Book 4: Earth
The Dragon Prince
9 EPISODES • 2022
Two years later, as Claudia ventures deeper into the world of dark magic, Callum, Ezran and friends race to stop her from freeing the powerful Aaravos.

Season 3


1: Rebirthday
Nov 3, 2022
Two years later, Claudia finally completes her resurrection spell, Ezran plans a surprise for Katolis, and Janai takes Amaya on a secret mission.
2: Fallen Stars
Nov 3, 2022
Facing another journey up the steep Storm Spire, Viren panics. Janai's brother pushes back against her plans. Callum attempts to decode the mirror.
3: Breathtaking
Nov 3, 2022
An unexpected visitor leaves Callum reeling. Soren puts on a show to welcome the dragons — while in Xadia, his sister searches their lair.
4: Through the Looking Glass
Nov 3, 2022
The story of Aaravos's dark past comes to light. Claudia prepares to open the chrysalis. The tension between humans and Sunfire elves boils over.
5: The Great Gates
Nov 3, 2022
While Ezran and team set out on a quest to visit the Archdragon of Earth, Claudia and Viren try to communicate with the mysterious being.
6: The Drakewood
Nov 3, 2022
Zym helps the friends search the forest for a missing Soren. In the Sunfire elves' camp, Queen Janai calls a tribunal to decide the architect's fate.
7: Beneath the Surface
Nov 3, 2022
As N'than guides the heroes through the treacherous Path of Despair, Soren tries to convince Claudia to change her ways.
8: Rex Igneous
Nov 3, 2022
At last, the friends come face to face with the mighty dragon — only to discover he's expecting gifts. Karim hatches a plot to dethrone the queen.
9: Escape from Umber Tor
Nov 3, 2022
Dark spells, dirty tricks and a very unusual map ignite a fiery confrontation in Rex Igneous's lair. Janai squares off against her brother.
Season 5
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