Season 3
VeggieTales in the House
26 EPISODES • 2016
Action-packed season three sees Larry, Bob and their veggie friends battling their archrival Motato, greedy dinosaurs and even their own fears.

Season 2


1: Scaredy Cat Bootcamp
Mar 25, 2016
Mr. Pea decides to help Bob, Larry, Mr. Lunt, and Tina Cellerina face their fears in the worst possible way. Meanwhile, Jimmy and Jerry try to make their pet dust bunny take a bath.
2: Ichabeezer Moves Out
Mar 25, 2016
Annoyed by the other veggies, Ichabeezer tries to relocate, but soon learns about being thankful for what he has.
3: The Missing Jetpack
Mar 25, 2016
Junior's Jetpack is missing from Mr. Lunt's store, so to have more time to find it, Lunt lies and claims that Motato stole it.
4: Bacon vs. Tomato
Mar 25, 2016
Bob is worried that Larry considers Bacon Bill his new best friend, so he pulls out all the stops to impress Larry.
5: Motato Gets a Job
Mar 25, 2016
Motato is sentenced to work at Pa Grape's store, which leads to Larry learning a lesson in working hard.
6: Pet Day
Mar 25, 2016
Junior and Tiny Pea's dads take ridiculous measures to find the perfect pets for their sons.
7: Blueberry's Tickets
Mar 25, 2016
Madame Blueberry wins tickets to a concert, which makes everybody go head over heels trying to impress her so they can have the extra ticket.
8: A Club Divided
Mar 25, 2016
Junior, Laura, Gary and Callie get into conflict when they are assigned to build a clubhouse. Meanwhile, Larry and Bob try to deliver a priceless vase to Pa Grape's store.
9: Laura's Animal Babysitting Service
Mar 25, 2016
Laura tries to single-handedly take care of various animals but loses them in the process, making her learn the value of having assistance. Meanwhile, Ichabeezer misses spending time with his dog Rooney.
10: Rise of Night Pony
Mar 25, 2016
Laura learns that Granny Asparagus is moonlighting as a ninja and must save her when Motato forces her to bake cookies.
11: Takeasaurus
Mar 25, 2016
Motato unleashes a creature dubbed "The Takeasaurus" to steal items from the townsfolk.
12: The Painting
Mar 25, 2016
Bob is jealous when Laura's painting gets more attention than his.
13: Ichabeezer's Granddaughter
Mar 25, 2016
Ichabeezer panics as to what to do when his granddaughter is coming to visit, so he asks Laura Carrot for help. Meanwhile, Larry pretends to be a grandpa for a day, much to the dismay of Bob.
14: Gone Lobster
Mar 25, 2016
Motato gets a pet lobster and it distracts him from his latest diabolical plan, so his radish minions try to take away the new pet while he isn't looking.
15: Bob Gets Glasses
Mar 25, 2016
Bob tries to wear glasses to look smarter, but learns that glasses aren't what gives intelligence.
16: Crossing Guard
Mar 25, 2016
Larry gets bossy when he becomes the new crossing guard while Jimmy and Jerry take drastic measures to get an empty bottle unstuck from Bob's nose.
17: Glued at the Hip
Mar 25, 2016
Misinterpeting a Bible verse, Larry glues himself and Bob together, causing hilarity and chaos to ensue on their venture to get unstuck.
18: The Action Figure
Mar 25, 2016
Bob, Larry, Jimmy, and Jerry must learn to share when they all want to play with a new action figure.
19: The Lost Tooth
Mar 25, 2016
When Larry loses his prized one and only tooth, he seeks Madame Blueberry's somewhat unorthodox detective skills to solve the case.
20: The Companion Ship
Mar 25, 2016
Larry's laziness causes himself and Bob to almost sink in their new boat, and then things go from bad to worse when they're both kidnapped by pirates!
21: JimmyBoy
Mar 25, 2016
When Jimmy steals LarryBoy's identity, LarryBoy tries to claim it back.
22: The Larry Express
Mar 25, 2016
Larry uses his imagination to have a western train ride adventure.
23: Larry Lives it Up!
Mar 25, 2016
Mayor Archibald dubs Larry Mayor for a day and Larry lets the new power go to his head, causing many problems. Meanwhile, Mayor Archibald tries to enjoy his time off by golfing.
24: Petunia’s Not Funny
Mar 25, 2016
Bob, Larry, and the group try to gently break the news to Petunia that she isn't funny.
25: The Big Secret
Mar 25, 2016
LarryBoy becomes suspicious when his fellow superheroes are keeping something from him.
26: Madame’s Soccer Skills
Mar 25, 2016
Madame Blueberry inadvertently tries out for soccer and learns a lesson about putting in good effort.
Season 4
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