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41 views • Jun 16, 2023
Sa mundo ng fashion, lahat ay posible. Kaya mo bang gawin ang lahat to make your ultimate fashion dreams come true? Watch #AngelAquino and #KimChiu together with #JakeEjercito and #KylieVerzosa on #FitCheck coming July 6 only on Prime Video! #FitCheckOnPrime About Prime Video: Entertainment for you. Catch your favorite international and local movies, TV. Watch the latest K-Dramas, Amazon Originals, anime, and recommendations just for you. SUBSCRIBE TO PRIME VIDEO MORE PRIME VIDEO PH Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: TikTok:
Fit Check: Confessions of an Ukay Queen
Melanie's dream of making it big in the fashion world draws from her deep interest in ukay fashion and the pain of being abandoned by her own mother. She finds the opportunity when Chris, a fashion executive of a struggling streetwear company, takes notice of her talents. Determined and committed to her cause, Malanie takes on a tough path to success in a world where she is a nobody and a misfit.

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