Season 4
VeggieTales in the House
26 EPISODES • 2016
The fun continues as Bob, Larry and the Veggie gang embark on a fresh crop of adventures and tackle new challenges, from cooking to space travel.

Season 3


1: Chef Larry
Sep 23, 2016
Larry tries his invisible hands at becoming a chef for dinner parties, despite the fact that he can't cook. He gets Bob to do all the cooking instead, and then takes all the credit.
2: Lost in the Woods
Sep 23, 2016
Bob and Larry take Mayor Archibald on a camping trip, but things go sour fast as they all forget the way home.
3: Shrink-abeezer
Sep 23, 2016
Motato creates a shrink ray, and inadvertently fires it at Ichabeezer.
4: Motato is My Neighbor
Sep 23, 2016
When his radish minions kick him out, Motato finds a new home living next to Ichabeezer.
5: Invisible Arm Wrestling
Sep 23, 2016
Larry tells lies about being the greatest arm wrestler in the universe, which gets him into a lot of mischief. Meanwhile, Pa Grape trains Tina to become a great arm wrestler.
6: Silly No More
Sep 23, 2016
Madame Blueberry dubs Larry as "too silly" for tea and crumpets, so he goes out of his way to become a very serious cucumber.
7: Stunt Driving School
Sep 23, 2016
When a new stunt ramp is installed in the town, all the veggies rush to get their stunt drivers' licenses.
8: Off the Rails
Sep 23, 2016
Bob wants a vacation from being the town train conductor, so he has to assign a temporary conductor while he's gone.
9: Jimmy and Jerry's Big Mess
Sep 23, 2016
Jimmy and Jerry's house becomes too cluttered and messy to live in, so they go around town trying to move into other veggies' homes.
10: Beatbox Bill
Sep 23, 2016
Bacon Bill becomes a musical sensation, but accidentally leaves Larry in the dust of his popularity.
11: Larry the Sleepwalker
Sep 23, 2016
When Bob is tired of Larry squeaking a rubber ducky in his sleep, he throws it away, causing Larry to sleepwalk after the toy.
12: The Case of the Missing Monocle
Sep 23, 2016
Mayor Archibald hires detective Madame Blueberry and her detective-in-training, Larry, to help him find his lost monocle. All the while, Madame learns a lesson from Larry.
13: Larry Gets a Bulldozer
Sep 23, 2016
When Larry is given a big bulldozer, he uses it to try and impress his friends to extreme measures.
14: Bird on the Loose
Sep 23, 2016
Larry steals a wild bird from its natural habitat, despite stern warnings from Bob.
15: Leader of the Team
Sep 23, 2016
Bob wants to join the town's league of superheroes, but LarryBoy isn't so sure Bob has what it takes.
16: Tina's the Boss
Sep 23, 2016
Tina starts her own volunteer fire department, but doesn't take the job seriously.
17: The Puppy
Sep 23, 2016
When Ichabeezer and Rooney find a stray olive dog puppy, Rooney becomes jealous of all the attention the newcomer is getting.
18: Larry's Cousin Comes to Town
Sep 23, 2016
Larry's cousin George comes for a visit, but all the attention being focused on his cousin makes him feel insecure.
19: The Bob and Larry Show
Sep 23, 2016
Bob and Larry start making a TV show together, but things start to put a damper on their friendship.
20: Save the Cherry Cat
Sep 23, 2016
Larry agrees to watch Granny's cat while she's away, but doesn't listen to the directions given to him.
21: VeggieCards!
Sep 23, 2016
Larry starts making collectible cards of all his friends, but Bob becomes self-conscious when his cards don't appear very popular.
22: Grow-tato
Sep 23, 2016
Motato gets his shrink ray reworked into a grow ray and grows himself to a massive size, wreaking havoc on the town. Meanwhile, Bob and Larry have to learn to work together to stop the overgrown veggie.
23: The Good Samaricumber
Sep 23, 2016
When LarryBoy rejects the cries of help from Takeasaurus, Pa Grape sits LarryBoy down and tells him the story of the Good Samaritan. Meanwhile, Ichabeezer gets a flat tire but no one will help him.
24: Destination: SPACE STATION!
Sep 23, 2016
Bob and Larry are building a rocket ship to go to space, but Larry grows impatient and buys one online with disastrous results.
25: The Big Race
Sep 23, 2016
When Bob holds a Bible lesson entitled "The Big Race", the veggies confuse it for an actual race and go racing instead of listening to Bob's lesson.
26: Yambot
Sep 23, 2016
When Motato takes a vacation on Ichabeezer's lawn and refuses to move, Ichabeezer fights fire with fire by hiring a Yambot to get rid of Motato.
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