Season 3
Mighty Little Bheem
15 EPISODES • 2020
Season 3 of Mighty Little Bheem was released on September 25 and consists of 15 episodes.

Season 2


1: A Dogsitter’s Nightmare
Sep 25, 2020
When his babysitter falls asleep, Bheem befriends an adorable pup ... but this pooch is even more mischievous than he is!
2: Kalia vs Scarecrow
Sep 25, 2020
Kalia believes that a scarecrow has eaten Bheem! Can he set his fears aside to battle the straw-stuffed enemy?
3: Bheem's New Tooth
Sep 25, 2020
What’s the best teething toy for a baby with the strength of a Titan? Bheem’s babysitter is about to find out!
4: Kalia and the Carrots
Sep 25, 2020
When a hungry Kalia refuses to eat a healthy snack, Bheem tries to convince him to give it a try.
5: A Day with a Peacock
Sep 25, 2020
A beautiful peacock has had one of her most important feathers stolen! Now it’s up to Bheem to retrieve it — or replace it.
6: Tiger Trouble
Sep 25, 2020
Bheem comes to the aid of a baby tiger stuck in a tree, but is he prepared for the cub’s much larger parent?
7: Bheem’s Monsoon Monday
Sep 25, 2020
Bheem will do anything to keep the monsoon rain clouds away. But maybe they're not so bad after all.
8: Titli’s Arts and Crafts Day
Sep 25, 2020
While playing with Titli’s bottle of glue, Bheem causes a sticky mess — then gets a smart idea!
9: Grand Indian Wedding
Sep 25, 2020
As friends celebrate a wedding, a jealous Bheem is anything but pleased and will stop at nothing to wreak havoc at the event!
10: A Day at the Marketplace
Sep 25, 2020
From loading trucks to taming angry chickens, Bheem’s superhuman strength and quick thinking come in handy at the market.
11: Bheem at the Playground
Sep 25, 2020
Kalia won’t let any animal friends into the new park. Can Bheem show him that playtime is for everyone?
12: A Trip to the Moon
Sep 25, 2020
A game of catch with the moon turns into a magical overnight adventure as Bheem heads to the skies to meet his new playmate!
13: Buttery Bheem
Sep 25, 2020
An accidental fall into a block of greasy butter sends Bheem slipping and sliding into some unexpected fun!
14: Kalia the Wrestler
Sep 25, 2020
When Kalia faces a much larger opponent at a wrestling match, Bheem steps into the ring to lend a helping hand.
15: Bheem’s Snow Day
Sep 25, 2020
On a snowy winter day, Bheem helps a jolly visitor out of a tough spot — and learns that dreams really can come true.
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