Season 1
Dinotrux: Supercharged
6 EPISODES • 2017
Season 1 of Dinotrux: Supercharged was released on November 10 and consists of 6 episodes.


1: Superchargers
Nov 10, 2017
With the increasing number of storms in the crater ty and the others decide to build a light tower to help trux find their way in the storms but the task proves to difficult for them until they find a large nest of powerful superchargers
2: Super Scraptors
Nov 10, 2017
D-strucs sends scrap-it to steal the superchargers from the dinotrux but a little mishap along the way drops the superchargers on to a bunch of scraptors and they cause supercharged chaos across the crater.
3: Diamond Bit
Nov 10, 2017
After ty gets stuck in a web of thick shockarachnid wire, revit click-clack and Otto must search for the legendary diamond hex bit to cut him free but if revit cannot learn to trust his feelings ty might end up shockarachnid food.
4: Shootout
Nov 10, 2017
When Garby eats a dozen superchargers sending all of his systems into high gear, Revvit must save him before everything gets destroyed, and Garby must learn to use his new abilities to battle unexpected Scrapadactyls.
5: Downshift
Nov 10, 2017
When dozer overheats his engine he must learn to control his temper while the others and George take him to the mineral bath to heal him and d-strucs sees this as a perfect opportunity to beat the trux once and for all.
6: Xee
Nov 10, 2017
While building a device to help predict the weather a storm arrives and blows revit click clack and Waldo to a forest far from the crater where they meet a new tool whose been living on her own for quite some time.
Season 2
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