Season 1
7 EPISODES • 1971
Season 1 of Columbo was released on September 15 and consists of 7 episodes.


1: Murder by the Book
Sep 15, 1971
One member of a mystery-writing-team decides to kill his more talented partner when the better writer decides to go solo.
2: Death Lends a Hand
Oct 6, 1971
A private investigator kills his client's wife after she threatens to expose his blackmail scheme. The client then hires the detective to assist Columbo in the search for the killer.
3: Dead Weight
Oct 27, 1971
A famous general kills a business associate, then woos a neurotic female witness to thwart Columbo's investigation.
4: Suitable for Framing
Nov 17, 1971
An art critic, Dale Kingston, kills his uncle for his valuable collection of paintings. All the clues lead to the dead man's first wife. Can Columbo correct the Lieutenant's error before it is too late?
5: Lady in Waiting
Dec 15, 1971
A woman shoots her overbearing brother, claiming she thought he was a burglar. Columbo doesn't buy the self-defense claim - he know's it's murder.
6: Short Fuse
Jan 19, 1972
A chemist rigs a bomb in his uncle's car to gain control of his uncle's company, then plants clues to make Columbo suspicious of the company's Vice-President.
7: Blueprint for Murder
Feb 9, 1972
An architect kills his business partner and deliberately lets Columbo suspect him, leading Columbo to think that he's hidden the body in the foundation of a building under construction. He plans to let Columbo dig up the site and find nothing, knowing that its the perfect place to hide the body since Columbo would never look in the same place twice.
Season 2
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