Season 4
6 EPISODES • 1974
Season 4 of Columbo was released on September 15 and consists of 6 episodes.

Season 3


1: An Exercise in Fatality
Sep 15, 1974
A health club owner kills his partner who is about to uncover a fraud and makes it look like an accident
2: Negative Reaction
Oct 15, 1974
Brilliant photographer Paul Galesko plans to murder his domineering wife, Frances, and pin the crime on an ex-convict named Alvin Deschler. His plan is to make it look as if Alvin kidnapped his wife and killed her before picking up the ransom money.
3: By Dawn's Early Light
Oct 27, 1974
The head of a military school kills one of the governors by sabotaging the gun which is used on founders day.
4: Troubled Waters
Feb 9, 1975
While holidaying on board a cruise liner, Columbo helps capture the killer of the singer with the ship's band.
5: Playback
Mar 2, 1975
An inventor video tapes his mother-in-law's death, and then replays it back to the security guard, to give himself an alibi.
6: A Deadly State of Mind
Apr 27, 1975
A doctor kills the husband of the woman he is having an affair with but is seen leaving the house by a witness who is happens to be blind.
Season 5
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