Season 5
The Crown
10 EPISODES • 2022
Diana and Charles wage a media war. The monarchy's role is up for debate. Welcome to the '90s — and Queen Elizabeth II's biggest challenge to date.

Season 4


1: Queen Victoria Syndrome
Nov 9, 2022
A much-needed update to the Royal Yacht draws scrutiny to the Queen's reign. Hounded by the press, Charles and Diana have a second honeymoon in Italy.
2: The System
Nov 9, 2022
Prince Philip offers his support to a grieving family member. Keen to snatch a scoop, a tabloid journalist approaches Diana about a tell-all book.
3: Mou Mou
Nov 9, 2022
In 1946, an Egyptian street vendor finds inspiration in the abdicated King Edward. Years later, he eagerly tries to integrate into British High Society.
4: Annus Horribilis
Nov 9, 2022
Between a fire at Windsor Castle and tensions in her children’s marriages, the Queen commemorates and reassesses her 40 years on the throne.
5: The Way Ahead
Nov 9, 2022
Faced with the fallout of an intercepted call with Camilla and the consequent kickback to his marriage, Prince Charles must navigate a scandal.
6: Ipatiev House
Nov 9, 2022
Eager to lead a newly democratic Russia, President Yeltsin tries to win the Queen's support while she navigates new rifts in her marriage with Philip.
7: No Woman's Land
Nov 9, 2022
As BBC's Martin Bashir goes to great lengths to secure an interview with Diana, the lonely princess finds purpose and warmth in a London hospital.
8: Gunpowder
Nov 9, 2022
The Queen spends quality time with Prince William. On Guy Fawkes Night, fireworks make for a perfect distraction from Diana's BBC interview.
9: Couple 31
Nov 9, 2022
The Princess of Wales contends with the repercussions of her statements. The Queen asks the Prime Minister for his help in a delicate family matter.
10: Decommissioned
Nov 9, 2022
After heightened public scrutiny, Charles forges a new alliance in Hong Kong. Mohamed Al-Fayed offers his support to a newly-divorced Diana.
Season 6
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