Season 28
Coronation Street
76 EPISODES • 1987
Season 28 of Coronation Street was released on January 5 and consists of 76 episodes.

Season 27


1: Jan 5 1987
Jan 5, 1987
Terry covers his tracks upon realising that he broke into the Corner Shop. Rita suspects Jenny of hiding facts about the crash. Hilda takes offence at Alf's questioning.
2: Jan 7 1987
Jan 7, 1987
Hilda fails to discover the Corner Shop robber's identity. Rita forbids Jenny from seeing Martin again. Audrey pressures Alf to contact the police.
3: Jan 12 1987
Jan 12, 1987
Alan lands back in the UK and demands the truth about Martin and Jenny's crash. Vera pleads with Alf on Terry's behalf. Audrey urges Gail to get in touch with Ian.
4: Jan 14 1987
Jan 14, 1987
Alan marches Jenny and Martin to the police station. Gail insists to Audrey that her baby is nothing to do with Ian. Alf reaches a decision regarding Terry's fate.
5: Jan 19 1987
Jan 19, 1987
Alan has plans for his future with Rita. Gail gets upset when her decree nisi arrives in the post. Susan asks Ken for a special family discount.
6: Jan 21 1987
Jan 21, 1987
Rita feels taken for granted by Alan. Betty attempts to restore peace between Jack and Terry. Susan tries alternative methods to win round Ken.
7: Jan 26 1987
Jan 26, 1987
Gail makes it clear to Ian that she wants nothing from him. Sally calls on her uncle Tom to cheer up Hilda. Ken agrees to print Susan's scoop in the Recorder.
8: Jan 28 1987
Jan 28, 1987
Ian hopes to see Brian before he returns to Australia. Hilda accuses Tom of speaking out of turn. Susan celebrates the success of her publicity stunt.
9: Feb 2 1987
Feb 2, 1987
Gail goes into labour a month early and gives birth to a girl. Ian, Audrey and Ivy wait at the hospital for news. Susan apologises to Ken for not telling the whole truth about the fire.
10: Feb 4 1987
Feb 4, 1987
Ian does some detective work at the hospital. Percy offers a swift response to Martin's staff shortage at the cafe. The Baldwins entertain the Barlows to dinner.
11: Feb 9 1987
Feb 9, 1987
Curly. Tom gains Hilda's forgiveness.
12: Feb 11 1987
Feb 11, 1987
Rita puts an end to the speculation about her and Alan. Terry urges Curly to adopt some of his selling techniques. Tom invites Hilda to join him on a trip to Rhyl.
13: Feb 16 1987
Feb 16, 1987
Gail brings Sarah Louise home from hospital. Mavis fears that Alan's input into the Kabin will sideline her. Terry's sales patter earns him an unexpected bonus.
14: Feb 18 1987
Feb 18, 1987
Terry has a narrow escape from Dulcie's husband. Mavis asks Derek to speak to Alan on her behalf. Brian lays eyes on Gail's baby for the first time.
15: Feb 23 1987
Feb 23, 1987
Jack implores Terry to get him off the hook with Vera. Derek claims a victory over Alan on Mavis's behalf. A brewery representative calls to check the pub's books.
16: Feb 25 1987
Feb 25, 1987
Vera makes an unwelcome discovery when she confronts Dulcie. Alan's treatment of Derek riles Mavis. Bet enquires about buying the tenancy of the Rovers.
17: Mar 2 1987
Mar 2, 1987
Rita despairs of Mavis's decision to resign from The Kabin. Ken points a spotlight on the council's shortcomings. Jenny asks Curly's permission to throw a birthday party at the yard.
18: Mar 4 1987
Mar 4, 1987
Rita and Mavis attempt to resolve their row. Jenny craves Martin's attention at her sixteenth birthday party. Deirdre feels caught between Alf and Ken.
19: Mar 9 1987
Mar 9, 1987
Ken notifies Alf of his decision to run for the council. Bet hopes to secure a loan from her bank manager. Brian's new relationship upsets Ivy.
20: Mar 11 1987
Mar 11, 1987
Ivy tries desperately to dissuade Brian from moving in with Liz. Alf anticipates a good clean election fight with Ken. Bet awaits her bank manager's verdict.
21: Mar 16 1987
Mar 16, 1987
Alf writes a letter answering his critics for Ken to publish in the Recorder. Bet agonises over the tenancy decision. Audrey informs Gail of Brian's change of address.
22: Mar 18 1987
Mar 18, 1987
Bet faces the prospect of being forced out of the Rovers. Alf is outraged when Ken edits his letter in the Recorder. Ivy worries about Gail distancing herself from her.
23: Mar 23 1987
Mar 23, 1987
Alf's vengeful tactics land Ken in hot water. Brian brings Liz to Coronation Street. Percy advertises the Community Centre's first over-60s' tea dance.
24: Mar 25 1987
Mar 25, 1987
Deirdre takes a stand as Ken and Alf's feud turns unpleasant. Gail refuses to back down over Brian's access to Nicky. Jack assists Percy at the Centre's tea dance.
25: Mar 30 1987
Mar 30, 1987
Tom Hopwood is puzzled when Hilda refuses to go dancing again. Ken realises that he can't give up his job but badly wants to be a Councillor. Hilda accuses Tom of enjoying having Phyllis flirting with him. He tells her that she's acting stupidly and tells her that he'll go dancing on his own. Gail agrees to let Brian have Nicky for tea on the condition they have it with Ivy, without Liz Turnbull. Brian feels frustrated but agrees. Deirdre is shocked when Ken withdraws from the elections. Liz calls on Brian at No.5 whilst he's with Nicky. Gail arrives and finds her there. She is furious and accuses Ivy of setting the whole thing up. She threatens to stop bringing Nicky round.
26: Apr 1 1987
Apr 1, 1987
Hilda feels that her sharp tongue has ruined her relationship with Tom Hopwood. Alf is interested to learn Ken has had to drop out of the election. Deirdre is annoyed that Alf has won. Tom and Hilda are reconciled, deciding that it's stupid to argue. Betty is talked into joining the tea dance. Ivy tries to explain to Gail that she didn't invite Liz Turnbull round but Gail doesn't believe her. She tells him that she's not bringing Nicky round to No.5 as long as there's the chance of Liz popping round. Ivy lays into her, accusing her of being a bad mother in the first place for having an affair. Phyllis makes the most of the tea dances to capture new men. Betty meets George Daly at the dance and agrees to be his partner. Alf expects Deirdre to return to work now Ken is out of the elections. She tells him that he's underhand and will never work for him again. Betty and George enjoy dancing together.
27: Apr 6 1987
Apr 6, 1987
Ken urges Deirdre to act on her idea to stand in the council elections. Audrey gears up to confess her gaffe to Gail. Bet informs Gloria that she cannot re-employ her.
28: Apr 8 1987
Apr 8, 1987
Gail explains to Ivy why she kept her baby's paternity a secret. Alec suggests Bet replaces Betty with Gloria. Deirdre is daunted by the challenge of fighting the election.
29: Apr 13 1987
Apr 13, 1987
Gail tells Brian that he is the father of Sarah Louise. Deirdre and her supporters set off on the campaign trail. Percy seeks entrants for a dance competition.
30: Apr 15 1987
Apr 15, 1987
Deirdre gives a radio interview to publicise her election campaign. Percy scouts talent among the over-60s dancers. Ivy begs Brian to rethink his attitude towards Gail.
31: Apr 21 1987
Apr 21, 1987
Gail's return to work upsets Alf and Ivy. Deirdre shows Ken how seriously she intends to take the election. Percy assembles his dance troupe for a first rehearsal.
32: Apr 22 1987
Apr 22, 1987
Alf struggles with his campaigning while running the shop solo. Martin pleads with Gail to keep Edwina at the cafe. Sally's loyalty to Deirdre is tested.
33: Apr 27 1987
Apr 27, 1987
Sally settles into her new job and sets her sights on a new home. Terry meets an old army pal, Pete Jackson. Gloria objects to Alec's high-handed behaviour.
34: Apr 29 1987
Apr 29, 1987
Sally cooks up a plan to persuade Alf to let the shop flat to her and Kevin. Pete's wife Linda makes clear her dislike of Terry. Bet puts Alec in his place.
35: May 4 1987
May 4, 1987
Deirdre and Alf head out canvassing on the streets of Weatherfield. Sally and Kevin move into their flat. Terry whisks the Jacksons away to Blackpool for the day.
36: May 6 1987
May 6, 1987
Ken provides Deirdre with positive publicity in the Recorder. Linda blames Terry when Pete returns home drunk. Tom offers Hilda company following the Websters' departure.
37: May 11 1987
May 11, 1987
Alf and Deirdre anxiously await the results as polling day dawns. Terry senses Linda's unhappiness in her marriage. Percy's officiousness scales new heights.
38: May 13 1987
May 13, 1987
Deirdre's supporters throw her a victory party in the Rovers. Terry declares his feelings to Linda. Alf licks his wounds following his election defeat.
39: May 18 1987
May 18, 1987
Alf is admitted to hospital with a suspected heart attack. Audrey turns on Deirdre when she offers her help. Hilda is keen to keep the gossips at bay.
40: May 20 1987
May 20, 1987
Linda desperately tries to resist Terry's persistent advances. Audrey brings Alf home from hospital. Sam riles Percy about his formation dance team.
41: May 25 1987
May 25, 1987
Curly disapproves of Terry carrying on with his best mate's wife. Betty and Gloria are puzzled by Bet's vanishing act. Alf adjusts to a slower pace of life.
42: May 27 1987
May 27, 1987
Pete becomes concerned about Linda's low mood. Alec, Betty and Gloria learn the reason for Bet's flit. Alf struggles to relax at home away from the shop.
43: Jun 1 1987
Jun 1, 1987
Pete implores Linda to choose their marriage over Terry. The brewery place Betty in charge of the Rovers. Percy's attentions impede Alf's recovery.
44: Jun 3 1987
Jun 3, 1987
Terry informs Curly that he has decided to leave Weatherfield behind. Alec takes his grievance to Cecil Newton. Alf finds that taking things easy causes him more stress.
45: Jun 8 1987
Jun 8, 1987
Vera badgers Curly for information of Terry's whereabouts. Temporary manager Alec takes up residence at the Rovers. Kevin feels overworked by Brian.
46: Jun 10 1987
Jun 10, 1987
Gail agrees to go out with Jeff Singleton. The Rovers' workforc
47: Jun 15 1987
Jun 15, 1987
Curly seizes an opportunity to get his show on the road. Sally urges Kevin to ask about buying the garage from Brian. Gail makes a confession to Jeff.
48: Jun 17 1987
Jun 17, 1987
Sally pushes Kevin to pursue buying the garage from Brian. Percy creates dissent among the ranks of his dance team. Emily shows Curly how to get justice.
49: Jun 22 1987
Jun 22, 1987
Liz accuses Brian of reluctance to move away from Weatherfield. Alan seeks Rita's investment in a new business proposition. Curly feels despondent about his future.
50: Jun 24 1987
Jun 24, 1987
Brian starts to have strong doubts about his fresh start with Liz. Curly does not share Emily's enthusiasm for his job interview. Alan makes an offer for the garage.
51: Jun 29 1987
Jun 29, 1987
Brian takes Nicky on a long drive as Gail fears for her missing son. The Baldwins plan to open a shop for their childrenswear. Vera and Shirley nag Ivy to go on a night out.
52: Jul 1 1987
Jul 1, 1987
Brian phones Alan with a proposition. Gail and Ivy are sick with worry about their sons. Alec battles with Betty and Gloria to call the shots at the Rovers.
53: Jul 6 1987
Jul 6, 1987
Gail is determined to see Brian and get Nicky back without involving the police. Alec watches over Betty and Gloria each time they go near the till. Percy takes it upon himself to complain about the factory's new neon sign.
54: Jul 8 1987
Jul 8, 1987
Brian sells his van as his plan to flee with Nicky gathers steam. Percy presses Deirdre to take action regarding Mike's shop. Alec alienates Hilda with his demands.
55: Jul 13 1987
Jul 13, 1987
Brian begins to have doubts about taking Nicky to Ireland. Mike is confident of Deirdre's support with the council. Hilda makes Alec woo her back to the Rovers.
56: Jul 15 1987
Jul 15, 1987
Gail sees a chance to get her family back together. Gloria fails to engineer a reconciliation between Alec and Betty. Deirdre's impartial stance shocks Mike.
57: Jul 20 1987
Jul 20, 1987
The Tilsleys get used to living together again. Susan's staffing decision causes unrest in the factory. Alan turns forty-eight and feels that life is passing him by.
58: Jul 22 1987
Jul 22, 1987
Susan refuses to accept Mike laying down the law without a fight. Gail makes it clear to Brian that remarrying is not on her agenda. Alan arranges a secret wedding.
59: Jul 27 1987
Jul 27, 1987
Mike falls out with Susan over her refusal to start a family. Alan and Jenny let in Mavis on the surprise wedding plans. Sally fancies throwing a flat-warming party.
60: Jul 29 1987
Jul 29, 1987
Susan takes charge of the factory after Mike stays out all night. Sally sets her heart on a new settee for the flat. Mavis feels the strain of keeping secrets from Rita.
61: Aug 3 1987
Aug 3, 1987
Susan fails to see any positives in being sacked by Mike. Sally and Kevin get more than they bargained for. Rita remains oblivious to the scheming all around her.
62: Aug 5 1987
Aug 5, 1987
Alan nervously prepares himself to reveal his big surprise for Rita as they set off for the registry office. Susan is astonished when Ken refuses to let her stay and sends her back to Mike. Sally and Kevin host a party to celebrate their new home.
63: Aug 10 1987
Aug 10, 1987
Cecil informs Alec of Bet's whereabouts. Mike and Susan reach stalemate over the future of their marriage. Sally faces a moral dilemma over the soiled armchair.
64: Aug 12 1987
Aug 12, 1987
Alec scours the bars of Torremolinos in search of Bet. Sally and Kevin face the music over the damaged chair. Mike expects Susan to choose a career over their marriage.
65: Aug 17 1987
Aug 17, 1987
Alec brings Bet home to the Rovers with news of their engagement. Emily seeks Deirdre's help in fund-raising for a poorly toddler. Martin enjoys a stroke of good fortune.
66: Aug 19 1987
Aug 19, 1987
Alec instructs Bet to let him smooth-talk Cecil Newton. Alan is on tenterhooks awaiting Jenny's O-Level results. Deirdre and Emily agree to join forces.
67: Aug 24 1987
Aug 24, 1987
Bet shows Margo who's boss at the Rovers. Emily takes out her fund-raising frustrations on Alf. Martin plans a foreign adventure.
68: Aug 26 1987
Aug 26, 1987
Bet drags a reluctant Alec to meet the vicar at All Saints' Church. Jenny seizes a chance to escape school and her father. Support grows for Emily's charity appeal.
69: Aug 31 1987
Aug 31, 1987
Percy takes charge of proceedings at the street fete fundraiser. Alec frets about how much Bet is spending on the wedding. Alan longs for Jenny to make contact.
70: Sep 2 1987
Sep 2, 1987
Emily investigates the missing sum of money raised at the fete. Alec manipulates Bet in order to cut wedding costs. Vera defends the Duckworths' reputation.
71: Sep 7 1987
Sep 7, 1987
Alec is unnerved by Bet's downbeat mood on the eve of their wedding. Ivy takes Vera on a night out to lift her spirits. Tom reveals his future plans to Hilda.
72: Sep 9 1987
Sep 9, 1987
Bet experiences pre-wedding nerves, while a remark from Jack causes Alec to wonder if he is doing the right thing. Ivy is pleased when Don turns up and asks her out. Tom has a question to pose to Hilda.
73: Sep 14 1987
Sep 14, 1987
Hilda accompanies Tom to view a bungalow in Formby. Bet and Alec countermand each other's instructions at the Rovers. Vera teases Ivy about her date with Don.
74: Sep 16 1987
Sep 16, 1987
The Rovers' staff demand to know exactly who is their boss. Hilda reaches a decision about Tom's proposal. Ivy is relieved when Don asks her out again.
75: Sep 21 1987
Sep 21, 1987
Jack dreads the hard work ahead when Vera insists he re-decorates Number 9. Bet intends to become the perfect housewife. Tracy suffers for Deirdre's error of judgement.
104: Wed Dec 30 1987
Dec 30, 1987
Season 29
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