Season 1
Charlie's Colorforms City
26 EPISODES • 2019
Season 1 of Charlie's Colorforms City was released on March 22 and consists of 26 episodes.


1: Charlie the Pancake Chef
Mar 22, 2019
Charlie tries to find a way to make pancakes for all his hungry friends.
2: Starry Charlie
Mar 22, 2019
Star comes down from the sky to play but needs help when she gets stuck.
3: Rockstar Charlie
Mar 22, 2019
Charlie's rock band has a hard time finding a good place to play.
4: Birthday Charlie
Mar 22, 2019
It's Charlie's birthday, but he forgets to send invitations to his party!
5: Racer Charlie
Mar 22, 2019
Charlie and his pals rush to the finish line during Colorforms City Race.
6: Knight Charlie
Mar 22, 2019
Charlie, Red and Violet become knights and must rescue a hot air balloon.
7: Adventurer Charlie
Mar 22, 2019
Charlie, Violet and Red go on an adventure to the other end of the rainbow.
8: Charlie's Pet
Mar 22, 2019
Charlie creates a cute pet but can't figure out how to care for him.
9: Silliest Charlie
Mar 22, 2019
Charlie and his pals do silly things to cheer up a grouchy baby.
10: Mystery Charlie
Mar 22, 2019
When color starts disappearing, Charlie and Miss Weather try to solve the mystery.
11: Charlie's Sleepover
Mar 22, 2019
An unexpected problem keeps Charlie and his friends awake at his sleepover.
12: Charlie's Little Brother
Mar 22, 2019
Charlie's little brother doesn't want to play the same game as Charlie.
13: Weather Charlie
Mar 22, 2019
Miss Weather goes on vacation and leaves Charlie in charge of the weather.
14: Charlie Gets Big
Mar 22, 2019
Charlie becomes a giant and learns that being big isn't always easy.
15: Spooky Charlie
Mar 22, 2019
When Charlie and his friends play hide-and-seek in an old house, things get silly ... and spooky.
16: Charlie Is Super
Mar 22, 2019
Charlie becomes a superhero and has to rescue Klunk.
17: Charlie's Space Mission
Mar 22, 2019
Charlie and his pals head off in a rocket for a fantastic space adventure.
18: Sporty Charlie
Mar 22, 2019
It's the Orange Drizzle versus the Blueberry Tornadoes in an epic ball game!
19: Charlie's Surprise
Mar 22, 2019
With help from some Silly Faces and Octo-bocto, Charlie plans a surprise party for Violet and Red.
20: Treasure Hunter Charlie
Mar 22, 2019
The friends help a mermaid looking for treasure.
21: Charlie the Cowboy
Mar 22, 2019
Charlie sets out to prove he's the best cowboy on Old West Color Street.
22: Charlie Is an Inventor
Mar 22, 2019
Things get chaotic after a baby discovers Charlie and Red's invention.
23: Mechanic Charlie
Mar 22, 2019
Charlie creates a robot to help him and his friends fix cars, but the robot causes problems.
24: Charlie Is a Pirate
Mar 22, 2019
Charlie and his pirate crew search for Pancake Island.
25: Sick Charlie
Mar 22, 2019
Poor Charlie is sick and keeps sneezing himself into different stories!
26: Charlie's Resturants
Mar 22, 2019
Chef Charlie creates some strange pizzas for his unusual customers.
Season 2
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