Season 29
Coronation Street
41 EPISODES • 1988
Season 29 of Coronation Street was released on January 4 and consists of 41 episodes.

Season 28


1: Mon Jan 4 1988
Jan 4, 1988
Lisa threatens to tell Patric that Jenny is cheating on him when he arrives from France. Kevin and Sally get to work on Number 13, and Sally witnesses some shop-lifting.
2: Wed 06 Jan 1988
Jan 6, 1988
Patric has changed his mind about marrying Jenny - he wants her now, but Alan is not going to be happy. Amy continues her life of crime, and Mike has some shock news for the factory workers.
3: Mon 11 Jan 1988
Jan 11, 1988
Patric discovers more than he bargained for about Jenny's Christmas kiss with Gary. Alf confronts Amy about her shoplifting and the factory girls are up in arms about the pay cut that Mike orders.
4: Wed 13 Jan 1988
Jan 13, 1988
Mike has sacked Ida, and Ivy is shocked to discover that he has hired a new supervisor, Connie Parker. Patric has some news for Jenny and Vera is on the warpath.
5: Mon 18 Jan 1988
Jan 18, 1988
Kevin and Sally get some bad news from the Building Society. Ivy decides to take matters into her own hands when the factory workers don't get paid enough, but can she persuade Mike to part with more cash?
6: Wed 20 Jan 1988
Jan 20, 1988
Emily reveals that Mike has the girls working under false pretences, and Vera causes trouble for Connie. Kevin and Sally face up to the county Court Judgement that Sally forgot about, with a little help from Alf.
7: Mon 25 Jan 1988
Jan 25, 1988
Ivy finds out that Don is a regular gambler, and she isn't happy. Kevin goes to another Building Society to request a mortgage loan, and there's a surprise applicant for the job of paper boy at The Kabin.
8: Wed 27 Jan 1988
Jan 27, 1988
Rita's decision to employ pensioner Harry Ashton as the new paper boy at The Kabin causes problems for Mavis. Ivy takes a dim view of Don's acquisition of some sports equipment.
9: Mon 01 Feb 1988
Feb 1, 1988
Mavis has to make a decision about Harry's proposition, but he's causing far more trouble amongst the younger generation of newspaper deliverers! Vera advises Ivy about her relationship with Don and Brian makes a decision about his links with Gail.
10: Wed 03 Feb 1988
Feb 3, 1988
It's Sarah's first birthday, so the Tilsleys organise a party for her. Brian has a question for Gail - but it's something she doesn't want to hear. Bet has to remind Alec that they haven't had their honeymoon.
11: Mon 08 Feb 1988
Feb 8, 1988
Brian's proposal makes Gail appraise the situation - does she want things to change at all? Alec and Bet can't even agree on where to go on honeymoon to, and Mavis gets a threatening visitor.
12: Wed 10 Feb 1988
Feb 10, 1988
Alec makes a dramatic stand when Bet decides to go on holiday with nymphomaniac Stella, but will he let her go? Gail realises that she doesn't love Brian anymore, but needs him around for their children.
13: Mon 15 Feb 1988
Feb 15, 1988
The news about Gail and Brian re-marrying thrills Ivy, but Gail has some disturbing news about Audrey. the Websters have something to celebrate, but Gloria is worried about her relationship with Mike Baldwin.
14: Wed 17 Feb 1988
Feb 17, 1988
Gail confronts Alf about the reasons for Audrey flying to Canada. Statham has some interesting news for Ken about The Recorder and Gloria has an ultimatum to give to Mike.
15: Mon 22 Feb 1988
Feb 22, 1988
With Audrey in Canada seeing the brother Gail never knew she had, Gail decides to bring the wedding forward. Glora gives Mike a hard time about the way he treats her, and Ken has big plans for the future as the sole proprietor of The Recorder.
16: Wed 24 Feb 1988
Feb 24, 1988
Mike decides to formalise his relationship with Gloria, but how will Linda feel about it? Ken's plans for The Recorder go badly wrong. Gail and Brian get married at the Registry Office, but their night is spoiled. Linda goes to see Mike, but a struggle begins.
17: Mon 29 Feb 1988
Feb 29, 1988
Linda tells Mike that she's leaving Graham for him, and Gloria realises that she has been two-timed. Sally and Kevin move into their new home at Number 13, and Bet returns from her holiday in Morocco with some surprising news for Alec.
18: Wed 02 Mar 1988
Mar 2, 1988
Bet's startling revelation that she is pregnant causes worries at the Rovers and gives Betty the opportunity to make fun of Alec. Linda asks Gloria to warn Mike that she has left Graham and that he may be in danger.
19: Mon 07 Mar 1988
Mar 7, 1988
The news quickly spreads that Mike has been badly beaten up by Graham and his friends with varying reactions. Jack discovers that Amy has been stealing bottles of stout, but how will Vera react when she is told the truth about her mother? In the Rovers, the Gilroy's are starting to look forward to the idea of the patter of tiny feet, but when Bet starts to feel pain in her side, Alec calls the doctor.
20: Wed 09 Mar 1988
Mar 9, 1988
Ken faces troubles on the work front when Nick employs an ally to work full-time in the office, while Vera confronts Amy about her kleptomania. Who will be the first to break in this mother-daughter battle of wills? The loss of the baby is a shock to Bet and Alec, but is he just putting on a brave face?
21: Mon 14 Mar 1988
Mar 14, 1988
Ken gets some reassurance from Fiona about her working in the office, and Shirley makes a decision to move out of her mother's house. Bet is upset over the loss of the baby, but the tragedy helps to bring here and the Gilroy's closer together. Meanwhile Curly decides to ask Alf if he can rent the flat above the shop, Sally gets an uncomfortable surprise from her sister Gina.
22: Wed 16 Mar 1988
Mar 16, 1988
With Gina moved into number 13, Sally gets annoyed with the way she flirts with Kevin. Curly decides to stay at Emily's, as Shirley wants to move into the flat, but gets into trouble with Emily. While Ken is forced to tell Fiona off over her bullying tactics.
23: Mon 21 Mar 1988
Mar 21, 1988
The suspicions grow that Alf might be a racist after he offers the flat to Curly instead of Shirley. And the problems continue for Sally when she is introduced to Gina's new boyfriend, Billy, who is on probation - will he be a bad influence.
24: Wed 23 Mar 1988
Mar 23, 1988
Now that the Barlows are a two-car family, Deirdre considers having driving lessons. Emily and Alf are at war over the dispute about the flat, but Shirley comes up with a novel - if shocking - answer to the dilemma.
25: Mon 28 Mar 1988
Mar 28, 1988
Shirley's suggestion that she and Curly move into the flat together pleases him - but how will Alf and Emily react? Billy asks Brian for a job, but Kevin doesn't want him there because that means Gina will want to continue to stay at Number 13. Alan is getting bored with running the video library so he decides to work fitting burglar alarms with Dave Craig.
26: Wed 30 Mar 1988
Mar 30, 1988
Alf makes it clear that, like Emily, he disapproves of Curly and Shirley living 'in sin' together, but Curly decides to get his double bed from his parents' house. Rita is finding Alan's secretive nature difficult to cope with, and Ivy stars to wonder what Audrey is really doing in Canada.
27: Mon 04 Apr 1988
Apr 4, 1988
Gina gets bored while Billy is at work on the Bank Holiday, and encourages Martin to pay her a visit - and Sally almost finds out. And it's the day for moving in together for Shirley and Curly, and he's going to need some dutch courage.
28: Wed 06 Apr 1988
Apr 6, 1988
Martin and Gina spend another day together at Number 13, but there's trouble in store when Billy comes round to see her. Alan gets a surprise when he asks Dave if they can become partners in the firm, Billy admits that he is banned from driving to Brian, and Curly gets shocked when his parents come to visit - and meet his new girlfriend for the first time.
29: Mon 11 Apr 1988
Apr 11, 1988
Even though Dave has turned him down for partnership, Alan asks Rita to lend him £6,000, but she wants to know more about the business. Shirley celebrates her birthday and tells Curly that she's happy with him. Alf is missing Audrey and feels that she doesn't love him.
30: Wed 13 Apr 1988
Apr 13, 1988
Alf oversleeps after a heavy drinking session and fails to open the shop on time. Alan spends the £6,000 on a new car and Curly has to try to win over Shirley's mum. Rita cooks Alf a meal and then is surprised that he has a secret of his own to tell.
31: Mon 18 Apr 1988
Apr 18, 1988
Curly's mother writes him a letter disowning him because he is living with a black girl, so he goes to see her in Crewe. A bunch of roses arrives for Gloria, but who are they from and what does he want? Rita and Alan argue over the car and Alf still can't contact Audrey in Canada.
32: Wed 20 Apr 1988
Apr 20, 1988
The fallout from Mike Baldwin's arrest for drink driving begins and Vera begins to spread the 'good' news. Rita's investigation into the burglar alarm business has puzzling consequences and Alf gets some good news at last.
33: Mon 25 Apr 1988
Apr 25, 1988
Alan's lies have caught up with him and Rita feels that she cannot trust him anymore. Audrey returns home to find that Alf isn't happy about her having gone to Canada and Gail demands to know all about her half-brother. Meanwhile, Alec advertises for a new cleaner for the Rovers.
34: Wed 27 Apr 1988
Apr 27, 1988
Audrey can't stop talking about Stephen and Alf loses his temper. Bet forces Alec to apologise to Ken for barring him from the pub. Meanwhile, Mike has to face up to his drink driving and accept the sentence he receives.
35: Mon 02 May 1988
May 2, 1988
Sandra Stubbs answers Alec's advertisement for a cleaner, while Mike overhears Vera laughing about his conviction and gets annoyed about the quality of some recent orders. Mike decides someone will have to be sacked to set an example for the others and Alan talks Rita into letting him use the Yard for his business.
36: Wed 04 May 1988
May 4, 1988
Mike makes an example of Vera, believing her to have set him up when he was drinking and driving. Alan pesters Rita into giving him £1,000 for equipment and offers Martin a job. Ida, after much thought decides that she has a confession to make.
37: Mon 09 May 1988
May 9, 1988
Ivy tells Mike that Vera is innocent, but can't tell him that Ida told the police. Percy has some bad news from the Council and Alf tells Audrey about his jealousy.
38: Wed 11 May 1988
May 11, 1988
Now that Ida has confessed to Mike, Vera asks for her old job back, but still angry about the situation, Mike refuses. When threatened with an industrial tribunal, he proves to Vera that she hasn't got a leg to stand on by showing Vera, her discipline file. Both Audrey and Alf get a shock when she gets a massive credit card bill and his card is refused in a shop. Deirdre decides to help Percy not that he is retired and having to move to a new flat.
39: Mon 16 May 1988
May 16, 1988
Alan talks Alec into having a burglar alarm fitted at the pub, while Don offers to decorate Ivy's house. Percy is increasingly worried about having to move out of the Centre and decides to make a dramatic stand.
40: Wed 18 May 1988
May 18, 1988
With the new flat not going to be ready for two months, Percy has decided to move in with Emily, but what will Emily think of that? Alec gets a better quote for an alarm system than Alan's and Don begins redecorating Number 5. Ivy tells Don that he has helped her to live her life again and in return Don has a question for her.
104: Wed Dec 28 1988
Dec 28, 1988
Season 30
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