Nina and Seb Are Brutally Attacked | Coronation Street
0 views • Jun 17, 2022
Subscribe now for more! Whilst on their way home, Nina and Seb are attacked by a group with Corey acting as the ringleader. From episode 10317 broadcast on 05/05/21 If you've been affected by Nina and Seb's story, please visit: Find out more: Watch the eps: Like, follow and subscribe to the official Corrie pages! YouTube: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Head over to the official Coronation Street YouTube channel and find video exclusives, all the news, storylines and spoilers from the show. We'll also have behind the scenes videos and interviews with the cast to share with you, so make sure you don't miss out. Subscribe now and be part of the brand new YouTube channel for Coronation Street! #coronationstreet #corrie
Coronation Street
The residents of Coronation Street are ordinary, working-class people, and the show follows them through regular social and family interactions at home, in the workplace, and in their local pub, the Rovers Return Inn. Britain's longest-running soap.
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