Season 1
12 oz. Mouse
7 EPISODES • 2005
Season 1 of 12 oz. Mouse was released on June 19 and consists of 7 episodes.


1: Hired
Jun 19, 2005
Mouse Fitzgerald looks for a job driving a taxi jet. His first job is to pick up a rectangular business man , but he gets side tracked and makes a porno. There is also a bank robbery.
2: Signals
Oct 9, 2005
Mouse meets the magical Golden Joe. With the money The Eye gave him, they go buy a tank. Skillet explodes.
3: Rooster
Oct 16, 2005
Fitz starts to have flashbacks about his past, when he had a wife and a kid. He also meets Rooster, who lives in a corndog field. Meanwhile, Shark begins to scheme something . Skillet is kidnapped and tortured.
4: Spider
Oct 23, 2005
Shark sends Spider Boy to spy on Mouse so he can know what he does.
5: Rememorized
Nov 13, 2005
Shark and Rectangular Business Man start to unravel their plot. Meanwhile, Mouse and Skillet are in a gun fight with someone they don't even know.
6: Spharktasm
Nov 6, 2005
Mouse travels to the corn dog field and takes Rooster, Golden Joe, and Peanut Cop captive, and has another flashback of when he had a wife and kid.
7: Adventure Mouse
Jan 1, 2006
Shark throws a party. Mouse learns about it. He and Skillet ride a rocket-powered skateboard to it from the corn dog field. The eye dies.
Season 2
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