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3 views • Jun 30, 2022
Life, death and drama at 20,000 feet. SkyMed is a new CBC drama series with high stakes, lots of character drama, and a look into the world of young medevacs in northern Manitoba. ➤ Stream on July 10, 9/9:30 on CBC Gem - new episodes weekly. ➤ Subscribe: --- About CBC Gem: CBC Gem offers the full programming slate, from drama to documentaries and sports. Available for free as an app for iOS and Android devices and online at, and on television via Apple TV and Google Chromecast. --- About CBC: Welcome to the official YouTube channel for CBC, Canada’s public broadcaster. CBC is dedicated to creating content with original voices that inspire and entertain. Watch sneak peeks and trailers, behind the scenes footage, original web series, digital-exclusives and more. Connect with CBC Online: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: --- We encourage thoughtful comments and respectful discussion. Before commenting, please review our community guidelines:
Life, death and drama at 20,000 feet. The series weaves together intense character journeys and high-stakes medical rescues, as we follow the triumphs, heartbreaks and tribulations of budding nurses and pilots flying air ambulances in remote Northern Canada. They’re all in over their heads, and on their own, with no one to rely on but each other.

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