Season 3
The Hogan Family
21 EPISODES • 1987
Season 3 of The Hogan Family was released on September 21 and consists of 21 episodes.

Season 2


1: Movin' On
Sep 21, 1987
After Valerie's sudden death, Sandy, Michael's sister, moves in, and finds her school-counseling job a breeze compared with what she faces at home: David tries to be a ""supermom,"" while Willie and Mark are at odds over a science project.
2: Liars and Other Strangers
Sep 28, 1987
Rich and Burt assume more than they should after David has a study session with the new girl in school and he lets them assume that they are much more involved than they actually are. Quickly he learns he's inadvertently destroying a reputation.
3: Burned Out
Oct 5, 1987
While moving in some of Sandy's belongings, the boys dig up old stuff in the attic, one of which is an old lamp David made as a gift for Michael. However, unaware to anyone, the lamp sparks a fire causing the house to go up in smoke and the Hogans to temporarily move in with the Pooles next door.
4: Take My Wife, Please
Oct 12, 1987
There's a hitch in the twins' school project on marriage when Willie goes after Mark's wife while David tries to best Sandy at anything.
5: You've Got to Believe
Oct 19, 1987
David reexamines his belief in God after his history teacher has a heart attack and David saves him with CPR.
6: A Room With No View
Nov 2, 1987
David risks losing his best friend when he locks him in a closet to keep him from driving while drunk. Meanwhile, Sandy, Michael, Mark and Willie pay a visit to a resort that Sandy had invested in.
7: You Bet Your Life
Nov 9, 1987
David's on a roll at predicting football games and decides to bet some real money, but he could be wearing cement sneakers when he loses big.
8: School of Hard Knocks
Nov 16, 1987
Mark brakes David's fast times at high school when a special program puts Mark in the middle of David's classes and his love life.
9: Nightmare on Oak Street
Nov 23, 1987
The boys are all set for an evening of terror, watching a horror movie. However, when it's over each one of them is scared stiff and go on to experience their own version of ""Nightmare at Zombie High.""
10: Poetic Injustice
Dec 16, 1987
Fresh from his triumphant A-plus in English, Willie crumbles under the pressure of composing a poem, while Sandy and David lose it when they lose Mrs. Poole's beloved dog.
11: Love with the Proper Hogan
Dec 28, 1987
Crushed by a girl's rejection, David's pal Burt falls hard for Sandy, while Sandy thinks her principal's the one with romance on his mind.
12: Faulty Attraction
Jan 4, 1988
Sandy's ex-husband makes a move to get back in her life. Meanwhile, David moves into Michael's poker game.
13: Teacher's Pet
Jan 11, 1988
There's a certain chemistry between David and his science teacher, while Sandy has a solution for a depressed Mrs. Poole, who's without her husband on their anniversary.
14: Mother Poole's Visit
Jan 18, 1988
David's advice to Mrs. Poole to vent her anger against her overbearing mother-in-law backfires when Mother Poole moves in with the Hogans.
15: Mark and Willie's Day Off
Jan 25, 1988
An eager Willie and a reticent Mark ditch school for the day, but when Mark gets caught, Willie feigns ignorance about the whole scheme.
16: A Restaurant Named Desire
Feb 15, 1988
Restaurant worker David smells trouble and it's coming from the kitchen as he tries to fend off the amorous advances of his boss's fiance. Meanwhile, Michael teaches Mark how to defend himself.
17: The King and I
Feb 22, 1988
Sandy's dreaded blind date turns out to be a ""King"" while David is ready to crown his brothers when they horn in on his date.
18: Skip III: The Bailout
Mar 7, 1988
Man's man Skip returns and takes Michael and David for a ride in a small plane, but when they're forced to bail out all of their lives are put in jeopardy.
19: Help Wanted
Mar 14, 1988
The boys recruit an enchanting if ditsy housekeeper for Sandy, but she turns out to be ""a lust cause"" for David.
20: 48 Hours
Mar 21, 1988
Michael and David's father-son retreat turns into a last stand when they get stuck in the Pooles' garage, while Willie and Mark get an X-rated tape stuck in the VCR.
21: Close Encounters
May 2, 1988
Michael experiences close encounters of the most embarrassing kind when his friends find out he saw a UFO. Meanwhile, the twins' refusal to give David an extra Springsteen ticket sends his high hopes plummeting to earth.
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