Season 2
The Nanny
26 EPISODES • 1994
It seems that the second season will be full of various comedic events that we are living again, as Yetta moves with the family when her house is evaporated in a new way, but Fran believes it may have a bad effect on children. On the other hand, Fern's anniversary will end as an educator for the Sheffield School, where things seem to be tragic as Maxwell seems to have forgotten everything about her quite unexpectedly.

Season 1


1: Fran-Lite
Sep 12, 1994
Maxwell dates a woman with a striking resemblance to Fran.
2: The Playwright
Sep 19, 1994
A man whom Fran snubbed in high school has written a play and threatens to jump off a ledge unless Maxwell reads it.
3: Everybody Needs a Bubby Sometimes
Sep 26, 1994
Grandma Yetta stays with Fran and the Sheffields while her retirement home is being fumigated.
4: Material Fran
Oct 3, 1994
Fran goes out with a much older rich man.
5: Curse of the Grandmas
Oct 10, 1994
Gracie's Red Robin troop goes to Grandma Yetta's retirement home to "adopt" a grandparent. When Gracie's first and second picks pass away, it sours her on scouting.
6: The Nanny-Napper
Oct 17, 1994
On the subway, a Russian immigrant accidentally leaves her baby, and Fran picks it up, believing it to be abandoned.
7: A Star Is Unborn
Oct 24, 1994
A director plans to sabotage his production of "Romeo and Juliet" by casting Fran in the lead role.
8: Pishke Business
Oct 31, 1994
Maxwell has Fran pretend to be C.C. in order to get theatrical backing from a man C.C. attacked to get a cab.
9: Stock Tip
Nov 7, 1994
Fran gives Maxwell a stock tip that turns out to be from a hot dog vendor.
10: The Whine Cellar
Nov 14, 1994
C.C.'s vision for a romantic weekend hit a snag when she and Fran end up locked inside Maxwell's wine cellar together.
11: When You Pish Upon a Star
Nov 21, 1994
Fran inadvertently persuades an obnoxious child star, who's set to star in Maxwell's revival of "Oliver!", to give up show business.
12: Take Back Your Mink
Nov 21, 1994
Maggie is upset when Fran inherits a mink coat. Fran decides to give it up to appease Maggie, but Sylvia won't hear of it.
13: The Strike
Nov 28, 1994
There's a busboy strike going on at the cast party for Maxwell's latest play. When Fran refuses to cross the picket line, a photo of Maxwell dragging her out of the line makes the news.
14: I've Got a Secret
Dec 12, 1994
Maxwell refuses to divulge the identity of the celebrity recuperating from surgery in the Sheffields' house.
15: Kindervelt Days
Jan 2, 1995
Fran receives a surprise when Sylvia sends in a long-lost "Win a Date With Erik Estrada" contest entry form.
16: Canasta Masta
Jan 9, 1995
After Brighton joins Sylvia's canasta team, Fran is dumped from it.
17: The Will
Jan 16, 1995
Maxwell draws up a will which states that Fran will remain nanny in the event of his death. Meanwhile, she thinks that a fax of a potential client's heart-sensitive diet given to Niles is really for Maxwell.
18: The Nanny Behind the Man
Jan 23, 1995
In an attempt to score a play by award-winning playwright Dakota Williams, Fran and Maxwell set him up to go out with Yetta. The romantic sparks are there—but the play's script may not be.
19: A Fine Friendship
Feb 6, 1995
Fran strikes up a friendship with a male nanny whom she erroneously assumes is gay.
20: Lamb Chop's on the Menu
Feb 13, 1995
C.C. plans to move into feature film production with a star vehicle for Shari Lewis and Lamb Chop. When Shari and Lamb Chop visit the Sheffield mansion, C.C.'s dog Chester tries to eat Lamb Chop.
21: Close Shave
Feb 20, 1995
Maggie is a candy striper at the hospital. When she takes off to go on a date, Fran fills in for her and must shave Maxwell for an appendectomy.
22: What the Butler Sang
Feb 27, 1995
Maxwell hears Niles singing and asks him to sing for his backers' audition. Meanwhile, Fran clashes with her sister Nadine.
23: A Kiss Is Just a Kiss
May 3, 1995
Maggie is upset when Fran beats her in a kissing contest. The winner is to appear on an album cover with Billy Ray Cyrus.
24: Strange Bedfellows
May 8, 1995
Fran worries about her future when Mona, one of her fellow nannies, retires to Florida. The night of Mona's goodbye party, Fran gets drunk and staggers into Maxwell's bed.
25: The Chatterbox
May 15, 1995
Maggie receives a party invitation so Fran takes her to her favorite beauty salon. Fran gets a job there for an actress who loses a Sheffield audition.
26: Fran Gets Mugged
May 22, 1995
An valuable Shakespearian document is taken from Fran when she is mugged in New York's Central Park.
Season 3
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