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Available on DVD through Take two aspirin before you see the doctor! Dr. John Becker (Ted Danson, Cheers) who operates a small medical practice in the Bronx, is annoyed with his patients, co-workers, and practically everything else in the world. But don't let the curmudgeonly demeanour fool you. As his blind newsstand friend Jake (Alex Desert, High Fidelity) and beautiful diner owner Reggie (Terry Farrell, Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth) would tell you, the rants of the outrageous physician mask a softer side, which he only occasionally displays to his nurse Margaret (Hattie Winston, Jackie Brown) and wacky office worker Linda (Shawnee Smith, Who's Harry Crumb?). This 3-disc set contains all 22 Series One episodes of the immensely popular TV series BECKER, TV's most outrageous physician!
Becker is a dedicated, outspoken and talented doctor with a gruff exterior. While he tends to offend those who try to get close to him, he is extremely dedicated to his medical practice in the Bronx, N.Y., where he always goes the extra mile to help those in need. But Dr. John Becker looks at the world around him and sees a society gone mad, full of incongruities and just plain wrong thinking. And he has no qualms about saying anything that comes to mind – anything.

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