Season 2
The Addams Family
30 EPISODES • 1965
Season 2 of The Addams Family was released on September 17 and consists of 30 episodes.

Season 1


1: My Fair Cousin Itt
Sep 17, 1965
All the world's a stage for Itt, Fester, and Lurch as they vie for the lead in Gomez's new play.
2: Morticia's Romance (1)
Sep 24, 1965
On Morticia and Gomez's thirteenth wedding anniversary, Morticia tells the children a bedtime story of how she and Gomez met.
3: Morticia's Romance (2)
Oct 1, 1965
Wednesday and Pugsley refuse to go to sleep until they are told the rest of the story of their parents' romance.
4: Morticia Meets Royalty
Oct 8, 1965
Gomez's aunt Princess Millicent visits with her hand maiden Lady Fingers, who is a perfect match for Thing.
5: Gomez, the People's Choice
Oct 15, 1965
Morticia and Gomez visit Mayor Henson to complain that their property tax is ridiculously low. After the Mayor proves his incompetence by offering a refund Gomez is persuaded to become a candidate for the office.
6: Cousin Itt's Problem
Oct 22, 1965
Cousin Itt is shedding hair, and the family is worried that he'll lose his great good looks along with his hair. Fester gets out his chemistry set to produce a batch of hair restorer and prevent a disaster.
7: Halloween - Addams Style
Oct 29, 1965
Morticia and Gomez can't produce immediate proof to the contrary when the neighbour tells the children there are no witches and goblins.
8: Morticia, the Writer
Nov 5, 1965
When Morticia begins writing twisted tales for children, Gomez tries to sabotage her career.
9: Morticia, the Sculptress
Nov 12, 1965
Morticia takes up sculpting, and Gomez, wanting her to believe she's good at it, pays an art collector to buy them.
10: Gomez, the Reluctant Lover
Nov 19, 1965
A smitten Pugsley sends one of Morticia's love letters to his schoolteacher, resulting in her believing Gomez sent the letter.
11: Feud in the Addams Family
Nov 26, 1965
The Courtneys make social advances toward the Addams Family, mistakenly believing that the socially prominent Abigail Quincy Adams resides there.
12: Gomez, the Cat Burglar
Dec 3, 1965
Gomez is having some sleepwalking issues brought on by Grandma's famous yak stew. The house descends into chaos when a connection is made between a recent spat of cat burglaries and Gomez's nighttime adventures. Morticia goes on the search for a cure before Gomez gets caught and branded a criminal.
13: Portrait of Gomez
Dec 10, 1965
Morticia's pet plant Cleopatra gobbles up her favourite photo of Gomez from the family album. When the original photographer is found and asked to make a duplicate picture, it is discovered that he is now with the Department of Motor Vehicles.
14: Morticia's Dilemma
Dec 17, 1965
Gomez plays host to Don Xavier Molines, a family friend during his childhood in Spain, and his daughter Consuella.
15: Christmas with the Addams Family
Dec 24, 1965
Uncle Fester is chosen to slide down the chimney dressed as Santa Claus to prove the existence of St. Nick to the children. Fester gets stuck in the chimney, so Gomez, Lurch, Cousin Itt, and even Morticia and Grandmama each don a red suit and appear to the children.
16: Uncle Fester, Tycoon
Dec 31, 1965
Fester takes a correspondence course and boldly storms the gates of the business world. Roy Roberts appears as business executive Thaddeus Logan.
17: Morticia and Gomez vs. Fester and Grandmama
Jan 7, 1966
The Addams mansion becomes a battlefield when Gomez and Morticia tell Grandmama and Uncle Fester that they think they are spoiling Pugsley and Wednesday.
18: Fester Goes on a Diet
Jan 14, 1966
For his impending visit from pen pal Yvette of the Folies Bregeré, Uncle Fester is secretly trying to whip himself into shape, even recruiting guidance from fitness guru Jack LaLanne himself. With all the sudden dieting and exercise going on, Morticia and Gomez know something's up but think Fester's trying to join the space program.
19: The Great Treasure Hunt
Jan 21, 1966
Discovering a treasure map in the sea chest of Great-Great-Grandfather Peg-Leg Addams the pirate, Gomez and Morticia decide to hire a boat to go look for it.
20: Ophelia Finds Romance
Jan 28, 1966
Ophelia brings a new beau to show off, but the Addams believe him to be a fraud.
21: Pugsley's Allowance
Feb 4, 1966
Pugsley wants to find a job to the horror of his parents.
22: Happy Birthday, Grandma Frump
Feb 11, 1966
Granny Frump mistakenly believes that Gomez and Morticia are sending her to a home for the aged for her birthday.
23: Morticia, the Decorator
Feb 18, 1966
To sell the neighboring Addams Family an insurance policy, agent Joe Digby allows Morticia to redecorate his home.
24: Ophelia Visits Morticia
Feb 25, 1966
Ophelia's upset that her latest beau, Montrose, has gone off to join the Peace Corps. His looking so much like Uncle Fester gives Fester the idea to join the Peace Corps as well. Ophelia's all excited that Fester, once in, can look for her Monstrose, but can Fester pass the entrance exam?
25: Addams Cum Laude
Mar 4, 1966
A former truant officer named Sam Hilliard heads a private school where Wednesday and Pugsley are enrolled. When Hilliard breaks under the strain of dealing with the Addams children, Gomez buys the school.
26: Cat Addams
Mar 11, 1966
A doctor is summoned to examine Kitty Kat, the ailing lion pet of the Addams Family. Morticia soon decides that it is the cringing doctor who needs help, so human members of the family feign illnesses to build his confidence.
27: Lurch's Little Helper
Mar 18, 1966
Morticia's concern that Lurch is overworked leads Gomez to the operating table to assemble a custom-built secondary butler. Lurch lets the robot do all the work and then begins to feel that he isn't needed anymore.
28: The Addams Policy
Mar 25, 1966
After Uncle Fester's flame thrower destroys the family's stuffed bear, insurance executive Hensen tries to weasel out of the policy.
29: Lurch's Grand Romance
Apr 1, 1966
Morticia's school chum Trivia visits. Lurch is obviously smitten by her, but Trivia's interest is entirely in show business. Moticia decides to change Trivia's mind by making Lurch more exciting than show biz. She enlists others in the family to help, including Grandmama, whose love potion makes the biggest and wildest impact of all.
30: Ophelia's Career
Apr 8, 1966
Ophelia visits, upset as usual. He latest boyfriend has left her, as usual, and the family tries to find something she's good at.
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