Season 7
Family Ties
26 EPISODES • 1988
Season 7 of Family Ties was released on October 30 and consists of 26 episodes.

Season 6


1: It Happened One Night
Oct 30, 1988
A family camping trip turns into a comedy of errors. While the Keaton kids and Lauren argue about politics, Steven and Elyse decide it's time to get away from such serious concerns. They eagerly suggest that the whole family go on a camping trip, like they used to do. The kids don't share their parents' enthusiasm, however, and quickly come up with reasons why they can't go. As a result, little Andy is the only Keaton willing to go along with Steven and Elyse. When their parents leave for the campground with Andy, the older kids try not to feel guilty for disappointing them. At first, they all agree that they don't feel the urge for the great outdoors that they did in the old days, but soon remember that camping with the family was always a lot of fun. Before long, they decide to drive up and surprise Steven, Elyse and Andy at the campsite. With Nick in tow, Mallory, Alex and Jennifer pack up their sleeping bags and take off. Unfortunately, their good intentions are dashed when the car
2: Designing Woman
Nov 6, 1988
Mallory's enthusiasm for her job at a prestigious fashion firm quickly fades when she discovers that her design ideas are being stolen by another employee. Mallory is thrilled when she earns an apprenticeship at David Campbell Fashions, a top-notch fashion design house in Ohio. Before starting her new job, Mallory discusses what her duties will be with the firm's star designer, Jamie Carter. When Mallory timidly asks whether the designs she's done for school will ever be made into David Campbell fashions, Jamie reacts somewhat coolly. Although Jamie seems pleased by Mallory's designs, she explains that the apprentice still has a lot to learn. Eager to succeed, Mallory throws herself into her work. Before long, however, Mallory is stunned when she discovers that Jamie has stolen her design ideas and pitched them to David Campbell as her own. What's more, Campbell likes ""Jamie's"" designs so much, he plans to feature them in his upcoming fashion show. Feeling completely disillusioned, Ma
3: Truckers
Nov 13, 1988
Alex feels left out when Andy begins spending less time with him and more time with Nick's streetwise nephew Rocco. While Steven rages about the household bills, Alex worries about something else: Andrew's budding friendship with Rocco, Nick's visiting eight-year-old nephew. Andy quickly becomes enchanted with the boy, who's a pint-sized version of Nick and thus not exactly Alex's idea of a positive role model for his little brother. As Andy and Rocco begin spending time playing with trucks and going to the mall with Nick and Mallory, Alex feels increasingly neglected, especially when Andy misses their weekly viewing of ""Wall Street Week"". Finally, much to Alex's chagrin, an excited Andy announces that he's going to the auto races with Rocco and Nick. When, in a last-minute change of heart, Andy decides to forego the races to be with his big brother, Alex finds himself learning a lesson from Andy for once. He realizes that Andy's interest in meeting new people is a natural stage of hi
4: Beyond Therapy
Nov 27, 1988
In an attempt to get Alex to open up emotionally, Lauren persuades him to join a therapy group. Returning from a date, Alex and Lauren arrive at the Keaton home and finish a fight they began in the car. Lauren resents the fact that Alex has dragged her to a boring economics department function and accuses him of avoiding any conversation which becomes personal. The next day, Alex is relieved when Lauren shows up to apologize for her outburst. She then insists that they should try group therapy and although Alex balks at the idea, he agrees to accompany her to a session, where they are introduced to two other couples. Immediately unimpressed with the group, Alex avoids all personal questions about his relationship with Lauren and walks out. Regretting his actions, Alex resolves to prepare for his next session by reading psychology books and memorizing whatever appropriate lingo he can pick up. At the next group meeting, he wows everyone by speaking openly about his repression. Applaudin
5: Heartstrings (1)
Dec 4, 1988
The Keaton family unites in crisis when Steven suffers a serious heart attack. While Alex and Andy discuss the upcoming Presidential race, Mallory and Jennifer prepare for another legendary shopping expedition. Moments later, Elyse returns home from jogging, but Steven lags behind, explaining that his run was slowed by a burning pain in his side. Steven dismisses the pain, assuming it was due to something he ate, while Alex kids him that the pain was caused by the guilt of being a Democrat. Feeling much better the next day, Steven goes on a long bicycle ride. But when he returns home, he has difficulty breathing and collapses on the floor. After rushing Steven to the hospital, the family is stunned when Dr. Harrison tells them that Steven has suffered a heart attack and needs bypass surgery immediately. In the waiting room, the Keatons befriend Ruth Hobart, the kind and encouraging wife of another heart patient, and the jocular Mr. Meyers. Before Steven is wheeled into surgery, he and
6: Heartstrings (2)
Dec 11, 1988
While Steven fights for his life in surgery, the family fights to remain optimistic about his condition. When Steven's surgery extends beyond the expected five hours, tension in the waiting room increases. A nervous Alex, however, begins to express acute concern only for himself fearing that he has inherited a weak heart, he searches in vain for his pulse. Lauren soon makes Alex realize that he is fixated on his own health to block the anguish he really feels for his father. While the Keatons wait, they receive hope and encouragement from Mrs. Hobart and Mr. Meyers, whose spouses are also undergoing surgery. Everyone's spirits are lifted when Mr. Meyers is joyfully reunited with his wife. But shortly afterward, their happiness turns to grief when it is learned that Mrs. Hobart's husband, who had actually been in recovery, has suddenly died. As the Keatons search for a way to comfort her, they become even more anxious about Steven. When Elyse begins to panic, Alex finally realizes that
7: Heartstrings (3)
Dec 18, 1988
Steven battles the physical and psychological aftershocks of his heart surgery. As the hours drag on during Steven's quadruple bypass operation, the Keaton crew grows exhausted in the hospital waiting room. Awakened by Skippy's typically goofy entrance, they all snap to attention when Dr. Harrison appears. He assures them that the surgery has gone well, but Steven must still be observed closely for the next few hours. When the family members are at last allowed to see Steven, he joyfully looks from one relieved face from the next. But when he is well enough to come home, the kids are nervous and overly solicitious, while Steven seems edgy and testily insists that they all go about their usual business. Sensing that her husband needs to talk, Elyse gently questions him and Steven confesses that he is terrified. He tells her that his living room now reminds him of his collapse and admits that he can't stop thinking about a colleague, who, after a similar experience, became a depressed sh
8: Basic Training
Jan 1, 1989
Skippy's decision to join the Army soon becomes a losing battle. As the Keaton clan continues to nag Steven about taking it easy in the wake of his heart attack, a very morose Skippy stops by. Depressed by the results of his career aptitude tests, he confides that he's become hopeless about his future job prospects. But while flipping thru brochures he collected during career day at college, Skippy becomes taken with the idea of joining the Army. Excited by the promise of travel, new people and state-of-the-art technical training, Skippy persuades Alex to come with him to the recruiting office. There, he is met by Sergeant Davis, who informs Skippy that he will be his drill sergeant in basic training. Bidding an emotional farewell to his family and friends, Skippy makes a dramatic exit to boot camp. But a week later, Skippy's mom arrives at the Keatons with a tape from Skippy claiming that he is fine and asking his parents not to visit. The truth is, Skippy's military career has prove
9: Deja Vu
Jan 8, 1989
Sisterly sparks fly when Jennifer decides to date the younger brother of Mallory's former high school heartthrob. As the Keatons try to persuade Steven that he needs a relaxing hobby, Jennifer nervously awaits the arrival of her new friend, Josh Wakefield, who has agreed to work with her on a project for the French Club. When Mallory realizes that Josh is the younger brother of Jeff Wakefield, her former high school boyfriend, she becomes overprotective and reminds Jennifer how Jeff jilted her when he went to college. Mallory just assumes that Josh will do the same to Jennifer. Mallory's distrust of Josh increases when she learns that he intends to attend Jeff's alma mater, Princeton. After sharing her misgivings with Elyse and learning that Josh has asked Jennifer to the prom, Mallory decides she must confront her sister. Jennifer, who is very excited about her new relationship, resents Mallory's assumptions about Josh and the sisters begin to argue. Finally, Nick suggests to Mallory
10: Nick's Best Friend
Jan 15, 1989
Nick gets back together with his best childhood friend: his dog Scrapper. When Nick's mother moves into a new apartment complex that doesn't allow animals, he is given custody of his boyhood dog Scrapper. Although the lovable pooch is quite old, he's still playful and manages to completely charm the Keatons. However, a short time later, Scrapper is hit by a car. After rushing the dog to the vet, Nick tries to be very positive about his condition, stating that this sort of thing has happened before and Scrapper is sure to be okay. But Dr. Austin informs a stunned Nick that Scrapper is severely injured and suggests that the dog be put to sleep. Nick won't hear of it instead, he insists that the vet operate on Scrapper and do anything he can to save him. Meanwhile, Steven tries to arrange an elaborate birthday party for Andy, but the family is too worried about Scrapper to pay attention. Finally, even the birthday boy himself announces that he'd rather not have a party. Everyone waits for
11: Get Me to the Living Room on Time
Jan 29, 1989
When Andy befriends two senior citizens, Steven decides to make them the focus of his new documentary. After Andy announces that he's invited a couple of friends over, the Keatons are surprised when two people in their seventies walk in! Andy introduces Joseph Simmons and Eva Martin to the family, explaining that they are from the retirement center which Andy's class visits each week as a school project. As Steven listens to Joseph and Eva talk about their lives and friendship with Andy, he gets an idea. Having been searching for a subject for his new documentary, Steven sees a story about Andy, Joseph and Eva as the perfect solution. A few days later, Steven and his cameraman visit the center and videotape Andy asking Joseph and Eva how they met, at which point Joseph suddenly pops the question to Eva, who agrees to marry him. Problems develop, however, when Joseph's son David strongly objects to the marriage and Steven is asked to try and reason with him. After an emotional scene tha
12: The Job Not Taken
Feb 5, 1989
Alex must choose between friendship and his career after a friend recommends him for a job at a big investment firm. As Steven returns from a shopping spree, Alex eagerly prepares to have dinner with Paul Corman, a former Leland classmate who's now an associate with the top investment banking house in Ohio. He's even more excited when, over dinner, Paul tells Alex that his firm is looking to hire a new associate... and he has suggested Alex for the job. When Alex arrives for the interview Paul has set up for him, he is ushered into the office of Jessica Foster, Paul's high-powered but humorless boss. Realizing immediately how intensely competitive and driven she is, Alex wows her by professing his passionate love of money and mergers and Jessica hires him on the spot. Ready from the interview, Alex comes home wearing a bowler hat and announces that he wants to take the entire family out for a celebration dinner. The festivities are interrupted, however, when Paul drops by to tell the K
13: The Wrecker's Ball
Feb 12, 1989
When the first building Elyse designed faces the wrecking ball, the entire family rallies behind her attempts to block the demolition. Elyse is heartbroken when she learns that her very first professional design project, the Cavanaugh Building, is about to be torn down to make way for a mini-mall. Disconcerted by the news, Elyse becomes more and more upset as she starts reminiscing about her early career and how much the Cavanaugh Building meant to her. In a strong show of support, Steven rallies the Keaton clan and, together, they resolve to fight the demolition. When they arrive at the building carrying picket signs of protest, Elyse points out an inscription on one of the bricks, her own dedication of the building to her family. The touching moment is interrupted, however, when the head of the demolition crew shows up with the proper permits in hand, and warns the Keatons that they have very little time to act. Confronting the owner of the property, mini-mall ""king"" John Willis, E
14: My Best Friend's Girl
Feb 19, 1989
Lauren gets more than she bargained for when she begins counseling Skippy and he falls in love with her. When Jennifer arrives home with her learner's permit in hand and announces that she'd like Elyse to teach her how to drive, a somewhat miffed Steven begins to needle them both about ""women drivers"". With continuous prodding, however, Steven finally gets his way and takes over as Jennifer's driving instructor. Meanwhile, Skippy confesses to Alex and Lauren that he is having problems relating to women. When Lauren realizes how troubled he is about being rejected, she offers to help Skippy by inviting him to her lab to access his psychological profile. But during the resulting session, Skippy finds it so easy to talk to Lauren that he becomes completely smitten with her! Oblivious to Skippy's crush on her, Lauren sets out to find a compatible mate for him and ends up arraging a blind date for Skippy with a sweet girl named Pippi. As she and Pippi joins Alex and Skippy for dinner, it be
15: 'Til Her Daddy Takes the T-Bird Away
Feb 26, 1989
Mallory's plans to buy a car are stalled when Steven refuses to co-sign her loan. As Jennifer labors over a play she's writing on the final days of the Nixon presidency, Steven anxiously waits for Mallory to return home with his car. When she arrives late and is chided by her impatient dad, Mallory suggests that perhaps it's time she bought a car of her own. Several days later, Mallory, Nick and Steven pay a visit to a car dealership run by Nick's dad, Joe Moore. When she ends up falling in love with a little convertible that's a bit too pricey for her, Steven graciously volunteers to co-sign her loan. But the deal begins to sour when Joe shows up with the final loan documents and Mallory begins talking about the cross-country trip she is planning with Nick. Steven balks at Mallory's plans and backs out as her co-signer. Angry and disappointed, Mallory resolves to buy a car she can afford on her own. She and Nick return to Joe's showroom, but not before Steven collars Joe and convinces
16: Simon Says
Mar 5, 1989
Jennifer is caught in the middle when she begins working with her friend Simon. As Alex recoils at declarations of love from Marla, an 11-year-old newspaper delivery girl who has a huge crush on him, Jennifer announces that she and her schoolmate Simon have landed jobs at a local fast food store. On their first day working together, an infatuated Simon sets out to impress Jennifer but proves totally inept at his new job. Jennifer, however, saves the day and, in recognition of her hard work, the owner promotes her to assistant manager. While Alex stealthily manages to avoid Marla, Jennifer's new position creates problems. She finally warns Simon that he had better concentrate more on his job rather on her. But despite her attempts to cover Simon's mistakes, the owner fires him. Meanwhile, Alex finally manages to convince the lovestruck Marla to abandon her dreams of dating him. Jennifer, too, resolves her situation by telling Simon that even if she agrees with the boss' decision to fire
17: All in the Neighborhood (1)
Mar 12, 1989
The Keatons are shocked to realize that racism is alive and well when their black friends move into a house across the street. During dinner with Steven's colleague Gus Thompson and his wife Maya, the Keatons learn that the couple is having trouble finding a house to buy. When Elyse informs them that the house across the street is up for sale, Gus and Maya (who are black) gently raise the subject of race. Although Steven admits that there are no black families in the neighborhood, he believes race to be a non-issue. The Keatons face a rude awakening, however, when they accompany the Thompsons on a tour of the house. The realtor, Christine Chadway, is barely able to conceal her shock when she realizes that the Thompsons are black. Completely reversing the sales pitch she had earlier given the Keatons, Christine is sternly reminded by Gus that housing discrimination is illegal and she must present his full-price offer to her clients. To Steven and Elyse's dismay, the Thompsons begin rece
18: All in the Neighborhood (2)
Mar 19, 1989
The Keatons rally behind their black friends when the issue of racial discrimination hits home. Surprised and disgusted with their neighbors' racist attitudes, Elyse and Steven apologize to Gus and Maya Thompson for ever having suggested that they buy the house across the street. The Keatons become even more disturbed when they learn that the Thompsons are considering moving out immediately. As Steven and Elyse continue to question their own naivete in matters of race, they urge Gus and Maya not to make any hasty decisions. Unfortunately, their advice is soon challenged when the couples return home after dining out to find Michael standing in the wreckage of the Thompson living room, which has been vandalized by bigots. The next day, when the Keatons help the Thompsons clean up, Michael comes across pictures of Gus and Maya at various civil rights demonstrations in the '60s and is moved to reflect seriously on the struggles his parents must have gone thru. At last he comes to realize t
19: They Can't Take That Away From Me (1)
Apr 2, 1989
Alex's relationship with Lauren is tested when he becomes infatuated with a young music student. While Lauren's out of town attending a psychology conference. Alex begins teaching a freshman seminar in economics at Leland College. As he begins his first lecture, he is interrupted by a late arrival, music major Marty Brodie, a rather scattered young woman. When she disrupts his class twice more, first with a blast of classical music from her tape player and then with a muffled sob, Alex dismisses the class early and awkwardly attempts to determine what's wrong. Admitting that she's had a terrible week, during which she broke up with her boyfriend. Marty also confesses that she's terrible in economics and convinces Alex to tutor her for $15 an hour. When Alex arrives at Marty's dorm room for their first lesson. he tries to divert her attention away from her piano. Unable to get excited about the concept of supply and demand. Marty soon teaches an enthusiastic Alex the basic melody line t
20: They Can't Take That Away From Me (2)
Apr 9, 1989
Alex finds himself on an emotional rollercoaster when he's forced to choose between Lauren and Marty. When Lauren returns from her psychology conference, she notices that Alex is acting distant and distracted. After an uncomfortable silence, Alex admits that he has become interested in another woman and needs time to sort out his feelings, a revelation that leaves Lauren angry and confused. Things become even more awkward the next day when Alex accidentally runs into Lauren and Marty in the school cafeteria. After an embarrassing confrontation, both women leave the dining room in a huff. Alex returns home to work on his valedictory address for graduation, but remains preoccupied with how he's going to work his way out of his love triangle. Conjuring up the images of Freud, Sartre and Shakespeare, he calls upon the great minds for advice in matters of love. Ultimately, when Alex realizes that his immediate plans cannot include either Marty or Lauren, he approaches both women individuall
21: Rain Forests Keep Falling on My Head
Apr 16, 1989
Jennifer becomes obsessed with the environment after she begins studying the earth's ecological evils. As Alex presents Andrew with a pet parakeet, Jennifer arrives home with news that her science class has begun studying global ecology to explore how the earth is endangered by man's interference. Upset that the world is being destroyed for profit, Jennifer begins trying to make the family more ecologically aware as she laments the destruction of rain forests in Brazil and the ozone layer over the South Pole. While Mallory teaches the parakeet anti-Republican phrases, Jennifer becomes more and more obsessed. When she realizes how many toxic chemicals are in the Keaton home alone, she demands that the family throw out a bunch of household products and shop for safe alternatives. Not stopping there, however, she begins dwelling on the enormity of the world's environmental problems and becomes psychologically overwhelmed. Fixating on such evils as acid rain and radon gas, Jennifer sinks i
22: Wrap Around the Clock (1)
Apr 23, 1989
When Andy asks the family to contribute to his time capsule, the Keaton clan recalls some of their best-loved stories. As a homework assignment, Andy has been given the task of creating a time capsule which reflects his family's history. For his part, the littlest Keaton has placed his baby boots in the capsule, and asks his parents and siblings to contribute mementos from their past. Soon, the family is looking back and laughing at some of their funniest experiences together, like the time Steven and Elyse went to Woodstock, Alex went to jail with a group of feminists after feigning support for the Equal Rights Amendment and Mallory coached Nick in grammar to pass his high school equivalency exam. They also recall what happened when Mallory began dispensing advice to the lovelorn in her ""Dear Mallory"" column, Steven made a mess out of wallpapering the kitchen and Elyse became a blackjack fanatic in Atlantic City, where she was supposed to be lecturing at a conference.
23: Wrap Around the Clock (2)
Apr 23, 1989
As Andy's time capsule fills to overflowing with family mementos, the Keaton clan looks back and laughs at their funniest moments. Although Andy protests that his time capsule has too many items in it, Alex continues to add things from his personal archives, including his collection of report cards from nursery school to first grade. Munching on popcorn as they reflect on their lives, the Keatons continue to share memories of Andy's first day at school, Steven's terrible magic tricks, Nick's reunion with his long-lost father and Nick and Mallory's aborted elopement. Even after Andy falls asleep and goes to bed, the family remembers the time Alex and Lauren met, and also when the girl of Skippy's dreams fell for Alex instead. Filled with warm memories of times past, Elyse persuades the entire gang to join her in a sing along.
24: Mr. Keaton Takes a Vacation
May 7, 1989
Steven must confront his true feelings about Mallory's boyfriend when Nick moves in with the family for a week. While Elyse struggles to do the family taxes and Steven buries himself in his Tolstoy documentary, Mallory asks her parents if Nick can stay with the Keatons for a week while his house is being painted. Although Elyse gives in to Mallory's pleas, she warns her that Nick must be made to understand that Steven is very busy and should stay out of his way. During the first night of Nick's stay, protective papa Steven parks himself in a chair on the stair landing to prevent any hanky-panky between the couple. When Mallory wakes Nick up early the next morning to cook breakfast for the whole family, Steven arises with a start and runs into the kitchen, demanding an explanation for their whispers and giggling. When they explain about breakfast, Steven becomes embarrassed and pretends to be sleepwalking! Later that morning, when the rest of the family departs for school and work, Stev
25: Alex Doesn't Live Here Anymore (1)
May 14, 1989
When Alex lands his dream job in New York, everyone's delighted for him, except Elyse. As Steven helps Andy rehearse for his school play on dental hygiene, Alex bursts into the Keaton kitchen with a rousing chorus of ""New York, New York"", and the news that he's been hired by one of Wall Street's biggest investment firms. The family is thrilled, but Elyse is somewhat taken aback when she learns that Alex is expected to move immediately. While everyone pitches in to help Alex get ready, Elyse becomes miffed over a family photo that he packed without her permission and a palpable tension begins to develop between them. In the course of packing, Alex battles wits with Jennifer, accepts fashion tips from Mallory, receives fatherly advice from Steven and shares some final moments with Nick, Skippy and Lauren. All the while, Elyse continues to withdraw from him. She becomes even more upset when the family plans to go out to dinner together and Alex begs off, claiming he is just too busy to sp
26: Alex Doesn't Live Here Anymore (2)
May 14, 1989
While Alex packs for New York, Elyse struggles to deal with her feelings of loss. After Elyse's blow-up with Alex, Steven is finally able to get her to admit that much of what she's suffering is classic separation anxiety. But she is still unable to put her anger aside, telling Steven that Alex is too self-centered to appreciate all the things they've done for him. That night at Andy's school play, Steven asks Alex to talk with his mother about what she's feeling. Later, when the family decides to go out for ice cream, Elyse excuses herself and goes home alone. Standing in Alex's room, a melancholy Elyse is surprised when her son walks in and apologies for fighting. Elyse confesses that his leaving reminds her that a part of her life is ending, while Alex tells her that bravado aside, he's scared about leaving the security of the family. Their love for each other reaffirmed, Alex and Elyse embrace. Early the next morning, the sleepy family gathers for breakfast before taking Alex to th
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