Season 1
Kibaoh Klashers
15 EPISODES • 2017
Dylan and his pals Hailey and Ollie work together to compete in Battle Blading.


1: Episode 1
Feb 1, 2017
A naturally cocky Battle Blade driver shows up. Dylan challenges him and finds out his skills are well beyond his.
2: Trouble at Tabletop
Feb 2, 2017
Ollie ends up being challenged by a pro driver when he takes the plow to the fields and is believed to be Dylan.
3: Triple Smash
Feb 3, 2017
Peter Argon is in Kronkers ready to battle, Dylan hears about a family legacy from Gramps and the powers of his tractor.
4: Tornado Talon
Feb 4, 2017
Gramps helps Ollie and Hailey find a very rare and powerful mineral. Dylan and Peter Argon duel in an epic battle in Kronkers.
5: Race to the Top
Feb 5, 2017
Dylan travels to far away mountains to find the rare mineral to make his blade stronger when preparing for an upcoming battle.
6: Black Burnstone
Feb 6, 2017
Dylan and company must take down the intense Toadmaug King to return from Blackburn Mountain.
7: The Phoenix Blade
Feb 7, 2017
Hailey arrives to battle Gordon with her Phoenix Blade in place of the injured Dylan. Will she be able to pull off a huge Battle Blade upset?
8: Back to Blackburn
Feb 8, 2017
Hailey and Gordon complete their battle. Dylan acts in an ad with Bob Tea. Dylan and the girl from Blackburn Mountain reunite for a new battle.
9: Welcome to Steel City
Feb 9, 2017
As the Steel City Tournament approaches, Dylan, Hailey and Ollie prepare and leave for the competition. Ollie becomes the captain of Team Ratchet which competes against other rookie squads.
10: The Battle Begins
Feb 10, 2017
The competition at the Steel City Tournament continues to get more challenging. Ollie hopes his improved blade design can propel his team to victory.
11: Master of Disaster!
Feb 11, 2017
Know what this is about?
12: Ollie's Last Stand
Feb 12, 2017
Hailey recalls advice from Gramps during a battle against Hi-Tech. Dylan goes up against the captain of Hi-Tech.
13: Putting on the Brakes
Feb 13, 2017
Peter challenges Paul. Paul is challenged by Peter. Ollie becomes desperate to find some extra energy against Paul. He also questions the level of commitment Dylan has.
14: Team Overdrive
Feb 14, 2017
Ollie takes a trip to Master Metals. Hailey, Peter and Gordon see how they're all connected to each other.
15: New and Improved
Feb 15, 2017
A new team, Team Override, takes on the defending champions Hi-Tech in the Steel City Tournament finals. They quickly see how challenging it will be.
Season 2
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