Season 1
Teenage Euthanasia
7 EPISODES • 2021
Season 1 of Teenage Euthanasia was released on September 6 and consists of 7 episodes.


1: Nobody Beats the Baba
Sep 6, 2021
Baba's determined to win an embalming fluid competition: that means beating Trophy's former BFF turned nemesis: Sophie Turner.
2: First Date with the Second Coming
Sep 20, 2021
Annie's crush Kenton says a near-death experience sent him to Heaven, but Trophy needs proof. Baba wants Pete to pick out a shirt on his own.
3: Teen Eggs and Scram
Sep 20, 2021
Annie becomes Trophy's parole officer and Pete's "funeral plus" clients ask for a house call.
4: The Bad Bang Theory
Sep 27, 2021
Trophy and Baba get arrested and compete for a pardon on the reality TV show Top Felon. Pete tries to teach Annie how to cry.
5: Suddenly Susan
Oct 4, 2021
To avoid Annie's birdwatching field trip, Trophy swaps souls with a corpse.
6: Adventures in Beetle Sitting
Oct 11, 2021
Annie has to babysit Trophy's crotch beetles and Baba gets jealous when Pete makes a new friend.
7: Dada M.I.A.
Oct 18, 2021
While Annie and Trophy play Daddy, It's Me!, a paternity-revealing board game, Baba takes Pete on his own father-finding journey.
Season 2
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