Season 2
Niko and the Sword of Light
10 EPISODES • 2018
Chapter Two: The Amulet of Power. Niko's world has been restored, but a new dark power looms in the shadows, waiting for a chance to strike. Only the fabled Amulet of Power can restore the balance between Light and Dark. Niko and his friends must race against the forces of darkness to protect this mysterious relic, an artifact that may hold clues to Niko’s very existence.

Season 1


1: A Day in Carondolet
Dec 28, 2018
As Queen Lyra's birthday celebration begins, Niko suspects that a strange bug might be an agent of darkness.
2: A Night in Carondolet
Dec 28, 2018
A message from The Darkness prompts Niko and his friends on a new journey to find an ancient relic.
3: The Forest of Fangs
Dec 28, 2018
Niko and his friends search for an ancient lorekeeper to learn more about the Amulet of Power.
4: Sky Whale City
Dec 28, 2018
Our heroes search for an ancient map piece in a wondrous city perched atop a flying whale.
5: The Thorn of Contention
Dec 28, 2018
Following a rough storm, our heroes find themselves between two races locked in a fight for a mysterious tower.
6: The Caterpillar Train
Sep 6, 2019
To evade a powerful new foe, our heroes hop aboard the Caterpillar Train, a bizarre mode of public transportation.
7: The Vast Sea
Sep 6, 2019
Our heroes’ journey takes them to an undersea cavern where they encounter a colorful annual festival.
8: The Automatron
Sep 6, 2019
The team searches inside a living machine for the final item in their quest.
9: The Forgotten Fortress
Sep 6, 2019
Inside an ancient enchanted fortress, Niko and his friends race to find the Amulet of Power before Nar Est.
10: The Balance of Power
Sep 6, 2019
In a final battle against the ultimate enemy, Niko goes on a journey to discover his true purpose.
Season 3
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