Season 1
The Casketeers
6 EPISODES • 2018
Māori funeral directors Francis and Kaiora Tipene and staff temper good humor with care and respect as they help Polynesian families cope with loss.


1: Episode 1
Jan 13, 2018
Francis and Kaiora Tipene are the passionate proprietors of Tipene Funerals. Go behind the scenes of their business, where our culture's last taboo is addressed with dignity and aroha.
2: Episode 2
Jan 20, 2018
A beloved composer and teacher returns from Australia for burial at home in Aotearoa, and Francis struggles to let go of the reins when his newest Funeral Director leads a funeral on her own.
3: Episode 3
Jan 27, 2018
While Francis' right hand woman Fiona is busy with an emotional Tongan funeral, Francis fumes over missing biscuits and upsets his wife Kaiora with an unwise business decision.
4: Episode 4
Feb 3, 2018
A close member of the Tipene whanau passes away and Francis is tasked with organising the tangi. Elsewhere a young mother is tragically taken, and her grieving family want to spend one last night with her.
5: Episode 5
Feb 10, 2018
The team prepare to send a Niuean fisherman back to his homeland, while struggling with a very busy day at the office. Elsewhere, Francis attempts to get his health back on track.
6: Episode 6
Feb 17, 2018
Francis wants to put on a show for the local rest home. Meanwhile when a young relative tragically passes on; Francis, Kaiora and their children all help to prepare a beautiful farewell.
Season 2
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