Season 1
Care Bears and Cousins
6 EPISODES • 2015
Adventure awaits as the Care Bears welcome the Cousins to Care-a-Lot, discover new Belly Badge powers and help friends face their fears.


1: Take Heart
Dec 18, 2015
When the Care Bear Cousins arrive, it's time for a lesson in Care Hearts! But Wonderheart has a cloud over her head and doesn't seem willing to learn.
2: Return to Tender
Dec 18, 2015
Wonderheart and Uncle Tenderheart try to hide how much they miss each other when the young bear has to stay away from home.
3: The Bright Stuff
Dec 18, 2015
After Beastly steals the Cousins' ship, Bright Heart must take charge to get it back and save the Share Cloud.
4: The Share Shack
Dec 18, 2015
As the Cousins help the Care Bears build a new snack bar, the two groups begin to compete with each other to see who's best.
5: Belly Badgered
Dec 18, 2015
The Care Bears invite the Cousins to the Belly Badge Bonanza to show off their powers. But Beastly feels left out and tries to spoil the party.
6: Wonder's Heart
Dec 18, 2015
Wonderheart's new power collects all the Care Hearts and leaves the Cousins wondering if they fit in. Soon they'll see just how much they're needed.
Season 2
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