Part 1
The Comedy Lineup
8 EPISODES • 2018
Season 1 of The Comedy Lineup was released on July 3 and consists of 8 episodes.


1: Michelle Buteau
Jul 3, 2018
Michelle Buteau stresses the importance of comfort after turning 40 and dishes out thoughts on European health care and "open ethnicity" auditions.
2: Ian Karmel
Jul 4, 2018
He once worked for Netflix, but now Ian Karmel is on stage with self-deprecating takes on his appearance, being an uncle, social media and more.
3: Taylor Tomlinson
Jul 5, 2018
Self-described "old soul" Taylor Tomlinson laments the frustrations of her 20s, the changing definition of "candid" and the perils of being a woman.
4: Sam Jay
Jul 6, 2018
Sam Jay puts her unique spin on male confidence, white guys' "cries for help," Trump's Twitter tirades and the thrill of taking Uber.
5: Phil Wang
Jul 7, 2018
English comic Phil Wang riffs on his Chinese heritage, the absurdity of scary movies, feeling old in his late 20s and more.
6: Sabrina Jalees
Jul 8, 2018
Sabrina Jalees reflects on the experience of coming out to her Pakistani family and breaks down the full spectrum of feminism and sexuality.
7: Jak Knight
Jul 9, 2018
After describing the most stressful flight of his life, Jak Knight delivers insights on birth control, the internet and relating to older generations.
8: Tim Dillon
Jul 10, 2018
Former New York double-decker bus tour guide Tim Dillon breaks down the three classes of people on Instagram and the joys of finding a new TV show.
Season 2
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