Season 6
Grace and Frankie
13 EPISODES • 2020
Season 6 of Grace and Frankie was released on January 15 and consists of 13 episodes.

Season 5


1: The Newlyweds
Jan 15, 2020
Frankie is stunned by Grace's news, but she buries her feelings -- until everyone gathers together to send off Bud and Allison.
2: The Rescue
Jan 15, 2020
While Frankie tries to adjust to living alone, Grace arranges a family dinner that takes an awkward turn. Robert and Sol plan a honeymoon trip.
3: The Trophy Wife
Jan 15, 2020
Grace's insecurities flare at a lavish fundraiser, where Frankie gets swept up in a silent auction. Sol hosts a game night to distract a worried Robert.
4: The Funky Walnut
Jan 15, 2020
Robert and Sol grapple with a health scare, while Grace's bad knee sparks a new business idea. Coyote connects with Bud's ex-girlfriend.
5: The Confessions
Jan 15, 2020
Grace worries that Nick isn't satisfied with their sex life. Sol decides to keep his diagnosis a secret, and Coyote comes clean about Jessica.
6: The Bad Hearer
Jan 15, 2020
Robert's fussing irritates Sol. Barry presses Brianna and Mallory to make up. Frankie's date with Jack inspires a marketing strategy for the Rise Up.
7: The Surprises
Jan 15, 2020
Grace wants to leverage Jack's celebrity connections... and Sol and Robert realize they've met him before. Bud tries to prove he's over Jessica.
8: The Short Rib
Jan 15, 2020
Grace and Frankie introduce Jack to Nick, hoping they can all go on vacation together. Meanwhile, Barry finally gets his short-rib double date.
9: The One-At-A-Timing
Jan 15, 2020
Frankie's enjoying having two men in her life, but Grace warns her it won't end well. Allison and Sol encourage Bud to get a DNA test.
10: The Scent
Jan 15, 2020
Grace's plan for a relaxing spa day backfires. Frankie tries to find Joan-Margaret a husband. Robert hosts a fundraiser to save the community theater.
11: The Laughing Stock
Jan 15, 2020
Grace and Frankie prepare for their pitch, but their prototype is missing. Robert keeps a secret from Sol. Brianna gets an appealing offer.
12: The Tank
Jan 15, 2020
Grace's loyalties are tested as she and Frankie face the Sharks. Robert scrambles to recoup the money he donated. Bud meets his long-lost cousin.
13: The Change
Jan 15, 2020
Grace tries to make amends to Frankie, Sol gives Robert a taste of his own medicine, and Brianna and Barry reach a turning point in their relationship.
Season 7
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