Season 1
The Nanny
24 EPISODES • 1993
Fran, fresh out of her job as a bridal consultant in her boyfriend’s shop, first appears on the doorstep of Broadway producer Maxwell Sheffield peddling cosmetics, and quickly stumbled upon the opportunity to become The Nanny for his three children. But soon Fran, with her offbeat nurturing and no-nonsense honesty, touches Maxwell as well as the kids.


1: The Nanny
Nov 3, 1993
Fran has just been dumped by her fiancé and employer, and is selling cosmetics door-to-door, when she happens to be in the right place at the right time.
2: Smoke Gets in Your Lies
Nov 10, 1993
When Brighton is caught smoking at school, Fran thinks it might be her fault.
3: My Fair Nanny
Nov 17, 1993
Fran agrees to be made over by Niles and Maxwell in order to host a social.
4: The Nuchslep
Nov 24, 1993
Fran chaperones Maggie and her date, who ends up being attracted to Fran.
5: Here Comes the Brood
Dec 6, 1993
C.C. tells Grace that Fran acts like she loves them only because she's paid to.
6: The Butler, the Husband, the Wife and Her Mother
Dec 8, 1993
Niles poses as Fran's husband to impress her visiting relatives.
7: Imaginary Friend
Dec 15, 1993
Fran and Maxwell face a sticky situation after Fran eats Grace's imaginary friend.
8: Christmas Episode
Dec 22, 1993
Fran celebrates her first Christmas with the family.
9: Personal Business
Dec 29, 1993
Fran agrees to help Maxwell close a deal by dating a young and restless soap-opera star.
10: The Nanny-in-Law
Jan 12, 1994
Maxwell's beloved Nanny Mueller makes herself at home, but makes Fran feel insecure.
11: A Plot for Nanny
Jan 19, 1994
Fran begins dating a funeral director she meets through her mother.
12: The Show Must Go On
Jan 26, 1994
Fran directs Grace's school production until Maxwell takes over.
13: Maggie the Model
Feb 2, 1994
A former model sets up a photo test for Maggie, but Fran is pushed out of the picture.
14: The Family Plumbing
Feb 9, 1994
Fran catches her young cousin kissing Brighton in the bathtub.
15: Deep Throat
Mar 2, 1994
Fran has to have her tonsils removed, so Maxwell puts CC's reunion on hold to await the outcome of Fran's surgery.
16: Schlepped Away
Mar 9, 1994
On the way to catch a flight to the islands, heavy snow maroons the family at Fran's parents' home in Queens.
17: Stop the Wedding, I Want to Get Off
Mar 16, 1994
Fran plans a wedding for Maxwell's sister, but she's in love with her chauffeur, not her fiancé.
18: Sunday in the Park with Fran
Mar 23, 1994
Fran has a run-in with the son of the town's toughest critic, and that could be catastrophic for Maxwell and CC's new play.
19: The Gym Teacher
Apr 6, 1994
Maggie's tyrannical gym teacher is Fran's former one; Maxwell hires an abrasive megastar.
20: Ode to Barbra Joan
Apr 13, 1994
CC won't warm up to her father's offer of Streisand tickets, but Fran's hot to go in her place.
21: Frannie's Choice
Apr 27, 1994
Fran accepts a proposal from the guy who once dumped her.
22: I Don't Remember Mama
May 16, 1994
Fran and Grace enter a mother-daughter pageant at the country club.
23: The Playwright
May 25, 1994
Fran agrees to go on a date with someone she was mean to at school.
24: A Star is Unborn
Jun 1, 1994
Fran gets cast in Romeo & Juliet.
Season 2
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