12 oz. Mouse
3 EPISODES • 2005
Season 0 of 12 oz. Mouse was released on November 6 and consists of 3 episodes.

Season -1


1: Spider-Man Special
Nov 6, 2005
This is an alternate version of "Spider" with several scenes shortened and Skillet's drum solo added in. Rhoda and Shark's conversation is cut down, thus removing Golden Joe's appearance, Mosquitor's letter was cut down and the dripping blood was removed, and Shark's conversation with Fitz about the record is shortened to "Don't look under your bed." These cuts made room for an extended drum solo which went on for several minutes. This special aired directly following the premiere of the standard version of "Spider."
2: Enter the Sandmouse
May 16, 2007
Mouse, Skillet, Golden Joe and Peanut Cop trek through the desert after leaving the city behind. However, Golden Joe is carried away by a bird and Peanut Cop later vanishes in a flash of light. Now alone in the desert, Fitz and Skillet live in a house made of sand and their own spit. They get into a gunfight with a strange, gun-toting woman named Lee. After the woman mentions something about Square Guy and finding the new angel (or "new age-el") Fitz decides to trust her and invites her into his house. Lee gives Fitz a gift: a silver bullet which she warns is the only thing that can kill her when she turns into the She-Wolf. After the credits, a gunshot is heard, and Lee (as the She-Wolf) appears snarling in front of the screen.
3: Invictus
Oct 15, 2018
Mouse returns to the simulation world he escaped from in order to save his friends.
Season 1
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