Sep 30, 2021
It is Conrad’s task to inform Brandon about the newest developments, while Karen tries to vanquish Liam’s fears. Annelize’s quiet drink at DOEPA turns into a surprising conversation, and Gaby’s insecurities join her on her date. Danny’s search leads him to an accusation.
85: Episode 85
Oct 1, 2021
Tertius is livid when he finds a certain doctor in Binneland Clinic, and Chanel is not alone in the dark. Liam admits something to Uys, while Max tells Danny more about Roelf. While Gaby’s love life is not getting on track, she encourages Karen to speak her heart’s truth.
86: Episode 86
Oct 4, 2021
Elise confronts Tertius about his true feelings, while Chanel forms a plan to escape. The wind is taken out of Karen and Gaby’s sails, and Conrad enlists Piet’s help for information. Annelize’s date ends in a bedroom.
87: Episode 87
Oct 5, 2021
An assumption quickly becomes a story, while Danny faces a storm. Matters of the heart are on everyone’s lips, and Piet’s investigation might bare fruit. Clearly Roelf has plans with Chanel…
88: Episode 88
Oct 6, 2021
Katey and Chanel try to work out who Roelf really is, and Steve gives Annelize more than enough to think about. Conrad is not the only one that thinks Brandon and Danny’s plans are dangerous. Tracy realises where the love birds are having problems, while Gaby knows what is wrong with Tertius.
89: Episode 89
Oct 7, 2021
Annelize welcomes Xander back to Binneland Clinic. It quickly becomes clear that Uys needs advice when it comes to the fairer sex, while Danny gets his plans in order before Roelf’s call. Elise is forced to adjust her plans, while Chanel and Katey’s future isn’t looking too bright.
90: Episode 90
Oct 8, 2021
A bride in ER sets the nurses’s tongues – and imaginations – free, while Louis shares news regarding Chanel with Naomi. Tracy doesn’t give up as easily as Uys, and Tertius’s feelings are on the tip of his tongue. Chanel’s future hangs in the balance.
91: Episode 91
Oct 11, 2021
Elise tries to determine what is fact and what is fiction, and Brandon’s emotions catch Karen off guard. Noami tries to silence Binneland Stereo, while Uys tries to manage his future by asking his past for answers. Time is running out for Chanel and Katey.
92: Episode 92
Oct 12, 2021
A big question flows freely from liberated lips. Elise thinks it is her duty to ensure that Annelize ends up with the right man, while there is no stopping Binneland Stereo. Uys doesn’t get the answers he is looking for, while Danny gets it from all sides.
93: Episode 93
Oct 13, 2021
Xander confronts Elise, but motivates her ever more in the process. Honesty shocks Brandon and Annelize, while Uys reveals another side of himself. Gaby decides that there is only one way to end things, while Danny and Tertius arrive at the same conclusion. Brandon puts all his cards on the table.
94: Episode 94
Oct 14, 2021
A conversation with Uys cheers Tracy up, and Elise just can’t let go of her plan. Annelize discusses matters of the heart with more than one person, while Chanel tries to prepare Danny on the arrival of Martin (played by Keenan Arrison).
95: Episode 95
Oct 15, 2021
A call causes trouble for Danny – and strenghtens Brandon’s big idea. Elise will have to think on her feet to execute her plan, while Conrad’s words bother Tracy.
96: Episode 96
Oct 18, 2021
Vida contacts her family, and Tertius discusses Annelize with Gaby. Chanel is caught off guard with news that Martin shares, while Annelize isn’t looking forward to the task at hand. Conrad does things that upset Tracy, and Danny is being watched…
97: Episode 97
Oct 19, 2021
A dinner invites causes conflict, while Conrad asks Tracy a huge favor. Annetjie hears something that she shouldn’t – and can’t keep it to herself. There is no consensus on an agenda point of the board meeting. Annelize confronts Xander regarding his ambition, and Jenna makes contact with Danny.
98: Episode 98
Oct 20, 2021
The nurses’s night out is spoiled with the presence of ‘the enemy’. Danny and Chanel hide things from each other, and Nadine wants to make Danny part of her team. Elise tries to motivate Tertius to go into action, while Tracy upsets Annetjie a lot.
99: Episode 99
Oct 21, 2021
Annelize unmasks Xander to Steve and Conrad, while Naomi realises Tracy is in the dark regarding the circumstances of the previous night – and Gaby thinks they should get her to help them. Nadine knows what she wants – and how to get it! Frustration leads to a vulnerable conversation.
100: Episode 100
Oct 22, 2021
Danny gets his first task, and Gaby bombards Tertius with questions. Boeta is urgently looking for Naomi, but she doesn’t realize the seriousness of it. Tracy feels redundant, while Jenna discusses Danny with her superior.
101: Episode 101
Oct 25, 2021
Danny needs to think on his feet when Tertius sees something he shouldn’t, and Trudie is not as calm with her situation as she pretends to be. Conrad and At consider strategies to make more money, while Tertius’s gift raises eyebrows. Lexi meets Martin, while Jenna has plans of her own regarding Danny.
102: Episode 102
Oct 26, 2021
Tracy gets advice on her big project, and Annelize shares more than is necessary with Annetjie. Martin’s conversation gives Brandon hope for the future, and Trudie is fiery when she vanquishes Naomi’s suspicions. Nadine reminds Danny who the boss is, while Renate struggles to believe her daughter’s story.
103: Episode 103
Oct 27, 2021
After the conversation with Trudie the previous night, there are more questions than answers. Tracy doesn’t just ask Annelize’s advice – she also offers her help. Tertius talks out of turn in front of Chanel, and Naomi is shocked in what Renate has found out.
104: Episode 104
Oct 28, 2021
The wedge between Danny and Chanel is driven deeper. At gives Conrad advice on Tracy – while both worry about how the board will vote. Lexi gets an unexpected compliment, and Trudie makes a secret appointment. Martin sees a snake in the grass where Danny is concerned.
105: Episode 105
Oct 29, 2021
Chanel’s discovery leads to a rollercoaster of emotions, while Jenna tries to rectify a situation. Renate is not happy with Trudie’s new idea, while Steve and Conrad are not sitting around the same fire. Martin has advice for Danny concerning Chanel.
106: Episode 106
Nov 1, 2021
Tracy’s interior decorating is a reason for more than one fight, while it seems that not one of the men in Chanel’s life is willing to tell her the truth. Renate stipulates her conditions to Trudie.
107: Episode 107
Nov 2, 2021
Louis hears a conversation that unsettles him. Annelize shares with Steve that she has information that she shouldn’t have, and Brandon’s words upset Danny. ‘Steyn’ makes Renate uncomfortable, while Chanel is caught off guard when Danny wants to speak to her in private.
108: Episode 108
Nov 3, 2021
Tertius thinks Danny has made a big mistake, while everyone else wants to identify the reason behind his decision. Conrad and At are livid because Annelize found out about their plan. Brandon’s encouragement doesn’t sit well with Martin, and Naomi disregards Louis’ wish – and it holds consequences for Trudie.
109: Episode 109
Nov 4, 2021
Naomi takes Trudie to task, after Louis confronts Naomi. Tertius and Annelize are at loggerheads over a patient, while Martin needs to defend his actions. Danny soon realises that there is more to Jenna than he first thought, and Trudie is ready to tell the truth.
110: Episode 110
Nov 5, 2021
Louis and Naomi begin to make their own assumptions on what Trudie has done, and Martin thinks he knows how to cheer up Chanel. Jenna’s plan means that Danny needs to find a way of spending more time with Nadine, while Ilse has something to celebrate.
111: Episode 111
Nov 8, 2021
The tension between Danny and Martin almost comes to breaking point, while At once again gives Conrad advice regarding Tracy. The captain discovers that Jenna and Danny didn’t follow his instructions. Tracy gives At something to think about, and Trudie agrees to tell Louis and Naomi the whole truth.
112: Episode 112
Nov 9, 2021
Steve gets the date for the adoption – and tells the kids about the press conference. Danny finds himself in a very dangerous situation, while Gaby tries to encourage Chanel in her own unique way. Renate is not willing to listen to Trudie’s plans for her future. Danny needs to ask Martin for help in an emergency.
113: Episode 113
Nov 10, 2021
Louis and Naomi makes a suggestion on how to deal with the situation to Trudie, while Hugo talks to Julia about guardianship. Nadine points out an uncomfortable truth to Danny – and then freedom needs to be negotiated. Everyone is shocked when someone follows their own head…
114: Episode 114
Nov 11, 2021
Chanel is disappointed in Danny’s behavior – while Jenna works on his nerves. Ruan wants to know what Steve has against Tracy, while Renate is in a state because of Trudie’s confession. Martin gives Danny advice on what should happen next – and there is a very honest conversation between two exes.
115: Episode 115
Nov 12, 2021
The head plastic surgeon withdraws from the operation, while Tracy plans to have a fundraiser for the twins. There is a massive fight that breaks out in the Ferreira-household, and Nadine’s call leaves Danny unsure about the future. Chanel makes a discovery that makes her think differently about the last few days.
116: Episode 116
Nov 15, 2021
Trudie’s school is in the headlines of the day, and Steve has it in for Tracy and Conrad because of Tracy’s visit to Ruan’s school. Louis tries to have a serious conversation with Renate. Danny’s serious conversation with Chanel leads her onto the war path.
117: Episode 117
Nov 16, 2021
Chanel needs to clear her conscience – and her heart – by talking to Martin about what she did, while Jenna and Danny drink their sorrows away. Trudie and Renate have a very honest conversation about Trudie’s actions, and Tracy takes the bull by the horns by having a discussion with Steve about the fundraiser.
118: Episode 118
Nov 17, 2021
Tertius gets more than one surprise, while Louis is surprised with a crisis at Tonik. Hugo and Julia discuss Steve’s request, while costs makes Conrad’s blood boil. Ideas and realistic goals are discussed by the board, while the kids’s guardianship becomes a headache. Trudie’s words haunt Naomi.
119: Episode 119
Nov 18, 2021
There is another crisis at Tonik, while Tertius and Annelize’s relationship experiences some growing pains. Tracy sows seeds of doubt with Conrad, and Naomi makes a decision known to Louis. The fundraiser project kicks off, and a strangely intimate moment doesn’t go unnoticed.
120: Episode 120
Nov 19, 2021
Naomi shares wisdom with a still restless Tracy, while Delia tries to get important business information from Brandon. Gaby tries to help Tertius by giving him some female advice, and Conrad tries to bring Hugo to new insights. Wimpie has a lot to say about Rodney’s gesture, while Ruan tries to process the truth.
121: Episode 121
Nov 22, 2021
Loyalty becomes a contentious issue in a relationship, and Steve takes Conrad to task about guardianship. Delia, weaponed with information, is on the war path. Chanel asks Naomi about Okkie and Ilse’s plans for the future.
122: Episode 122
Nov 23, 2021
Conrad and Annelize don’t agree about the way forward – and then Annelize says something that embarrasses Tertius. Ruan wants to talk to Tracy after finding out more about her, and the day of the operation is at hand.
123: Episode 123
Nov 24, 2021
The ER gets a new locum, and Delia wants to involve Rian with her and Tertius’s plans. Steve is forced to talk to Conrad about Ruan, and Conrad takes Louis to task about Tonik. Chanel apologizes to Delia, because she thinks she got her into trouble.
124: Episode 124
Nov 25, 2021
Delia is tense about her blood tests, and Wimpie sings Janneke’s praise. Uys and Gaby gets advice from an unexpected source. Conrad and Annelize realises that the deal with BlueCor is in danger, while Naomi can no longer keep her secret. Janneke discusses her choices with Steve honestly.
125: Episode 125
Nov 26, 2021
Wimpie clearly has a new favorite in his cross hairs. The day of the adoption has arrived. Annelize’s concern about Rian makes Tertius wonder about her feelings for him, and Janneke shares something personal with Naomi.
126: Episode 126
Nov 29, 2021
Steve shares Tracy’s fundraiser ideas with Ruan, and Ilse is back in Pretoria. Tertius shares confidential information with Annelize, while Rian gives his insight on how to defuse a situation. Delia shares her fears with Rian.
127: Episode 127
Nov 30, 2021
An amniosynthesis doesn’t go without drama. Steve lets Tracy know that Ruan is ready to talk to her, and Delia has made a decision about the work that needs to be done. Janneke has a difficult day at work, while things between Annelize and Tertius aren’t exactly dissolved.
128: Episode 128
Dec 1, 2021
Test results can turn the whole world upside down, while Delia’s honest answer to Rian’s question will send shockwaves throughout the corridors. Ilse is concerned with appointing a manager for Tonik, while Steve faces a new test – and he needs Janneke’s assistance.
129: Episode 129
Dec 2, 2021
Ilse ponders on the meaning of Tonik, and Delia unknowingly encourages Rian to investigate the darkest corners of his heart. Naomi takes her bad mood out on everyone, while Tertius’s words hits Tracy hard.
130: Episode 130
Dec 3, 2021
Chanel sees something that she shouldn’t. A confession is greeted with built-up emotions, and Louis has a solution for Ilse’s problem.
131: Episode 131
Dec 6, 2021
Delia’s biggest fear is expressed in a threat. Vicky’s request catches Steve completely by surprise, and Rian forgets to guard his tongue. An email causes tension, while Tracy has already caught the Christmas spirit. ‘To kiss or not to kiss’ is almost as big of a debate as the factors that lead to a relationship.
132: Episode 132
Dec 7, 2021
Janneke opens up her heart to Naomi – but it is not the worst part of her day. Wimpie and Ilse take Tracy under their wings, while Annelize doesn’t hold back in a conversation. Tracy pleads with a very unsure Delia, and Steve words the doubt in his heart. A friendship and a relationship might not be able to co-exist.
133: Episode 133
Dec 8, 2021
Dr Butler needs to speak to Delia urgently, and Uys pleads his innocence. Conrad has devised a plan to sweep his love off her feet. Janneke’s version of the previous day’s incident is questioned. Tracy has a brilliant idea for Tonik, and Delia is not in the mood to forgive and forget so easily.
134: Episode 134
Dec 9, 2021
Work responsibilities could derail big plans. Naomi is not the only one keeping an eye on Janneke. Louis is very concerned about his health. Tracy hears about Conrad’s other embryo for the first time, while it is not just Delia’s life that changes in the blink of an eye.
135: Episode 135
Dec 10, 2021
Elise’s idea earns her more on her plate. Uys informs Tertius about the rumours doing the rounds, while Danny and Chanel are uncomfortable in each other’s presence. An absent Delia makes Conrad livid – and places Tertius in an uncomfortable position.
136: Episode 136
Dec 13, 2021
Conrad is taxed with another secret, while Janneke’s patience with Wimpie is tried and tested. Vicky’s idea becomes Elise’s master plan – but she will need a lot of help! Rian is called upon to fulfil a role, and Naomi’s suspicion is not in vain.
137: Episode 137
Dec 14, 2021
Tracy is caught completely off guard by Louis’s behavior, while Janneke is caught in the cross fire. Annelize is informed of the big blunder, and Tertius tries to get someone to fill his shoes. Janneke opens up her heart to Steve, while there is a good reason for Vicky to get excited.
138: Episode 138
Dec 15, 2021
Annelize needs to decide whether she is going to share her strong suspicions, and Danny tells Steve about Elise’s secret weapon. Rian tries to lead Conrad to new insights, while Danny’s question stresses Janneke out.
139: Episode 139
Dec 16, 2021
Delia causes tension between two old friends, and an invitation could mean something more. Louis needs to make a decision regarding his silence, while Chanel is too cunning for a sly trap. Conrad is uncertain what At knows, and Danny remembers something important. Steve observes something very peculiar.
140: Episode 140
Dec 17, 2021
Rian is ready for At’s confrontation, while Louis pleads with Rian and Naomi. Steve is concerned about Vicky’s behavior, but more alarmed by a photo. There is a problem with Maria, and Naomi discusses her rollercoaster of emotions with Annelize.
141: Episode 141
Dec 20, 2021
At gives Naomi a reality check, while Elise is in trouble about Maria. Steve’s acting skills are put to the test, while Delia still can’t be found. Vicky spends more time with Father Christmas, and Steve’s investigation leads Danny to start one of his own. Rian’s continued efforts might lead to a breakthrough.
142: Episode 142
Dec 21, 2021
Vicky’s locket is missing, while Danny devises a plan to ensure Maria takes a bow. Steve needs to make a very difficult decision, and Naomi is concerned about her future. Wimpie gives Janneke a mouthful concerning his treatment, and At pushes Annelize to play both mediator and spy.
143: Episode 143
Dec 22, 2021
Steve plays open cards with Danny, while Janneke becomes an enormous headache for Binneland Clinic. Elise will have to think fast to solve her latest crisis. Tracy asks Louis about Tonik’s social media, while At follows a few routes to be able to monitor Louis’s movements.
144: Episode 144
Dec 23, 2021
The day of the secret meeting dawns. Everyone is in concerned with the dress rehearsal, and Tracy plays photographer. Janneke confronts Steve about his attitude, while Danny receives help when he struggles with a gift-idea for Vicky.
145: Episode 145
Dec 24, 2021
Janneke becomes a topic of discussion, while Rian shouldn’t expect a christmas gift from At. Vicky complains about the concert to Father Christmas – and he tries to encourage her. Naomi can no longer keep her guilty conscience quiet, while Steve can’t hide his.
146: Episode 146
Dec 27, 2021
Annelize and Tertius’s work is cut out for them, and an apology might prevent a cold shoulder. Vicky wants to find out more about Father Christmas’ family, while Elise and Annelize has a misunderstanding regarding the press.
147: Episode 147
Dec 28, 2021
Steve has a big task at hand when Vicky starts asking questions about Charlotte, and Naomi is just waiting for the bloodtest results before sharing news with Louis. Conrad summons Steve to his office, while pressure is mounting on Louis to appoint a new manager at Tonik.
148: Episode 148
Dec 29, 2021
The harassment calls don’t stop, while Louis and Naomi gets a big surprise. Steve is concerned about Lexi and Ruan’s interactions with the same stranger. Ilse's hopelessness leads to a decision regarding Tonik. Father Christmas comes to hear of Tertius and Annelize’s problems with a patient.
149: Episode 149
Dec 30, 2021
A couple discusses their dreams for the future. Joline’s excitement is not contagious. Tracy and Annelize both receive very good news, while Louis’s emotional words cut deep. Annelize gives Steve a very strange message, and Ilse informs Conrad about a decision.
150: Episode 150
Dec 31, 2021
Jared tells Lexi who he is – and she invites him to spend Old Year’s Eve with them. Annelize knows exactly how she wants to greet the new year, and Steve makes a discovery that changes the way he sees things.
151: Episode 151
Jan 3, 2022
Social Media lets the spotlight fall on one person. Ilse is not the only one with a secret, while Gaby poses an important question to Danny. Family piques Annelize’s interest, and Joline has stars in her eyes. Father Christmas can’t be found anywhere.
152: Episode 152
Jan 4, 2022
Music is the perfect plaster for heartache, while Annelize catches Naomi off guard with a charity project. Steve can’t pull the wool over Lexi’s eyes. Tracy has a lot to think about – and a weighty decision to make. Danny can’t believe his ears, while Jared is scared and at his wit’s end.
153: Episode 153
Jan 5, 2022
Danny thinks he smells a rat, while Steve’s past catches up with him quicker than he is prepared for. Rian and Tertius try their best to work together, while a patient upsets Gaby tremendously. Joline’s admiration leads to a brilliant idea – and action!
154: Episode 154
Jan 6, 2022
Gaby tries to devise a plan to conquer her fears, while Steve blames Danny for his own actions. Annelize has to send a very emotional nurse home, and Lexi’s curiousity is curbed by a warning. Naomi and Joline’s viewpoints differ greatly, while Louis is asked to perform in Doepa.
155: Episode 155
Jan 7, 2022
Rodney’s words hit Gaby hard – and it doesn’t go by unnoticed. Annelize wonders how Steve’s family drama is influencing him, while Steve becomes more bitter about the past as a consequence to Marissa’s actions.
156: Episode 156
Jan 10, 2022
Louis’s performance has triggered more interest. Steve shares his dilemma regarding Jared with Marissa, while Annelize’s ‘advice’ to Gaby causes tension between her and Tertius. Steve doesn’t guard his tongue, while his actions scare the kids.
157: Episode 157
Jan 11, 2022
Naomi’s encouragement could influence Louis’s decision, while the ghosts of Steve’s past force him to make a drastic decision. Gaby meets Ayanda – and shares good news with Karen.
158: Episode 158
Jan 12, 2022
Steve puts all his cards on the table with Bronwyn, while a project encourages Annelize to think about the future. Conrad is concerned about a shareholder, and Gaby will have to work very hard to make a good impression on her new patient. Vulnerability and temptation are dangerous friends.
159: Episode 159
Jan 13, 2022
A discovery turns Steve into a very hard man, while an accident brings closeness. Naomi’s exhausting day goes unnoticed. Marissa is expected to clean up a mess that she helped create, and Tertius is not impressed with Gaby’s new work circumstances.
160: Episode 160
Jan 14, 2022
Marissa doesn’t have the easiest of tasks on hand, while Annelize is caught off guard by something that she observes. Joline tries to remind Louis of what is important, while Louis chases his dreams. Despite the fact that Gaby is finding her feet, the rug is still pulled from under her regarding her work.
161: Episode 161
Jan 17, 2022
A confession is the pin that is pulled from a granade, and Tertius is not impressed by Annelize’s suspicions. Vicky’s anxiety doesn’t go unnoticed, while Louis’s big dreams could be futile when David wants to see him.
162: Episode 162
Jan 18, 2022
Bronwyn has to silent Steve’s fears, and Naomi’s patience is put to the test. Vicky’s question shocks Tracy almost as much as a massive bill. Doubt becomes the subject matter of a jovial conversation, while Conrad doesn’t count his words during a serious conversation. The claws come out before a big function!
163: Episode 163
Jan 19, 2022
Second chances are a rare phenomenon. Annelize words her frustrations while Karen shares her conern for her friend. An interview and a release could change Louis’s life, while Naomi will have to learn to stand her ground. Harsh words fall between Gaby and Tertius, and Steve makes a decision about his future.
164: Episode 164
Jan 20, 2022
Conrad is concerned about the future, and Marissa makes a very big promise to Lexi. Louis surprises Naomi with a decision, while Steve has to make peace with Jarod. Gaby organises a night in Doepa to showcase her feelings, and Louis gets a taste of the spotlight. Diamond makes contact with Tracy.
165: Episode 165
Jan 21, 2022
Naomi has to ask a known familiar for assistance, while Uys meets an unknown stranger. Gaby’s questions lead to new concerns, and Rian’s research gets someone’s attention. Tracy has no desire to face her past, while interest is a two-way street.
166: Episode 166
Jan 24, 2022
A lie leads to a guilty conscience, while Rian is impressed by insight. Louis is surprised by a visitor – but Naomi is more surprised by marketing techniques and missing money. A journal leads to a deeper conversation, and Tracy’s past lands up in ER.
167: Episode 167
Jan 25, 2022
Tertius questions Rian’s motives, but Rian thinks Tertius should investigate his own prejudices. Naomi confronts Louis about his deeds, while Gaby gets a lesson in physics. Flirting will definitely not be allowed, and Naomi is not sure that she can trust what she saw.
168: Episode 168
Jan 26, 2022
Yolandi sculpts the truth, and Louis questions Naomi’s suspicions. A nasty surprise awaits Gaby, while negative feedback derails someone’s day. A life threatening situation paves the way to a truce. Conrad is not impressed by the truth – especially if it endangers Tracy!
169: Episode 169
Jan 27, 2022
Louis’s discovery leads to bigger problems. Gaby and Annelize have an uncomfortable interaction, while Ayanda receives good news. Yolandi’s seductive stories leads to a huge falling out, while Gaby and Tertius try to find common ground. The hijacking is on everyone’s lips.
170: Episode 170
Jan 28, 2022
Conrad’s doubts aren’t silenced by the police, while Yolandi uses her silky tongue to sow trouble on many levels. Naomi is forced to ask Kobus for help at Doepa, while her trust is crumbling after a conversation with Joline. An observation lends more truth to a story, and a deadly plan is revealed.
171: Episode 171
Jan 31, 2022
The truth causes harsh words, frustration and pain. Binneland Stereo is on a roll regarding a patient that is admitted – especially when they ask about Elise! An appointment makes Louis very uncomfortable. A discussion between Conrad and Yolandi torments Tracy’s imagination – and makes her blood boil!
172: Episode 172
Feb 1, 2022
A promise from years ago haunts two friends. Yolandi spins her web very fine, while Louis’s plans for the future threatens his life. Karen shares her assumptions with Uys, and it seems like no one has time for Elise. Naomi’s honesty is met with support. Tracy is at the end of her tether.
173: Episode 173
Feb 2, 2022
A bit of acting could assist in finding out the truth. A radio interview is not the only thing that disrupts the fragile peace. Annelize and Uys can no longer stand the rumours doing the rounds, and Yolandi’s split tongue reaches another ear. A sleeping tablet lubricates ideas – and a tongue…
174: Episode 174
Feb 3, 2022
Elise asks Annetjie for love advice, but the wind is completely taken out of her sails. Louis and Naomi reach breaking point. Tracy’s big discovery leads to more questions than answers, while Uys is roped into solving a riddle. Kobus doesn’t mince his words, and Conrad ensures that his words have impact.
175: Episode 175
Feb 4, 2022
Forgive and forget is not on the menu, while Tracy is eager to make contact with Bob again. Annetjie and Annelize have contradictory advice for Elise, but she is stunned by wise words from an unexpected source. Louis has a reason to feel festive, while comfort is only a call away.
176: Episode 176
Feb 7, 2022
First impressions cause fireworks, and a confession won’t change the current circumstances immediately. It doesn’t seem like Tracy is going to change Conrad’s opinion, while Elise seeks approval from Annetjie.
177: Episode 177
Feb 8, 2022
Uys and Naomi’s perspectives differ a lot. Elise’s nerves could cost her dearly, while shared pleasures cause bigger impressions. Danny is lost for words when asked an honest question, while Tracy’s past hangs heavily in the air.
178: Episode 178
Feb 9, 2022
Tracy makes a confession to Uys, while tradition causes an interesting squabble. Danny and Louis wrestle with complicated dilemmas, and Elise has a big question for Annelize. Chanel puts her foot in her mouth, while a book is not a white flag.
179: Episode 179
Feb 10, 2022
The truth leads to a final decision – and is the reason for reason for avoidance. Conrad can’t believe his eyes. Wynand appreciates Annetjie’s way with Elise, while ‘the same page’ sends a discussion in a serious direction.
180: Episode 180
Feb 11, 2022
Rian’s question gives Annelize more clarity about what is happening, while a strange call doesn’t give the missing peace of mind. Jenna realises what is going on with Danny, while Naomi’s parting words makes Louis feel guilty.
181: Episode 181
Feb 14, 2022
Timing is everything on Valentine’s Day. Elise confronts Annetjie. Danny is caught off guard by an ultimatum and news, while Wynand’s emotions guide his tongue and heart. Luck is a discussion point for a couple, and Naomi gets a very big surprise on her birthday. Chanel is full of surprises – just like Tommy!
182: Episode 182
Feb 15, 2022
Wynand is not going to be swayed easily. A corpse, an accusation and contractions are not the ‘welcome home’ one would expect! Danny has a lot to think about, while the rug is completely pull from under Elise. Annelize feels nostalgic after her conversation with a friend.
183: Episode 183
Feb 16, 2022
Chanel amusedly listens to Elton’s waterfall of words when their paths cross, and Rian’s plan (which includes Gaby) are derailed. Love makes two friends hot under the collar, while Danny lands up in ER. Karen’s day ends in an emergency.
184: Episode 184
Feb 17, 2022
Harold’s condition doesn’t last long, while Elton has firmly set his cross hairs. An arrival at ER has everyone up in arms, while Annelize has no more sympathy for Elise. A meeting and a promise are the last things that Louis is prepared for.
185: Episode 185
Feb 18, 2022
A call from At makes time stand still. Annelize’s gives all her attention to a medical mystery. Annetjie’s plans for the future are influenced by a discovery of her own. A report compels Rian to ask important questions, but not as important as the question that Louis needs to ask his family.
186: Episode 186
Feb 21, 2022
A blushing interaction and an important meeting could predict the future. Conrad asks At the question that everyone else is thinking of, and Naomi tries to encourage Louis during a very difficult time. Rian’s head is working overtime, while Annelize voices her fears towards Chanel.
187: Episode 187
Feb 22, 2022
A murder charge compels the Kosters to jump into action. Annelize has parasitic infections on the brain, while a meeting doesn’t get Louis’s approval. Annetjie is fervently looking for solutions, and not even an ex’s appearance can sour a first date. A family dinner is the last thing that a doctor wants to think of.
188: Episode 188
Feb 23, 2022
Elise is asked to save what can be saved. Rian’s solution to a dilemma doesn’t sit well with the murder suspect, and Chanel has deduced more than one thing after a date. Louis is appalled to hear Delia’s plans, while Annelize receives upsetting news. Elton doesn’t give up easily.
189: Episode 189
Feb 24, 2022
Gaby is not impressed with her and Ayanda’s tasks for the day, while Louis and Naomi have different viewpoints on the future of a baby. According to Annelize there is definitely something in the water, and Rian tries his best to get a friend to change her mind.
190: Episode 190
Feb 25, 2022
At tries one last time to perform a miracle. Water causes chaos, while there is friction between Ayanda, Karen and Gaby. A cramp causes concern, and Chanel feels bad about unanswered calls. True words leave a sour taste in the mouth.
191: Episode 191
Feb 28, 2022
Louis and Conrad receive unexpected news, while the tension between Gaby and Ayanda mounts. Karen’s heart – and mind – are newly upset by an interaction. Naomi takes a stand, and At is livid about news reports. Words cut Chanel deep, while Rian receives an impossible request.
192: Episode 192
Mar 1, 2022
Elton identifies a hurdle, while Annelize is not alone in isolation anymore. Rian receives an upsetting call, and Gaby is unsure whether she should share a ‘secret’. Delia explains her motives to Louis, while an honest discussion takes place during an unexpected visit.
193: Episode 193
Mar 2, 2022
Annelize is frustrated with an investigation, while Gaby’s news catches Karen off guard. An unromantic relationship could be on the cards, and Ayanda is concerned about a nurse. Danny plays open cards with a doctor, while Piet’s sly mouth could get him out of a sticky situation.
194: Episode 194
Mar 3, 2022
Ayanda and At’s words don’t fall on deaf ears, and Delia executes a heartbreaking decision. Chanel’s advice makes Elton feel bad, while a pair of Kosters talk about the reality of their situation. Gaby extends an olive branch, and Rian tests the water. Conrad words his fears.
195: Episode 195
Mar 4, 2022
Tertius takes Annelize to task regarding a patient, and Martin’s plans for the future are interrupted by an emergency. Danny’s test results are back, while Annelize can no longer keep a secret secret.
196: Episode 196
Mar 7, 2022
Conrad and Tracy’s visit turns into an opportunity for teamwork. Tertius tries to get Annelize involved in a family gathering, and Martin confronts Chanel about her behaviour. Naomi feels locked out from a new adventure.
197: Episode 197
Mar 8, 2022
Family turns up the heat in a discussion, and Naomi thinks Louis needs to talk to Delia about Social Media. Chanel and Martin gets a chance to clear the air, while Annelize tries to digest interesting information.
198: Episode 198
Mar 9, 2022
Martin offers the gardenflat as a refuge, while Hugo hears about Martin’s plans. Annelize reluctantly has to extend an invite, and Rian wants to re-do tests. Tiredness and routine doesn’t improve moods. Wild accusations are flung around, and singing upsets Naomi.
199: Episode 199
Mar 10, 2022
Chanel suddenly feels the pressure of Martin’s true intentions, while Martin isn’t someone that is easily deterred. Tracy thinks she knows exactly what is going on with Conrad, and nasty news begins to do the rounds – but Danny smells a rat. Naomi discusses her fears with Chanel, while there is a new rush into ER.
200: Episode 200
Mar 11, 2022
The nurses are excited about a course, while Tertius gives Annelize a talking to regarding her fighting spirit. Binneland Clinic is in the news, and Louis feels overwhelmed with everything on his plate. Danny receives a threat, while Martin isn’t the only one that is trying out a new tactic.
201: Episode 201
Mar 14, 2022
Conrad’s new attitude goes into action, and Martin has something to say! Danny’s risky plan is not supported, while a determined Kurt wants the world’s attention focused on him and his son Emil. A photo makes Naomi uncomfortable, and Annelize decides that she can’t leave a colleague to their own devices.
202: Episode 202
Mar 15, 2022
Louis is stuck between a rock and a hard place, and Martin places himself in a very dangerous position. Adrenaline leads to a very dangerous moment. Naomi opens up towards Tracy, while Kurt informs Conrad of his plans. A telephone is the source of a lot of tears.
203: Episode 203
Mar 16, 2022
Tracy tells Louis about Naomi’s struggles. Odendaal is ready to take drastic measures, while Hugo feels very responsible for the situation. Martin is forced into an even more difficult position, and avoidance is the dish of the day. Gaby wonders about what she saw – and then a bomb explodes!
204: Episode 204
Mar 17, 2022
The situation at the hospital is taking its toll, while Danny’s attitude – and the linen closet! – causes more questions to be asked. Louis and Naomi are eventually on the same page, while the police’s newest plan is met with wide eyes.
205: Episode 205
Mar 18, 2022
Conrad sets his sights on Martin Prins, while the operation reaches a critical point. Tertius becomes aware of discomfort – and Gaby doesn’t hold back when she lashes out. It seems like Naomi has made a breakthrough on the homefront.
206: Episode 206
Mar 21, 2022
Annelize is panicking about what she should do, and Conrad’s wrath will have to wait. Amalia’s feature is discused, while Chanel makes it very clear where she stands. One discussion has many varying consequences.
207: Episode 207
Mar 22, 2022
Naomi shares good news with Annelize, and Tracy realises why Chanel is posing questions to her, while Annelize and Gaby are forced to have an honest conversation. Uys is accused of being a coffee snob, and it is Rian’s turn to hear a secret.
208: Episode 208
Mar 23, 2022
Tracy involves Uys in solving a problem. Martin realises that his future is in his hands, and Annelize tries to state her case. Rian is concerned about both his best friends, while a spritely youth brings new energy to the ER.
209: Episode 209
Mar 24, 2022
Annelize shares her opinion on Delia with Rian, while Rodney says the wrong things to Tracy. Gaby realises who Jazzy is, and the rug is pulled from under Danny. Tracy’s worries don’t end with coffee.
210: Episode 210
Mar 25, 2022
Rian tries to gain new information, and Louis shares news about Delia with Conrad. Coffee and taxes don’t mix in the same conversation, while a plan needs to be made with a breakaway weekend. Gaby and Rian share their concerns with each other, and Annelize is asked a very big favour.
211: Episode 211
Mar 28, 2022
Piet and Jazzy are not going to divulge the truth easily. Gaby is sceptical about a friendship, while Tracy feels like a bad businesswoman after a discussion with Rodney and Uys. Chanel’s plan makes Martin uncomfortable. Annelize begins to see a snake in the grass…
212: Episode 212
Mar 29, 2022
The truth catches more than one person off guard, and Uys is not the only one with a solution to Tracy’s problems. Danny wants to make a success of the next few days, while Annelize has to think carefully about what she is getting herself involved in – and how!
213: Episode 213
Mar 30, 2022
Jazzy’s fears might not be ungrounded. It seems like more than one person is sceptical about the breakaway weekend. Rian warns Annelize about her search for the truth, while Tracy can almost not believe what she is hearing.
214: Episode 214
Mar 31, 2022
Annelize eventually shares her suspicions with Tertius, and revenge is sweet. Piet has to think fast on his feet. Gaby and Karen make an uncomfortable discovery, while Annelize is concerned about Jazzy. Lizette piques Jenna’s interest. A dark road is not safe!
215: Episode 215
Apr 1, 2022
Two doctors are admitted to ER – and Piet, Conrad and At wants to get to the bottom of it once and for all. Martin begins to wonder if Chanel is bored during their breakaway, while everyone is irritated with Jenna’s obsession with Lizette.
216: Episode 216
Apr 4, 2022
At and Rian express their fears, while Uys blows off steam towards Tracy. Piet tries to establish if Gaby has any useful information, and Jazzy gets a nasty surprise after visiting Annelize. Tracy’s plan kicks off, while Danny and Jenna have a falling out.
217: Episode 217
Apr 5, 2022
Rian makes a shocking discovery – and becomes part of a master plan. Delia gives Louis a warning, and Chanel wants to know what the connection is between Danny and Martin. Tracy discusses her new ideas with Uys, while Jenna is not going to give up easily.
218: Episode 218
Apr 6, 2022
Conrad and Tracy come to a new agreement where Tonik is concerned. Delia gets frustrated with the newest piece of information from Rian. Karen, Bonnie and Gaby want to broker peace in Tracy’s office, while At has a very strange conversation with Annelize.
219: Episode 219
Apr 7, 2022
A visitor surprises Steve in his office with news. Conrad welcomes a new batch of doctors that will take part in an intern program. A beauty campaign piques interest, while a doctor’s career hangs in the balance. Naomi smells a rat, and Karen has an uncomfortable interaction with a doctor.
220: Episode 220
Apr 8, 2022
Uys isn’t sure what to make of Zanel. At gets frustrated with Piet, while Naomi witnesses another peculiar situation. Rian makes a discovery that could prove a theory – and Delia threatens to take matters into her own hands.
221: Episode 221
Apr 11, 2022
Delia’s request fills Conrad with fear. Naomi speaks her mind, but edits herself in a discussion with Louis. Hesitation discourages Marissa, and Karen feels bad about the situation with Liam. There is clearly competition between Elton and Dr Vorster.
222: Episode 222
Apr 12, 2022
Nicolette causes problems between Karen, Gaby and Chanel, and Conrad’s questioning doesn’t go unnoticed. Tertius and Annelize differ about where their focus should be, while Zanel definitely piques interest. A doctor and a nurse share a moment, and Naomi’s concerns motivate her to reach out.
223: Episode 223
Apr 13, 2022
Karen has something important to tell Gaby, while Gaby and Tracy aren’t honest with Chanel regarding Lily. The future looks different for two doctors, and Uys tries to find out more about a new doctor. The truth leads to an epic confrontation, while a white lie is supposed to camouflage the truth.
224: Episode 224
Apr 14, 2022
Chanel is very critical of herself where a video is concerned. No one is pleased with Conrad’s decisions, and a meeting doesn’t go exactly as planned. The competition in the program is very strong, and At was definitely not born yesterday. Nicolette’s vulnerable moment softens Gaby.
225: Episode 225
Apr 15, 2022
Social media makes Chanel more obsessive, while Louis shares the consequences of Piet’s actions with Naomi. Nicolette witnesses something that makes her more insecure, and Brandon hears interesting news from Steve.
226: Episode 226
Apr 18, 2022
Steve is caught off guard by Vicky’s answer. Chanel has more than one reason to be upset. Tertius doesn’t trust the Kosters at all, and Conrad shares words of wisdom with Zee. There is friction between Nicolette and Elton, while plans for the future are sidestepped in a discussion with Louis and Naomi.
227: Episode 227
Apr 19, 2022
Jazzy speaks her truth, and Louis has it in for At. Nicolette is only making enemies as far as she goes, while Conrad discusses Zee with Tracy. A cold shoulder is all that a doctor needs, and Delia wants to see At. Conard’s words might fall on deaf ears, while Liam and Nicolette has the falling out of their lives.
228: Episode 228
Apr 20, 2022
Zee makes a confession to Uys. A party upsets Steve, and Delia shares a very big decision. Emotions can no longer be ignored, while Rian senses tension between a pair. Piet gives At a warning, and Chanel has a plan with her nose.
229: Episode 229
Apr 21, 2022
In spite of tension, a plan of action is formed – and a PR-strategy is laid before the board. Chanel pulls the rug from under her father, and At is a thorn in the side of more than one person. The young doctors impress the old guard, while Karen and Liam need to have a serious conversation.
230: Episode 230
Apr 22, 2022
Tertius tries to support Annelize with her plan, while Zee is witness to a romantic gesture. Jeremy’s arrival gets as much mixed reactions as Chanel’s plan. Steve and Hugo bet on the outcome of the internship program, while Conrad thinks he knows what At is thinking.
231: Episode 231
Apr 25, 2022
Jeremy makes a surprising request – but shows exactly why he shouldn’t be trusted! Brandon asks Steve for a huge favor, and Uys shares a little of his heart with Zee. A kiss is interrupted by a serious conversation, while Danny doesn’t go with the flow on an idea.
232: Episode 232
Apr 26, 2022
At is looking for a new henchman, and Karen shares her concerns with Gaby. Liam asks Zee to do him a favour, while Annelize plays cat and mouse with a journalist. Marissa is roped into a problematic situation, and Conrd shares his fears about Jeremy with At.
233: Episode 233
Apr 27, 2022
Martin gives Chanel clarity on Lily. The impact of questions worries Louis, while a podcast has the whole of Binneland Clinic up in arms. It becomes very clear that Elton is trying to gain Tertius’s favor, and Marissa realises what the origin of Chanel’s problem is – and it pits her against Brandon.
234: Episode 234
Apr 28, 2022
Karen can no longer keep quiet. Tracy realises someone from her past is back in her present, while Chanel and Brandon have a huge fight. Zee’s words don’t fall on deaf ears, and Conrad gets confirmation of his suspicions – and decides to not bite his tongue.
235: Episode 235
Apr 29, 2022
Marissa rubs salt in Brandon’s wounds, and Jeremy makes it very clear who his next target is. Conard is concerned about the ghosts of the past, while an argument is supposedly swept under the rug. Martin’s strange behavior hurts Chanel, and At tries to reach out to Louis.
236: Episode 236
May 2, 2022
Zee sees something that she shouldn’t, and the men in Chanel’s life are not the only reason for her rolleroaster of emotions. Jeremy’s interview with At holds big consequences, while a treasure hunt gives the interns an opportunity to sort out their issues. Tracy stands by Conrad – no matter what.
237: Episode 237
May 3, 2022
Pressure is mounting on Conrad to do something about At, but At is tough as nails. Zee is at the right place but the wrong time. Martin’s big decision is influenced by a colleagues attitude. Brandon is warned against a surgeon, and Karen’s announcement is met with a bit of judgement.
238: Episode 238
May 4, 2022
Marissa and Brandon are at loggerheads, and a newspaper article – and a quote – makes Annelize see red. Jeremy is not done digging around, although it is very clear that there is something like negative publicity. Conrad realises it is time to make a big decision, and Zee talks to Karen about Liam.
239: Episode 239
May 5, 2022
Chanel makes a decision about her operation, while the docters discuss who should get the job. Conrad and Annelize, for the first time in a long while, do not see eye to eye on the long road ahead, and At is prepared to play very dirty.
240: Episode 240
May 6, 2022
The big decision regarding Binneland’s future rests heavily on Conrad’s shoulders. Elton praises Hugo in a unique way, while Zee is caught off guard with news. At makes a big promise, while Annelize receives all of Tertius’s support.
241: Episode 241
May 9, 2022
Pressure is applied to reveal all of Binneland’s secrets, while Steve is not happy with Conrad’s idea. Tracy starts to wonder about Zee, while Tertius asks Karen about Liam. Brandon gives Conrad something to think about and then talks to Hugo about Marissa. Jacques gives Annelize shocking news!
242: Episode 242
May 10, 2022
Tertius is determined to stop At’s influence. Marissa gets unexpected news and an invite! Tracy tries to find out more about Zee, while Annelize is no longer biting her tongue – not for anyone! Jacques receives a new task, and Naomi comes up with a plan to make everyone feel better about life.
243: Episode 243
May 11, 2022
Martin’s eyes open regarding his future, while Steve is asked about Marissa’s private life. Tracy thinks Tertius is being unreasonable towards Zee, and Steve’s time to choose sides is running out. Annelize agress to speak to Jeremy and sees a new fork in the road.
244: Episode 244
May 12, 2022
Tertius forces Annelize to make the biggest choice of her life. Zee digs deep to find the courage to stand up against a doctor, and a birthday surprises an unprepared Steve. Deliberation and board meetings send shockwaves through the corridors of Binneland Clinic. Zee arrives with her whole life in a suitcase.
245: Episode 245
May 13, 2022
Conrad is firmly on the war path, and Steve reminds Annelize that her work is not done yet. Chanel is uneasy about a radiant conversation, while Zee and Tertius are uncomfortable with each other.
246: Episode 246
May 16, 2022
Zee is encouraged by Annelize’s presence, and Tracy is not taking ‘no’ for an answer. Conrad gives Steve and Brandon a warning, while Steve takes Brandon to task regarding Marissa. Jeremy is in the cross hairs, and a new beginning has its challenges.
247: Episode 247
May 17, 2022
Annelize forces Tertius to rebuild bridges, while Conrad is not impressed with what he hears. There is more than one person that has it in for Annelize, and an incident in the doctors’s lounge worsens the relationship between two doctors. Gaby receives an unexpected invite.
248: Episode 248
May 18, 2022
Gaby takes Tertius to task about Zee, and Tertius’s judgement is thrown back in his face. Gaby finds out about Claudia, while Tracy realizes what is going on with Ruan and Vicky. When the dust settles, Annelize realizes that Conrad spoke the truth. The ER staff’s unhappiness doesn’t fall on deaf ears.
249: Episode 249
May 19, 2022
Gaby is on an emotional rollercoaster, while Zee confronts a doctor about his attitude. Claudia makes her appearance at a braai, and Louis is concerned about Amalia. Chanel tells Tertius to do something to lift the moral, and Ruan doesn’t want to speak to Steve about Lani.
250: Episode 250
May 20, 2022
Gaby, who acts under a certain assumption, opens up towards Rian. Vicky’s shocking discovery leads to a lot of questions, and Steve voices his opposition towards Annelize’s idea. Tracy tells Conrad to accept the dinner invite, while Tertius is bullied into his own plans. Vicky shares her opinion of Lani with Ruan.
251: Episode 251
May 23, 2022
Ruan tries to defend his choice, while Gaby’s suspicions are strengthened by Rian’s behaviour. Steve is not impressed with a Social Media hashtag and it leads to a warning. A consult gives Zee an idea for the team building, while Conrad realizes that he could use a business transaction to his benefit.
252: Episode 252
May 24, 2022
Tertius tries to build Zee’s self-confidence and surprises himself! Gaby and Rian share their experiences with each other, while Steve has a problem with the task at hand. Gaby looks to Karen for an answer to Uys’s question, and Ruan is not impressed with Steve’s opinion.
253: Episode 253
May 25, 2022
A kiss has a bigger impact, and Ruan discusses Lani with Tracy. Gaby seeks advice from Rian, while Rian tries to get more information from Annelize regarding someone. Ndlovu and Steve give Annelize a headache, and Naomi can’t believe what Chanel tells her.
254: Episode 254
May 26, 2022
Tracy sees what Ruan searched on his phone, while Vicky’s questions are answered with screams. Gaby’s news doesn’t excite Rian, and Danny witnesses a reaction when an invite to a braai is made. Annelize confronts Conrad about his movements, while a first date stirs up anxiety for both individuals.
255: Episode 255
May 27, 2022
Tracy voices her concern towards Conrad when Vicky tells her what she saw. Naomi needs to share bad news, while Gaby can’t talk enough about the previous night. Tertius offers to help Zee with a personal crisis, while Zee shares her viewpoint with Danny.
256: Episode 256
May 30, 2022
A receipt causes concern. Gaby gives Rian unwanted advice. A piece of cheesecake is not the only reason for a visit. Conrad is concerned about his patient, and signs are read incorrectly. Ruan has a heart-to-heart with Tracy, while Karen doesn’t know where to focus her gaze…
257: Episode 257
May 31, 2022
Annelize shares news about Ndlovu’s plans, and morning coffee is served with fresh honesty. Gaby makes a plan to build a friendship, while Conrad shares good news with Tracy. A discussion about kids makes a heart flutter, and a voicenote leaves Ruan very alarmed. Naomi’s sixth sense kicks in.
258: Episode 258
Jun 1, 2022
Gaby and Uys’s date doesn’t have the expected outcome. Ruan’s concerns (that he words towards Tracy) might not be unfounded. Conrad’s business contact makes Steve a bit envious, while Zee and Tertius’s stories don’t gel – and Naomi is unsettled by it. Vicky once again makes a discovery…
259: Episode 259
Jun 2, 2022
Tertius is blind to love. A worried Ruan trusts Danny with his heart – and a call urges Ruan to take action. A big meeting causes tension, especially when Annelize wants to handle it on her own. Vicky is not easily persuaded, while Tracy gives Uys advice about the next date.
260: Episode 260
Jun 3, 2022
Tertius doesn’t understand why he knows less than Delia about BlueCor. Steve is on the war path regarding his car, and Annelize realises what is happening under her nose. Zee realises that she has been lied to – and Danny tries to give her insight into her situation. Uys looks to Rian for advice about Gaby.
Season 18
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