The Vampire Diaries Trailer
169 views • Aug 29, 2020
Pls Watch In HD... Hey Everyone here is my first some what fake trailer haha bc the story is 95% the story on the show ... i wanted to come up with my own but i wasn't liking it and it wasn't coming together.. maybe one day lol but anyways I hope you like it... My whole goal was to make it look like a movie instead of a tv show.. and that it made sense with out having to put graphics or text to tell you step by step ... so i really hope I pulled that off.. if you didn't know already it is the same song used in the inception trailer .. yeah i know so not original but it is one epic song and hans zimmer is a genius and i love him lol and personally I think it was pretty good haha toot-tin my own horn haha So let me know what you think.. should i never make a fake trailer again? I hope not bc I really want to make more ;) wink wink I have some amazing youtube friends I don't know if i can list them all but here are just a few ... - elainecleo - Niconi22 - stelena1000 - and my girls at DreamlikeMomentS you guys are amazing and I love you and you are truly my inspiration. I haven been so inspired latley and honestly I am giving you guys all the credit!!! Our long talks or quick chats or even comments here and there but I enjoy every single one of them !!!! I really hope I don't let you down with my vids one day !!!! and all you less important people haha jk I love you all too !!!!! every comment , like and fav warms my heart and really makes my day !!!! so again I really hope you like the vid !!!! bc if you don't like it i'll never slave over a trailer again and if you like maybe i can have my own story yay!!!!!! enjoy xoxo Chels ;)
The Vampire Diaries
The story of two vampire brothers obsessed with the same girl, who bears a striking resemblance to the beautiful but ruthless vampire they knew and loved in 1864.

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