Season 1
Super Crooks
13 EPISODES • 2021
Season 1 of Super Crooks was released on November 25 and consists of 13 episodes.


1: Electro Boy
Nov 25, 2021
A regular kid named Johnny Bolt suddenly finds that he can control electricity. Soon enough, he starts testing the limits of his newfound powers.
2: Kasey
Nov 25, 2021
As soon as he's released from prison, Johnny meets up with his old supervillain friends, who try to pull him into a very intriguing gem heist.
3: Man Mountain
Nov 25, 2021
Things don't go as planned with the heist, and Johnny and the crew end up getting chased by cops and superheroes through the streets of San Francisco.
4: The Praetorian
Nov 25, 2021
Johnny and his friends are confronted by Praetorian, a superhero who relishes using his seemingly endless abilities to punish them.
5: The Heat
Nov 25, 2021
In Chicago, Carmine introduces Johnny and Kasey to the other supervillains. They've all been chosen for their specific powers and their nameless status.
6: The Gladiator
Nov 25, 2021
Carmine and his crew steal a plane and fly off to rescue TK, who's on a heavily guarded aircraft protected by Gladiator.
7: The Supermax
Nov 25, 2021
While waiting for the final member of their crew to show up, Carmine shares his plan with everyone else and gives them one last chance to drop out.
8: The Union of Justice
Nov 25, 2021
The night before hitting the Union of Justice headquarters, Johnny and Kasey have an early celebration and vow to walk away from crime after this heist.
9: Count Orlok
Nov 25, 2021
While confronting their old friend Praetorian, Carmine and the crew realize they've made a major miscalculation and have to think on their feet.
10: Carmine
Nov 25, 2021
Johnny's old supervillain buddies take him out for a celebration and as usual, try to pull him into one last harebrained job.
11: Casino Grand Granite
Nov 25, 2021
To save Carmine, Johnny tries to get the crew back together for another heist he's planned using information he gathered while serving time in supermax.
12: The Bastard
Nov 25, 2021
Kasey and Roddy disguise themselves as professors for a meeting with Christopher Matts while Carmine, Johnny, TK and Josh case the casino.
Nov 25, 2021
Christopher Matts sends Praetorian to stop Johnny and his crew — but this time, the supervillains have Gladiator on their side.
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