Season 1
The Addams Family
34 EPISODES • 1964
Season 1 of The Addams Family was released on September 18 and consists of 34 episodes.


1: The Addams Family Goes to School
Sep 18, 1964
Sam Hilliard, a truant officer, shows up at the Addams family home, due to the fact that Pugsley and Wednesday are not attending school. Soon he discovers he's dealing with no typical everyday family.
2: Morticia and the Psychiatrist
Sep 25, 1964
Gomez and Morticia are shocked when Pugsley joins the boy scouts, begins playing baseball and gets a puppy. Fearing something is wrong, they turn to a psychiatrist.
3: Fester's Punctured Romance
Oct 2, 1964
Uncle Fester puts an ad in the personals column and when he doesn't get an immediate response he's heartbroken. Later, the family mistake a cosmetics saleswoman as a respondent to the ad.
4: Gomez, the Politician
Oct 9, 1964
Sam Hilliard, the ex-truant officer, is running for city council. This puts Gomez in the campaign mood, and he decides to offer financial support.
5: The Addams Family Tree
Oct 16, 1964
Pugsley and Wednesday get into a fight over families with their friend Harold, who says that his family is better than theirs.
6: Morticia Joins the Ladies League
Oct 23, 1964
Gomez and Pugsley visit an old friend of the family, who owns a circus. There, Pugsley befriends Gorgo the Gorilla who later escapes and follows Pugsley home. Meanwhile, Morticia has hopes of joining the Ladies League.
7: Halloween with the Addams Family
Oct 30, 1964
Two bank robbers accept an unknowing invitation and visit Morticia and Gomez on Halloween, in order to avoid being caught.
8: Green-Eyed Gomez
Nov 6, 1964
Gomez throws a fit of jealousy when Morticia's former boyfriend visits.
9: The New Neighbors Meet the Addams Family
Nov 13, 1964
A young couple, simple, naive, and very much in love, move into the house next to the Addams'.
10: Wednesday Leaves Home
Nov 20, 1964
Family worries when a flustered Wednesday runs away after being scolded for borrowing Uncle Fester's TNT.
11: The Addams Family Meet the VIPs
Nov 27, 1964
Visitors from another country regret labelling the Addams gang uncultured.
12: Morticia, the Matchmaker
Dec 4, 1964
Morticia plays matchmaker when her cousin Melancholia and a bachelor lawyer hoping to make a business deal both visit at the same time.
13: Lurch Learns to Dance
Dec 11, 1964
Morticia and Gomez are supportive of Lurch and encourage him to follow his gut feeling and take dance lessons.
14: Art and the Addams Family
Dec 18, 1964
Grandmama takes up painting and hires the distressed Sam Picasso as her teacher.
15: The Addams Family Meets a Beatnik
Jan 1, 1965
A young biker on the run from his domineering tycoon dad ends up hiding out in the Addams house, and the Addamses couldn't be happier.
16: The Addams Family Meets the Undercover Man
Jan 8, 1965
An undercover operative is convinced that the Addams family are spies.
17: Mother Lurch Visits the Addams Family
Jan 15, 1965
Morticia and Gomez pose as Lurch's maid and butler when his mother comes for a visit.
18: Uncle Fester's Illness
Jan 22, 1965
Lately, Uncle Fester's been a bit rundown, literally unable to maintain his wattage. Since Dr. Mbogo, the reliable family witch doctor, is too busy to leave Africa, the Addamses must take their chances by engaging the services of a local physician, who pays them a house call.
19: The Addams Family Splurges
Jan 29, 1965
The Addams family hopes to vacation on the moon, but needs to raise a billion dollars. Using Gomez's new supercomputer, the family schemes to make the money by betting on horse races.
20: Cousin Itt Visits the Addams Family
Feb 5, 1965
Parks Commissioner Fiske visits the Addams house seeking contributions for expansion of the city zoo. Gomez believes visiting Cousin Itt - all hairy and gibbering four feet tall of him - would be perfect as the zoo's new curator. He has the two meet, but Commissioner Fisk misunderstands the intent and mistakes Itt for a new exotic animal attraction whom he has hauled away in chains when the others aren't looking. When the family finds out what's happened, Uncle Fester is ready to administer retribution the Addams way - with a bullet from behind.
21: The Addams Family in Court
Feb 12, 1965
Grandmama is arrested for telling fortunes and soon the whole family is being held in contempt of court.
22: Amnesia in the Addams Family
Feb 19, 1965
Gomez suffers from amnesia after being hit in the head with Indian clubs, and his personality changes dramatically.
23: Thing is Missing
Mar 5, 1965
When Thing goes missing, the family discovers he's been "thing-napped."
24: Crisis in the Addams Family
Mar 12, 1965
Uncle Fester applies for a job as an insurance salesman with the same company which is threatening to cancel the Addams' policy.
25: Lurch and His Harpsichord
Mar 19, 1965
Lurch feels betrayed when Gomez and Morticia give their antique harpsichord to a museum.
26: Morticia, the Breadwinner
Mar 26, 1965
When Morticia believes the family to be bankrupt, she sells her railroad shares to a mystery buyer to raise money.
27: The Addams Family and the Spacemen
Apr 2, 1965
With reports of UFOs in the area, the Addams believe they have been visited by two Martians. Vito Scotti appears as Professor Altshuler.
28: My Son, the Chimp
Apr 9, 1965
The family believes that Pugsley has been turned into a chimp.
29: Morticia's Favorite Charity
Apr 16, 1965
Morticia's favorite charitable organization is holding a fundraising bazaar, so Morticia persuades her family to part with their belongings in order to donate them to the charity auction.
30: Progress and the Addams Family
Apr 23, 1965
The Addams Family ignores notices from Arthur Henson that their house is to be condemned to make way for a freeway.
31: Uncle Fester's Toupee
Apr 30, 1965
Fester's penpal drops by unexpectedly, so he must assume the false personality he has been pretending to be.
32: Cousin Itt and the Vocational Counselor
May 7, 1965
Morticia and Gomez call an expert to find Cousin Itt a job after he fails at being a marriage counselor, almost splitting up Gomez and Morticia in the process.
33: Lurch, the Teenage Idol
May 14, 1965
Low grunts and grumbles while at the harpsichord constitute Lurch's manner of singing. Gomez has a record company record him and soon the Addams house is surrounded by excited teenyboppers, fawning and fainting over Lurch when he becomes the newest hit sensation. All that blind adoration goes to Lurch's head, and the Addames quickly find they have a self-centered butler who won't "buttle" any longer. Could it be they've created a monster?
34: The Winning of Morticia Addams
May 21, 1965
Members of the Addams household devise schemes to start a battle between Gomez and Morticia.
Season 2
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